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					Model European Parliament

    Baltic Sea Region

       Vilnius 2011
Vilnius 2011                                                                March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Dear MEP BSR Vilnius delegates, teachers/directors/organizers and guests,

Welcome to Vilnius and the Model European Parliament 2011

It is a great honour for me to have the chance to welcome you all to Vilnius and this session of the
Model European Parliament Baltic Sea Region. My name is Julia Jansson Nordin and I will be your
President for this session. I am very proud to have the chance to welcome you all and I am certain that
this session will let you debate and discuss some of Europe’s most pressing issues within the committees
as well as giving you the chance to get to know other students from all over Europe. You will experience
different cultures, traditions, languages, behaviours and values and I encourage you to see the
excitement and the importance of differences between the delegates. Take good care of each delegate’s
opinion, because they are all worth listening to. Together you will argue and discuss during committee
work, and then debate the resulting resolutions in General Assembly. It will be an amazing week and I
dare say that all of you will have the time of your life!

Welcome to Vilnius!

Julia Jansson Nordin

President, Model European Parliament

Vilnius 2011                                                                 March28th-April 2nd, 2011

MEP BSR Vilnius / Program March 28-April 2, 2011

Monday 28/3
             Arrival before 16.00 hours in Vilnius

             Pick up by host families at the Uzupiz Gymnazium/transfer to hostels

             Address: Uzupis Gymnazium,Kriviq 10, LT 01203 Vilnius, Lithuania

             Teachers and directors at Hotel Ecotel or Filaretai hostel

             Addresses: Hotel Ecotel, Slucko st. 8, 09312 Vilnius and Filaretai hostel, Filaretu st. 17,
             01207 Vilnius

Tuesday 29/3
10.00-11.30 Opening Ceremony - Vilnius Municipality

               Address: Konstitucijos avenue 3, Vilnius


                      Mr.Gintautas Babravicius, Vice Mayor

                      Mr.Bo Harald Tillberg, Director Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania (tbc)

                      Ms. Virginija Emilija Navickiene, Headmistress Uzupiz Gymnasium

                     Heads of Delegations from participating countries

11.30-12.00 Teambuilding

             Transfer to Mokytou House Namai, (Teachers´ House) Vilnius

             Address: Vilniaus 39/6, LT-01119, Vilnius

12.00-13.00 Lunch for students at Mokytou Namai (Teachers’ House)

13.00-17.00 Committee work at Mokytou Namai

               Students spend evening with host families or at hostel

Vilnius 2011                                                              March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Wednesday 30/3
09.00-12.00 Committee work at Mokytou Namai (cont.)

12.00-13.00 Lunch for delegates

13.00-16.00 Resolutions finalized and handed in at latest 16.00

16.00-18.30 Correction panel/proofreading/printing of resolutions at the Uzupis G.

16.00         Individual sightseeing in Vinius

Evening       In town or with host families

Thursday 31/3
10.00-15.00 Excursion for delegates/teachers/directors in Trakai – medieval city of Lithuania

16.00         Delegation meetings at Vilnius Uzupiz Gymnazium

18.00         Dinner at school

20.00         MEP BSR Board meeting (location will be announced later)

Friday 1/4
09.00-16.00 General Assembly (3 resolutions)

              Speakers:    Mr. Mantas Adomenas, Member of the Lithuanian Parliament

                           Ms. Julia jansson Nordin, President GA

              Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

              Address: Gedimino avenue 53, Vilnius

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00         General Assembly cont. (2 resolutions)

16.00-17.00 Closing ceremony

               Speaker:    Ms. Nina Norgaard, MEP BSR, Administrative Coordinator

19.00          Cultural Evening/Performance by national delegations (songs/dances etc.)

              Holiday Inn Vilnius
Vilnius 2011                            March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Saturday 2/4
           Departure from Vilnius

Vilnius 2011                                                                March28th-April 2nd, 2011


I Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety –
Committee President (Judith Papenfuss)

The question of a new climate economy

Examine the possibilities and consequences of gradually changing an old-fashioned fossil energy
structure in favour of investment in cleantech and a Green Industrial Revolution. What are the
advantages/disadvantages? Do we have to change our lifestyles and everyday life to adjust to new
environmental conditions?

II Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (1) –
Committee President (Bartosz Lada)

The question of how to fight extremist attitudes and radicalization among young people

Examine in what ways you can take steps to prevent and deal with escalating violence in e.g. politics and
religion in our societies. In your debate you should include the question of how to protect the rights of

III Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (2) –
Committee President (Sofie Jürs)

The question of human trafficking and violence against women

How can you address and combat human trafficking of women in our societies. What factors do you
think lie behind this trafficking and violence against women in general.

Vilnius 2011                                                               March28th-April 2nd, 2011

IV Committee on Culture and Education – Committee President
(Marian Leitner)

The question of the role of media in the information society

How can you support the advantages, and hinder the disadvantages, that come with young people´s
increasing use of the internet and modern communication technologies to access information and for
recreational purposes? How can democracy be improved at a time when young people increasingly
ignore traditional media in favour of new media technologies?

V Committee on Constitutional Affairs – Committee President (Victor
Louis Otto Hansen)

The question of nationalism versus transnationalism

What can be done to prevent EU member states from reverting to national interests rather than
furthering the success of the Union? In spite of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, in some member
states there is an increasing scepticism about the EU and its bureaucracy. How might the EU deal with
this problem?

Vilnius 2011                                                          March28th-April 2nd, 2011


Austria (accompanying teacher: Linda Horvath-Sarrodi)

Anna-Katharina Wiesinger                      Josua Lutze
Lindenstrasse 24/4                            Wäschergasse 8
4600 Wels                                     5020 Salzburg
+43 664355 27 05                              +43 6506345272
E-mail:    E-mail:

Denmark (accompanying teacher: Rasmus Stobbe)
Christian Wulff Kirketorp                     Juliane Bonnemose Poulsen
Grønnegade 26                                 Ternevej 18
5762 Vester Skerninge                         5690 Tommerup
+45 52501447                                  +45 26743726
E-mail:            E-mail:

Sif Hotz                                      Katrine-Emilie Møllegård
Lyrens alle 14                                Solskinsvej 39
2770 Tårnby                                   5250 Odense
+45 30260099                                  +45 61345392
E-mail:               E-mail:

Charles Andrew Nielsen                        Frederik Brinck Jensen
Olfert fischers gade 44. L 12 st.             Blekingegade 2, 4. tv.
1311 Copenhagen                               2300 Copenhagen S.
+45 31600284                                  +45 51622910
E-mail:                  E-mail:

Marie Ryskov Albret                           Solveig Nisbeth Henriksen
Søndervigvej 19                               Møllevej 5
2720 Vanløse                                  5762 Ulbølle
+45 60181719                                  +45 22896942
E-mail:              E-mail:

Rasmus Dohouch Poulsen                        Andreas Holm
Jagtvej 181 3tv                               Strandboulevarden 84, 4 th.
2100 Copenhagen                               2100 København Ø
+45 22788078                                  +45 60718434
E-mail:      E-mail:

Nina Meiniche                                 Rikke Refsgaard Larsen
Carit Etlars Vej 5, 3tv                       Skriverengen 9
1814 Copenhagen                               2791 Dragør
                                              +45 60774932
+45 22291841

Vilnius 2011                                                           March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Mikkel Jensen Aaen
Jagtvej 197
2100 København Ø
+45 28966460

Estonia (accompanying teacher:)

Anna- Helena Saarso                             Andry Padar
Rubiini tee 26                                  Sädeme 1B
76909 Harku vald                                13516 Tallinn
+372 53578380                                   +372 5159829
E-mail:            E-mail:

Finland (accompanying teacher: Anni Grönross)

Karri Kosonen                                   Heli Annala
Kyyhkysmäki 15 B 27                             Vanha kylätie 11
2650 Espoo                                      4130 Sipoo
+358 504301335                                  +358 505668763                E-mail:

Juha-Pekka Puska                                Mingyuan Xu
Ohjaajantie 34 E                                Ellipsipolku 2 b 25
400 Helsinki                                    2210 Espoo
+358 504415015                                  +358405913547
E-mail:            E-mail:

Fredrik Stenberg                                Lena Rehula
Heikelsgränden 5A                               Södra Mossavägen 14 F
2700 Grankulla                                  2700 Grankulla
+358 405382884                                  +358 050-3567071
E-mail:          E-mail:

Tatu Vehmas
Perustie 26 a 23
330 Helsinki
+358 400 785 461

Vilnius 2011                                                         March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Germany (accompanying teacher: Steffi Kruschel)

Michael Rosenthal                             Jan Willem Kothe
Salvador-Allende-Str                          Schevastesstrasse 22
28203 Bremen                                  53229 Bonn
+491577357526                                 + 491778992194
E-mail:               E-mail:

Fiona Rostalski                               Frederike Stahn
Tom-Dyk Straße 61                             Am Sandberg 11
28259 Bremen                                  6188 Landsberg OT Niemberg
+49 157 89313198                              +49 15775310705
E-mail:                     E-mail:

Anahita Mousavi                               Victor Röther
Melunerstr. 19                                Im Weingarten 35
70569 Stuttgart                               65201 Wiesbaden
+49 15788983595                               +49 17678768495
E-mail:                  E-mail:

Karl Müller-Bahlke                            Maximilian Dembczyk
Lafontainestraße 19                           Friedensstraße 3
6114 Halle (Saale)                            65527 Niedernhausen
+49 17699125926                               +49 1782022700
E-mail:                        E-mail:

Mia Berit Köhne                               Maximilian Kabis
Robert-Beltz-Straße 16                        Bernhard Göringstr. 91
19059 Schwerin                                4275 Leipzig
+49 0174 4934391                              +49 17662554014
E-mail:               E-mail:

Iceland (accompanying teacher: Ægir Karl Ægisson )

Arnór Sindri Sölvason                         Berglind Kristjánsdóttir
Óðinsvellir 17                                Hamragarður 1
230 Keflavík                                  230 Keflavík
+354 616 2592                                 +354 8451924
E-mail:                  E-mail:

Lilja Björg Jökulsdóttir
Efstaleiti 34
230 Reykjanesbær
+354 8451303

Vilnius 2011                                                         March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Lithuania (accompanying teacher: Ieva Ivanauskaite)

Kriste Paulauskaite                           Elzbieta Jasinskaite
Peteliskiu g. 2-11                            Kerbedzio g. 19
1212 Vilnius                                  10231 Vilnius
+370 65603353                                 +370 863650829
E-mail:         E-mail:

Rasa Stakauskaitė                             Magė Fledžinskaitė
Uosių 17                                      Akmenu str. 3
11103 Vilnius                                 -3106 Vilnius
+370 64754520                                 +370 63760686
E-mail:                    E-mail:

Karolis Kondrotas
Raštikio 29
11110 Vilnius

Poland (accompanying teachers: Waldemar Nehring and Kinga Marulewska)

Maciej Miskiewicz                             Agata Domanska
Ul. Kopernika 6B/5                            Dworcowa 19/44
14-200 Ilawa                                  88-160 Janikowo
+48 724496501                                 +48 502274578
E-mail:                      E-mail:

Jakub Rybaczewski                             Szymon Mysiak
Borki Soldy 14a                               1 Maja 35/9
08-112 Wisniew                                14-200 Ilawa
+48 513579450                                 +48 694213531
E-mail:                   E-mail:

Karolina Dąbkowska                            Jakub Drzewoszewski
ul.Kopernika 11/3                             Kosciuszki 13/7
87-200 Wąbrzeźno                              14-200 Ilawa
+48 512346111                                 +48 502665040
E-mail:             E-mail:

Monika Karpinska                              Aleksandra Kosopud
ul.Dabrowskiego 48/19                         Gdańska 2d/3
14-200 Ilawa                                  14-200 Ilawa
+48 883681563                                 +48 662119126
E-mail:                E-mail:

Vilnius 2011                                                               March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Anna Andrzejewska                                  Wojciech Sierocki
Sikorskiego 10D                                    Krasinskiego 19/7
14-200 Ilawa                                       87-100 Torun
+48 665037004                                      +48 663134604
E-mail:                    E-mail:

Russia (accompanying teachers:       Ilya Maximov and Elena Dukhnitzkaya)

Daniil Gartsman                                    Elena Vasilieva
Starorusskaya Str., 8-10                           Gaidara Str., 96-7
236023 Kaliningrad                                 236000 Kaliningrad
+7 911 463 29 98                                   +7 921 102 77 23
E-mail:                       E-mail:

Antonina Kotzubenko                                Anastasiya Pylneva
Nosova Str., 5-14                                  Komsomolskaya Str., 101-42
236000 Kaliningrad                                 236023 Kaliningrad
+7 911 862 1443                                    +7 906 232 60 83
E-mail:                     E-mail:

Serbia (accompanying teacher: Siniša Vukadinović )

Milos Damnjanovic                                  Stefan Jevic
Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 36/18                 Gostivarska 13
11070 Belgrade                                     11000 Belgrade

Nemanja Cigoja                                     Natalija Katic
Jurija Gagarina 30                                 Prominska 2/2
11070 Belgrade                                     11060 Belgrade

Marija Ljubinkovic
Rackog 6
11000 Serbia

Vilnius 2011                                                         March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Sweden (accompanying teacher: Dan Gustafsson and Christina Nyström)

Julia Olsson                                 Amanda Melin
Kampementsgatan 34                           Solhemsbackarna 202
115 36 Stockholm                             16356 Spånga, Stockholm
+46 761679737                                +46 704953828
E-mail:                E-mail:

Sophie Westerberg                            Linnea Dubois
Birger Jarlsgatan 42 1tr                     Grangärdevägen 16
11429 Stockholm                              16775 Bromma, Stockholm
+46 701471380                                +46 735313099
E-mail:            E-mail:

Clara Baumann                                Keigo Hedberg
Danarövägen 23                               Torgersvägen 7
18256 Danderyd, Stockholm                    182 67 Stockholm
+46 730868070                                + 46 722210356
E-mail:           E-mail:

Patrik Wingqvist                             Valentina Chaabani
Burevägen 3                                  Sothönevägen 4
18263 Djursholm                              13953 Värmdö
+46 722229783                                +46 704645416
E-mail:           E-mail:

Vilnius 2011                                                 March28th-April 2nd, 2011

President of the General Assembly
GA President – Julia Jansson Nordin

Committee Presidents

Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
CP – Judith Papenfuss

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (1)
CP – Bartosz Lada

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (2)
CP – Sofie Jürs

Committee on Culture and Education

CP – Marian Leitner

Committee on Constitutional Affairs

CP – Victor Louis Otto Hansen

Vilnius 2011                                          March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Participating schools


WRG WELS DER FRANZISKANERINNEN   Akademisches Gymnasium Salzburg
Vogelweiderstrasse 2-4           Sinnhubstraße 15
4600 Wels                        5020 Salzburg
+437242474 28                    +436628291420

HAK 1 International Klagenfurt
Kumpfgasse 21
9020 Klagenfurt
+43 (0)463 55792


Sankt Annæ Gymnasium             Gefion Gymnasium
Sjælør Boulevard 135             Øster Voldgade 10
2500 Valby                       1350 Copenhagen K
+45 36466222                     +45 33964141

Faaborg Gymnasium                Vestfyns Gymnasium
Sundagervej 42                   Langbygårdsvej 4
5600 Faaborg                     5620 Glamsbjerg
+45 62 61 89 10                  +45 63727400

Svendborg Gymnasium
A.P. Møllersvej 35
5700 Svendborg
+45 63 21 31 41


Tallinna Reaalkool
Estonia pst. 6
10148 Tallinn
+372 6 992 026

Vilnius 2011                                                 March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu   Helsingin yliopiston Viikin normaalikoulu
Isonnevantie 8                      Kevätkatu 2
320 Helsinki                        14 Helsinki
+35894774180                        +358919157503

Gymnasiet Grankulla Samskola
Läntinen koulukatu 3
2700 Grankulla
+358 (09) 5056 316


Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium              Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium Bonn
Hermann-Böse-Str. 1-9               Ollenhauerstrasse 5
28209 Bremen                        53113 Bonn
+49 4213616272                      +49 228777520

Latina A.H.F.                       Hegel-Gymnasium
Franckeplatz 1                      Krehlstr. 65
6110 Halle (Saale)                  70563 Stuttgart
+49 (0) 345 4781100                 +49 71121698640

Leibnizschule Wiesbaden             Goethe-Gymnasium Schwerin
Zietenring 9                        Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße 10
65195 Wiesbaden                     19059 Schwerin
+49 (0) 611 - 31 22 51              +49 0385 75820520

Tarostr. 4-6
4103 Leipzig
+49 0341 22 45 790


Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja
Sunnubraut 36
230 Keflavík
+354 421 3100

Vilnius 2011                                                      March28th-April 2nd, 2011


Vilniaus Uzupio Gimnazija
Kriviu g. 10
1203 Vilnius


Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych w Ilawie   Liceum Akademickie
ul. Sienkiewicza 1                         Szosa Chełminska 83
14-200 Ilawa                               87-100 Torun
+48 (089) 648-56-96                        +48 (56) 655 55 60


Gymnasium 40
Komsomolskaya Str., 67
236023 Kaliningrad
+7 4012 21 79 31


Deseta gimnazija Mihajlo Pupin             Prva beogradska gimnazija
Antifastisticke borbe 1a                   Cara Dusana 61
11070 Belgrade                             11000 Belgrade
+381113114142                              +381113282456


Thorildsplans gymnasium                    Viktor Rydberg Djursholm
Drottningholmsvägen 82                     Birger Jarlsgatan 42 1tr
112 43 Stockholm                           11429 Stockholm
+46 08-508 43 502                          +46 08-6222110

Vilnius 2011                     March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Gustavsbergsgymnasium, G2
Idrottsvägen 4
4 134 81 Gustavsberg
+46 857048531

Vilnius 2011                                                                     March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
The question of a new climate economy

Committee President: Judith Papenfuss DE


Nina Maria Meiniche DK
Andreas Holm DK
Andry Padar EE
Juha-Pekka Puska FI
Michael Rosenthal DE
Jan-Willem Kothe DE
Lilja Björg Jökulsdóttir IS
Andrius Česnulevičius LT
Wojciech Sierocki PL
Agata Domanska PL
Elena Vasilieva RU
Patrik Wingqvist SE
Stefan Jevic RS

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (1)
The question of how to fight extremist attitudes and radicalization among young people

Committee President: Bartosz Lada PL

Frederik Brinck Jensen DK
Charles Andrew Hviid Nielsen DK
Rasmus Dohouch Poulsen DK
Fredrik Stenberg FI
Tatu Vehmas FI
Maximilian Kabis DE
Frederike Stahn DE
Kristé Paulauskaité LT
Elžbieta Jašinskaité LT
Jakub Drzewoszewski PL
Szymon Mysiak PL
Linnea Dubois SE
Sophie Westerberg SE
Milos Damnjanovic RS

Vilnius 2011                                                   March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (2)
The question of human trafficking and violence against women

Committee President: Sofie Jürs DK
Anna-Katharina Wiesinger AU
Juliane Bonnemose DK
Solveig Nisbeth Henriksen DK
Marie Ryskov Albret DK
Lena Rehula FI
Fiona Rostalski DE
Karl Müller-Bahlke DE
Berglind Gréta Kristjánsdóttir IS
Monika Karpinska PL
Maciej Miskiewicz PL
Antonia Kotzubenko RU
Valentina Chabaani SE
Clara Baumann SE
Natalija Katic RS

The Committee on Education and Culture
The question of the role of media in the information society

Committee President: Marian Leitner AU


Josua Lutze AU
Rikke Refsgaard Larsen DK
Mikkel Jensen Aaen DK
Mingyuan Xu FI
Anahita Mousavi DE
Mia Berit Köhne DE
Arnór Sindri Sölvason IS
Rasa Stakauskaité LT
Magé Fledžinskaité LT
Karolina Dabkowska PL
Jakub Rybaczewski PL
Anastasiya Pylneva RU
Amanda Melin SE
Keigo Hedberg SE
Marija Ljubinkovic RS

Vilnius 2011                                               March28th-April 2nd, 2011

V Committee on Constitutional Affairs
The question of nationalism versus transnationalism

Committee President: Victor Louis Otto Hansen DK

Christian W. Kirketorp DK
Katrine-Emilie Møllegård DK
Sif Freja Steensgaard Hotz DK
Anna-Helena Saarso EE
Heli Annala FI
Karri Kosonen FI
Maximilian Dembczyk DE
Victor Röther DE
Marius Žvirblis LT
Karolis Kondrotas LT
Anna Andrzejewska PL
Ola Kosopud PL
Daniil Gartzman RU
Julia Olsson SE
Nemanja Cigoja RS

Vilnius 2011                                                                 March28th-April 2nd, 2011

The Model European Parliament (MEP) concept and
The Model European Parliament program is a leadership program for youth in the 27 EU countries, set
up in 1994 with a secretariat in The Hague, NL. The aim of the program is to educate young people at
high school level about European integration and cooperation, and to develop their understanding of
common issues as well as provide them with knowledge about EU’s institutions. The program develops
political awareness and an understanding for Europe’s cultural diversity.

The MEP program has successfully expanded into regional organizations in several parts of Europe. In
2004 a regional organization was set up in the Baltic Sea Region by schools/institutions in Finland,
Sweden, Lithuania and DK, and at present we have been joined by schools/institutions in Estonia, Latvia,
St. Petersburg, Russia, Poland and Germany as well. From 2009 Iceland, Norway and Kaliningrad will be
invited to join the organization too. The program is a training ground for future leaders and politicians as
well as for talented students who share an interest in European issues.

The vision of the MEP Baltic Sea Organization is:

    -   Build relationships between youth in the Baltic Sea Region

    -   Penetrate common Baltic Sea and Nordic issues
    -   Give insight into each individual’s potential to affect society’s development
    -   Focus on trade, industry, politics and culture and social affairs
    -   Give insight into modern democracy and the parliamentary system, using the European
        Parliament as an example
    -   Develop debating skills in large international forums

The working language during the MEP is English. 10 students are chosen to represent each member
country, and together they comprise a delegation. Each delegate represents his/her native country in a
committee, which discusses international issues, and each committee has a specified subject to discuss.
The common goal is to write a resolution that they can support and defend in the General Assembly (the
youth parliament).

The MEP program is also a cultural and social event, which gives the participants the opportunity to
experience the diversity of the countries around the Baltic Sea and be part of numerous social events,
such as teambuilding, sightseeing along with living with a family in the host country.

The sessions take place twice a year in the Baltic Sea Region and since the start of the organization they
have taken place in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bremen, Tallinn, Copenhagen/Malmoe, Helsinki, Riga, St.
Petersburg, Ilawa/Torun, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Kaliningrad .

Vilnius 2011                                                                 March28th-April 2nd, 2011

Pedagogically the MEP program focuses on:

   a) Individual ICT introduction to EU institutions and to specific topics (links)

   b)   Study program before the sessions in class/groups
   c)   Workshops/committee work run by experienced students and delegates
   d)   Project work/written resolutions in English
   e)   Debating and rhetoric skills
   f)   Intercultural skills and competencies
   g)   The experience of an advanced and realistic role play (as a learning method)

The MEP BSR office is located in Copenhagen, DK, and run by an administrative coordinator. More
information about MEP BSR and sessions at Enclosed here please find material and
guidelines in preparation of MEP conferences at the national, regional and international levels.

For further information please contact Administrative Coordinator Nina Nørgaard

Vilnius 2011                                                           March28th-April 2nd, 2011

We wish to thank sponsors, supporters and hosting organisations and families:

Nordic Council of Ministers

Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Vilnius
Bo Harald Tillberg
Sarunas Radvilavicius

Danish Cultural Institute in Vilnius
Audra Sabaliauskiene

Uzupiz Gymnazium
Virginija Emilija Navickiene
Ieva Ivanauskaite

Vilnius Municipality

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Uffe Ellemann Jensen, Patron MEP BSR


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