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Pecan Pie It is a Tremendously Favorite Dessert (DOC)


Pecan Pralines Powerfulness of Nut and Pleasantness of Caramel and Cream large-sReally pralines are the sugar or caramel dressed nuts,which find their descent in France. In France for the nuts almonds were used originally. When the first Frenchman came to new Orleans,he was acquainted to pecan nuts by a friendly domestic Indian. French, being the regular gourmets, did not take too long to conform their indigenous dishes by utilizing pecan nuts as the elements. Pecan Praline was one such invention brought about by a French chef utilizing pecan nuts instead of almonds. So it was an ideal marriage of the French dish with the aboriginal American fixings. Pecan praline are noted for having scale nutrient value. It has very dependable antioxidant properties. Furthermore it gets down the cholesterol and holds your heart safe. So instead of banqueting on French fries ,cookies ,potato chips ,pastries and cakes it is invariably advisable to arm your self with a bagful of pecan pralines whenever you are functioning to a movie,park or just taking a stroll on the street relishing the pretty atmospheric condition. It will further spare you from guilt pangs we bear from after we binge on these high calorie stuff like chips,pastries ,cookies etc. Unsurpassable affair about pecan praline is that it is so comfortable to cook it. To prepare pecan pralines you need following constituents, brown sugar, evaporated milk, butter, vanilla, pecans, and one-fourth cup of water. Take a sauce pan and mix sugar,milk and water in it. Now put the saucepan on the heat ,after the solution boils continue the heat on till water evaporates and mixture produces the consistence of a soft ball. Take the sauce pan from the heat and mix it with butter,vanilla and pecans. Once the mixture obtains even then make small balls from it. For chocoholics pecan praline formula could be modified a bit to cater to their taste perception .the components are granular sugar, maple syrup, light cream, unsweetened

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									Pecan Pie   It is a Tremendously Favorite Dessert

Pecan Pie: Journey from the earlier settler's kitchen to become the Pan
American afters

Pecan pie is a sweet custard pie. It is made mainly from corn syrup and
pecan nuts. It is a tremendously favorite dessert prepared and dished
during important US holidays like Thanks giving, Christmas. It has a
sweet and a very nutty flavor with a custard like texture. Though it
developed in the southern part of the USA but since early 20th century
its popularity has grown immensely and has grown the Pan American
dessert. What causes the pecan pie a truly American dessert? well reply
is not too far, the term pecan devived and initiated from the American
Indian word 'Pecan' which signifies "nut to be cracked with rock". Some
former French colonists in New Orleans got acquainted to pecan nuts by
the native-born Indians, it got their creative juices flow and pecan pie
was the delightful final result. Small communities of Quinipissa and
Tangipahoa Indians lived at that time in present day New Orleans. The
first French colonist to this place was sieur de La Salle,who came here
in 1682.His visit was shortly accompanied up by different French explorer
Jean Baptiste Le Moyne in 1699. Another prominent French settler sieur de
Bienville,who was governor of Louisiana, visited New Orleans and liked it
so much that he made a small town in 1718.He christened this young
settlement Nouvelle Orleans. Thus groundwork was laid for this fabulous
dish to be whipped up in a French settlers kitchen for the very first
time. And who known at that time this union of European Pie with the
native American constituent would bring about such a revolution in
American palette in the 20th century. Pecans have a long long story in
the area. millions of pecan plants are witnessed on the banks of leading
Rivers, streams and irrigation canals in Texas and north of Mexico. Even
fossil remains of pecan plants were also obtained there. So supported on
this grounds we can conclude that these pecan trees existed long before
native-born Indians moved here and that these plants were looking for
their fruits to be observed by some body who could creatively use them
and develop some thing superbly fabulous which is befitting to their lone
taste and feeling. After all this special taste was produced by them
after standing patiently for many a thousand years. Not only that these
pecan plants played a significant use in gifting a Pan American character
to the individuals coming from contrasting countries ,regions
,ethnicities and religious belief. In the latest times first recipe of
pecan pie come out some where between 1925 and 1940.Some famed cook books
are dead sure of first recipe being published in year 1940.Today pecan
pie has grabbed the imagination of entire American nation. It has been
indorsed by all the communities who came to live here from all the parts
of the world. Now many variants have appeared in pecan pie like chocolate
pecan pie ,chocolate chips pecan pie,sweet potato pecan pie.But nothing
could beat the traditional New Orleans pecan pie.

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