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									Pancakes Rule Breakfast in Gatlinburg

If you love to start your day off with a big delicious breakfast then the
pancake houses found in Gatlinburg with not disappoint. Before you enjoy
the outdoors and all that the Gatlinburg area has to offer stop in to
treat yourself to a satisfying meal. Both visitors and locals alike
frequent these old fashioned establishments to feast on fluffy pancakes,
and spend time with family and friends.
The secret of this breakfast favorite lies in the batter, and you will
not find any pre-made pancake mix at these restaurants. The pancakes
made in Gatlinburg are made by combining the key ingredients of butter,
flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, sugar, and salt. If you are looking
for an added kick to the original pancake there are endless options
available to complement them. After the batter is prepared they are
cooked using either a griddle or hot pan, making sure to cook them evenly
on both sides. Serve them with your favorite fruit or just go with the
traditional butter and syrup, either way you are in for quite a
treat. Many people say that your visit to Gatlinburg is not complete
until you try the pancakes at one of these three restaurants.
The Pancake Pantry has been flipping pancakes since 1960 and customers
have been coming back for their tasty favorites ever since. They put a
different spin on the traditional pancake with their sweet potato,
Caribbean, or Wild Blueberry pancakes in addition to offering other
traditional breakfast favorites. The warm cabin-like atmosphere here
adds to the overall experience as well. This institution is a favorite
of locals and tourists so you may encounter a bit of a wait, but the
pancakes are well worth your time.
If you are looking for variety and beauty to go along with your breakfast
then stop by Atrium Pancakes. Guests can take in the view of a gorgeous
waterfall while they ponder over the 25 different varieties of pancakes
offered. Sample anything from the classic buttermilk pancake, to those
made with fresh fruit compote such as apple cinnamon or blackberry. If
you are looking for something sweet go for the chocolate covered
strawberry pancakes or the ones with M&M's. Those looking for
something other than flapjacks will not be disappointed with their walnut
or pecan hotcakes or you can even try their waffles. Many of their
pancake recipes are garnering attention as well with their Atrium Baked
Apple Pancake being featured in Taste of Home Magazine.
Another tasty breakfast stop is the Log Cabin Pancake House. Featuring
two locations and a buffet style you are sure to enjoy the old fashioned
country cooking served up here. With their many varieties of pancakes
and favorites such as French Toast Royale or the Parisienne Crepes you
are sure to wake your taste buds. So on your next trip to Gatlinburg
round up the family and venture to one of these great pancake houses for
a real treat.

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