Yearly-Road-Map-11-12 by xiagong0815


									                                       Mrs. Corrao and Mrs. Parag
                                            7th Grade English
                                            Yearly Road Map

                               U   N I T S   O F   S   T U D Y

       Social and Cultural Awareness
       Power and Authority
       Coming of Age
       Truth & Perception

                         C   A T E G O R I E S     O F   S   T U D Y
Literature and other texts:
      Class novels: Seedfolks, The Misfits, Nightjohn, The Chocolate War, Fever 1793,
         The Pigman, The Children’s Story
      Short Stories by various authors
      Poetry by various authors
      Non-Fiction—Selected articles dealing with adolescent and school issues
      Independent Reading Selections
      Movies and short films
      Sentence, Paragraph and Essay Organization and Development
      Essay Writing (Literary Analysis, Persuasive Writing, Research, Creative Writing)
      Journal Writing
Grammar, Mechanics and Usage
      Parts of Speech
      Punctuation
      Capitalization
      Subject/Verb Agreement
      Subject/Predicate
      Clauses
      Types of Sentences
                             C   L A S S R O O M        P   O L I C I E S    :
   Students are expected to be punctual, prepared and ready to participate in class activities.
   Always have RESPECT for yourself, your classmates, and physical property.
   The following items should be left in your locker: HATS, ELECTRONIC DEVICES, FOOD/GUM,
   Mrs. Corrao’s Extra Help is Tuesday & Thursday mornings, 7:30-8:00 am Room 101. Mrs. Parag’s
    Extra Help is Tuesday afternoons, 3:00-3:30pm and Wednesday mornings, 7:30-8:00am. Please try
    to arrive closer to 7:30 am, not 8:00. If you cannot attend a scheduled Extra Help but require
    assistance, feel free to see me for an appointment.

                                 C   L A S S    P   R E P A R A T I O N
You need to be prepared with the following on a daily basis:
 A pen and pencil
 Assignment pad
 Class binder with dividers for sections (Units of Study, Writing, GUM, ELA, Misc.)
 Class texts (novels, independent reading book, etc.)
 Extra loose-leaf paper

                                          H    O M E W O R K
   An average of 15-20 minutes of homework (plus additional reading) three to four nights each week
    can be anticipated. Long term projects and essays may require more time.
   Missed homework may be made up for partial credit and should be handed in within one week of
    the original due date.
   If you are absent, most assignments are available on the class website
    ( Students who miss
    class or need to make up work for any reason should come before school to Room 101 to find out
    the work that was missed. Late work should be placed in the LATE WORK BIN located in the
    classroom. Please do not leave any assignments on the teacher’s desk.

                                 T   E C H N O L O G Y       P   O L I C Y
   All major assignments (essays, projects, etc.) are expected to be typed. If a student does not have
    access to a computer, or the printer breaks the night before the assignment is due, then he/she
    may write the assignment by hand neatly. Computer and printer “excuses” will not be looked upon
   Other options in the event of printer/computer issues include:
        o Email the assignment as an attachment to
        o Come see me before advisory to print your assignment.
        o Save the assignment to a flash/thumb/USB drive and bring the drive to the library or to
           advisory before advisory and print it out.
   You are expected to copy your homework in your assignment pad every day. In case you are unable
    to copy the homework, use the class website (see link above). The website is updated regularly to
    reinforce communication about homework assignments, upcoming tests, projects, quizzes, etc.

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