Microsoft Retail Management System Add-On Modules

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					                 Microsoft Retail Management System Add-On Modules

                               WineClub Manager™ is a completely integrated module for Microsoft’s RMS. This
                               program adds the ability to track, maintain, process and ship an unlimited number of clubs
                               effortlessly. This product is fully integrated with the POS which allows customer purchase
                               history to include all retail, re-order and club sales together in a single database.

•    Seamless PC-Charge credit card processing         •   Export reports to MS Office for easy mail      •   Enhanced membership maintenance interface
     via IP or dial-up                                     merges and custom reports                          with much larger customer notes and time
•    Expiration date and Mod 10 credit card            •   Automatically use stored credit card numbers
     validation                                            for re-orders or walk-ins                      •   Displays member since, cancellation dates,
                                                                                                              and club membership information at the top
•    Shipping matrix for calculating different rates   •   Add QuickCapture and setup new customers
                                                                                                              of the POS sales screen
     by Ship-to City, State or Zip code                    from their drivers license in seconds
•    Export orders to CSV,XML or Text files            •   Unlimited multiple memberships and mailing
                                                           lists per customer
•    Reprocess declines with a click
•    Unlimited members and clubs
                                                       •   Program updates via the internet

•    Capture signup, cancellation and on-hold date
                                                       •   Gift memberships
     information                                       •   Custom settings by membership: shipping
                                                           carriers, taxes, ship-to addresses, payment
•    Charge sales tax based on the members Ship-
                                                           methods, and discounts
     To location

                                                           Input Customer information into RMS from their drivers license
                                                           and sign them up for membership in less than 10 seconds!!

This add-on module for RMS captures the name, address and birth-date from a drivers license and adds them as a new cus-
tomer in RMS. It works with any RMS installation or in conjunction with WineClub Manager™ where the cashier can then
assign the customer to a mailing list or club.

                                                 5 utilities rolled into a single application will greatly benefit
                                                 your wine and liquor and other industry clients.
Most of the utilities are triggered when the tender key is pressed.
•    Message Prompt for the cashier - example: “Ask Customer to use Debit Card”
•    Sales tax defaults to local tax for orders without shipping
•    Shipping validation - this will prompt the cashier with different instructions based on the ship-to location.
•    Mixed case discounts - multiple wines can be considered a single case
•    Discount Toolbar - Discount merchandise and wine at different rates

                                                   Make phone orders and repeat customer credit card orders a snap!

RMS can store the credit card and expiration date in one of the custom-text fields in the customer record. CardOnce will then automatically
populate the credit card input screen when pressing the tender key. This saves time and has a very professional appearance to the customer.

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                Microsoft Retail Management System Add-On Modules

Auto ItemNumber                                      Don’t guess what your next ItemNumber should be, let this great
Generator                                            little add-on generate the next ItemNumber in RMS for you.

Set the starting ItemNumber
(example: 10001) and this great little add-on
will automatically assign the next available
ItemNumber in the sequence.

RMS Shipping Export                                      Export your pending shipments to a file for your shipping com-
Utility                                                  pany or for import into Shipping Software.

•    Export your pending shipments to TXT,      •   Add new shipping addresses for cus-
     CSV, or XML file                               tomers on the fly
•    Update Customer address and Shipping       •   Print Receipts and/or Packing slips for
     Address with one easy step                     any or all orders shipped

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