Introduction to Pakistan Studies as compulsory subject

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					  Introduction to Pakistan Studies as
  Compulsory Subject.

 Lecturer :Riphah International University.
 The Islamic republic of Pakistan was
  emerged on the map of the world on
  August 14,1947 with the consecutive
  efforts of Indian Muslims.
 Why we demanded Pakistan…..?
 Four major reasons were responsible.
    1.Ideological factors.
   2.Hindu Extremism.
     3.Economic crises & Difficulties.
    4. Cultural factor.
 These were the important factors which
  compel us that their should be the division
  of India into two major divisions.
 Lets come to see……..
 The Muslims of United India ruled here up
  to seven consecutive centuries but they
  didn’t interfere the religious life of any
  community of India.
 But during our slavery period, after 1857
  our Ideological life was attacked by both
  British & Hindus.
 British attacked both directly and indirectly.
 They propagated Christianity directly while on
    question of modern education they attacked
    Islam indirectly.
   Like so on Hindus created a lot of troubles in
    our Religious life with few common slogans as
   “India for Hindus” & “Back to Veda”
   “Clean India from foreigners”
   So for the protection of our ideological life we
    demanded Pakistan.
          Hindu Extremism.
 If British were foreigners, but Hindus were
  the local peoples of India. We didn’t
  treated them so roughly as Hindus showed
  their behavior after 1857.
 They established many extremist
  organizations as
 “Brahma samaj” & “Aaria samaj”
 “Shuddi & Sang ton”
 The famous business man of India
  “Hardaas Gurudaas” and his attitude
  towards Muslims.
 By seeing Hindu extremism we were
  revealed that Hindu –Muslim inter living is
  not possible so we demanded Pakistan.
       Economic difficulties.
 It is fact that “Economic value determines
  all the values”.
 British were worried about the Muslims so
  the doors of economic reforms were
  closed on Muslims of India.
 Muslim majority provinces were neglected
  in period of Economic development so
  economic crises were common in Muslim
 When heavy taxes were imposed on
  Indians again we were effected.
 So to get rid off from economic crises we
  demanded Pakistan.
            Cultural Factor.
 Culture is the strong representation of
 In human culture two things are so
  common & strong
 Our these two departments were attacked
  fully so we demanded Pakistan.
  After Emergence of Pakistan.
 The four major factors which were responsible in
  demand of Pakistan were…
  1.Ideological factors
  2.Hindu extremism
  3.Economic difficulties
  4.Cultural factors.
 All were not paid any attention on devotion
  basis, so the need of these studies was felt fully.
 All these things are compiled in Pakistan
 Studies and it is introduced as compulsory

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