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									Religion Transforming in India
      Prince Siddhartha Gautama
• Born in 563 BCE in Northern India

• Was the son of King Suddhodana and Queen

• King and Queen had different expectations for
  their son
    Prince Siddhartha Gautama
• Before the prince was born, Queen Maya had a

She was carried over the Himalayas to a silver
  mountain and placed on a silver couch
    Prince Siddhartha Gautama
• A white elephant with six tusks walked around
  her and struck her side

• The Queen asked the Brahmins what this meant.
• She was told that her son would have two
  possible paths in his life.
             The Two Paths

• Mightiest ruler in the universe


• Achieve enlightenment
    Prince Siddhartha Gautama
• King Suddhodana wanted the prince to be the
  powerful ruler

• To be sure this would happen, the king kept the
  prince inside the palace and gave him all of the
  finest things. This would make the prince be
  used to the finer things and want to continue to
  have them
      Prince Siddhartha Gautama
•The prince was always curious about what
was beyond the palace walls
•At age 16 the prince got married
•For 12 years, he and his wife continued living
the high life in the palace.
•At age 29, they had a son.
    Prince Siddhartha Gautama
• Once he became a father, the king thought he
  was ready to see the outside world.
• The king began releasing the prince to go on
  trips to handle some of the royal business
• While on these trips, the princes eyes were
                   Trip #1
• The prince sees a withered, old man walking
  with a cane and learns that age weakens the
                   Trip #2
• The prince sees a man crying out in pain and
  learns what sickness can do to a body
                   Trip #3
• The prince sees a man completely wrapped in a
  white cloth and learns that the body dies

• The prince begins to think about these 3 images
  he has seen.
                   Trip #4
• The prince meets an ascetic and describes him as
  a calm man glowing with inner peace

                                            Last P
           Prince Siddhartha
• The prince decides to renounce his royalty and
  become an ascetic himself.

            Prince Siddhartha
• On his 35th birthday, while meditating under a
  tree, the prince receives enlightenment.

• The prince now becomes known as “Buddha,”
  which means “enlightened one”
• Lays down the 4 Noble Truths that lead to spiritual
• The Noble Truths
      Suffering Will Happen
      Suffering Is Caused By Desires And Wants
      Giving Up Desires and Wants Ends Suffering
      Give Up Desires and Wants By Following       The
  8 Fold Path
            The 8 Fold Path
• 1) RIGHT VIEW: Right view consists of an
  understanding of the Four Noble Truths
               The 8 Fold Path
    (2) RIGHT INTENTION: the development of
    selfless love for other beings, thought guided by
    compassion, and the wish that all beings will be
    free of suffering.
                The 8 Fold Path
    (3) RIGHT SPEECH: Right speech means
    abstaining from lying, slander, hurtful language,
    and gossip.
             The 8 Fold Path
• (4) RIGHT ACTION: Right action means
  abstaining from killing, stealing, and immoral
              The 8 Fold Path
    (5) RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: Right livelihood
    means earning making a living honestly,
    peacefully, and without producing harm and
    suffering for others.
              The 8 Fold Path
    (6) RIGHT EFFORT: Right effort involves the
    undertaking of four "great endeavors": -- to
    always act and think in a proper way
          The 8 Fold Path
• (7) RIGHT MINDFULNESS: keeping your
  mind and body in the right state
          The 8 Fold Path
• (8) RIGHT CONCENTRATION: (meditation)

How did Prince Siddhartha become
the Buddha?
    16.2 Prince Siddhartha’s Birth
• Queen Maya had a dream about her son
 before he was born. King Suddhodana
 wanted to know what it meant, so he asked
 the Brahmins about it. They said Prince
 Siddhartha could rule the universe, but if he
 saw suffering, he would become a Buddha.
   16.3 The Prince’s Royal Life
• King Suddhodana wanted his son to be a
 powerful ruler, so he used his wealth to
 provide Siddhartha constant amusements.
 Servants gave the prince everything he
 needed. At 16, Siddhartha married, and he
 and his wife spent their time enjoying the
 prince’s many palaces.
   16.4 The Prince Discovers Three
          Forms of Suffering
• After Siddhartha married, he spent more
 time traveling outside his palace. On his first
 trip he saw old age. On his second he saw
 sickness, and on his third he saw death. On
 his fourth he met an ascetic who told him
 one could only be free of suffering when one
 gave up desires, pleasures, and comforts.
16.5 The Prince Becomes an Ascetic
• Siddhartha gave up his life of luxury and
  went to live in the forest as an ascetic. There
  he wore simple clothing, had bare feet, and
  carried only a bowl in order to beg.
     16.6 The Prince Becomes the
• Siddhartha decided being an ascetic would
 not bring enlightenment. He decided to
 follow the “middle way” instead. On his
 35th birthday, sitting under the Bodhi tree,
 he finally achieved enlightenment through
 meditation. He became the Buddha, the
Awakened One.
 Write a caption that summarizes each step along Siddhartha’s path
 to enlightenment.

• 16.6: Siddhartha finally achieved enlightenment as he sat under the
   Bodhi tree.

• 16.5: Siddhartha became an ascetic, but this way of life did not bring

• 16.4: When Siddhartha finally left the palace, he saw an old man, a sick
   man, a dead man, and an ascetic.

• 16.3: Siddhartha's father made sure his son lived a life of luxury and did
   not see life’s sufferings so he would become a powerful ruler, not a

• 16.2: Before Siddhartha was born, the Brahmins said he would either
   rule the universe or become a Buddha.

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