colours by lanyuehua


 Conveys traits such as being formal, sophisticated, mysterious, strong, dignified. But it
                    also communicates mourning and uncertainty.

                                      WHEN TO USE
                   -For a bold impact and contrast with another color.
   -As a sign of respect, particularly in bereavement, and social and moral attitudes.
                       -For evening parties and formal occasions.

                                 WHEN TO AVOID
-When you want people around you to open up, especially when dealing with elderly and
                            -When attending a wedding.
 -When worn near the face unless you have the strength of natural coloring to handle it.
                    Black usually drains the color from your face.
          -When on TV. Viewers are drawn to the color and not your face.
Conveys traits such as being pure, clean, fresh, futuristic, joyful, hopeful, spiritual,
                   delicate, forgiving, loving, clinical and cold.

                                WHEN TO USE
         -When you want to create strong contrast against dark colors.
          -When you want to project impeccable standards of hygiene.
                       -When you are a first-time bride.
      -When you want to project an attention getting and progressive image.

                                WHEN TO AVOID
               -When you have little time for personal grooming.
-As a complete evening outfit unless you’re in a hot climate and want to look cool.
        -When in sooty urban areas where daily laundering is paramount.
   Conveys traits such as being casual, warm, tranquil, gregarious, boring and

                                WHEN TO USE

              -Helps to get people to open up and talk more freely.
               -As an alternative to navy blue or gray in business.
                           -when entertaining in-laws.

                                WHEN TO AVOID
-When meeting with a friend with personal problems and you don’t have the time to
                        -For an elegant evening occasion.
                  -When hoping to attract someone attention.
       -When among executives as you may disappear into the paneling.
       -When a management buy-out of the company is about to happen.
  Conveys traits such as vitality, enthusiasm, sociability, superficiality and extremism.

                                      WHEN TO USE
     -If you want to be seen in the dark when you’re ridding a bike or jogging at night.
-If you have a job that keeps you unseen such as a lab technician and radio announcer.

                                    WHEN TO AVOID
                    -For business of any kind. Least profitable color
                               -Afternoon/elegant occasion
               -Dieting or in other situations when self control is needed.
Conveys traits such as being confident, aggressive, assertive, exciting, stimulating,
   dramatic, exuberant, domineering, threatening, dangerous, sinful and fiery.

                                 WHEN TO USE
                           -When you want to be noticed.
       -When you want a psychological boost of energy when you’re tired.
-When you want to attract the opposite sex (although be careful because red can be
                       When you want to display authority.

                                WHEN TO AVOID
               -When you’re not prepared to defend your position.
                         -When meeting potential in-laws.
 -When being interviewed for a job. Red may give the impression that you’re more
               concerned about yourself than being a team player.
  -When running a staff meeting and you want your colleagues to generate ideas.
Pink and peach conveys traits such as being gentle, accessible, safe , unimportant and

                                    WHEN TO USE
                          -To soften an austere business look.
 -When attending afternoon gatherings such as teas, christening and garden parties.
                   -If you’re the mother or grandmother of the bride.
-When you’re petitioning in an annulment case. Pink can help you win the sympathy of

                                 WHEN TO AVOID
 -When discussing a promotion with your boss. Pink or peach may communicate that
                           you’re not management material.
       -When at a client dinner as it will not create client confidence on you.
Conveys traits such as being cheerful, hopeful, wise, happy, warm and enlightened. But
        it can also communicate impulsiveness, treachery and unhealthiness.

                                  WHEN TO USE
                        -When you want to cheer yourself up.
                            -When in fun and free mood.
                            -When working with children.
                          When you want to be recognized.
                         -When you are at joyful celebrations.

                                 WHEN TO AVOID
                        -When negotiating for a separation.
            -When giving serious advice. The may not take you seriously.
                        -When asking your bank for a loan.
                           -When in a hot-climate place.
Conveys traits such being imaginative, creative, sensitive, intuitive, unselfish, stately,
 dramatic, weird, melancholy, impractical, immature, emotional, superior and tense.

                                 WHEN TO USE
-When in business situations where you need to project confidence and individuality.
   Mid-tone to deep purples are both appropriate and professional in business.
                  -When on TV. Violet is wonderful on camera!
              -When suggesting a new approach to an old problem.
                        -On occasions requiring diplomacy.

                                 WHEN TO AVOID
           -Whenever a low-key yet assuring profile is most appropriate.
     -When interviewing for an MBA or other limited placement type programs.
                -If you’re and auditor called to handle receivership.
                            -When selling life insurance.
            -When at your first social occasion as an executive spouse.
-When you or other people around you are depressed. It will make you feel even more
Conveys traits such as being peaceful, loyal, trustworthy, constant, orderly, sincere,
       tiresome, predictable, conservative, passive and easily depressed.

                                WHEN TO USE
   -When you want to command respect. Deep blues project the most authority.
                    -When you want to impress future in-laws.
-When you are to appear on TV. Middle-value blue is the most camera-friendly color.

                                 WHEN TO AVOID
   -When making a creative presentation in advertising, design, marketing or public
             relations. Blue does not usually send a creative message.
-When at meetings or conventions with lawyers, bankers or accountants, unless your
                               goal is not to stand out.
 -When going to a school reunion where you want to project success and confidence.
  Conveys traits such as being respectable, balanced, calm, serene, versatile, non-
                        committal, deceptive and uncertain.

                                      WHEN TO USE
 -In business, gray is the safest option. Although less authoritative than black or navy,
 gray still presents a smart, professional look without making too much of a statement.
-When teamed up with strong color accents such as red, violet or salmon. This projects
               innovation and creativity while still being professional-looking.
                            -When being interviewed for a job.
                  -When negotiating as arbitration in any sort of dispute.
                -When wishing to project a balanced and unbiased attitude.

                                WHEN TO AVOID
                -When in gatherings where you want to be noticed.
                          -If you’re in the creative field.
-When on dates which you hope will lead to marriage. Gray may convey that you’re not
         -When working with children-gray usually makes children anxious.
                     -When you need to make things happen.
 Conveys traits such as being self reliant, tenacious, calm, dependable, youthful,
                            predictable and stubborn.

                                  WHEN TO USE
  -If you’ve been wearing bright and warm colors, changing to green can inject a
                    balanced, calm, and level-headed feeling.
                             -When tired or stressed.
-Deep tones such as forest, olive or pine are viable alternatives to navy or gray for

                                   WHEN TO AVOID
        -For evening occasions, unless it’s in emerald or jade in silk or satin.
-As a campaign color for a political movement. Green does not connote new ideas,
                     instead predictable and backward thinking.
 -If you’re an entrepreneur visiting a bank or a venture capitalist asking for money.

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