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Grade 3 Biome Habitat Research Project optional


									Date: ___________________________________________            Lesson 11

                Biome Research Notes:
Choose one of the biomes that we have studied.

   1. Is the biome terrestrial or aquatic? ___________________

   2. What type of climate (weather throughout the year) does this
      biome have?

   3. Name some places in the world where this biome is located?
Date: ___________________________________________             Lesson 11

                Biome Research Notes:
   4. Draw or describe some physical features in this biome, such as
      land formation, aquatic areas.

   5. Draw or describe some plants in this biome.
Date: ___________________________________________              Lesson 11

                Biome Research Notes:
   6. Draw or describe some animals in this biome. Includes insects,
      reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds.
Date: ___________________________________________              Lesson 11

                Biome Research Notes:
   7. Choose one animal that has a habitat in this biome.

What physical (body adaptations) does it have that helps it survive in
this environment?

What are some behavioral (what animals do) characteristics that help
this animals survive in this environment?
Date: ___________________________________________                Lesson 11

                Biome Research Notes:
   8. What are some plants that live in this biome?

   9. Pick one plant that lives in this biome, and describe any physical
      (how the plant is made) characteristics that help it survive?

Draw your biome. Include the land, water, some animals and plants.
Date: ___________________________________________                Lesson 12

         Optional: Animal Design Notes
                   and Ideas
   1. What biome is your animal’s habitat?

   2. Describe your animal’s habitat?

   3. Describe the size of your animal?

   4. What does it eat?

   5. List physical characteristics that will help it survive.

   6. Where will your animal get water?

   7. What will it use for shelter?

   8. What predators does your animal have?

Draw your animal next to his house, and some of the biome around him.
Date: ___________________________________________                  Lesson 12

           Optional: Plant Design Notes
                    and Ideas
      1. What biome is your plant’s habitat in?

      2. Describe your plant’s habitat in the biome.

      3. Describe the size of your plant.

      4. Where does your plant get its nutrients?

      5. List a physical trait (what it looks like) that helps the plant get
         its nutrients to survive (roots or meat eater).

      6. How will your plant get light?

      7. Where does it get its water?

      8. Which animals will eat the plant, or use the plant for shelter?

      9. Will your plant have any adaptations to protect itself?

      Draw a picture of your plant in the biome, Show how it gets all of
      its needs met. Include an animal that will use the plant.
Lessons 13-16 Can be accessed by the Teacher Guide, but are not
included within the Student Journal.

Date: ___________________________________________           Lesson 13

         Optional: Refine Animal Design

Date: ___________________________________________           Lesson 14

          Optional: Refine Plant Design

Date: ___________________________________________           Lesson 15

           Optional: Presentation Notes

Date: ___________________________________________           Lesson 16

        Optional: My Extended Habitat

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