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					                       Psy3604: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
                               Summer 2007: Research Paper
                                      DUE: 7.26.2006

Product: What you will turn in is a 5-7 page paper on an area of interest to you in abnormal

Task: The goal of this paper is to give you a little practice with coherent academic discourse.
You will start by asking a question about abnormal psychology or by identifying some area in the
field that interests you. Then you will find at least 4-5 papers in psychological journals that have
done research on some aspect of this question and report on their findings in a paper that is no
more than five pages long. You will need to weave the findings of these articles together in order
to come to some conclusion that acts as a response to your question. Remember the tenants of
psychological writing. Write to explain and persuade others who are unfamiliar with your topic,
using evidenced assertion.

Format: Five to seven pages, double-spaced, 1.25" margins, 12-point font, Times Roman. A
cover sheet and reference list will be additional pages. You will not be penalized if you don't fit
exactly into this format, as long as you don't abuse my good humor in the process.

Constraints: The three articles must be published in psychological journals, not the
internet or the popular press. You can use additional sources to add color to your
introduction, of course. If you have any doubt about the journal, please ask. The entirety of
your paper must be in your words and you must cite all ideas that are not your own. Failure
to cite all authors will result in penalty.

Grading: The paper should include an introduction, thesis statement, supporting
paragraphs, and a conclusion that integrates all the ideas covered in the paper.

5 points:  Student introduces the topic to be covered and explains why it is an important
           area of research.
2 points: Student includes a thesis sentence at the end of the introduction.
20 points: Student adequately summarizes each research article, including information about
           the participants, method, and results.
5 points: Student transitions seamlessly between research articles.
15 points: Student’s conclusion is logical and well-thought-out. This conclusion should
           include a summary of the findings, an integration of the results, and a discussion
           of the limitations of the research and directions for future research.
3 points: Student’s writing demonstrates both clarity and brevity.
50 points: TOTAL

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