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The agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State streamlines the process of earning a Bachelor of Science in
Health Sciences (Associate Degree Completion track) for students who have completed or intend to complete any one of the eligible
Health Careers Associate degree programs at Tri-C. Courses from Tri-C are applied directly to the Health Sciences major, saving students
up to one semester of course work. The information below assumes successful completion of the Associate degree.
                                 CSU Requirement                                                                   Take at Tri-C
       Foreign Language                                                            Any two-semester sequence of the same foreign language
       Waived for students who completed 2 years of the same foreign language in   (if American Sign Language is used to meet this requirement, an approved
       high school, or for those who graduated high school 1987 or earlier.        Foreign Culture course is also required)
  X    Introduction to University Life                                                                              WAIVED
       Writing/Composition                                                         ENG 1010 College Composition I*
       ENG 1010 also meets AAS requirements                                        AND ENG 1020 College Composition II*
                                                                                   MATH 1410 Elementary Probability and Statistics I*
       Mathematics/Quantitative Literacy
                                                                                   AND any other course on the Mathematics/Quantitative Literacy portion
       One course also meets AAS requirements (if used in place of MATH 1141)                                     +
                                                                                   of the CSU/Tri-C Transfer Guide
       Arts & Humanities AND Bioethics
                                                                                   PHIL 2050 Bioethics*
       Also meets AAS requirement
                                                                                   Any course from the Arts & Humanities portion of the CSU/Tri-C Transfer
       Arts & Humanities – Non U.S.                                                     +
                                                                                   Guide (Non-US section, other than PHIL)
       Social Sciences
                                                                                   PSY 1010 General Psychology*
       Also meets AAS requirement
                                                                                   Any course from the Social Sciences portion of the CSU/Tri-C Transfer
       Social Sciences – Non U.S.                                                        +
                                                                                   Guide (Non-US section)
  X    Social Diversity – African American Experience                                                              WAIVED
       Social Diversity – U.S. Diversity AND Culture and Health Care                                      MUST BE TAKEN AT CSU
       Also counts as Upper Division credit                                                   HSC 305 Culture and Health Care* (offered online)
       Natural Sciences                                                            Choose two courses from the Natural Sciences portion of the CSU/Tri-C
       2 courses with 1 hour of lab are required                                   Transfer Guide
       Writing Across the Curriculum* (3 courses) AND Capstone
       1 course waived for students transferring in 60+ credit hours;                                     MUST BE TAKEN AT CSU
       2 courses waived for students transferring in 90+ credit hours                      HSC 484 Advanced Research and Writing* (offered online)
       Also counts as Upper Division credit
  X    Introduction to Health Sciences                                                                                 WAIVED
       Medical Terminology
                                                                                   MA 1020 Medical Terminology I*
       Also meets AAS requirement
                                                                                                             MUST BE TAKEN AT CSU
                                                                                      Online options: HSC 341 Environmental Health; HSC 344 Social Issues in
       Health Sciences Area of Emphasis*                                            Health Care; HSC 393 Special Topics: Health Disparities; HSC 426 Functional
       11 additional credits needed                                                    Performance of Older Adults; HSC 448 Palliative Care; PHL 440 Moral
       All options listed also count as Upper Division credit                               Reasoning and Bioethics; PHL 441 Clinical Issues in Bioethics
       (Students may also select an individualized plan of course work with a      Other options: COM 362 Health Communication; COM 341 Group Process and
       Cleveland State Health Sciences advisor)                                      Leadership; HCA 301 The American Health Care System; ANY HSC 300-400
                                                                                    level course; PSY 345 Abnormal Psychology; PSY 339 Social Psychology; PSY
                                                                                              353 Health Psychology; PSY 448 Mental Health & Aging
       Upper Division                                                                                       MUST BE TAKEN AT CSU
       A minimum of 42 total credit hours at the 300/400 level are required.
                                                                                            23 additional credit hours of CSU 300/400 level courses
       19 credit hours are earned through the required courses listed above (HSC
       305, HSC 484, and Area of Emphasis)
                                                                                             (CSU minors and certificate programs are recommended)
       The final 30 credit hours of study must be completed at Cleveland State
                                                                                                             MUST BE TAKEN AT CSU
       Students in the dual admission partnership program are exempt from this
                                                                                        Online courses taken through Cleveland State are included in this total.
       requirement. For more information on dual admission, visit:
       Total Credit Hours                                                                         Includes all eligible transfer credits from Tri-C
       A minimum of 128 total credit hours are required.                                                  and all credits earned at CSU
 * Grades of C or better required
                                         The CSU/Tri-C Transfer Guide can be found online at:

 For more information, contact the College of Sciences and Health Professions Advising Center at Cleveland State University:
     Website:       Phone: 216-687-9321       Email:
                                                                                                                                             Updated Summer 2011

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