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                          History of California State University, Sacramento

The Capital campus was founded by the people of California in 1947 when State Senator Earl D.
Desmond of Sacramento successfully sponsored the funding legislation for Sacramento State College.
The Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Guy Ashley West from Chico State College to serve as founding
president, a position he held for the next 18 years.

On opening day in September, 1947, the new State College enrolled 245 students. From 1947 to 1953,
the new College shared the classrooms and campus facilities of Sacramento Junior College (now
Sacramento City College) on Freeport Boulevard. Upper division courses were integrated into the Junior
College’s schedule of lower division classes.

When the 1949 State Legislature authorized funds to construct a separate campus, Trustees selected a
300-acre site along the scenic American River. The cornerstone for the new Administration Building was
laid on October 25, 1952, and within a few months the fledgling campus included a large classroom
building (Douglass Hall), three science units, a library, cafeteria and 13 temporary structures.

Sacramento State College moved into its permanent home early in 1953. That Fall more than 2,700
registered for classes. The College added Freshman and Sophomore classes to create a complete four-
year baccalaureate curriculum. In the Spring of 1954, total enrollment climbed to 3,000. The campus
population, building and academic programs expanded rapidly in the next few years. Students, faculty
and professionals created high quality theatrical productions with the completion of the University
Theatre. By 1959, the Library had added a third floor, quadrupling its original capacity. A new wing
doubled the Office space of the Administration Building. The cafeteria tripled in size. On-campus
housing became available with the construction of three student residence halls.

The California State Colleges were unified into one statewide system of 19 campuses in 1961, providing
an integrated network for the exchange of information and resources. In 1972, the system became the
California State University and Colleges, and in 1982, the system became the California State University
(CSU). While our official name is California State University, Sacramento (CSUS), our local community
affectionately preserves “Sac-State” as a reminder of our role as Sacramento’s University—and for good
reason. CSUS and its service have a long history of dynamic partnership in regional development.

See the CSUS Catalog for additional history.


                              DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY

The Department of Psychology is part of the College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies
(SSIS). Their office is located in Amador (AMD) 255. For more information about the College and
departments under SSIS visit their website at: or call them at 278-6504.

The Psychology Department Office is located in Amador (AMD) Hall 350. Visit our website at: for information about the department.

                                      Departmental Programs

The Department of Psychology offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Psychology, an
undergraduate certificate program in Applied Behavior Analysis, a Minor in Psychology, a Master of
Arts Degree in General Psychology (with specific emphasis on Psychology Doctoral Preparation),
Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

At both undergraduate and graduate levels students may choose course work, fieldwork and research
experiences that allow them to emphasize such areas as:

                            Clinical/Counseling
                            Cognitive
                            Developmental
                            Industrial/Organizational
                            Social
                            Personality
                            Applied Behavior Analysis

Information regarding each program is available in the University Catalog (see Psychology) and on the

                                        Department Faculty

The Department consists of 20 full time, 3 emeritus, approximately 7 part time faculty and 10 teaching
assistants. A listing of all faculty with their emphasis and office hours can be obtained on our website
and is also posted on the bulletin board outside the Department office. The following are some of our key
faculty members:

Department Chair: Dr. Bruce Behrman

Department Vice Chair: Dr. Emily Wickelgren

Department Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Jianjian Qin

Clinical Graduate Director: Dr. Rebecca Cameron

Assessment Coordinator: Dr. Lawrence Meyers

Department Human Subjects Coordinator: Dr. Kelly Cotter

Animal Colony Coordinator: Dr. Jeff Calton

                                        Department Staff

The Department has two staff members and two student assistants.

Office Coordinator: Doni Santinello – 278-6255 -

Graduate Secretary: Lynda Young – 278-7595 -

Student Assistants: Roseanne Smith & Jennifer Nguyen – 278-6254

   The Services Provided:

          Travel Requests
          Parking Requests
          Room Reservations
          Attendance Reports
          Ordering Supplies
          Add/Drop Slips
          Petitions/Waivers
          Distributes ink for office printers
          Checks out laptops and projectors
          General Information

                                              HELPFUL/USEFUL INFO

***New Faculty Info***

A good deal of new faculty information can be found on the Center for Teaching and Learning website:

Absences from Work

                       A faculty member who is unable to meet his/her classes because of illness should
                       promptly notify the Department Office so the office staff can post a class cancelled
                       sign on your classroom.

                       Upon return to work, the faculty member must contact the department to complete
                       an Absence Report Form.                The form is available on–line at:
                      or     on      our        website
              To report illnesses after
                       hours, call the Department at 278-6254 and leave a message on the recorder. If
                       you need other assistance, you should contact the Department Chair or office staff.

Substitutes may be hired by the Department Chair to cover the classes of faculty who are absent for
extended periods of time.

See the “Benefits” section for information regarding Sick Leave and Personal Holiday credits.

University policy requires that a faculty member who is unable to meet his/her classes on the day and
hour scheduled for reasons other than illness must secure prior authorization from the Department Chair.

Adds / Drops / Waitlist

During the first month of the Fall and Spring semesters (until census date) the office staff is able to add or
drop students on the computer. After the census date the office staff is locked out of the computer and is
not able to add or drop students. Students are able to add or drop themselves during the first two weeks
of the semester.

WAITLIST: A waitlist is attached to each class during registration. If a class is full a student may
request to put their name on the waitlist. This way if a student drops the class the first student on the list
is automatically added. This list remains in effect until the Thursday before classes begin. On Thursday
evening the list is deleted and disappears forever. If you want to use the waitlist as a basis for adding
students you must print it out before that Thursday evening.

ADDS: The Friday before classes start the office staff puts a “Drop Only” on each class. This prevents
students from being able to add themselves. We put one add form for each class you are teaching in your
mailbox. During the first two weeks if a student needs to add a class, the student must see you. If you
decide to add students to your class you can either use the waitlist or your own list. When you have
decided on which students to add bring the form to the Department Office and the staff will add the
students to your class. If we have a problem adding the student we will return the form to you so you can
contact the student to correct the problem.

During the third and fourth week of the semester students may only add for serious and compelling
reasons.      The student must obtain a Petition to Add/Drop After Deadline Form online at       The student needs to fill out the form
stating the serious and compelling reason for the late add. The student needs to obtain the instructor and
the department chairs signatures and return the form to the office staff for processing. After census date
(the fourth week of class) adds are not approved unless the student can present evidence of University

DROPS: If a student needs to drop a class during the first two weeks of the semester they can drop
themselves. Faculty can request the office staff drop students. To drop a student the faculty member fills
out an Administrative Drop request which can be obtained from the Department Office. Faculty can drop
a student who, during the first two weeks of instruction, fails to attend any two class meetings (for
courses that meet two or more times a week), or one class meeting (for courses that meet once a week).

During the third through sixth week of the semester the student may drop a course only for serious and
compelling reasons. The student must fill out the Petition to Add/Drop After Deadline Form, obtain
the instructor and department chairs signatures and submit it to the Department Office during the third
and fourth week for processing. During the fifth and sixth week they must take the form to Lassen Hall -
Registrars Office for processing. After the sixth week all drops require the instructor, department chair
and college deans signatures. No drops are allowed after the last week of instruction.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures and get the form processed.

During the Summer semester adds and drops for each session (A, B, C & D) are done through the College
of Continuing Education (CCE) located in Napa Hall. CCE has their own add/drop forms which can be
obtained from their website at: The student obtains your permission, comes
to the Department Office for the chairs signature and brings the form to the CCE office. The department
staff does not add students during the summer.

For more information on the campus add/drop policy, check out the CSUS Catalog or the back of the
Petition to Add/Drop After Deadline Form.


Only full-time faculty can advise. Outside the Department Office is a list of all faculty with their office
hours, office numbers and email. No appointments are necessary, all faculty have walk-in office hours.


                     Sick Leave: Faculty receive sick leave under the following rule:

                     Faculty are granted one day (eight hours) of sick leave credit on the first day of the
                     monthly pay period following completion of one month of continuous service.
                     Therefore, the employee receives one additional day (eight hours) of sick leave for
                     each additional qualifying period, which is credited on the first day of the following
                     monthly pay period.

Sick leave is charged only when all assigned duties on a given day are missed. An unauthorized absence
from work may result in disciplinary action.

Personal Holiday: Each faculty member is entitled to a Personal Holiday, which may be taken one day
during the calendar year. Any Personal Holiday not taken during a calendar year is forfeited. Schedule
of the Personal Holiday must be by mutual agreement of the appropriate administrator (MOU 33.3).

More information on Benefits can be found by calling 278-6213 or on the website at:

Bookstore Services / Textbooks

                     Besides carrying all required texts and supplies for classes, the Hornet Bookstore
                     has more than 15,000 titles in stock in its General Book Department. The
                     Bookstore offers special ordering for any books and supply items not carried in
                     regular stock, as long as a vendor can be found. For more information on services
                     offered through the bookstore call 278-6446 or visit their website at:

Ordering Books: It is extremely important to your students that your order be submitted by the
deadlines, April 1st for Fall and October 1st for Spring. That way, the Bookstore can ensure that
sufficient copies of new (and used) books will be on hand for the start of the semester.

Desk Copies: Some publishers provide a copy of a current required textbook at no charge to the
instructor. If you need a desk copy immediately, you can purchase the textbook through the Information
Counter on the first floor of the Bookstore. Tell them you are a faculty member and are purchasing a
desk copy. They will stamp your receipts. When you receive the desk copy from the publisher, take it
and your receipt to the Bookstore and you will be reimbursed.

Reproducing Books: If you have material that you wish to have assembled in book form, the Bookstore
will have it copied and assembled at the Copy Center for you. The cost to the student will be 25% over
the cost to reproduce the material. The faculty member is responsible for the cost of any unsold books
and any copyright releases. The Textbook Department is able to provide some assistance on copyright in
situations involving out-of-print textbooks.

If the faculty member prefers, s/he can have the material copied and assembled at their own expense, and
the Bookstore will sell the copies on consignment. The cost to the student will be 25% over the price set
by the faculty member.


                   Current academic year, payroll and master calendars can be accessed online at:

Class Lists

Class list can be downloaded on the faculty page on My SAC State.

Classroom Support Services

For questions or problems regarding “Smart” classroom equipment (projectors, overheads, TV’s, etc.)
contact Classroom Support Services at phone # 278-6611 (dial 86611 from a campus phone). They are
located in ARC 2005 and their web address is

Computing and Communications Services

The Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) 2005 is where you go to get a SAC Link account.
You will need this account to post grades at the end of the semester. This is also where you will get an
email account.

Workshop classes are held in this building. To register and see what courses will be offered visit their
website at: .

Computing and Technology Support

               Frank Preuss and the computer techs can be reached at 278-3893 or email at
      The following services are provided by their office in AMD 255:

                    Computer lab and smart classroom support
                    Hardware checkout (laptops, projectors, and miscellaneous accessories)
                    Software checkout (selected software)
                    File server management
                    Web site management ("")
                    College hardware purchases
                    Maintenance of system software loads in faculty and staff offices
                    Consulting on the use of supported software titles

Copy Machine / Duplication

                  All faculty have access to a duplicating machine and collator machine in the
                  department mail room.

                  Please Note: When using the copiers, remember that duplication is expensive. Please
                  limit duplication to tests only.

                  The copy machine in the Department Office is only to be used for 10 or less total
                  copies. You cannot use it to copy pages in books.

Copy & Graphics Center

                    The Copy and Graphics Center is located between the bookstore and the River Front

                            Services provided include:

                                   Copying
                                   Printing
                                   Computer Rentals
                                   Binding
                                   Graphics
                                   Textbook requisitions
                                   Custom Academic Publishing
                                   Self-Service and much more

You can obtain more information by calling them at 278-6960 or visit their website at:

Counseling Services

                  The Psychological Services unit of the Student Health Center, 278-6416, is staffed by
                  psychologists, social workers, MFC counselors and a psychiatrist to provide
                  professional, emotional and psychological support to students. Services are provided
                  in a confidential setting on an individual and group basis to provide assistance with
                  anxiety, depression, stress and personal situational difficulties, which interfere with a
                  student’s performance and quality of life. Brief services (eight sessions per academic
                  year) allow students the opportunity to explore problems of emotional and social
                  development, marriage and family relationships.

A wellness approach to life enhancement is emphasized. Assessment and referral services are available
on a drop-in basis for students who are experiencing acute emotional crisis. In addition, consultation
services are provided upon request to faculty, students and staff in an effort to improve mental health in
the campus community.

See the “Employee Assistance Program (EAP)” section for other counseling options.

Department Mailroom & Office

You will have access to the Psychology Department Mailroom 24 hours a day. You will be issued a fob
key to access this room. This way you will be able to check your mail or make copies when it is
convenient for you.

The Department Office staff works from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday. Closed for lunch from 12:00–1:00 p.m. Due to staff layoffs the College Dean has
authorized the Department Offices to close throughout the day. During the Fall 2010 semester our hours
are Monday & Wednesday – 8:00 a.m.–12:00 noon, Tuesday & Thursday 8:00-10:00 a.m. & 1:00-3:00

p.m., and Fridays from 10:00 a.m.–12:00 noon & 1:00-3:00 p.m. During the summer the office staff
works from 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. and is closed from 12:00-1:00 p.m.


All full-time faculty are eligible to vote in Department/College elections. The department holds elections
every two years for 21 committees and as needed. The College sends out election ballots yearly and as


                           For medical emergencies, crimes in process, or other emergency concerns,
                           CALL 911. For non-emergency inquiries, such as vandalism, stolen parking
                           passes etc., please contact the University Police Department at extension

                             Sacramento State’s Emergency Notification System automates delivery of
urgent announcements to faculty, students and staff. The system sends out text messages, phone calls and
e-mail in the event of a critical situation that may cause harm or imminent danger. For more information
and to sign up visit their website at:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

                          All faculty, staff, and their immediate family are able to use EAP for free.
                          EAP is located in the Student Health Center, room 117.

                                   The EAP offers:

                                              Personal Counseling
                                              Counseling on Work-Related Issues
                                              Manager, Supervisor, Chair, and Dean Consultation

For more information call 278-5018 or go to their website:

Employee Organizations

California Faculty Association (CFA) is the exclusive representation for faculty unit employees. Payroll
deduction is available for CFA members. Their website can be found at:

Evaluation of Teaching

                   According to Department and University policies, all full-time faculty must be
                   evaluated each semester.

                   The Department Office has our course evaluations done electronically. It is a safe
                   and secure process. You & your students will receive an email link with instructions
                   on completing the online evaluation. After the semester is over copies of the written
                   comments and computer printouts are put in your mailbox

Fax Machine

                   A fax machine is available in the Department Office for faculty use. Please limit
                   sending and/or receiving faxes to 10 pages.

                   A fax cover sheet is located next to the fax machine. Instructions for international
                   faxing are posted next to the fax machine. All incoming faxes will be put in the

Final Examination Schedule and the Last Week of Instruction

                 About a month and half before the end of the semester a finals exam schedule will be
                 posted on the bulletin board in the mailroom. Please look it over, make any time or
                 room changes you may need, and return it to the office staff as soon as possible. Space
                 Management will do the best they can to accommodate your requested changes. Since
                 they do not make last minute changes make sure you get your changes in quickly.
                 The final exam schedule              is   posted     at    the following website:

Food Service

                    There are numerous campus eateries on the CSUS campus, all providing different
                    menus and types of service. Eating establishments range from full restaurant service
                    to counter service and vending machines in the Roundhouse and Outpost.
                    Restaurants on-campus include Burger King, Round Table Pizza, Togo’s, Subway, a
                    full-service restaurant in the University Union, and restaurants offering Italian,
                    Mexican, Chinese, and Indian food. Hours may vary so be sure to plan ahead by
                    checking the website at:
Catering is available for a full range of events and activities. For more information, call 278-


                Faculty Submission of Grade Rosters: Grades are submitted through electronic
                grading. It is important that class lists be corrected at appropriate times during the
                semester so that the grade rolls on Saclink will be accurate.

               Grade Appeals: The University has established grade appeal policies and procedures. A
               student contacts the instructor/supervisor if there is a problem with a grade. If it is simply
               a clerical error, the instructor requests a grade change form from the Department Office
within 60 days. If the grade was correct, the instructor notifies the student and directs the student to the
Department Office for additional information.

Grade Changes: Grade change forms are available in the Department Office. There are two kinds of
grade “changes.” If a student has received a grade of Incomplete (I), the grade completion portion of the
form must be completed. If the student has received a grade (A, B, C, D, F, W, NC) and the grade is an
error, the grade change portion of the form must be completed. The only valid University reason for
changing a grade is “clerical error.” Errors must be reported before the end of the immediately following
Fall or Spring semester. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the Department Office.
Grade change forms are never to be given to students, per University regulation.

Grading Policy: Grading policy and additional information regarding grading is available in the
University Catalog and in each semester’s Class Schedule booklet.

Incomplete Grades: For a faculty member to give an Incomplete (I) requested by the student, the
student must have on file an approved Petition for an Incomplete Grade (available in the Department
Office) before grades are submitted. To receive an Incomplete in a course, a specific, identifiable portion
of the course needs to have been completed. Department policies only allow Incomplete grades for
serious and compelling reasons. In most cases, the “deadline for completion date” will be one month
from the official last day of the semester the course is taken. The completion date may be extended to the
last day of the semester following the semester the course is taken for extenuating circumstances.


A        key       request      form      is      located     on     the      facilities      website      at: or on department website at: This form must be typed and no write-ins
allowed. Check with Doni in the Department Office for assistance in filling out the form. After you have
filled it out leave it in the Department Office for the Department Chair’s signature. It is usually a two day
turn around. The form will be put in your mailbox after it has been signed.

Learning Skills Center

                  The Learning Skills Center assists students in the development of basic skills.

                      Services include:

                              Self-instruction labs;
                              Tutorial assistance;

           Workshop and courses in reading/study skills;
           English language development for foreign and bilingual students.

Additional information regarding the Learning Skills Center is available from the Center at         278-
6725, in the University Catalog, or on the web at:


                    To use the University Library, faculty must have a One Card (see the “One Card”
                    section for more info). Services available in the Library include academic year
                    checkout of materials, orientation tours, computer searches, library instruction
                    offered by reference departments, reserve book room, map and slide collections,
                    Library and University Media Centers, etc. The Curriculum Collection contains
                    sample textbooks, courses of study, and other materials related to elementary and
                    secondary instruction.

Check out the library website at: or call them at 278-6926 for additional

Mail Services

                For outgoing mail please put mail into the blue bag by the door. Please do not place
                personal mail in the bag for processing or use the department address to receive personal
                mail or packages. The campus mail system should only be used for items concerning
                University business. An increase in the volume of personal mail impacts mail services
                ability to deliver University material.

Packages are delivered to the mailroom and are placed in the mailboxes. If the package is too large, the
package will be placed in the box in the bins under the mailboxes. A reminder slip will be placed in the

We have recycled campus envelopes, letterhead and envelopes for your use located in the bins and
drawers in the mailroom.


                   Department meetings are held on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. in AMD 356 (the
                   conference room). A reminder email with the agenda will be sent out prior to the
                   meeting. A sign will be posted in the mailroom as a reminder also.

Office Hours

               Faculty are required to schedule office hours plus the opportunity for students to make
               appointments. You are required to hold 3 hours of scheduled office hours. Make sure
               you turn in your office hours to the office staff on the first day of each semester so they
               may update the faculty office hours lists. If you need to cancel your office hours call the
               Department Office so the office staff may post a sign on your office door.

Office Supplies

                      Office supplies are available in the mailroom. We have quick grab and go drawers
                      with all type of office supplies plus you may check out keys from the office staff to
                      obtain office supplies not in the drawers. Office supply inventory is calculated
                      regularly so please let the office staff know what office supplies you are taking. If
                      you need it and don’t see it, let us know and we may be able to order it. We have
                      such items as lined tablets, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, index cards, glue
                      sticks, file folders, hanging file folders, envelopes, letterhead, post-it notes, tacks,
                      and computer diskettes.

One Card

                 The One Card is the University’s official photo identification card and also serves as a
                 Library Card for all faculty, staff and students.

                 All part-time faculty can obtain a One Card after they have received their appointment
                 letter from the Department Office. You will need to bring your appointment letter with
                 you to the One Card Office. The One Card Office is located on the south side of
                 Brighton Hall, facing the Library Quad. Their entrance is on the outside of the building.

To find out about the many services and benefits of the One Card visit their website at: or call 278-7878.

Parking / Transportation and Parking Services

                        Parking: Faculty can purchase a semester parking decal from the Cashier’s
                        Office at the beginning of each semester or purchase a long-term decal [good for
                        two years] by signing up for payroll deduction. When the decal expires, you will
                        automatically be sent a new decal, thereby avoiding the necessity of standing in
                        long lines at the Cashier’s Office. It is advised that these decals be purchased
                        prior to the return of students to the campus to avoid long lines and long waits at
                        the Cashier’s Office.

                        Night Escort: The University has an Escort service through UTAPS (University
Traffic and Parking Services) for faculty and students. Call ext. 87260 for additional information.

Visitor Parking Permits: Go to our website and fill out a Visitor Parking Request. You must submit the
information no later than five the days before you need the permit. Please do not ask for a visitors permit

for a paid employee of the University. If you are paid by the University, you are not authorized a visitor’s

Personal Security: To report an emergency, dial 911 from any campus phone. For non-emergency
assistance, dial 86851 from any campus phone.

More information on parking can be found by calling 278-7275, or on their website at:


            Payday is generally on the last day of the month. Checks will be placed in your mailbox after
            2:30 p.m. Direct deposit is available. You can download the form at the Human Resouces
            website at: or pick up a form in Sacramento (SAC) Hall
            161. Call Dante Jadavi at 278-3529 in Payroll Services if there is a discrepancy on your

During the last week of December the campus is closed. There will be special instructions posted with
the day and time you will be able to go and pick up your check during this time. It is usually the Friday
of that week (unless Friday is the holiday then it will be Thursday) from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon in
Lassen (LSN) Hall. You must fill out a form stating you will be picking up your check. If you do not
show up to pick up your check you will have to go to disbursements in Lassen Hall when the campus
reopens. If you did not fill out the form the office staff will put your check in your mailbox after 10:00
a.m. on the first day the campus reopens.

A Faculty/Staff Pay Period Calendar can be found at the following website: Frequently Asked Questions for Payroll can be found

Room Requests

                     If you need a room for a meeting fill out the Room Request from our website
                     at least five days in advance. Please do not wait until the last minute before
                     you request a room because space is limited. If you have a room reserved in
                     another building, do not wait until the day of the meeting to see if the room
                     will meet your needs, as it will be too late to reserve you another room.

Student Health Center

                 Call 278-6461 or visit the Student Health Center website at:
                 with questions on needed services for you or your students.

Student Papers

                   You can leave papers for your students in the Department Office by placing them in
                   the student pick-up bin. A student may request to leave a form in your mailbox for
                   your signature or leave the form in the drop-box outside the Department Office. The
                   drop box is checked periodically throughout the day. Please use your office hours and
                   not the department staff to collect your student’s classroom assignments, extra credit,
                   and tests.


Each semester you must give the office staff an electronic copy of your syllabi for each course you are
teaching. In addition to your office hours make sure you put your contact information (email and/or
phone number) on your syllabi so the students have a way of contacting you.

Testing Center

                    The Testing Center administers national exams. Registration booklets are available
                    in the Testing Center. The Center also conducts system-wide tests such as the
                    Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE). Special test arrangements for the disabled may
                    be made. Test consultation services for faculty and students are included in the

Additional information can         be   obtained    by   calling   278-6296     or   on    the   web    at:


                   Depending on the budget faculty can receive travel funds from several sources – the
                   Dean, the President, and the Provost.

                  Before you leave for a trip you must fill out a Travel Request Form. Use the
                  Unfunded Travel Request Form if you are not receiving funding. Since travel funds
                  can come out of several different funding sources please check with Doni in the
                  Department Office to make sure you are filling out the correct form. The Travel
Request Forms and Unfunded Travel Request Form can be accessed on our department website at:

When you return from your trip bring your receipts to Doni. You do not need receipts for food. Submit
receipts for air travel, hotel, taxi, parking & tolls, and conference & registration.

If you made your reservations on-line the travel office will not take the internet statements stating thank
you for registering or thank you for your payment. All receipts must have proof of how they were paid. If
you paid with a credit card it must show your name on the receipt, amount charged, the form of payment
and the last four digits of your credit card on the receipts.

               Mickey Mouse            $123.45         VISA           XXXXX6789

If you do not have the above information on the receipt a copy of the bank statement showing you paid
the charge is sufficient. Taxi, parking and toll receipts are not required to show how you paid.

You must also submit the original or a copy of your name tag from the conference or the front cover of
the conference booklet. An internet copy is not sufficient.

For more information on the travel program visit their website for Frequently Asked Questions About
Travel at:

University Policies Regarding Students

                       Two CSUS policies, “Students Rights and Responsibilities” and “Dealing with
                       Incidents of Disruptive Student Behavior in the Classroom” exist to ensure that
                       academic standards and a productive environment are maintained. They are
                       available for your review in the Dean of Students’ Office or in LSN 206. In
                       addition, the Assistant Dean of Students, who is the Coordinator of Campus
                       Student Discipline (278-6060), can assist you in their implementation. Many
                       University policies are clearly described in the University Catalog or at the
                       following website:


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