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					Reaffirmation of
Accreditation by SACS
Commission on Colleges
Why Are We Accredited?
   Critical Benefits
     – Reputation of University
     – Opportunity for Review of Our Quality
     – Acceptance of Credit for UTSA
     – Qualification for Federal Student Financial
   Required by State Law
   Meets Requirements of Federal Law
2 Components of
   Compliance with SACS/COC and Federal
    Requirements and Standards
    – Ability to Meet University Mission
    – Documentation of Ongoing Activity Directed at
      Meeting University Mission
    – Documentation of Continuous Improvement in
      Meeting Mission
   Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
    – Developed with Broad University Involvement
    – Goal: Meet Need for Improvement in Student
      Learning Outcomes
Reaccreditation Budget

3 Office Assistants I - Maintain Data     $36,067.35

Web Assistant – Maintain Web Sites        $11,401.00
Technical Writer/Editor - QEP/Follow-up
  Reports                                   $10,000

Summer Supplement for QEP Coordinator       $10,000

     Total Staff                            $67,468
Reaccreditation Budget
2009-2010 (continued)
Hardware/Software License Renewals            $2,000
TracDat/Insight/FAIR Software Maintenance    $19,800
Printing Services - Responses & QEP           $8,000
Equipment Maintenance/Use Costs               $3,000
Office Supplies                               $4,000
Facilities Services - Visiting Team Set-Up     $500
QEP Marketing/Publicity                      $10,000
SACS charge to UTSA for visit (estimate)     $35,000
Substantive Change Program Review             $1,800
QEP Consultants                               $4,000
    Total M&O                                $88,100
Reaccreditation Budget
2009-2010 (continued)
SACS Annual Meeting, Atlanta,
  December 5-8, 2009 (6)                    $7,200
SACS Annual Meeting Registration (6)        $3,600
2010 Institute Travel - QEP Coordinator     $1,500
2010 Institute Registration - QEP
  Coordinator                               $1,400
Team On-Site Visit - Estimate              $20,000
SACS VP UTSA Liaison Visit                  $2,000
     Total Travel                          $35,700
Total AY 2009-2010                        $191,268
Reaccreditation Activities
Fall 2009
   Submit Certification of Compliance
    Report to SACS/COC (Multiple Copies)
   External Consultants Review QEP
    – Experts in Topic and Implementation
    – Fresh Viewpoint
    – Suggestions for Improvement
Reaccreditation Activities
Fall 2009
   Receive SACS/COC Evaluation of
    Compliance Report
   Write Focused Report
   Host Visit of SACS/COC UTSA Liaison
   Publicity Campaign Finalization
Reaccreditation Activities
Spring 2010
   Launch QEP Publicity Campaign
   Host On-Campus Visiting Team
     – 10 Members with Specific Expertise
         Review our Operations

         Focused Report Responses

         Review QEP (and Campus
          Knowledge of It)
Reaccreditation Activities
Summer – Fall 2010
   Respond to On-Campus Visiting Team
   Attend Institute for Quality for
    Enhancement and Accreditation
   Further Responses
   Attend December Annual Meeting –
    Accreditation Decision Will Be
QEP Topic and Focus

   “Quantitative Scholarship – From Literacy to
    – Math Skills Across Curriculum
    – Mathematical Information Interpretation Skills
      Across Curriculum
    – Communication/Analysis Skills Across Curriculum
   Plan Must Be Sufficient in Scope But Doable
   Both Goals and Plan Progress Must Be
QEP Budget

   5-Year Budget - $3.8 Million
    – 86% for Faculty, Students, and Student
      Support Activities
    – Mid-Range for Large University
    – $500,000 in First Year
   QEP Cannot Be Approved Without Firm
    Financial Commitment
UTSA Compact with UT
UTSA University Compact
   Rolling 2-Year Document
   Updated Annually
   Identifies Goals/Indicators for
    – Mapped from UT System and UTSA
      Strategic Plans
    – Chosen by both UT System and UTSA
   Reports and Explains Outcomes
   Due to UT System June 1st
UT System Foci

   UT System-Chosen Performance
    – Persistence Rates
    – 4-Year Graduation Rates
    – 6-Year Graduation Rates
   Enrollment Management Plan
   Financial Management Plan
UT System Foci

   Information Security Plan
   System Contributions
   New Faculty Positions Projection
   Status of UTSA Strategic Plan
   Compact Development Description
UTSA’s Input Into
Performance Indicators
   UTSA-Chosen Performance Indicators
    (Reflect Strategic Plan Initiatives)
    – Total Enrollment
    – Net Assignable Space Deficit Reduction
    – Number of New Tenured/Tenure-Track
    – Total Annual Research Expenditures
    – Number of Doctoral Degrees Awarded
UTSA’s Compact
   Map to Strategic Plan
   Three Categories
    – Completed Initiatives
    – Ongoing Initiatives (top 5 prioritized)
    – New Initiatives (not required)
Information Reported
About UTSA’s Initiatives
   For Each Category:
     – Strategic Initiative Area
     – Metric(s)
     – Analysis of Results for Year
     – Goal
     – Evaluation of success (Completed) or
     – Identification of Next Steps

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