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									How To Integrate Facebook Into Your
          Wordpress Blog

Facebook is a very popular social networking website that is not just used to
communicate with other people all over the world, but also to market and
advertise your products and services. Companies and even individuals are now
utilizing the largest social networking website to promote their product, service or
A popular blogging platform which is Wordpress is also used by many people.
Wordpress allows people to have their own website or blog to promote their
products, services and more. Due to the popularity of Facebook, people found a
way to integrate the world’s largest social networking website with Wordpress.

Here are 5 ways to integrate Facebook into your Wordpress blog:

• Comments – comments are most of the time visible in every blog post even on
every Facebook status update. You can now integrate Facebook and Wordpress
through a Wordpress plugin called Intense Debate which allows blog comments
to be displayed on Facebook News Feed. People on Facebook can easily be
updated on your blog posts and check out the comments by your visitors.
• Share and Like buttons on Blog Post – the share and the like buttons of
Facebook are very powerful tools of the social networking website. The like
button shows how many people are interested with your post and this is shown
on their friend’s ticker. The share button allows the Facebook users to share
your blog post on Facebook and treat it as a status update.

• Share and Like buttons on the Blog – if you want your blog site to be
discovered by people who are on Facebook, then adding the Share and Like
buttons on the Blog is a good plug-in for your Wordpress blog. This allows
people on Facebook to share your blog site and users can also like it.
• Dripping blog feed on Facebook Fan Page – Facebook Fan Page is another
great tool from the world’s largest social networking website. This allows
companies, businesses, establishments and individuals gain “fans and followers”
by liking their Fan Page. You can post information, promos, and other stuff on
your Fan Page. Dripping your blog feed on your Fan Page allows you to
integrate both websites. Your Facebook “fans” can easily view your latest blogs
and                     visit                 your                     website.

• Sidebar Widget Box - the sidebar widget box is another great way to integrate
Facebook and Wordpress. This widget box allows your blog visitors to check out
the Facebook users who like your blog. This is also a great way to invite them to
like your Facebook page. Using sidebar widgets is a very effective way to get
more users to like your blog content.
The tools used to integrate Facebook and Wordpress are effective for Facebook
Marketing. Advertise your blog site over to the world’s largest social network
website by using the steps we have outlined above. You need to remember that
Facebook provides a good market for your blog and has an active user base.
You can easily get more traffic coming in to your blog site through the use of the
tools     that      can       integrate     Facebook         with     Wordpress.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing, take our free video e-
Course which has 24 videos on how to market and promote your products and
services on Facebook.

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