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					                              December 2011

Waiting For The True Light
Blessed are you, O Lord our                                                 Christ. As we light successive
God, ruler of the universe.                                                 candles there is ever more light
You call all nations to walk in                                             until Christmas when the true
your light and to seek your                                                 light has finally arrived. Some
ways of justice and peace, for                                              of the other symbolism associ-
the night is past and the                   From
                                                                            ated with the wreath is: it is a
dawn of your coming is near.                                                circle (which is unbroken). The
Bless us as we light the first
                                                                            circle represents eternal, ever-
candle of this wreath. Rouse                                                lasting life. Evergreens are
us from sleep, that we may be
                                     Jeff Nicla
                                                                            used because of their name:
ready to greet our Lord when                                                ever + green, again symboliz-
he comes and welcome him           rating and the giving and the
                                   receiving, I mourn the lack of           ing everlasting life. The wreath
into our hearts and homes, for                                              is also representative of the
he is our salvation. Blessed be    time to really prepare our hearts.
                                   Perhaps this season, you and I,          crown of Christ or even the
God forever. (Blessing of the                                               wheel of time. For us, the
Advent Wreath, Week 1)             will find the time to slow down
                                   and contemplate.                         wreath reminds us that Christ
                                                                            literally reaches into our time
Welcome to the beginning of                                                 and leads us into life everlast-
the church year, Advent.           I thought I would take this
                                   month’s page to talk about the           ing.
Sunday, Nov. 27th is the first
Sunday in Advent. Each year        wreath at the front of the church.
                                   Advent wreaths have probably             During each Sunday morning
we start all things waiting. We                                             service in Advent we say a
wait for something new and         been around in some form since
                                   the Middle Ages (and was used            prayer, sing a song and light a
incredible. In paradox we                                                   new candle. How many of you
wait for two things, we await      by Pagans long before that), but
                                   the form we know didn’t occur            had Advent wreaths in your
the birth of the Christ child,                                              homes? They are easy to
Jesus, and we wait for the re-     until the 1830’s. There is a lot of
                                   symbolism surrounding it, but ba-        make and are a fun way to
turn of Jesus. Traditionally we                                             mark the progress of the sea-
    wait quietly, thinking about   sically it is a circle of evergreen
                                   boughs with five candles. One            son until Christmas. Perhaps
     the great changes to                                                   you might resurrect such a cus-
      come both within and         candle is for each of the four
                                   Sunday’s of Advent with a fifth          tom or start a new one in your
        without. As much as I                                               family this year with your own
               love the hustle     Candle for Christmas.
                                                                            Advent wreath.
                and bustle of
                  the season       As the month of December ar-
                                   rives, our days become shorter           May this season of Advent be
                     with its                                               one of reflection and careful
                           deco-   and it seems as though we see
                                   less and less light; so it’s a strange   thought about the year past,
                                   thing to realize that for Christians     as well as the year to come.
                                   the Advent wreath symbolizes
                                   the coming of the light, in Jesus        Blessings,
                                                                            Pastor Jeff
   Building Fund Parking Lots In Need Of Repair
        Loan     The St. Olaf Board of Church Properties has determined,
                 with the help of professional pavers, that the parking lots
 (March 2005= $361,500)                       are in need of some long overdue maintenance. It has
                                              been recommended that the north lot be sealed and the
   Balance: $25,642.60                        east parking lot should have another layer of asphalt due
  (Note due March 2013)                       to the number of cracks. The cost for this project will be
                                              around $30,000. The cost to start over with new pavement
                                              would be considerably more expensive. The board is ask-
October Expenses                              ing the congregation to help by donating to the Parking Lot
                                              Fund. It was recommended that the work be done as soon
Adult Ed ........................... 86.11    as possible this spring.
Confirmation ................... 52.97
Sunday School ................ 70.18
Church Supplies.............. 67.40
Insurance ....................... 792.00
                                                  St. Olaf Turns 125!
Maintenance ............. 1,252.64            Volunteers are needed to help
Retreat Center Exp. ..... 128.85
Otter Tail......................... 530.00
                                              plan a celebration to mark the
MDU ................................ 495.00    125th Anniversary of St. Olaf
City of Devils Lake ........ 106.11              next year. Please call the
NDTC............................... 214.96
Webhosting ..................... 20.00        church office if you would like
Dakota Prairie CAA........ 50.00                 to be on the committee.
Lutheran Social Services 66.67
EaND Synod ............... 1,200.00
Office Equip. & Maint. . 466.76                    Challenge Issued To St. Olaf
Office Supplies.............. 159.43
Miscellaneous .................. .9.90
Postage.......................... 274.58
Auto Expense ................ 102.00                           At the November meeting of the
Cont. Ed - Sr. Pastor...... 156.87                             church council, a challenge was
Payroll Taxes .................. 468.74
BC/BS .............................. 686.40
                                                               issued to the congregation. The
FSA Contrib...................-416.66                           challenge is to pay off the loan
Housing Allowance ... 2,283.32                               balance before we observe St. Olaf’s
Pension/Insurance..... 3,457.88                                    125th Anniversary in 2012!
Soc. Sec. Allowance.... 308.32                                           Can we do it?
Pre-Tax Cont.................-130.00
Wages ......................... 8,818.38
Bulletin Exp..................... 200.31
                                              Weekly Attendance & Envelope Giving
Pulpit Supply.................. 150.00            Date        Attendance    Building Fund General Fund
Youth Activity.................. 15.70        October 30          311          $239.00     $3,846.75
Total Expenses ....... $22,144.82
                                              November 6          200          $703.00     $7,203.00
       Income........... 24,506.25
                                              November 13         272          $445.00     $4,512.50
                                              November 20         199          $195.00     $4,065.00

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                        Advent Worship Services                        2012 Offering
                        Set For Thursday Evenings
                        This season of Advent, St. Olaf will be hold
                        Thursday evening services. On these dark       Your offering envelopes for
                        wintery nights there will be sustenance as     2012 will be available on ta-
                        well as worship. Soup will be served start-    bles in the Centennial Room
                        ing at 6 p.m., worship begins at 7 p.m. The    for you to pick up later this
                        services will be short, sweet and (except      month (after the Bazaar).
                        for the first one) to the accompaniment of
                                                                       Please pick up yours by Sun-
                        guitar. We will have Holy Communion on
                                                                       day, Dec. 25. Those enve-
                        Thursdays, Dec. 8, 15 and 22. Please come
                                                                       lopes which are not picked
                        and join us!
                                                                       up by that time will have to
                                                                       be mailed out, which will
Christmas Eve Candlelight Services                                     add to the operating ex-
                                                                       penses of our congregation.
A beautiful tradition here at St. Olaf is to
gather for worship at 5:00 p.m. and                                    Deadline for Year-end
11:00 p.m. each year on Christmas Eve.                                 Giving is December 31
These candlelight worship services are a
beautiful way to observe the true                                      The church financial books
meaning of Christmas - the birth of                                    will close on December 31,
Christ, our Lord. We hope you will be                                  2011. Any offerings which
able to attend one of these Christmas                                  our members wish to be
Eve services this year and invite your                                 credited to 2011 giving re-
friends, neighbors, and family members                                 cords will have to be re-
to attend with you.                                                    ceived in the church office
                                                                       by noon Friday, Dec. 30.

    Christmas Day Service                                              Annual Reports
         11:00 a.m. only                                               Due January 13
     Sunday, December 25                                               Annual reports
                                                                       from St. Olaf’s
                                                                       boards and
                                                                       clubs are due
Official Notice of Annual Meeting                                      in the church
                                                                       office by Fri-
The members of St. Olaf Lutheran congregation are hereby noti-
                                                                       day, Jan. 13, 2012. The 2011
fied that the Annual Meeting of the congregation will be held on
                                                                       Annual Report will be avail-
Sunday, January 29, 2012. A dinner will be held immediately af-        able to the congregation to
ter the 11:00 worship service and the meeting will be held as          pick up on Sunday, January
soon as the dinner is completed (about 12:45 p.m. ) A quorum of        22, 2012.
75 is needed to conduct business, so please plan now to attend.

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                        Building Fund                                Decorating Fund
                          In Memory Of:                                   In Memory Of:
Barry Cox from Rick & Carrie     Merle C. & Cora Horner from
Von Hagen                        Myrna Unger                      Mr. & Mrs. Carl Seibert from
Harold Sager from Florene                                         Larry & Betty Nygren
Rogne                                      In Honor Of:
Shirley Bertsch from Sharon      Duane & Irma Carter’s 65th An-            In Honor Of:
Rance; Florene Rogne             niversary from Edna Vrem; Tom    Duane & Irma Carter’s 65th An-
Bob Meier from Jerry & Daria     & Stacie Wade;                   niversary from Larry & Betty Ny-
Miller                           Ron & Barb Miller’s 50th Wed-    gren
Elma Olson from Russ & Sheila    ding Anniversary from Rory &
Moen                             Charlotte Riggin                        Radio Fund
                                                                          In Memory Of:
                                          Choir Fund
Our                                       In Memory Of:           Clarence, Minnie & Yoshiko
                                                                  Mootz from Douglas Mootz
Members                                                           Shirley Bertsch from Dorothy
                                 Leo Froehlich from Tom & Sta-
In The Military                  cie Wade                         Kitterman; Alice Erickstad
                                                                  Harold Johnson from Gary &
                                                                  Helen Armstrong
  Pvt. 1st Class Jessica Stein      Norway Cemetery
      SSgt. Sherri Read &
                                         Fund                              In Honor Of:
        SSgt. Barry Read                                          Duane & Irma Carter’s 65th An-
                                          In Memory Of:
     Cpl. Jeffrey J. Olson                                        niversary from Gary & Helen
       Sgt. Jesse S. Olson       Zachary Moen from His Family     Armstrong
        Grant Thompson
          Orville Wang
      Justin & Jill Johnson
         Derrick Owens           Volunteers Needed For DL
       Jonathan Pearson
         Tyler Halvorson         Community Circle Group
        Matthew Martin
    Sgt. Major Brian Soper        Restorative Justice, a program of Lutheran Social Services
          Nevon Heisler           of North Dakota is looking for volunteers for its Devils Lake
         Ben Halvorson            Community Circle group. Community Circles meet with lo-
         Brian Pederson           cal youth who have committed an offense to focus on the
           Cory Schall            needs of victims and communities affected by crime. Very
           Brent Schall           minimal time commitment required per month, possibly only
           Cory Hagen             meeting 2-3 times per year and is flexible with volunteers
     Amy & Cory Everson           schedules. For more information or to become a volunteer
                                  please contact Laurel Pipkin, Restorative Justice Facilitator
 Please let the church
                                  at (701)271-3253 or Also check out our
office know if you know
                                  website at
    of others serving.
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   Cookies & Volunteers
Plates of Christmas treats will once again be
delivered to our nursing home residents and
shut-ins. Donations of holiday goodies are                            We welcome into
needed as well as volunteers to help assemble and deliver             the family of God:
the packages on Sunday, Dec. 11. Assembly will begin at 9:30
a.m. Please have your treats to the church by December 11.            Kaspynn Lee Idland
                                                                    Daughter of Benjamin Idland
                                                                         & Jenna Walter
If you’d rather not bake, remember you can purchase Christ-
    mas goodies at the WELCA Christmas Bazaar, Dec. 3rd!            Collyns Faith Halverson
                                                                             Daughter of

St. Olaf Relay For Life Team
                                                                      Jason & Monica Halverson

                                                                    Aunica Violet Rodriguez
     November Update
                                                                            Daughter of
                                                                       Michael & Lisa Rodriguez

Your St. Olaf Relay Team is
already rolling. We have
                                     Feed will return and is ten-
                                     tatively set for March 18th.   Guitar
served Steak-n-Eggs at the         Relay Mall is a Lake Re-
Retreat Center and Tacos in
a Bag at Mark’s Greenhouse
                                     gion event and we will be
                                     looking for things to sell.
for a flea market, as well as      Leevers Grill stand in May
Fright Night.                        or June is also in the         Are there middle
                                     works.                         school kids (fifth
The team is growing and still                                       through eighth grade) who
has room for more. The mem-       Please accept our thanks for      would be interested in learning
bers on the team include: Mi-     supporting our events and         to play the guitar? If so, we
chelle Fritz, Mary Jane           contributions. Cancer has af-     are very much interested in
Blanchfield, Rhonda Allery,       fected so many that we            teaching you. We would love
Connie Jorgenson, Lisa Bach-      want to keep working to-          to have others who would be
meier, Vern Moen, Judy            wards a cure. The congrega-       interested in playing the guitar
MacDonald, Kim Pederson           tion’s enthusiasm has made        (or other instruments) during
and Eva Olson. If interested in   our mission very gratifying       Sunday morning worship (not
joining contact any team          and enjoyable. We are ex-         by yourself but with us and oth-
member.                           cited to enter our new year       ers!). Depending on interest,
                                  with some money to start          classes will be held on Tuesday
Upcoming fund-raisers:            and fund-raisers almost in        afternoons from 3:45 pm to
 Advent supper on Thurs-        place.                            4:15 pm with snacks to follow.
   day, Dec. 1st.
 Pizza Ranch Fund-raiser        Remember anyone is wel-           Do you have a guitar? If not,
   Monday, Dec. 12. Let us        come to our next meeting on       let us know and we’ll see what
   serve you for dinner and       February 5th. Merry Christmas     can be done to work things
   the Relay Team will take a     and Happy New Year to all.        out. Please call the church of-
   percentage of the sales                                          fice to register.
   and all tips from 5-8 p.m.                    ~ Michelle Fritz     Pastor Jeff and Russ Pearson
 “Poor Man’s Lobster” Torsk
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    Faith & Care Group #4 - December 2011
662-6617 ........... Gary & Helen Armstrong                     662-3449............Shirley Mertens
662-2269 ........... Tammy Fischer, Garrett, John, Michael      662-8404............David & Carla Moe, JoAnna, Robert,
662-2344 ........... Allan & LaMae Bergan                                                  Ryan
395-4444 ........... Dale & Stacey Berg, Andrew                 662-7116............James Moe, Christopher
662-2515 ........... Gordon & Beth Berg                         662-2401............Vernon Moen
665-2690 ........... Vivian Bill                                662-2891............Louise Oleson
662-3893 ........... Janice Brown                               662-9297............Wendell & Wendy Olson, Larissa, Alayna
662-2349 ........... Robert & Phyllis Dahl                      662-7937............Judy Ovre, Christopher & Karyn
662-1968 ........... Steve Dahl                                 662-4307............Marilyn Pederson
662-4508 ........... John & Kim Dahlen, Cassandra &             662-3145............Mark & Kristel Peterson, Carly, Craig,
                     Christopher                                                           & Kelsey
662-3436 ........... Curtis & Yvonne Erickstad                  662-8758............Janet Peterson
665-3170 ........... Dale Giedd & Loretta Bloomquist            662-8987............Sheldon Severtson
662-7201 ........... Ron & Karla Heisler, Mataya                662-8878............Allan & Lisa Shorey, Troy
662-8113 ........... Rob Hendrickson                            789-1271............Mark & Anna Shorey , Collin
662-1073 ........... Joseph Hoiberg                             393-4475............Art & Norma Skramstad
662-2857 ........... Scott & Mary Jo Hoiberg                    662-5418............Kyle Sletteland, Emery, Ivan
662-2374 ........... Ken & Linda Hunt, Carrie                   662-2460............Ray & Judy Strong
662-8957 ........... Kurt & Deb Jacobson, Chelsea               662-3197............Jason & Jennifer Swanson, Preston,
662-8954 ........... Roy & Arlene Johnson, Kendall & Lance                                 Brandon, Kaila & Attesyn
740-8935 ........... Scott Klemetsrud                           662-8491............Janel Taylor
662-7354 ........... Roger & Debbie Korb, Derrik                662-2275............Dennis & Judy Thompson
662-8658 ........... Linda Kraft, Lacie & Macie                 662-2484............Irving & Janice Thompson
395-4415 ........... Mike & Kristina Kuntz, Jack & Mallory      662-6640............Steve & Jan Visby, Adam & Alyssa
351-1134 ........... Amanda Lange, Oden                         662-8903............Tom & Stacie Wade, Taylor & Mackenzie
739-4209 ........... Robert & Voni Lange, Macy & Zachary        230-9835............Kent Wakeford
662-8012 ........... Jeff & Kathy Lovseth                       ...........................Mabel Ose
662-8590 ........... Richard Lybeck

                  Faith & Care Group #5 For January 2012
Tonya Teel, Thomas                        Daniel Haugen                              66Lyle & Pam Leibfried
Jeff & Terri Alexander, Matthew           Rodger Haugen                              Jay & Stacey Lilleberg, Jessica, Amanda
Jerry & Rhonda Allery, Jace, Olivia       LeAnn Heisler, Denton, Nevon               Harold Nilep
Richard & Sharlene Anderson, Heidi        Danielle Hawn, Bailey & Megan              January Johnson Obenchain, Ethan
Joey & Teresa Armey, Alexis, Ava, Kylie   Jean Ivesdal                               Jerry & Marilynn Peters
Jeremy & Tammi Beck, Kali, Kamden,        Helen Jacobs                               John Peterson
 Karsen                                   Al & Margaret Jallo                        I.W. Potgeiter & Jenny Walford, Jacob
Amy Bertsch, Jordan, Sage, Shelby, Mya    Duane & Ann Johnson                        Alvin & Debra Schroeder
Richard & Nancy Blake                     Gerald & Carol Johnson                     Mae Soper
Mark & Mary Jane Blanchfield              Lawrence & Irene Johnson                   Jeremy & Jennifer Steinhaus, Casia,
Gary Bryn                                 Sherene Kraft, Christopher                 Nate
Amber Duey                                Pamela Kraft                               Ronald & Mary Jane Stubbe
Curtis & Linda Ehnert                     Jim & Tabitha Lang, Alexandria, Bailey,    Myrna Unger
Ron & Judy Faleide                        Rebecca                                    Julie Wagenman, Ashley
Lee & Sue Feickert                        Harriet Horner Larson                      Paula Windjue
Elsie Halvorson                           Kenneth Larson

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                                         Growing Together
                                                            St. Olaf’s Youth & Family Ministry
S    OIL            )                VOLUME 15 : ISSUE 12                                                December, 2011
       laf Is
(St. O
“Lord let my heart be good
                             Sunday School Advent & Christmas Program
      Matthew 13:23
                                   Sunday, December 18 10:00 am
Sr. High Youth                Please take note of the different time. This year’s program
                                will be during Sunday School. Sunday School will start at
                                9:40 and the program will be from 10:00-10:45. Regular wor-
                                ship will be at 8:30 & 11:00.
Upcoming                      Young musicians will play prelude music 10 minutes before
events:                         the program. If you would like to play special music please
                                talk to Jamie.
November 27
                              4th - 6th Grade will read & 3rd Graders will portray the Nativ-
  Hanging of the
                                ity scene, 7th & 8th Graders will read and usher.
                              The Bell Choir will perform and all Sunday School & Wednesday School students
December 13                   will sing in choirs.
  Youth Board &
  Education Board
                             New Orleans News
December 14                                      Our Devils Lake group will be traveling with 147 others
  FUEL                                             from Eastern North Dakota. We will be flying out of Grand
December 8 & 15                                  Forks into Memphis, TN. A service project along with a
  Youth serving                                    pre-gathering will take place in Memphis before we take a
  Advent Supper                                    bus to New Orleans. The details of the service project are
                                                   still being worked out and we’ll share those as we know
December 18
                                                   more. Next month I’ll explain the Gathering schedule.
  Sunday School
                                   Thanks                     Christmas Gifts
                                                              Our group going to the ELCA
                              Thank you to every-             Youth Gathering will be having
                             one who donated and              a silent auction of Christmas
                                                              Gifts in the Centennial Room
                               helped assemble &
                                                              from December 1 through the
                                   deliver the                15th. Please stop and see if
                             Thanksgiving Baskets.            there is something that you could use as a gift this
St. Olaf Women Getting Ready For Bazaar
EXCITING, BUSY--Welca la-         nuts for the Bake Shop.         Welca potluck Christmas
dies have been extra busy         Prisca circle had a bake        party starting at 12:00
these past few weeks get-         night also making some          noon. All ladies
ting ready for the Christmas      Norwegian specialties. This     are members and are
Bazaar December 3rd.              is one of our main fund rais-   wanted and welcome to
Lefse makers have made            ers for the year so that we     attend. The Anna circle is in
the lefse to sell. Thank          may give to many organi-        charge of the program and
them for all their hard work,     zations in need. Set up for     kitchen. Officers for the
including several men! We         the bazaar will be Decem-       new year will be installed.
thank them greatly. The           ber 2nd at 9:00 a.m.
flower shop gals have been        All help is needed and          Our January meeting is
making beautiful wreaths,         most welcome. Also that         January 5th starting
trees, bouquets. One does-        evening we will be boxing       with Bible study at 1:30 p.m.
n't realize all the hours that    our baked goods and             (NEW TIME) Regular meet-
they put in and do such           wrapping. Extra help is         ing will start right after. I
beautiful work. Many              needed starting at 6:00         challenge every lady to join
Welca ladies and gentle-          p.m.!!!                         in, you will feel the rewards.
men met one morning to
make many dozen dough-           December 8th is our              Betty Nygren

                 Saturday, December 3rd
                                 Fellowship Hall

                     8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Minutes from the November Council Meeting
The regular congregational council meeting was                                                                  ties: Thanksgiving baskets will be put together at
called to order by President Judy Thompson at 8:00                                                              2:00 November 20th at Our Saviors Church. Deco-
p.m., November 8, 2011.                                                                                         rating St. Olaf for Christmas will be Sunday, Nov.
                                                                                                                27th at noon, lunch will be provided. Jr. Disciples:
Present: Judy Thompson, Joe Hoiberg, Kim Hatten,                                                                (3rd -6th grade) Fall Festival was held on October
Jamie Travers, Pastor Nicla, Helen Armstrong,                                                                   14th from 1-5 pm with 13 youth attending. 2012
Chuck Olson, Yvonne Herda, Stacy MacDonald,                                                                     ELCA Youth Gathering: The Schwan food truck
Ray Sletteland, Mary Jane Blanchfield, Darci                                                                    fundraiser made $759. The youth waited tables at
Gilbertson and Cara Mitzel. Absent: Jim Helgeson                                                                the Sons of Norway and received a $100 donation.
                                                                                                                Youth will be doing the soup & sandwich supper
October minutes were approved (with corrections)                                                                during Advent on Dec 8th & 15th.The youth will be
as printed in the November Spire.                       November 8th • met with the Youth & Family Board,       meeting: Nov 20th, Jan 15th, Feb 19th and March
                                                        the Christian Education Board and the Decorating        18th at noon for Bible study and planning. There
Treasurer’s report was presented by Darci; Darci        committee • lead the rehearsal for Affirmation of       are no fundraisers planned for November. They
moved to pay bills. Ray seconded. Motion carried.       Baptism Sunday • taught 7th grade confirmation •        are looking for gift baskets to have for sale during
                                                        met with some of the 10th grade confirmation stu-       December.
Pastoral Staff Communications:                          dents • lead an adult forum on Caring Conversa-
Pastor Nicla reported: In the past month I have         tions in the home • lead a class for preschooler and    Church Properties: Present: Lloyd Hintz, Chuck
baptized three babies: Ivan Lorenz Lundy-               parents about worship on November 6 • lead music        Olson, Roger Knutson and Kirk Sweeney. Absent:
Sletteland (October 16), Eliza Elise Devier (October    in Sunday School • met with Wednesday School            Joe Yager and Newton Lindseth. Minutes approved
23), and Gregor Derik Samuelson (October 30).           teachers • held Jr. Disciples Youth Activity • held a   from last month. Unfinished Business: Decorat-
Three more are scheduled for the month of Novem-        couple Sr. High FUEL Youth Group Evenings •             ing Committee developed a plan for new landscap-
ber. There were no weddings in the past month. I        helped the youth wait tables for the Sons of Norway     ing. Hopes are to complete the work next year.
led Holy Communion worship services at Odd              as a fundraiser • worked on the travel arrange-         Funds will need to be raised for the original work
Fellows Home this past month on October 16th. I         ments for St. Olaf and other Eastern North Dakota       then budgeted for yearly maintenance. Parking
also lead Holy Communion worship services at            Churches to attend the ELCA Youth Gathering •           Lot: Quote received for sealing north parking lot
Park Place on Thursday, Oct. 20th.                      and various pastoral visits with youth and youth        and 2” asphalt for east will cost $20,000. Resealing
There were no funerals this past month, and for         events • other duties including prep work for com-      both would be less of course, but was strongly
that I am grateful.                                     ing events and activities.                              encouraged to put the asphalt on the east lot.
In the past four weeks we had no services utilizing                                                             Nothing has been done to the lots in any way of
guitars. This coming month we will be having guitar     Christian Education Board: Present: Cara M,             maintenance since they were paved in the 90’s.
worship on November 13th and on November 27th.          Lori S, Brenda L, and Anne R and Kory B. Absent:        There is a fund set up in the Designated Funds to
In December we are looking at possibly the 11th.        Tammy R and Eric B. Corrections: spelling: Anne,        raise funds for the project. Not preserving the
Also Lynda will be gone on Christmas day, and so        Colette, Wil, Kory not Kim expressed disappoint-        asphalt will result in a much bigger expense. The
guitars will be used that morning. Something I have     ment about the time change of the Christmas pro-        board recommends raising funds for resealing the
been hoping and praying for is more people being        gram. Minutes accepted as corrected. Pastor Jeff        lots as soon as possible with hopes of doing more
able to participate in worship musically (and in        provided the committee with an explanation of the       extensive restoration as soon as the funds are
other ways). To that end I am working with Russ         rationale for changing the time for the Christmas       available. Snowblower – on going discussion with
Pearson to develop a class to learn guitar. So far      program. The goal will be to increase participation     the company. New Business: New locks on
we have three kids signed up. That will be exciting!    of the students and availability for the congregation   dumpsters, keys are available with Kirk or in the
We have a rather large group that will be joining our   to attend. The Christmas program will be held           office. Front door opener was repaired. Basement
church on November 13th. I held four sessions for       December 18th starting at 10:00 am to 10:45 am.         carpet will be cleaned after the Bazaar. Budget:
new members on October 9, 16, 23rd and Novem-           Sunday School: Wednesday school will begin              Retreat Center Flood Insurance Premium – do we
ber 6th. It has been so gratifying to see all the new   November 7th. Calendar: Nov. 13 – Take Home             add it to General Fund Budget? Retreat Center:
faces mixed in with our regular members during          Sunday, worship class for kindergarten and par-         No Separate Report
worship. On October 23rd, St. Olaf hosted the Dev-      ents; Nov. 20 – Take Home Sunday, worship class
ils Lake Conference meeting. I thought it was well      for 1st & 2nd graders and parents; Nov. 27 – No         Congregational Life: We met November 6th be-
attended and we had a number of members attend          Sunday School Thanksgiving weekend. 2012                tween services. Present were Karen Lindseth and
the meeting. It felt so nice to know our church has     budget: Jamie explained some items in the               Helen Armstrong. It was decided to transfer up to
the facilities to do so! Finally, on October 30th I     budget, primarily centered on bible camp and vaca-      $500.00 from Faith & Care to the Decorating Fund
presided over the affirmation of Baptism for eight      tion bible school. Joe H will provide Cara with         as needed for new items for the lounge. Ten pies
youth. I think that was easily the highlight of my      ideas for Adult Education. The Youth & Family           were delivered from St. Olaf to Heartland Care for
month! Nica and I will be gone to Iowa to see           Ministry committee joined the meeting. New Busi-        their Klub supper on October 23rd. 125th Anniver-
Sarah’s Christmas concert at Luther College from        ness: Brenda moved to add a $300.00 line item to        sary of St. Olaf was discussed. Our committee will
Thursday, Dec. 1st through Sunday, Dec. 4th. Pas-       the Christian Ed budget called Bible Camp. Kory         work along with others on council on this. We are
tor Reuben Schnaidt will be covering for worship        seconded motion carried. Meeting adjourned at           willing to take care of any meals or luncheon plan-
with Holy Communion.                                    8:00 pm.                                                ning. We looked at ornaments to commemorate
                                                                                                                the Anniversary, but decided that as we only have
Jamie: Since the October 2011 council meeting:          Youth and Family Ministry: Present: Stacy Mac-          two at present on our committee, we would pass
helped lead the worship services each week•             Donald, Beth MacDonald, and Chris Johnson.              this information on to another group, possibly the
helped lead the Affirmation of Baptism service •        Absent: Kim Pederson, and Becky Lang. 7-12              Youth to use as a fundraiser. We are still working
met with Safe Communities Coalition, Lake Region        Grades: FUEL – food, fellowship & faith met the         on finding at least two other members. Meeting
Ministerial and Lake Region COAD • attended the         2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:00 – 7:00
Devils lake Conference Assembly • attended the          pm. Youth will ring bell for Salvation Army in De-                          Continued on page 10
Monthly Rostered Leaders Conference in Lakota on        cember – no date has been set yet. Family Activi-
                                                                                                                                                       Page 9
November Council Meeting
 Continued from page 9                                                                                            be held at 11:00 pm. This will be guitar service.
                                                         Stewardship: Met October 11th. Present: Tom              December 11th Erika Johnson will be presenting
adjourned. Our next meeting will be December 11th        Wade, Yvonne Herda, the Lay Ministry Committee           on Thrivent and “Donation of Choice Dollars”.
between services at 9:45.                                joined the meeting; Ray Sletteland, Florene Rogne        The committee recommends the Council consider
                                                         and Deloris Johanson. Absent: Mary Jane Stubbe.          what to do with these funds when they are re-
Lay Ministry: Present: Florene Rogne, Deloris            Minutes were accepted as printed in the November         ceived. The chairman, Mary Jane, will be away
Johanson and Ray Sletteland. The Lay Ministry            Spire. Yvonne opened with devotions. Pastor Jeff         during the months of December through March.
Committee met with the Stewardship Committee –           asked that we consider for the budget an increase        The committee will continue to meet.
their minutes. Men’s Club: The Lutefisk supper on        for the missions to LSS, Dakota Prairie Community
October 16th netted about $2,400. A breakfast was        Action Agency and the Synod. He asked this as we         Old Business: A. Nominating committee will be
held and netted about $200. WELCA: Preparations          have been very blessed this year and have not had        meeting. B. Budgets should be completed and
have started for the Christmas Bazaar to be held         a problem meeting our budget this year. The Lay          turned in as soon as possible. C. Darci was
December 3rd. Lefse was made October 24th &              Ministry and Stewardship met to discuss the Staff        asked to send a thank you note to LaMotte’s for
November 7th with one more scheduled for Novem-          Expense area of the budget. We worked on all             the donation of paint for the church. D. An article
ber 14th. Members are working in the floral shop on      areas. Yvonne will put the figures together and get      will be put in the Spire letting the congregation
Wednesdays and will meet more often the week of          out to the Board members. The committee will             know we have a parking lot fund set up for dona-
the bazaar. Deborah Circle served lunch at the Odd       continue to work on the budget in December and           tions because we will need $30,000 to complete
Fellows Halloween Party. The Thank-offering pro-         make recommendations to the Council.                     the parking lot repair.
gram was presented by the Lydia Circle at the No-
vember meeting and more plans for the bazaar were        Worship & Music: Present: Mary Jane Blanchfield,         New Business: A. Darci will contact companies
discussed. The Christmas party will be December          Irving Thompson and Carol Johnson. Guests: Pas-          about doing a new Church Directory. B. Darci will
8th with a noon potluck and installation of officers.    tor Jeff. The Worship & Music Committee met with         put an article in the Spire asking for volunteers to
                                                         Pastor Jeff on October 14th regarding upgrades to        serve on the 125th Anniversary Celebration Com-
Outreach & Evangelism: The Board met on No-              the audio visual equipment. The decision was made        mittee.
vember 8th at 7:00 pm. Present: LaMae B, Marlene         to continue to investigate and gather input from the
Y and Loretta B. Preparations for the Blood Drive        congregation and reconsider options after the first of   FYI: A. Sunday November 20th there will be the
on November 14th & 15th were discussed. Persons          the year. Pastor Jeff will be away December 4,           Harvest Auction with noon potluck. B. Thanks-
to call, register, bake cookies, and provide juice and   January 1st & 15th. Reverend Reuben Schnaidt will        giving Baskets will be put together at 2:00 at Our
napkins are in place. New member Sunday is No-           fill the pulpit for us during those times. The commit-   Saviors. C. Pastor Jeff will be gone Dec 1-4 to
vember 13th. Marlene will pass out name tags for         tee is seeking groups to serve soup & sandwiches         attend Sara’s Christmas Concert at Luther Col-
the 11:00 am service. Loretta will check with Darci      for Thursday Advent services. These can be fund-         lege. D. The Annual Meeting will be January 29,
about the supplies and table set up for this. “Food      raisers. The committee reviewed and planned the          2012.
for the Poor” was discussed and it was felt that         upcoming budget. The committee plans to do a
would be something we could do. It involves inciting     Christmas Carol sing along before the services on                               Respectively Submitted
someone in that committee to come to speak to us.        December 4th, 11th, and 18th. Irving will be contact-                                  Kimberly Hatten
All they ask in return is to be put up at someone’s      ing the musicians to provide a Polka Service in                        Congregational Council Secretary
home while they are here. We did not think that          February. Christmas Eve service will be held at
would be a problem. Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.         5:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Christmas Day Service will

                                                            St. Olaf Altar Guild would like to invite you to help decorate our
                                                                      church for Christmas with gifts of poinsettias
                                                         Poinsettias may be given in memory or in honor of loved ones by filling
                                                              out the coupon below and returning it to the church office.
                                                                 A list of all memorials and those in honor of loved ones
                                                               will be published in an insert in the Christmas Eve bulletin.

                                                                   A Poinsettia is Given to St. Olaf                      Donations of money to the
                                                                                                                          Altar Guild will be used to
                                                         In Memory of____________________________                         purchase some poinsettias
                                                                                                                          and will also go towards
                                                                                                                          the purchase of other flow-
                                                         In Honor of ______________________________                       ers for special occasions
                                                                                                                          throughout the year.

                                                         From____________________________________                         Please mark your plant if
                                                                               Money           Plant                      you plan to pick it up after

   Page 10
                                                December 2011
      Sun                      Mon                 Tue             Wed                    Thu                   Fri                 Sat

                          Sunday Schedule:                                          1                     2                    3
                       8:30 Worship Service
                                                                                    - 6:00 Soup Supper      Bazaar Set-up       8:00 - 1:00
                                                                                    Served by Relay for
                       9:30 Coffee Fellowship                                      Life Team                                   WELCA
                       9:40 Sunday School
                       11:00 Worship Service at St. Olaf                           -7:00 Advent                                Christmas
                                                                                    Worship Service
                      Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays                                                NO AA or Al-Anon       Bazaar
                            and Special Occasions                                   -7:00 Boy Scouts

 4                         5                 6                 7 - 9:00-11:00       8                     9                    10
Caroling Before                                                Community Options    -12:00 WELCA
                          - 8:00 AA              No Quilting                                              -8:00 AA &          -1:00 FU Youth
Worship Services                                               - 3:45 7th Grade     Christmas Party
                                                               Confirmation &       - 6:00 Soup Supper     Al-Anon            (Kitchen)
- 9:30 St. Olaf Youth                                          Wednesday School     Served by St. Olaf
Serving Coffee Hour
                                             -8:00 Al-Anon     - 5:00 8th & 9th     Youth
                                                               Grade Confirmation   -7:00 Worship with
- 9:45 St. Olaf Men                                            Classes              Communion
                                                               - 7:15 Choir         -7:00 Boy Scouts

 11                        12                13                14                   15                    16                   17
- 8:30 & 11:00 Guitar      -5:00 to 8:00     -Quilting         - 9:00-11:00         -4:00 Thursday        -4:00 Spire         -10:00 Christmas
Worship Services           Pizza Ranch                         Community Options    Fellowship
                                             -7:00 Boards                                                 Deadline            Program
Caroling Before            Fund-raiser for                     - 3:45 7th Grade     - 6:00 Soup Supper                        Practice
                                             -8:00 Council     Confirmation &       Served by St. Olaf
Worship Services           Relay Team                                                                     -8:00 AA & Al-Non
                                                               Wednesday School     Youth
                                             -8:00 Al-Anon     - 5:00 8th & 9th     -7:00 Worship with
- 9:45 Congrational        - 8:00 AA                           Grade Confirmation   Communion
Life Meeting
                                                               Classes              -7:00 Boy Scouts
                                                               - 7:15 Choir

 18                        19                20                21                   22                    23                   24
Caroling Before           - 7:30 Prisca      -Quilting          - 9:00-11:00        - 6:00 Soup Supper    12:00 Office Closes 5:00 & 11:00 p.m.
Worship Services            Circle                              CO Group            Served by Faith &                            Candlelight
- 10:00 Sunday                               -8:00 Al-Anon                          Care                                       Christmas Eve
School Christmas          - 8:00 AA                             No Education                                                      Services
Program                                                         Classes             -7:00 Worship with    -8:00 AA & Al-Non
- 2:00 Worship at                                                                   Communion
Odd Fellows
-5:00 Caroling &                                                -7:15 Choir
                                                                                    -7:00 Boy Scouts
Potluck at Bourcy’s

 25                        26                27                28                   29                    30                   31
11:00 Worship             OFFICE CLOSED      -Quilting         - 9:00-11:00          - 7:00 Boy            -12:00 Deadline
Service with                                                   CO Group              Scouts                for 2011 Giving
Guitar and Holy           -7:00
                                             -10:00 YCP
Communion                 Compassionate                        No Education                                -8:00 AA and
(No 8:30 service)         Friends                              Classes
                                             -8:00 Al-Anon                                                 Al-Anon
                          - 8:00 AA
                                                               - 7:15 Choir
    December 18
        10:00 a.m.
                                                  Non-Profit Organization
                                                  U.S. Postage Paid
                                                  Permit No. 17
                                                  Devils Lake, North Dakota
                                                  Address Service Requested
                  December 2011
         St. Olaf Lutheran Church 
               601 6th Street NE 
       Devils Lake, ND  58301‐2525 
             Phone: 701‐662‐4911 
               Fax: 701‐662‐4820 
Pastor Jeffrey S. Nicla 
James W. Travers, Family Ministry Coordinator 
Darci Gilbertson, Office & Financial Secretary 
Kirk Sweeney, Custodian 
Lynda Pearson, Organist 
Russ Pearson, Choir Director 

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