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                     AAUP - REPRESENTED FACULTY
                          University of Cincinnati

As a prerequisite to the hire process you must complete important payroll and employment
documents, including the Form I-9, and the Payroll/Personnel Information form on or before
your first day of work. Your department will arrange for you to work with the office of Faculty
and Administrative Affairs, Room 161 of the Health Professions Building to complete this
information at the Academic Health Center.

You can access these forms at If you are unable to
print these forms, copies will be provided to you at the above location. Please refer to the new
hire checklist at: Be sure to
bring the appropriate identification documents with you. The acceptable documents list
includes items such as social security card, driver’s license, or any valid combination of
documents on the Form I-9 list located at

You will not be permitted to begin employment with the university until Form I-9 verification is
complete and the DMA form has been reviewed and signed. In compliance with the Ohio
Department of Homeland Security, all applicants under final consideration for employment with
a State employer must complete and return in its entirety, the Declaration Regarding Material
Assistant/Nonassistance to a Terrorist Organization (DMA) form prior to becoming employed.
Additional information regarding the DMA process can be found on the Ohio Homeland
Security website at:

A comprehensive benefits package is one of the many advantages to employment at UC. You
can learn about UC’s benefits by visiting the new hire website at where you will find information regarding UC’s

You will make your benefit elections (excluding retirement) online utilizing our on-line
Employee Self Service (ESS) tool. You will be able to access ESS on or after your date of hire
(xx/01/xxxx). Please note that as an AAUP-represented faculty member, you have the option of
having your benefit coverage effective on your hire date provided you complete your online
enrollment by xx/15/xx. If you do not complete your online enrollment by this date, your
coverage (default or otherwise) will be effective on the first day of the month following 28 days
of employment (xx/01/xx). You will also complete federal and state tax withholding enrollments
and Payroll Bank Direct Deposit enrollments via ESS. In order to add your dependents (spouse,
domestic partner, and/or children) to UC’s medical or dental plans, you must provide proof of
their relationship to you. Information about the required documentation can be found on the UC
benefits website at: You will be contacted by HMS Employer
Solutions after you make your enrollment decisions. Please provide the requested
documentation within the timeframe indicated.

                       An affirmative action/equal opportunity institution
On the new hire website you will find information about how to access ESS. If you need
assistance with your enrollment or have any questions pertaining to your benefits, please feel
free to contact the Human Resources Service Center at 513-556-6381. Remember, you will not
be able to access ESS until your hire date.

Please note Staff Orientation sessions are conducted every Monday. During Staff New Hire
Orientation, HR representatives are available to provide guidance and assistance with benefits
enrollment. As a newly hired faculty member you are also invited to attend. Orientation is held
at University Hall, 51 Goodman Drive, Room 450. The benefits presentation generally begins
around 10:00 am.

Employees of Ohio public colleges and universities do not participate in the federal Social
Security system other than contributions to Medicare. From your initial date of hire, you will be
enrolled in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS).

If you are a regularly scheduled full-time (100% full-time equivalent) employee, you can elect to
change from the state retirement system (STRS) to the Alternative Retirement Plan (“ARP”).
You have 120 days from your date of hire to choose the ARP or remain with your assigned state
retirement plan (STRS). This decision will affect your retirement income and cannot be
changed while you are employed by the university.

In order to make your election, you must complete Section I of the Retirement Plan Election
Form available at You must complete this form
whether you choose to remain in STRS or elect participation in the Alternative Retirement Plan.
Please submit your form within 120 days of hire to the address shown on the form.

If you elect STRS Ohio within your 120-day election period and you are not already a member,
you have an additional time period to select between the STRS Ohio Defined Benefit, Defined
Contribution, and Combination Plan options. (Note: If you are a new member of STRS Ohio,
STRS Ohio will send you an enrollment kit for your selection between the Defined Benefit,
Defined Contribution and Combined Plan options. You have a total of 180 days from your
eligible appointment date to select between the three STRS Ohio options.). If you are already a
member of STRS Ohio, and elect STRS Ohio as your retirement program choice, you will
continue to participate in the STRS Ohio retirement plan in which you are currently enrolled.

Note: The successful completion of a background check is a condition of employment at UC.

   Sign and return a copy of this Offer Letter indicating your acceptance of the position.
   Your Department contact will inform you about arrangements for collecting
     documentation on or before your first day of employment.
   Bring acceptable verification documents with you.
   Complete the benefit and tax enrollment process.

                       An affirmative action/equal opportunity institution

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