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Free Ipod Touch Upgrade


The a whole lot worse part of it, is the fact that any person buying a brand new ipod itouch nowadays,

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									Free Ipod Touch Upgrade
So i was surprised to discover, the ipod touch improve is 20$. What i'm saying is, is not that the even
worse notion ever before my partner and i purchased my personal ipod touch, much like other people,
how come i need to pay it off being up to date.
The a whole lot worse part of it, is the fact that any person buying a brand new ipod itouch nowadays,
will get the modern purposes at no cost, which are fundamentally what are the improve is made for.
These new programs tend to be : maps, mail, stocks and shares, information and climate.
The nice thing about it, is when you might have whatever they call up the jailbroken ipod, you'll be
able to get these programs totally free ! yay !
So how's it going likely to make this happen 1st, you will need to put your firmware inside one.one
particular.1. In case you are in one.a couple of.a single, you will must downgrade. To determine if you
have the appropriate firmware go into "options " and click in "regarding " then you'll see wat firmware
you've. Listed here are the simple steps to do so :
1. Download the one.1.one particular firmware
2. As soon as delivered electronically established your own itouch straight into recuperation mode
(discover below )
3. Maintain transfer and then click bring back (go into itunes )
4. Increase click on the 1.1.a single report anyone downloaded
5. Wait, as soon as it can be completed working, you will have the appropriate firware.
7. NOw you can jailbreak and also set up iphone programs (only use my personal directions )
For recuperation Mode
1. Have your itouch on and attached into the computer
2. Carry the two sleep house button
3. You may notice the apple forget about the slumber button
4. You'll see your ipod touch asks you to definitely turn it on for a computer.
Once you have the best firmware and possess checked this. You'll carry on jailbreakme.com, acquire
along with set up appsnap. Enable appsnap perform and then go into set up and also install the next
programs : openssh, bsd method, launcher.
You will likely then have the ability to put in the particular applications you would like on your
jailbroken mp3 player.
I are certainly not in charge of software failure or various other mishaps, this post is simply used for
details. I'll contact an article on the way to set up your i phone software on the ipod itouch.

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