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									Program Manager: Susan Hagan;; 719 721 8200

Organization: NGC Information Systems/Defense Technology Division

Category: Research and Development

Digital Simulation Architecture – Performance

The Digital Simulation Architecture – Performance (DSA-P) is the Missile Defense Agency’s
digital end-to-end simulation, which consists of BMDS Element models (from various
contractors and agencies) integrated into the Northrop Grumman Digital Simulation Architecture
(DSA) framework software. The architecture of our nation’s missile defense is a layered
defense. Having those layers work in congruence to achieve optimum capability required
unprecedented integration of the different parts of the entire Ballistic Missile Defense System

Prior to completion of this project, our nation had built elements of a national missile defense
simulation. We now have a fully integrated, end-to-end digital simulation of the entire BMDS that
provides realistic portrayals of how the system would perform under various scenarios and what
would happen from the moment a missile attack is detected until it is intercepted. The DSA-P is
MDA’s highest resolution digital simulation and is used for predicting and assessing BMDS
performance. The Northrop Grumman team has worked closely with MDA to address the
challenging requirements of systems-of-systems integration. Since 2008, the team has helped
the MDA move from an event-driven response to integrating M&S to a systems engineering
approach. After requirements were established for the overarching system simulation, the team
assumed a leadership role in working with the Government Program Offices responsible for
Aegis, THAAD, Patriot, and other missile defense components. The end-to-end simulation has
been used for evaluation of the BMDS, and the engineering processes have resulted in
increased stability of the integrated simulation.

Northrop Grumman’s leadership and management of the DSA-P created an environment for
continuous improvements in integration efforts. At the MDA leadership demonstration, the Chief
System Engineer for the Missile Defense Agency acknowledged the “eureka” moment: “We did
it! We finally have an end-to-end digital simulation.”	

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