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					                     October 2009 ABDX Journal
                                       Vol 4. Issue 10

Editors Corner:
ABDX membership is 217 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being
members of ABDX. This is definitely an all time high for membership.

This month was great for logs and the Journal is a whopping 118 pages. Thank you to all
the loggers for the great work this month. All those excellent logs make ABDX the best
group out there. At ABDX we love your logs and for each log, you get an extra year of
membership. 

Be sure to look at the end of the Journal at Testing, Testing… We have an announcement
of a DX test upcoming from WGGH!

High School Football is winding down and along with it the “FCC STA” for small towns
who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS FB
team to be heard far and wide. However for those who DX sporting events the NHL,
NFL, NBA and college football are all going on simultaneously. There is plenty out there
to listen to and DX.

Don’t forget to listen to FM on HSFB night. Especially in the south you can find many
FM stations carrying the local high school game. There is also a lot of other sports that
have migrated to FM. Don’t forget to check FM for trop ducting and in December the
winter E skip DX season comes around. You can get 1500 miles or so out on FM!

Shortwave was really busy this month with many many logs. The numbers came from
many listeners this month and cover the breadth and length of the earth. There were many
in the logs with shortwave but none of us had numbers like Richard Bianchino and Glenn
Hauser. Thanks guys! Dean Wayman got busy on the HF bands for the first time and it is
always good to see someone trying out something new. If you are not too familiar with
HF, look at the logs and the stations you can hear all over the earth. Perhaps the logs can
help you ID some of those stations you are hearing.

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What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz, the
ABDX crew.

Table of Contents
The Broadcast Band – AM                             3

Down In The Basement – LW                           29

The Whole Earth – HF/SW                             31

The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM                   111

The Visible Universe – TV                           112

Nothing But Net – Net Video and Audio               112

You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band          115

Extra, Extra – News                                 115

Bargain Barn – Sale Items                           115

Show And Tell – Review of New Toys                  116

Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests                  117

Call Sign Changes – From the FCC                    118

I Got The Bird – Satellite                          118
The Broadcast Band
Don Kaskey [OWG] – San Francisco, CA
Drake R8A and Kiwa Loop

Took a break from Master of Orion and decided to challenge the noise level on my Drake R8A
and see if I could find anybody carrying HS football. Started rather late but have some good
4th quarter scores :-) . Time in PDT
1110 KBND OR Bend 2110-2120 basically over Pasadena carrying game between the
Mountain View ougars & unnamed opponent. 24-22 MV with 5 minutes left in the game.
1120 KPNW OR Eugene 2115 with wrap up of just completed game between Thurston HS
and North Eugene HS. Thurston won 56-7.
1180 KERN CA Bakersfield 2120-2130 between (assumed) Bakersfield West & the
Centennial Vikings. 9-7 Centennial with 2 minutes left.
1380 KTKZ CA Sacramento 2130-2135-Folsom Mustangs vs Monterey....13-13 with
six minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
1440 KVON CA Napa 2135-2145 with Fairfield HS destroying Vintage of Napa 53-0 with 4
minutes left in the 3rd quarter and Vintage players trying to pick a fight.
1460 KUTI WA Yakima 2145-2150 with Prosser HS vs the Vikings (assumed from Yakima).
3 minutes left in game & Vikings ahead 27-21.
1460 ????             Someone under KUTI with game also. Suspect Las Vegas.
1470 KBSN WA Moses Lake 2152 with game between Grizzlies & Chiefs. Suspect Moses
Lake & Sunnyside as heard Sunnyside mentioned several times.
Nice to listen in again even tho I had only one narrow beam on the Kiwa that wasn't buried with

Bruce Winkleman – Tulsa, OK
Drake R-8 and Quantum Phaser

These are some highlights of my DX season so far. Noting exotic but fun.These logs include 5
all-time new ones from Tulsa, bringing my total to 761 stations heard. Some of the others are
infrequent but welcome visitors.
1060 KFBL(t) MO Springfield 9/29 2011 "Music of Your Life" slogan into standards, no ID
heard so just tentative but much needed. Daytimer on late? (BW-OK)
1060 WRHL       IL Rochelle 9/29 2057 nice ID "WRHL, Rochelle" in the jumble, not bad for
250/50 watts at 550 miles! NEW (BW-OK)
1060 KNLV       NE Ord 9/29 2224 slogan "Memories 10-60, KNLV" into oldies NEW(BW-OK)
1060 KUCU(t) NM Farmington 9/30 0100 in a real jumble at the TOH but definite mention of
"Farmington, NM" heard. Is this new station on the air? (BW-OK)
1140 WRVA       VA Richmond 10/10 2352 nice CLID u/CHRB religion, not often heard (BW-
1190 CFSL       SK Weyburn 10/11 0304 "AM 11-90" slogan into c&w mx, mixing with KPHN
and unID sports talk NEW(BW-OK)
1190       KVSV       KS Beloit 10/11 0805 quick "You are listening to KVSV, Beloit" by female
1280 WODT       LA New Orleans 10/14 0000 "WODT New Orleans" into gospel mx (BW-OK)
1280 WMCP TN Columbia 10/14 0002 "You are listening to WMCP, Columbia, TN" mixing
with WODT gospel mx (BW-OK)
1250 KPZK        AR Little Rock 10/15 0500 "Power 92" slogan, no call letters heard but
matches info in 30th ed of NRC Log (BW-OK)
1350 KWMO MO Washington 10/16 2355 w/a great slogan: "You're the ears and we're the
mouth, 13-50 AM"! into oldies mx 10/17 0000 great ID as "The Mouth KWMO Washington"
mixing with KRNT NEW (BW-OK)
910 KATH         TX Frisco 10/18 1245-1300 pleasant daytime surprise in KVIS phase null with
religious service/hymns then ID 1300 by male anncer "KATH 9-10 Frisco" NEW (BW-OK)
Listened this morning
31OCT09 from 1330-1430UTC while doing paperwork/email and heard an "ID" as "Hot 13-40
The Groove" at 1414UTC. Playing non-stop R&B/UC music. A "google" shows 1340 KJMU
Sand Springs uses that slogan. Perhaps a clue to new owner? Not // 1340 KJMU at present
(1430UTC) tho.

James Kearman – Stuart. FL
Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop

On 530 kHz, when R. Enciclopedia fades, I hear a F speaking Spanish. Nulls with Cuba, on
the same bearing, which lines up with Central America. The Costa Rica page, doesn't list this station. Only reference I find to 530 in
CR is Radio Rumbo, 1989-2001.
[Several of us have heard SS under RE often M preaching, ed.]
0500Z 27 Oct 2009, 820 kHz. Recording follows suite of Enya songs concluding with 'Orinoco,'
went into news in Spanish. You can hear R Reloj underneath, and WLS was sometimes udible
as well. Suspected U.S. propaganda flight. ?

Bogdan Chiochiu – Montreal, OC
Sanyo MCD S830

530 CUBA CMBD, Radio Enciclopedía, La Habana OCT 25 0332 - playing a Muzak version
of Serge Gainsbourg / Jane Birkin's chanson classic "Je t'aime, moi non plus"... It seems odd
to hear this stuff on Cuban radio. As far as the Muzak format of Radio Enciclopedia goes, they
don't stick around with instrumental versions of pop songs, they even play Muzak version of
Cuban TROPICAL music which is good, since with all this IBOC hash there are fewer and
fewer frequencies around with Latin tropical music and more and more jammed by short-skip
domestic pests from the New England and mid-west area... Fair in null of CIAO (which was
weaker anyway) ! SINPO 25533 (Chiochiu-PIERREFONDS-QC)
780 VENEZUELA YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón OCT 25 0340 - "La Bailante Siete
Ochenta" very good peaks, deep fadings and splatter from both sides (local-like WABC-770
and true local CJAD-800). SINPO 42232. (Chiochiu-PIERREFONDS-QC)
555 ST KITTS ZIZ, Basseterre OCT 27 0326 - poor w/ Caribbean calypso and time-checks.
600 CUBA CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norrís OCT 30 2310 - advice regarding persons
sick with H1N1 flu to stay "en un lugar cerrado" (away from anybody) and to meet as soon as
possible "el medico de familia". This medical advice was followed by a Spanish Adult
Contemporary ballad. After about 2330 UTC, their sports coverage begun, like usually on this
station. Very good, over / under both WICC and CKAT. SINPO 42543-4
640 GUADELOUPE RFO, Pointe-à-Pitre OCT 27 0037 - w/ a zouk-love track followed by
"Radio Guadeloupe présente Lionel Ritchie..." with some of his great hits... Good signal in a
big jumble (Radio Progreso, WNNZ Westifield-MA carrying BBC World Service and weak
residual AM 640 out of Toronto) ! SINPO 42532... I haven't heard that one in years ! That is a
pleasant surprise, an almost astonishing one ! Have they increased their power ?
670 CUBA CMBA, Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arrenas OCT 30 2317 - Woman in Spanish talking
after the SS AC ballad (in // w/ 600) way over WSCR and slightly over the WFAN-660 IBOC
hiss and the local next-to-adjacent CINF Infos Six Quatre Vingt Dix 690 splatter !
750 VENEZUELA YVKS, Radio Caracas Radio, Caracas, Distrito Federal OCT 27 0115 -
Venezuelan baseball coverage... On of the teams was "Los Gavilanes" or "Los Magallanes".
Huge, almost local-like, way stronger than anything else on this channel (WSB, CMHG Radio
Progreso out of Sancti Spiritus). (Chiochiu*HochelagaMaisonneuve-QC)
760 COLOMBIA HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca OCT 27 0026 - promo for a cumbia music show
on RCN "Nuestra TV", time-check, ad for a bank. +OCT 27 0101 - nx segment about several
Colombians who died in Venezuela in places such as "el estado Táchira" due to the H1N1
swine flu bacteria. (Chiochiu*HochelagaMaisonneuve-QC)
780tent. BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ZBVI, Roadtwon OCT 29 0104 - Tentative with reggae
music in WBBM null and heavily QRMing La Discoteca del Pueblo on Radio Coro... All my
suspicions lead to ZBVI, but I'm skeptical as sooner or later I WILL GET AN ID !
780 VENEZUELA YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón OCT 26 0400 - carrying Ruta Músical 7-
80. The beginning of the program featured mostly dark edged tropical grooves using minor
chords, while the follow-up after about 1AM EDT (we are switching to EST this weekend
though) featured mostly happy-sounding cumbia, vallenato, etc. tropical and traditionnal songs.
Very huge peaks, deep fadings and domestic QRM in WBBM null ! SINPO 43323. I prefer
hearing endlessly the same 2 or 3 regular Latins that, at least, are pretty long-haul from where
I live rather than trying to hear through a deep-pileup low powered short skip USA stations that
belong to the same networks anyway. At least, Radio Coro is a true regional Venezuelan.
840 unID OCT 27 0015 - very good mixing with WHAS in Lousville, KY playing traditionnal
Venezuelan music (música llanera). Lost barely two minutes away before I could secure any
ID material. According to the YV DXers on SKYPE, Radio Juventud (YVMY) in Barquisimeto,
Lara is running lower power than it used to. Given the huge friendship between Hugo Chávez
and Fidel Castro, it could be one of the two Cubans. There is also a domestic here playing
Spanish tropical music, but I doubt it was it, since you won't hear YV mx on USA Spanish
domestics. (Chiochiu*HochelagaMaisonneuve-QC)
870 CUBA CMHL, Radio Reloj, Sancti Spiritus OCT 27 0258 - Spanish news with clock ticks
behind. Good through an annoying WCBS-880 IBOC hash. Chiochiu*Maisonneuve-QC)

Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC
Zenith Royal 3000-1 and OEM Zenith Power Supply

It took some time to verify, but on Wednesday morning around 7:00 A. M. EDT, I received a
station which completely trumped WWL on 870. The only identification was that it played
country music and called itself "The Moose". Turns out it was WMTL, Leitchfield, KY, a 500
watt daytime station which obliterated WWL. As this was well before sunrise either in lower
South Carolina or in Kentucky, was this a case of reverse cheating?

Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL
Receiver, BOG antennas

Still using the quicky DXped Phased BOG System aimed 320 degrees described in earlier
posts and it didn't disappoint. However, whereas the spectaculur cx of the previous night will
go down in history as one of the top few SSS nights ever here (1-4-2002 was just a bit better)
last night was just very good. Much of the same stuff was in but signals just had a bit more
oomph the previous night and later in the session I was getting some light snap/crackle/pop
qrm from the distant storms which are now here in IL with heavy rain. Times CDT
Finally I dug out KqKD 1380 from SD which is on a crowded channel and low powered and
without a favorable pattern. I had brief traces of rlg format the night before and then last night
at 1942 just prior to power switch, a "Family Radio" slogan and some talk about God and soon
gone when switched. This leaves me only 580 to complete SD outside of some needed GYers.
I probably have tried for them a couple hundred times.
Success also on 1320 for my 2nd new one and most wanted KHRT from Minot ND. Again
there'd been some gospel traces the night before. But this time at bit more and cleared in the
mixed with KELO and KOZY etc. At 1955 I caught the 1320 KHRT ID, I think preceeded by
"Solid Gospel". This leaves me only Paul Walker's former employer of KDKT 1410 to complete
ND outside of the GYers most of which I need. Later my semi-local WRMN 1410 dropped
audio for a good hour+ seemed like OC but the sports on 1410 was KOOq weakly and no
trace of KDKT although I do get things at that distance at night on lowish powers on clearish
I also observe when the usual indicators start fading in as I tune up and down the band. 1190
CFSL from SK was in rather nicely as early as 1930 with Blue Jays BB with WOWO phased.
1180 KOFI was in well by 2025 and really blasting prior to 2045 switch. Phasing could knock
out Cuba or WHAM but not both, but neither was strong. 1090 had KBOZ MT pounding KAAY
at 2042 with an ad for Big Sky ranches (I'd love 35,000 acres for 4 element
side by side phased arrays of mile long Bevs slightly staggered to also enhance f/b) and then
more ads and an ID. In contrast to the previous night, Northern Utah stuff wasn't as good and I
didn't note UT on 1120 or 1510 and 1550 was barely noted and KSL was not as strong under
my local WYLL. Calgary was in on 1060 by 2030 however and AB on 1140 was noted as early
as 2015 with WRVA phased.
Now for the fun more westerly states. When 50 kw KOFI 1180 is blasting in on SSS I
look for nearby KVNI 1080 as their oldies stick out nicely (noting UT has switched before
KVNI's 2100 switch time and doesn't really play the same stuff anyhow) 1080 is made
workable by phasing semi-local WNWI's ethnic stuff which I can almost kill completely.
Surprisingly, no trace of KVNI this season. A later check had no Portland there either. I usually
don't get OR if UT isn't coming in really well.
So up to high band to check for more fun from WA. Anyhow, KFBK 1530 news and and a 6:49
TC noted u/phased WCKY at 2049. They are quite common here and easy to pick out and
about the most southerly distant thing in on that NW directed antenna system. Up to 1550 and
there was KRPI in about as early prior to their switch time as I'd ever had them. And KKAD
was soon with them at times.. (MYL mx Sunny 1550) things seemed really promising. KRPI
went into EE for the 2100 ID and I was laughing as they gave the usual disclaimer about the
views and opinions expressed not being those of mgmt in EE and then right back into Punjabi
talk. This station sticks out like red apples in a bushel of green ones but make sure not to
confuse with CBE which can have Indian accented stuff. I have yet to hear a trace of CBE here
on this antenna system, but if I aim BOGs at them, they are semi dominant. KRPI while up to
vg strength just didn't make to the xlnt arm chair peak levels of 9-29. They dropped like a stone
at 2129 switch. 1560 had bits of SS around 2105 but wasn't reasonable until a 2120 peak with
Marniers BB in SS. They were considerably better the previous night as well and last night I
had no trace of suspected KZIZ with them. KKAA was also a bit stronger and more qrm.
Checking other highband possibilities from WA gave me nothing.
BC on 1130 was semi-dominant by 2120 and BC was well u/WHO 1040 at the time with
hockey talk.
I did think 1560 KVAN switched at 2130 (15 min late or even 30 min) but there were still in but
weaker. Perhaps it was just a fade but I am wondering how I am still getting them on night rig
both nights.
Re the 1680 SS rlg station in Seattle, Radio Luz. They were noted decently as early as 2035
with WPRR phased out and with only minimal other qrm. However, they also didn't make it to
the big levels of the previous night and were quite shaky after 2130 switch from 10 to 1 kW.
A needed station that seems strangly absent considering how well I get into SK and AB on
these BOGs is CKJR 1440 from AB. Not a trace of oldies and their pattern isn't that bad for me
and 1440 is quite clear at night and nothing towards the NW is at all strong. WROK is low
power at night and weak and MN's Disney is a total non factor. 1440 from ND is also low
powered at night and not dominant so at times 1440 seems quite clear. Oh well..I will
keep trying.
Oldies on 1450 IDed as WHRY and that completes WI for me. State #2 completed
(Iowa was finished off a few years ago)
CKWX News 1130 from BC strong in IL Good cx from here to Pac NW tonite. CKST Team
1040 at times overriding WHO and even on night pattern KOMO 1000 is under phased WMVP.
Only my second logging of KIML 1270 tonite noted often clobbering SSer WKBF with WY
Cowboys FB vs Utah from about 1903 to 1915 when I think they switched. I tried long and hard
for others in that part of the band on the WY network but struck out..... well..if you don't try you
don't get.
Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona
Panasonic RF-2200 (MW)
880 XEM Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi, Mexico 10/2 1204 with ID by male, mixing with unid.
and heard on null of KRVN. (Barton-AZ)
1620 Bryan , TX 1230 Blasting in, good ID by male at 1230 after break from
Home/Gardening show . ESPN Sports came in w/ local SR and fadeout of Texas at 1645, then
was replaced by Catholic Radio (KSMH) from Sacramento.
i'm thinking the ESPN MIGHT have been KOZN, Omaha, so i will be listining to 1620 more.
KOZN goes back to my was a local to me (then in the Omaha area). i dont
remember the frequency it was on at the time, but it had a country format, the slogan being
"KOZN, your Country Cousin". i was listening back then with a 6 tube toaster bakelite RCA
tabletop model. great sound ! (Barton-AZ)
1460 XECB San Luis Rio Colorado, MEX 1630 ID by male using slogan "Radio Ranchita",
nice ballads and Mariachi. (Barton-AZ)
1670 KNRO Redding, CA 1300 Listening to Spanish lang station at TOH when suddenly,
clear ID by male came bubbling up from the bottom "On 1670 , KNRO". nothing from them hrd
after that. (Panasonic RF-2200, onboard loop , Barton-AZ)
1310 KMKY (p) Oakland , CA 1330-1400 never did hear legal ID, only thing identifyable
coming out of the low rumble this AM on 1310. still checking it regularly after demise
of local KXAM. (RF-2200, Looping for N-S , Barton-AZ)
1660 KRZI Waco , TX 0030 MLB P-b-P live broadcast, heavy co-channel QRM. (10/9
1210 KGYN Guyman, OK 0020 40 minutes before local sunset, sun still high in the sky,
Guymon Oklahoma coming in VERY strong and clear. male announcer with clear ID and into
typical country music. (10/9 Barton,AZ)
1260 KWEI Weiser , ID 0240 HSFB (Fruitland, Idaho) "Grizzlies", vs Homedale (Idaho).
Spots for local biz "in Ontario", local plumbing company, references to upcoming games :
"Baker", "Payette" and "Weiser". 0320, break for statewide score roundup after Blackwell goes
in to put Fruitland up first log of this one. :>D (Barton-AZ)
1060 0211 KDUS Tempe, AZ HSFB with "Hamilton Huskies" vs. "Salpointe" (Catholic HS,
Tucson, AZ). not DX at my QTH , but i include it as a tip for those outside the area. (Barton-
1300 KROP Brawley , CA 0140 with pre-game show for "the Brawley Wildcats", references
to "Imperial", "Calexico". (Barton-AZ)
1520 KOKC Oklahoma City , OK 0130 HSFB with Moore, Oklahoma Panthers vs. Lions ,
spots for "The 12th Street Sonic". (Barton-AZ)
1660 (UNID) 0050 HSFB solid for a bit at local Sunset, then fadeout. ..."and the Rockets
lead 7-0".... (Barton-AZ)
1260 KTRC (etal.) Santa Fe, NM 0100 2 unids battling it out , with CNN news and Iowa v.
Michigan game trading off , yielding to Mexico until Air America rises out of the muck. Clear ID
at 0217 , "Santa Fe's PROGRESSIVE....". (Barton-AZ)
780 WBBM Chicago , IL 0229 (my XYL was baking, too hot inside, went out to front steps
with RF-2200). while bandscanning for HSFB , caught male with weather and temps at
"O'Hare" and "Midway". clear ID by male "on WBBM". 0232 heard correspondent report
conclude with "on News Radio WBBM". heard with ANT oriented for E/W rx, and getting a lot
of slopover from 770 KKOB in Albuquerque. (Barton-AZ)
880 KRVN LExington, NE HSFB pitting local Lexington HS against Ogallala. 28-20 in 3rd
quarter at 0245. (Barton-AZ)
1060 KDUS Tempe, AZ 0250 with Maryvale HS (AZ) v. Trevor Browne (AZ).
1320 KFNZ Salt Lake City, UT 0300 tie game with "Skyline" v. "Wolverines". (Barton-AZ)
1280 KZNS , Salt Lake City, UT 0228 (ANT oriented for rx NW/SE). f/out to 0308, then back
& mixing with Baja Del Norte. rarely mentioned opponent, only hometeam "The Hawks".
reference to "Friday Night Fights", and ID "Sports Radio 1280 - The Zone". later mentions of
"Alta" and "Hillcrest"; game was blowout. did catch scratchy ID at 0315.
(Alta and Hillcrest are, respectively , High Schools in Sandy and Midvale, UT. ) (Barton-AZ)
880 KRVN Lexington,NE HSFB at 0130 with the Holdrege (NE) Dusters leading Lexington
9-0 in the 3rd quarter. (Barton-AZ)
1330 KCKM Monahans, TX 0100 HSFB "Lobos" game in progress. ID at TOH. No sign of
usual Gallup, New Mexico (KGAK), so i wont be keeping up with the Bengals tonight. (Barton-
660 KTNN WIndow Rock,AZ 0050 Female announcers with HSFB p-b-p . Game being
called in English, but some commericals are in Navajo. (Barton-AZ)

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI
At Priest Pond Dxpedition – As Listed

I just got back from the Priest Pond DXpedition. I arrived at about 1 p.m. ADT on October 7,
2009 and left at about 3 p.m. October 8, 2009.
The number one highlight: seeing Chris Black and Niel Wolffish again, and meeting Bruce
Conti for the first time! Also, its always great to see Brent Taylor again, but hey, we live in the
same town and work in the same city, lol!
The number two highlight - well - the incredible DX!
Several Japan stations, Korea, India on 1566 [Bruce and Chris would find 'em and Niel and I
would catch those fish too], some exotic Euro and Mid east stuff [Niel often finding those and
the rest of us catching] plus working every Canadian Province with an AM station [PEI is the
exception - as it is an AM free zone].
For me, the long quest to get CKWX 1130 Vancouver BC was finally met. As was the long
quest to get All India Radio on 1566. Then, caught some other BC stations, lots from Alberta,
some from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, plus the easy stuff from Ontario and east.
I hope to post some loggings tomorrow. Just as a teaser:
I awoke at 4:42 a.m. on October 8, 2009. I rubbed my bleary eyes, put on my glasses [I can
barely see with those darn things, TGFCL - Thank God for Contact Lenses] and made my way
to the kitchen table, fired up my laptop and RF Space SDR-IQ fed by the 16 by 40 by 16 DGS
EWE via a four way passive splitter [yep, about 7 db atenuation, no preamp!]. Within 30
seconds of opening Spectravue, I had a confirmed ID of 1070 KNX in Los Angeles CA, ... coming clearly out of my headphones before sliding back into the 'cowboy cow'
music of 1070 CHOK. The fact that I could so swiftly scale the Rocky Mountains made me
optimistic that I would pull in more western catches. I was not dissapointed :) Next was 900
KHz CKBI Prince Albert SK with a clear top of the hour ID at 5 a.m. ADT. A little later, 693
KHz JOAB Japan, then 560 KHz KMON Great Falls MT packing 5KW, followed by more Japan
- 774 KHz at 5:57 a.m. ADT. A little later, 972 KHz HLCA Korea.
I especially enjoyed my tentative log of 1200 CJRJ Vancouver BC. Later, I pretty much
convinced Niel and myself of this, after hearing Bollywood music and other musical cues.
All this DX, and the previous evenings DX, made during a wicked N'or Easter that pounded
Bruce's Delta and my EWE.
Another delight:
The DGS EWE worked like a champ, nulling the USA NE. As Niel remarked, it was like the
New York stations were absent that night/morning. Bruce's delta loop served up superb
east/west DX too. Chris took down his mighty FLAG before we started the October 7 evening
DX - as wise move, given the pending weather. The delta and the EWE were the two
antennas used for October 7/8. Provided the wind hasn't put it out of action, Niel and Brent are
using the DGS EWE for October 8/9. They will be using it with a 2 way passive splitter, so they
will have an extra 3 or so db to work with :) I'm hoping it will continue to withstand the weather.
A couple post Priest Pond logs back at the VY2PR Radio Room in Stratford PE - Receiver,
Icom R-75, antenna, Wellbrook 1530 3 foot diameter active loop, mounted on a stand inside
the radio room:
October 15, 2009
1215 KHz Voice of Russia Bolshakovo Kalingrad with ID for SW and MW - 7:05 p.m. ADT
22:05 UTC
October 17, 2009
880 KHz CKLQ Brandon MB - C&W with liner mentioning "Q Country". Later, reference to "...
celsius..." Then, back into WCBS. While the Wellbrook can null to a degree, it does not have
the real world nulling finese of the DGS EWE.
October 8, 2009
Receiver: RF Space SDR-IQ
Antenna: My home brewed DGS EWE 16 feet by 40 feet by 16 feet
Location: Priest Pond, on the NE shore of PEI
The DXing started at 4:42 a.m. ADT
1070 KNX Los Angeles CA "... KNX...", then back into CHOK in ON.
900 CHML Hamilton ON ... but wait!
900 CKBI Prince Albert SK with top of the hour ID at 5:00 a.m. ADT
693 JOAB Tokyo Japan [Chris Black and Bruce Conti shouted out that they had Japan on 693
and sure enough, I was getting it too]
910 CKDQ Drumheller AB with "... Newcap Radio... This is Q91 Drumheller... Royal Alberta
1140 CHRB High River AB with religious programming
560 KMON Great Falls MT [hmmm, Montana to PEI with 5KW, not bad!]
774 Japan at 5:57 a.m. ADT [Thanks again Chris and Bruce!]
630 CHED Edmonton AB
720 Greenland - very strong!
940 CJGX Yorkton SK with C&W into GX94 liner, then back into C&W
960 CFAC Calgary AB "... Telus Convention Centre ... .ca ..."
980 CJME Regina SK with full ID
1130 CKWX Vancouver BC mentioning Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax etc.
1190 CFSL Weyburn SK C&W and "AM 1190" ID
972 HLCA Korea KBS Dangjin [Thanks again Chris and Bruce]
1206 Unid China? India? ???
1200 CFGO Ottawa ON
1140 CBI Sydney NS
940 CINW Montreal QC
950 CKNB Campbellton NB
590 VOCM St. John's NL - these last 5 catches could be obtained with a crystal radio, but they
are necessary to show that I "worked" every Canadian Province that has an AM station - PEI
as you know is all FM, no AM.
920 CFRY Portaga LaPrairie MB
890 CJDC Dawson Creek BC with C&W and "Peace Country's Country" liner
1320 Unid with Chinese programming - strongly suspect CHMB Vancouver BC
1200 Unid but with East Indian music, very likely CJRJ Vancouver BC.
1040 CKST Vancouver BC with "Team 1040" liner
680 CHFA Edmonton AB with French language programming
880 CKLQ Brandon MB into "Q Country" liner, then into news
880 CHQT Edmonton AB with weather for central Alberta
Just as Chris and Bruce pointed Niel Wolfish and myself to the Japan and Korean catches,
Niel was most helpful pointing me to the western domestic targets.
Part II [to be posted at some future time] will go back in time to the previous night and will
primarily feature DX from east of PEI, e.g. TAs.

Brent Taylor – Charlottetown, PEI
At Priest Pond Dxpedition – As Listed

Just a quick message while out at my house to get materials and supplies.
The Priest Pond PEI (Canada) DX-pedition began yesterday.Rigs: Perseus, SDRIQ,
AOR7030, Icom R75, Icom 756, various smaller U/L's etc.
Closed loop 23x60x23x60 feet
Large Pennant
1000 foot bog
Indoor Loops
DXers: Black, Conti, Wolfish, Taylor
Last night:
Standard Eusopeans and Mid-East - crushing signals. WTIC was inaudible most of the
evening, WBAL murdered by UK 1089, etc. Vatican huge, Greenland 720 huge, all 9K/10K
commons were dominated in the early evening by TAs.
Great north/Scandinavia
Best eastern catch: Tadjikistan (Conti, SDR IQ recorded) More to follow for sure.
Before bedtime caught domestic DX out to Alberta, w/ Calgary +++, Drumheller, plus several
Sask and Man.
This morning:
JAPAN 774, JAPAN 747, JAPAN 693 - all with full audio and in for about two hours (all DXers)
KOREA 972, strong het, and finally yielded audio (woman talking) for about 10 minutes (Conti
first, then all, with SRD IQ captuire).
Conti wins award from Black, and given an original unopened quart of "DX" motor oil, for
bagging the first TP of the expedition.
TAYLOR: Japan 774 was fully audible on SRF-59 ultralight inductive coupled to RS loop on
the table
Many other Asian hets noted, with no audio:
837 1035 1008 1053 1098 1116 1188 1287 1386 1467 and something at 1565.60, but nothing
on 1566.
This morning, +++ western Canada and USA, including CKWX VANCOUVER, KOMO
Today's plan, rest up and elevate the beverage from current bog layout with electric fence
We have no Internet on site, so no live updates available. Conditions are fantastic. More to
follow. Rafuse joins Wednesday, Conti Rafuse and Black depart Thursday, Taylor and Wolfish
depart Friday.
Loggings and photos will trickle out when we all get time.
"Ran the table" again and bagged all nine active Canadian provinces
again, with simple RS Loop and R75 on the table.
Euros and Mid East slightly down. Not as much northern dominance.....but this morning the
JAPAN signals were far better. Full audio on 747 first of all, with 774 and 693 peaking within
minutes. Woman in English doing a talk on Japan's involvement in developrment programs
with the countries in the vicinity of the Mekong Delta. Full ID in English, recorded to MP3 for
distribution later. Japan then into Spanish at the quarter hour.
The FIRST audio of the morning was recovered by me using my ICOM R75 fed directly with a
RS Loop sitting on the tabletop. Full clean audio from Japan into the East Coast, and not even
using an outside antenna.
Major good domestic openings to the west again early today also. Bagged an additional
Vancouver (1040) and also relogged all of the previous day's catches, including KOMO, KNX,
CKWX, etc.
I'm home for the evening, and the baton is passed to Phil who will join the group today. Then,
I'll return Thursday to replace Phil, and Niel and I will wind it up Friday morning. Chris and
Bruce return towards New England on
Thursday morning.

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON
Receiver, Antenna

1050 WSEN Baldwinsville, NY 1800 24 Oct - Oldies (e.g., "I Ran All the Way Home" by the
Impalas), then musical jingle ID, "WSEN, home of the 60's". New, and much wanted - one of
my closest unheards, NY #176.
1150 CHGM Gaspe, QC 0004 25 Oct - Faded up out of the muck with news in French, with
mentions of Montreal, then CHNC ID (CHGM is //CHNC-610). Thanks to Keith in MA for the
tip on #mwdx chat - never expected to get this one, as I thought they were already silent. Now
have all Quebec stations heard, except for one graveyarder (and not counting low power
1150 KASM Albany, MN 1938 26 Oct - Local weather from "meteorologist Laura [?] for the
KASM Radio Network", then item about wild turkey hunting, complete with gun ad from Smith
& Wesson. New!

Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN
Receiver and Antenna as listed

Heard on the Best AM Radio Ever Made according to Art Bell, the CCRadio, nekkid, 10/1/09:
1620 WTAW College Station, TX 0610 WX and sports then ID. NEW
930 KWOC Poplar Bluff, MO 0635 ID then into WX. NEW
Heard on a Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 and 266 foot wire for SSS 10/1:
1600 WJSA Jersey Shore, PA 1825 ID and "Light for Life" slogan, then REL. NEW
1250 WTMA Charleston, SC 1846 "You're listening to the Learfield Sports Gamecock
Network." Then ID and "You're on WTMA 1250 and . NEW
880 KLRG [t] Sheridan, AR 1900 blast furnace loud in TN with ID for 1340 Guerilla Radio
With some help from Ron Gitschier in Florida, we found that most likely it is not 880 WZAB. I
assumed it was because of the other stations listed being in Florida. The KGHT website which
changed calls said the xmitter was dead and with the on and off signal of KLRG which is the
new calls, it makes sense.
Heard 10/2 on a nekkid CCRadio rotated for N/S reception on the front porch with Babette the
DX cat:
1130 KWKH Shreveport, LA 1910 Shreveport HS and Bird HS football. No way they made the
antenna switch.
1290 WCHK Canton, GA 1915 Wolverines v. Wildcats HSFB. NEW
1440 WRBE Lucedale, MS 1921 Indians v. Rebels HSFB. NEW
1600 KLEB Golden Meadows, LA 1930 talk about Saints and Tigers during HSFB one team
was Ragin Cajuns.
990 WGSO New Orleans, LA 1943 giving area HSFB scores Ken Trahan? Announcer. NEW
Heard on an Eton E-1 XM with 150 foot wire 10/2:
1590 WZRX Jackson, MS 2145 with ID and then CNN Nancy Grace. NEW
Heard on a nekkid CCRadio with Brunswick the DX cat.
1700 KVNS Brownsville, TX 0610 10/3 John Sebastian "Do You Believe in Magic?" then ID.
Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 10/4 with Bailey the DX cat:
850 WXJC Birmingham, AL 1743 gospel programming.
940 WLQH Chiefland, FL 1752 Andy Williams then ID, stopset, and America "Ventura
1000 WDJL Huntsville, AL 1755 Gospel music, black singer.
1170 WLBH Mattoon, IL 1800 EZ music with ToH ID.
Heard on a Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic 10/6 with Brunswick the DX cat:
570 WKYX Paducah, KY 1830 with ID and not much more before POOF and gone. Must have
switched pattern/power. NEW
Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire:
1550 WPFC Baton Rouge, LA 10/10 2002 with ToH ID and black people singing gospel music.
Heard on a 2006 Red Saturn Vue radio with 31" whip 10/12:
1550 KAPE Cape Girardeau, MO 1630 with several promos in a row about "Cape Radio" and
extensive right wing talk lineup.
1580 WLIJ Shelbyville, TN 10/15 0951 playing something different and doing something with
its channel by playing bluegrass / Americana o/u an oldies station. NEW!
Heard on a CCRadio nekkid 10/16:
540 CBK Regina, SK 0635 with O Canada and CBC programming and WX. New.
580 WIBW Topeka, KS 0640 stopset for Kansas farm ads for businesses, tractors, insecticides
and WX.
Heard on the Eton E1, 150 foot wire, and with Babette, Brunswick and Bailey the DX cats in
the room using all the powers they had in their cats whiskers:
1570 WCRL Oneonta, AL 2055 with Oneonta Redskins v. Alexandria, AL HS football.
1570 KBRI Brinkley, AR 1000 ToH ID and GOS programming schedule into preaching.
1280 WCHK Canton, GA 2012 Gilmer v. Creekside not new but blast furnace loud.
1350 WLMA Greenwood, SC 2018 with HSFB and ID. NEW
Heard on a CCRadio Nekkid on 10/18:
1370 WSPD Toledo, OH 2300 ToH ID "You're listening to WSPD Toledo's superpower." NEW!
Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire 10/23:
1660 KRZI Waco, TX 0725 with info about Saturday Baylor U. game and Baylor Sports Beat.
NEW #385!
Heard on a Zenith Royal 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic and Q-Stick coupled into a 200 foot wire
1440 WGEM Quincy, IL 1630 with Bears football. The Bears are stinking it up and getting their
A's whipped by Cincy. NEW
Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 10/27 with Brunswick and Bailey the DX cats:
550 KTRS St. Louis, Mo 2106 with rerun of previous night of Coast to Coast. Weak with SS
o/u. Would like to know who the SS was.
Heard on a Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 with Q-Stick into a 200 foot wire:
1160 WCFO Atlanta, GA 1939 with slogan "Newstalk 1160, the talk of the town" announced by
Don Imus.
The Q-Stick with wire pumps a tremendous amount of signal into a radio. I am very impressed
with this antenna used in this method.
Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150 foot wire:
1030 KCTA Corpus Christi, TX 10/30 1830 with end of program by Baptist church and then

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK

** CANADA. KTOK 1000 IBOC remains off, we hope permanently, allowing CBW 990
Winnipeg to reach as far as Oklahoma City unimpeded when propagation is favorable. Oct 11
at 0505 starting CBC Overnight with The Strand, Weekend from BBCWS; after news, at 0605
opening R. Netherlands, but then to Network Europe. XET Monterrey was no problem as it`s
direxional south at night. However, it can still be a problem when propagation from the north is
degraded. The two are in almost opposite direxions from here, so difficult to null one or the
other without a unidirexional antenna (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA [and non]. During a MW bandscan while waiting in a western Enid store
parking lot, which is known to be a good hotspot for MW reception, I was getting only a very
weak SAH on 1210, Oct 16 at 2105 UT. KGYN Guymon, despite its great distance in No
Man`s Land, normally owns the channel in daytime. I must conclude they were either off the air
or doing penance for running nondirexional at night so much, by running the direxional antenna
with null toward Philadelphia, and almost toward Enid, in the daytime! ``Newsradio 1200,
WOAI`` already audible at 2107, but weak enough that its IBOC on 1210 was not yet a
Next check at 1740 UT Oct 17, on DX-398 in the yard away from home noise sources: nothing
audible on 1210. Station seems to have two real websites, and unlike the squatters you get if you leave out the -radio-, neither of
which hints at anything wrong (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. Driving around western Enid, still hearing a Talking House on 1670 in the
daytime. Listening to the spiel, it`s exactly the same T.H. first heard in early August! One of the
realtor`s claims is that if YOU take advantage of his T.H. deal, your house will sell quickly. Ha,
this one still hasn`t sold in over two months. It`s the one with three stories, and all bedrooms
on the top floor. Altho no exact address announced, as we were assumed to have been parked
right in front of it, I was able to locate it as reported in DXLD 9-057: ---
``Soon found a match, 202 Tanglewood in Whispering Hills, altho nothing mentioned there
about its being a radio station!
Yes, map finds address near intersexion of Wheatridge and Purdue.``
And followed up a month later in
How many more months will this be running for follow-ups? Still have not visited this out-of-the-
way radio station, but must do so, as this `part 15` transmitter has quite some range. While
approaching I will be alert for smoke coming out of my caradio. Meanwhile the neighbors are
no doubt out of luck from listening to any of the five real North American broadcasters on 1670.
Then the afternoon of Oct 16 I finally drive out to the place. To stay on paved roads, go west
on Willow, north on Wheatridge almost to Purdue, and turn right into the little housing
development, where some more are under construxion. You will not see a Tanglewood street
sign on Wheatridge, as it is the parallel street to the east. This is indeed a big gray 3-story
house, but it`s obviously occupied, with about 5 SUVs around it, a child`s yellow plastic wading
pool not currently in use;
At gable peak there is not only a satellite dish, but a one-foot square antenna (? Or light?)
aimed east, not what you would expect for a 180-meter wavelength. There were some cables
hanging loose around these into the attic, so perhaps some of that goes with the 1670 kHz
unit, but could not be sure. The road sign bearing 1670 frequency was propped up against the
house, not really visible from the street, and surely on its way to being moved elsewhere, but
the transmitter still running, so at 2035 UT I recorded the spiel at local range. Despite my
apprehension, caradio did not start to smoke, and I could even still hear adjacent KXTR 1660
Kansas City in the daytime, parked next to the site. However the inhabitants are subject to
huge Part 15 RF at point-blank range. Maybe I should remind Mr Winklejohn about it (Glenn
** U S A. Tuning around MW for traces of TA carriers (there were a few), Oct 18 at 2310 UT I
found that WWLS OK had turned off its IBOC noise surrounding 640 and was also quite
nullable on the DX-398, so I could hear instead a strong, steady signal from elsewhere:
disgusting anti-choice discussion mentioning what was going on in Southern California. KFI?
Surely not this early. Continued without breaks until wrap-up at 2327, someone on phone from
Kansas with Operation Rescue, then about Nebraska and Wichita, turned out to be Troy
Newman, but show host sounded like Dick Fox, on The Complete Chapter? Not at all sure of
either name as mumbled quickly. But nice clear full ID at 2329 as ``Covering Memphis, WCRV,
Collierville-Memphis.`` LSS is 2330 UT in October, so was still running 50 kW non-direxional
daytime; no wonder it overcame WWLS. Unfortunately I did not keep listening to hear if and
when they really dropped to 480 watts night, direxional away from LA and OK.
Looking further thru FCC info via AM Query, for facility number 6486, I see that WCRV
transmitter site is axually barely in Mississippi. Tiger map shows it right on the state line, but
coordinate is:
34° 59' 35.00" N Latitude Power: 50.0 kilowatts (kW) Daytime
i.e. 25 seconds south of the 35th parallel which forms the southern boundary of Tennessee
from end to end (tho there is a jog in the middle at Pickwick Lake, per Rand McNally atlas,
presumably due to a surveying error long ago) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. A few days ago I had a US MW harmonic on 4800, and now one on 4740, this one
definitely identified. As I was heading for Makassar on 4750, which turned out not to provide
much signal today, I was interrupted at 1256 Oct 24 on 4740 by strong, distorted Spanish,
obviously a US commercial station.
Lots of PSAs with 800 numbers, some ads inmixed; 1259 one for SSS. Audio mostly on but
sometimes cuts out briefly. Not exactly FM or SSB, but S-meter level affected by modulation
level. At hourtop 1300 accented ID in English for a W-call on 1580 in Wisconsin! And back to
Spanish, 1304 mentions ``sports center cada 20 minutos``, more ads and PSAs in Spanish
including from HUD. 1305 ID as ESPN Deportes Radio (ESPN letters pronounced in English),
1306 opening ESPN show ``De Mano a Mano``. 1310 starts fading down, but back up at 1320,
more PSAs, one regarding anti-discrimination, 800 number. 1335 finally a bit of music, ESPN
Deportes again, 1337 sounded like local ad; 1340 another HUD PSA and website sounded like but that`s not valid.
Threw in one commercial in English at 1342 for holiday-something in Cambria, phone starting
with 920. 1343 outlook for the day`s games in fútbol italiano, hondureño, béisbol de las
grandes ligas. By 1345 had faded out again, but checked again before hourtop it had revived
at 1358 with another Selective Service PSA, 1359:50 Clear ID in English as: ``WTTN, 1580,
Columbus, Wisconsin`` and back to Spanish. Did not check further as too much else to
Meanwhile, I had concluded it was WTTN by consulting the NRC AM Log 2009, which shows
that as the only 1580 in Wisconsin. However, its format info says: OLD - CNN/DG, ``The
Goose`` and some Spanish on Sundays. OLD means oldies, as in rock music; DG means Dial
Global network, variety of music formats and talk shows (all in Spanish??). There is no
separate listing for ESPN`s Spanish sports network.
Address is axually in Beaver Dam, another nearby town to Columbus as is Cambria, in
Columbia county.
WTTN is 5 kW in daytime, direxional, and only 4 watts at night. FCC pattern plot shows major
lobes at 105 and 290 degrees, minor lobe at 200 degrees, null at 235, so we are in between
those two. See
106702.pdf That`s for 1580, but what is the pattern and power output on 4740?
Surely the WTTN calls originally (and still?) allude to Watertown, not too far away, between
Madison and Milwaukee, and Watertown is in a major lobe from site due west of Columbus
almost halfway to Arlington. Welcome to America`s newest tropical band station, but will it
last? Surely others tuning for DX on 60m heard this (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
KEOR 1120 back on The station hijacked from Atoka to `Catoosa` OK, axually closer to Sperry
in the woods on the N side of Tulsa, and moved to 1120 in order to free 1110 to cram yet
another AM station into The Metroplex, and now pending a large power increase for that ---
had not been heard since March as the sale to local Catholics fell thru. I have been checking
1120 every day or two, whenever I`m in the car in the daytime, with a handy preset (must not
call them pushbuttons any more).
Never heard until today Oct 30 at 2014 UT, same music-only fill format as before, pauses
between cuts, from CD player at site? Never any announcements, and no legal ID in a few
minutes either side of hourtops I made sure to monitor around 2100 and 2200 UT.
By 2200 heavy SAH of about 4 Hz from KMOX, which is gaining the upper hand. KEOR should
go off NLT LSS, who knows? Which will change on November 1, of course.
FCC data for this 2 kW daytimer
shows Oct SR/SS is 1230-2345 UT;
November SR/SS is 1300-2315 UT
I assume they are back on the air just to keep the license active, so may not last long. Unless
they have a new buyer they are warming up for.
Last transfer approved at
was to the Catholic Diocese of Tulsa as of 3/17/09, but as we found out from Bruce Winkelman
a couple months later, that deal fell thru:
(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Ron Gitschier – Palm Coast
Ron’s GE Cassette Box

880 KLRG Sheridan, AR (Presumed), Oct 01 2009, 9PM Eastern Hour, Eclectic Mix of Folk-
Rock music. Mentions of WTAN (1340 nr Clearwater, FL) and "1350 AM". Fair signal when
nulling dominant WCBS... just these two on the channel. Heard on DX-398 nekkid in Palm
Coast, FL based on a telephone tip from Kevin. NEW
Clues: Mentions of Tampa Bay area on Guerilla Radio Show (Gorilla Radio?), WTAN, and
"...and on 1350AM..." is the presumed defunct KGHT Sheridan AR website
(Gospel). KLRG 880 is listed on the WTAN Website along with
1340 WTAN and a
WDCF-AM 1350 Dade City FL/ WZHR-AM 1400 Zephyrhills, FL / KLRG-AM 880 Sheridan AR.
Punched up webstream for WTAN and boom... Gorilla Radio with same music genre... DJ
saying hello to "Daytona Beach Shores" about 30 miles south of me...
{Presumed} 1440 WZYX Cowan, TN. HSFB PBP. Annr Mentions of "Franklin County,
Tennessee" "Wildcats" and the post-game review show "The PressBox Show Tomorrow
Morning at 8:30". Signal, 5 of 10 LCD Bars on DX-398, easily understood, dominant on
channel nulls generally N-S. 5kw NDA day 66w at nite. Good Haul... I think I've logged this a
couple of weeks ago.
I also logged KWKH 1130 easy, nulling 1130 NYC (WBRW?), same HS Sports program.
Whatta big voice for HSFB!
610 WIOD Miami, FL is burning a big hole in my radio here about 300 miles to my south...I
usually don't notice such a signal from 610 unless I'm between Panama City, Panama and The
Galapagos Islands in the Pacific... so perhaps something is awry, I don't know. Go get 'em.
Fox Sports.

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA
Perseus SDR IQ and EWE Antenna PEI DXpedition

531 FAROE ISLANDS (DENMARK) Kringvarp Føroya Útvarpid , Akraberg 05Oct09 2250 -
Beatles, "I want to hold your hand", other American pop music - Recorded - Very Good - PEI
549 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Nordkirchen/Thurnau 06Oct09 2300 - Pop music, woman
gave frequencies, TOH ID in German. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
567 ITALY Rai Radio 1, various 07Oct09 2200 - // 657,900,1062 Woman in Italian with s/off
announcement, gave frequencies, then "buona sera" and anthem. But it appears that 657 and
900 are 24h. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
570 GREENLAND: (Denmark) KNR, Nuuk 08Oct09 0900 - // 720 Ethnic music and song
and man in Inuit language. - Recorded -Good, under CKSW - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
576 GERMANY SWR Cont. Ra, Baden-Württemberg 06Oct09 2400 - Man in German,
Deutschland mentions - Recorded - Poor-Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
603 FRANCE France Info, Tramoyes (Lyon) 06Oct09 2400 - TOH info theme music and ID
in French - Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
612 MOROCCO MRC RTM, Sebaâ-Aioun 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Arabic - Recorded -
Poor-Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
630 NORWAY NRK, Vigra 05Oct09 2100 - Man in Norwegian, TOH time check, then "Boy
from New York City". - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
639 SPAIN Radio Nacional, various 06Oct09 2400 - // 684 TOH pips, short chimes, woman
in rapid Spanish - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
657 ITALY RAI Radio 1, various 07Oct09 2213 - Man and wonan with news in Italian - Very
Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
666 PORTUGAL Antena 1, various 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Portuguese - Recorded - Poor -
PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
675 NETHERLANDS R Maria, Lopik 05Oct09 2309 - Man in slow paced religious talk in
Dutch - Recorded - Good, over chanting presume LBY - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
684 SPAIN Radio National, Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) 06Oct09 2400 - // 639 TOH pips,
fanfare, woman in rapid Spanish - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
693 AZORES (PORTUGAL) RDP Açores/Antena 1, Sta Barbara-Terceira 07Oct09 0738 -
Lively music and woman in Portuguese - relay Antena 1 from Lisbon - Recorded - Good - PEI
693 ENGLAND (UK) BBC Radio 5 Live, Various 05Oct09 2312 - Man and woman in
discussion about the "Jon and Kate" show - Recorded - Very good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
693 JAPAN JOAB NHK2, Tokyo 07Oct09 0910 - News in English with man and woman -
Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
702 MONACO RMC-Info, Le Col de la Madonne 07Oct09 2200 - Relay of China Radio
International in French - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
711 FRANCE France-Info, Rennes-Thourie 07Oct09 2300 - Woman and man in French -
Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
711.07 WESTERN SAHARA (Pres)RTM, Laayoune 07Oct09 2300 - African sounding
music and singing - Recorded - Poor under France Info - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
720 GREENLAND: (Denmark) KNR, Simiutaq 05Oct09 2316 - Man in Inuit language -
Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
729 GREECE NET 1st px, Athínai 07Oct09 2324 - Traditional Greek music - Recorded -
Very Good, over ESP - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
738 SPAIN Radio National, Palau de Plegamans 08Oct09 0100 - Theme music and "Radio
National de Espana", man and woman in Spanish - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-
747 NETHERLANDS Radio 5, Zeewolde 08Oct09 0100 - TOH pips, ID by Man in Dutch,
then news - Recorded - Poor-fair, under chanting from pres IRN - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
747 IRAN IRIB 1, Bandar-e-Torkaman 08Oct09 0200 - Woman in Farsi with TOH
announcement, then news with "Iran" mentions. - Recorded - fair, over/under HOL - PEI
756 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Ravensburg 06Oct09 2159 - // 1422 Heusweiler -
Classical music - 2200 Woman with ID in German - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
756 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia EA462, Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda) 07Oct09 2222 - Man in
Spanish. - Recorded - Fair, under much stronger Deutschlandfunk - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
765 SWITZERLAND R. Suisse Romande Opt. Musique, Sottens 06Oct09 2159 - "What's
Love got to do with it" - 2200 ID then man in French. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-
774 JAPAN JOUB NHK2, Akita 07Oct09 0917 - Man with news in Spanish - Recorded -
Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
774 JAPAN JOUB NHK2, Akita 06Oct09 0833 - // 747 (JOIB Sapporo), 693 (JOAB Tokyo) -
Man in Japanese - Recorded - Poor-fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
783 GERMANY NDR info, Leipzig-Wiederau 08Oct09 0058 - Woman in German -
Recorded - Poor-fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
792 FRANCE France Info, Limoges-Nieul 08Oct09 0100 - TOH France info theme, woman
in French "You are listening to France Info" and time check. - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-
801 SPAIN Radio Nacional, Ciudad Real 08Oct09 0139 - Spanish talk - Fair - PEI [Black-
819 EGYPT Egyptian Radio, Batrah 07Oct09 2100 - TOH pips (five and one higher pitched)
Then woman with ID "'arabbiya min al-qahira", military sounding music then woman in
Arabic. - Recorded - Very Good, just after RAI TOH CW and ID - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
819 ITALY RAI Radio 1, Trieste 07Oct09 2100 - Typical TOH ID with CW, then pips and
man with "RAI GRuno" then news in Italian. - Recorded - Fair, just before EGY ID - PEI [Black-
828 GERMANY NDR Info, Hannover 08Oct09 0100 - TOH theme and man in German -
Recorded - Poor-fair, under chanting pres LBY - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
837 FRANCE France Info, Nancy-Nomeny 08Oct09 0100 - TOH France info theme, woman
in French "You are listening to France Info" and time check. - Recorded - Fair-Good, mixing
with TOH COPE ID - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
837 IRAN (pres)IRIB 1, Isfahan 06Oct09 2300 - Mid-east music and singing, man in
presumed Farsi. - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
864 FRANCE France Bleu, Paris - Villebon-sur-Yvette 06Oct09 2400 - Soft spoken man in
French over mellow music - Recorded - fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
873 GERMANY AFN Power Network, Oberursel-Weißkirchen 08Oct09 0006 - // 1107 Rock
music, American announcer. - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
882 WALES (UK) BBC Radio Wales, various 06Oct09 2158 - Pop music, female announcer
with promo for BBC Radio Wales. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
891 NETHERLANDS Radio 538, Hulsberg 06Oct09 2201 - Pop music and man in Dutch
with "Nederland" mentions. - Recorded - Fair-Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
900 SAUDI ARABIA General Arabic Programme, Qurayyat 07Oct09 2100 - Man in Arabic -
Recorded - Poor under ITA - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
900 ITALY RAI Radio1, Milano 07Oct09 2100 - // 936, 1062, 1116 (various) -Woman in
Italian giving temperatures in main Italian towns, then CW string (last two letters being GR
presumably for "Giornale Radio", pips and fanfare, then time check "ore ventitre" (23 hrs) and
man with "RAI GRuno". - Recorded - Good-Very Good, verified Alessandro via RealDX - PEI
917 NIGERIA (pres)R Gotel, Yola 06Oct09 2200 - African sounding singing and music, then
woman in unk lang. - Recorded - Very weak with strong QRM from Slovenia - PEI [Black-
918 SLOVENIA Radio Slovenija 1, Ljubljana-Domzale 06Oct09 2200 - Man with "Radio
Slovenia" ID then pips and woman with news in Slovenian. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-
918 SLOVENIA Radio Slovenija 1, Ljubljana-Domzale 05Oct09 2343 - Woman in Slovenian
- Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
927 BELGIUM VRT Radio 1, Wolvertem 07Oct09 2100 - TOH pips then man in Flemish -
Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
954 SPAIN Onda Cero Radio, Ctra Humera (Madrid) 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Spanish -
Recorded - Fair under QAT - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
954 JAPAN JOKR TBS Radio, Tokyo 08Oct09 0949 - Man and woman in Japanese -
Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
954 QATAR QBS Arabic, Al Arish 05Oct09 2347 - Man and woman in Arabic - Recorded -
Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
963 FINLAND Radio 86, Pori 05Oct09 2153 - Man in German with techo-Asian sounding
music announcing from Radio Finland with complete frequency schedule. - Recorded -
Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
963 TUNISIA (pres)Radio Tunisia Cultural channel, Tunis 07Oct09 2100 - Arabic sounding
music and singing, woman in Arabic - Recorded - Fair-Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
972 GERMANY NDR Info, Hamburg 07Oct09 2100 - Man in German with TOH ID,
Hamburg mentions and news. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
972 KOREA, SOUTH HLCA, Dangin 07Oct09 0922 - Global Korean network - Recorded -
poor - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
972 TAJIKISTAN R.Aap Ki Dunyaa, Orzu 07Oct09 2300 - American Blues, then "It's 2300
universal time and here is the news from the Voice of America. Fanfare- From the VOA news
center in Washington ..." - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
972 TAJIKISTAN R.Aap Ki Dunyaa, Orzu 07Oct09 0000 - VOA theme, man with "From the
Voice of America news center in Washington DC" pips and ray gun sound. - Recorded - Good
- PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
981 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 2, Ouled Fayet 07Oct09 2400 - Man in Arabic and interval
signal matched to RTA Channel 2. - Recorded - Fair, under GRC, verified Alessandro and Jari
via RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
981 GREECE ERA 4, Athens 07Oct09 2400 - Man in Greek - Recorded - Good, over ALG,
verified Alessandro via RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
999 MOLDOVA Voice of Russia, Maiac 06Oct09 2200 - Man in Russian and "Golos Rossii"
repeated twice - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1008 NETHERLANDS GrootNieuwsRadio, Zeewolde 07Oct09 2100 - Woman with news in
Dutch. Several "Nederland" mentions. - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1017 GERMANY SWR Cont.Ra, Wolfsheim 07Oct09 2100 - Man in German with news.
TOH pips and time check - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1035 ESTONIA Tartu Family Radio, Tartu 07Oct09 2202 - Man with religious sounding talk
in Russian. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1071 EGYPT (pres)Middle Eastern Radio, Cairo 06Oct09 2200 - Arabic chanting -
Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1107 GERMANY AFN Power Network, Kaiserslautern 07Oct09 2101 - NPR music theme
and "From NPR news in Washington, I'm Jack …" - Recorded - Fair, under ESP - PEI [Black-
 1107 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5, synchros 07Oct09 2100 - Man with "Radio national de
Espana" ID - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1125 BELGIUM RTBF Vivacité, Houdeng 07Oct09 2100 - TOH time check, then man in
French with news. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1134 CROATIA Glas Hrvatske, Rasinovac 06Oct09 2000 - TOH tones (two long and one
longer) then Man with "Hrvatske radio" ID and Man and woman with news in Croatian. -
Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1143 KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) Radio Mayak relay, Bolshakovo 07Oct09 2235 - Man and
woman in Russian - Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1161 IRAN VOIRI, Abadan 08Oct09 0100 - Woman in Arabic - Recorded - Fair, mixing with
ALG, language verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1161 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 1, Ahaggar 08Oct09 0100 - Man in Arabic with promo for their
Holy Quran program. - Recorded - Fair, mixing with IRN, language verified Mauno Ritola via
RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1188 HUNGARY MR4, various 07Oct09 2124 - Formal sounding orchestral music and
singing and man in presumed Hungarian. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1188 IRAN Radio Payam, Tehran 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Farsi with "Payam" mention. -
Recorded - Excellent, verified Sylvain via RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1197 ENGLAND (UK) Absolute Radio, various 07Oct09 2059 - // stronger 1215 - Man and
woman UK accent, spot for personal injury laywer, gave phone# - Recorded - Poor-Fair,
mixing ESP - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1197 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia EAJ162, Vitoria (Esti Baliz) 07Oct09 2133 - Man in Basque -
Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1215 KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo 05Oct09 2021 - Voice of
Russia World Service in English with man describing Bolshoi Ballet theater renovation and
modernization. - Recorded - Excellent - mixing slightly with Absolute Radio - PEI [Black-
1215 KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo 06Oct09 2000 - "Great gate of
Kiev" Bells interval signal, anthem music, "This is the voice of Russia World Service" then
woman with news in English - Recorded - Fair-Good mixing with UK Absolute Radio - PEI
1224 SPAIN COPE, unknown location 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Spanish with "El Tirachinas"
the sports program on COPE network. - Recorded - Good, verified Mauricio Molano via
RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1242 FRANCE France Info, Marseille-Cabriès-Réaltor 07Oct09 2100 - TOH theme music,
time check then woman in French with news - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1251 LIBYA (Pres)Voice of Africa, Tripoli 07Oct09 2300 - Man in Arabic - Recorded - Fair -
PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1269 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Neumünster 06Oct09 2300 - Pop music, woman in
German and man with "Deutschland" mention. - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1278 FRANCE France Bleu/France Bleu Elsass, Sélestat 07Oct09 2200 - Pop music in
French and English. "Love was made for me and you", fanfare and "France Bleu" ID. -
Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1287 ISRAEL Galei Zahal, Ramle 07Oct09 2100 - // 6973 Woman in Hebrew then TOH ID
in Hebrew. - Recorded - Good, over ESP - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1296 AFGHANISTAN VOA, Pol-e-Charkhi (Kabul) 07Oct09 2300 - Man with VOA news in
English with the same announcer and script as the VOA news heard on 972 from TJK. -
Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1296 ENGLAND (UK) Radio XL 1296 AM, Langley Mill 07Oct09 2100 - Asian music then
spot for appliances by man UK accent, gave phone# - Recorded - Fair, mixing with rich
orchestral music - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1305 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5, synchros 07Oct09 2100 - // 1314 Man with "Radio National
de Espana" - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1323 GERMANY Voice of Russia, Wachenbrunn 07Oct09 2100 - Bells Interval signal, then
TOH ID and man with news in Russian. - Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1323 GERMANY Voice of Russia, Wachenbrunn 06Oct09 2031 - Woman in French (2000-
2100 per EMWG) - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1332 IRAN Radio Tehran, Tehran 05Oct09 2225 - String instramental and song with man in
Persian. - Recorded - Good, over ROU - language verified Dmitry Mezin via RealDX - PEI
1332 ROMANIA România Actualitata, Galati 05Oct09 2225 - Man with news in Romanian -
Recorded - Fair, under IRN music - language verified Dmitry Mezin via RealDX - PEI [Black-
1359 SPAIN Radio National, Arganda del Rey 08Oct09 0100 - TOH theme music and man
with "Radio national de Espana" ID then time check - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-
1368 ISLE OF MAN (UK) Manx Radio, Foxdale 07Oct09 2102 - "The late show brought to
you by …. Giving you the freedom of choice to live your life in your home your way". -
Recorded - Fair - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1368 ISRAEL Galei Zahal, -txs in Filon (10) and Shivta (20 kW) 06Oct09 2123 - // 6973
Man in Hebrew and Israeli music - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1377 FRANCE France Info, Lille-Camphin en Carembault 05Oct09 2029 - French program
- Very good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1386 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia EAJ362, Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda) 06Oct09 2044 - Man in
Basque - Recorded - Good - Verified Mauricio Sánchez via RealDX - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1386 KUWAIT Radio Farda or Sawa 07Oct09 2100 - Man in Arabic with "Radio Kuwait" ID.
Didn't sound like normal VOA programming. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1394.8 ALBANIA Radio Tirana/Trans World Radio, Fllakë 05Oct09 2038 - Man in Croatian
per EMWG at this time. - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1422 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler 07Oct09 2100 - TOH "Deutschlandfunk" ID
by man in German, then woman in German. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1431 UKRAINE Radio Ukraine R3 (R Muz) 05Oct09 2050 - Woman in Ukranian with
classical music in background. - Recorded - Excellent - Lang verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX
- PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1440 LUXEMBOURG RTL Radio – Die Grössten Oldies/ China Radio International/KBS
World Radio 07Oct09 2100 - Relaying CRI in EE -"This program is brought to you by Radio 86
in cooperation with RTL Luxembourg and China Radio International. From Beijing, this is CRI,
China Radio International". Then ID in chinese. - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1449 ITALY RAI Radio 1, various 06Oct09 2051 - Woman in Italian - Recorded - Fair, over
LBY - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1458 ENGLAND (UK) Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park 05Oct09 2104 - Woman with Asian
sounding song, Woman in Asian lang and English - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-
1467 FRANCE Trans World Radio, Roumoules 05Oct09 2106 - Man in Kayble per EMWG -
Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1467 FRANCE Trans World Radio, Roumoules 06Oct09 2143 - Man and woman in Tarifit
per EMWG - Recorded - Excellent, over IRN - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1467 IRAN (Pres)IRIB 1, Isfahan 06Oct09 2143 - Farsi sounding talk and music - Recorded
- Poor, under FRA - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1476 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia EAJ562, San Sebastian (Biribilondo-Zubieta) 05Oct09 2112 -
Woman in Basque - Recorded - Good - Verified Mauricio Sánchez via RealDX - PEI [Black-
1476 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UAE Radio, Dubai 06Oct09 2152 - Women in teletalk -
Recorded - Excellent, over weak chanting poss R Araz AZE - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1485 ENGLAND (UK) BBC Radio, various 05Oct09 2118 - Several women UK accents
making fun of song titles - Recorded - Very good, mixing with Melilla/Spain - PEI [Black-
1485 MELILLA/SPAIN SER, synchros 05Oct09 2117 - Man in SS - Recorded - Good - PEI
1494 CORSICA (FRANCE) (Pres)France Bleu/Radio Corsa Frequenza Mora, Bastia
13Oct08 2121-29 - Man in French - Recorded - Very Good, mixing with France Info and jazz
from Greece //1512 - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1494 FRANCE France Info, various 05Oct09 2121-29 - Woman in French teletalk and
French pop music. - Recorded - Very Good, mixing with man in French (pres Corsica) and
jazz from Greece //1512 - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1503 EGYPT North Sinai Radio, El Arish 07Oct09 2100 - Church bell "Big Ben" interval
signal only, no audio. - Recorded - poor, under IRN - verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX - PEI
1503 IRAN IRIB Sarasary, Bushehr 05Oct09 2201 - Man in Farsi and music - Recorded -
Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1512 GREECE ERA-2, Chania 05Oct09 2121-29 - // 1494 Jazz music - Recorded - Very
Good, mixing with France-Info and man in French (pres Corsica) - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1521 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA, Duba 05Oct09 1950 - // 9870, 9555 Arabic talk - Fair-good
PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1530 VATICAN STATE Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria 05Oct09 2204 - Light
classical religious music - Recorded - Excellent - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1530 ROMANIA România Actualitati, various 08Oct09 0035 - // 1179 Ray Charles
"Georgia" - Very good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1539 GERMANY Evangeliums Rundfunk, Mainflingen 07Oct09 2059 - Man in German with
frequencies, 2100 BBC news in English. - Recorded - Good - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1539 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES VOA Radio Aap Ki Dunyaa, Al-Dhabbaya 14Oct08 2147 -
Man in Urdu - Recorded - Very Good - verified Jari Savolainen via RealDX - PEI [Black-
1548 KUWAIT R Sawa, Kuwait City 06Oct09 2227 - Man in Arabic with Radio SAWA ID -
Recorded - Good, mixing MDA - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1548 MOLDOVA Trans World Radio/Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol 05Oct09 2212 - Woman
in Serbian per EMWG at this time. - Recorded - Very Good, over/under Sawa - PEI [Black-
1557 FRANCE France Info, Nice-Fontbonne 05Oct09 2216 - Talk in French - Very Good -
PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1566 INDIA AIR, Nagpur 08Oct09 0038 - Woman with news in English until 0040, parallel
5010 SW - Recorded - Poor - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1566 IRAN IRIB 1, Bandar-Abbas 05Oct09 2217 - Chanting - Poor, mixing with PSA man in
UK accent, presume County sound - PEI [Black-MA/PEI]
1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R Farda, Al Dhabiya 05Oct09 2218 - Mid East music and
man in Persian per EMWG - "Radio FarDUH" ID by man - Recorded - Very Good - PEI [Black-
The band wasn't very good last night but got a nice full ID in English from Croatia on 1134.
1134 CROATIA Glas Hrvatske, Rasinovac 19Oct09 0200 - TOH tones (two long and one
longer) then woman in Croatian with ID "Glas Hrvatske", then man in English "This is Croatian
Radio, the voice of Croatia", then woman "Your're listening to Croatian Radio's English
language news and current affairs service". - Recorded - Very Good [Black-MA]
747 JAPAN JOIB NHK2, Sapporo 21Oct09 1035 - // 774 (JOUB Akita) Woman in Japanese. –
Recorded - Poor [Black-MA]Pretty weak as would be expected, but clearly parallel the two
carriers which showed up nicely on the Perseus.
540.18 NICARAGUA YNOW R Corporación, Managua 25Oct09 0300 - Spanish talk
through TOH by President Zelaya, saying towards the end that he misses Nicaragua.
MWOffsets shows this frequency for YNOW. - Recorded - Good, verified Henrik Klemetz via
RealDX [Black-MA]
702 MONACO (Pres)RMC-Info, Le Col de la Madonne 23Oct09 2200 - American female
pop song, then woman in French, short Oriental music ID. Faded before TOH. EMWG and
WRTH show CRI relay this time. - Poor-Fair [Black-MA]
909 YEMEN (Pres)YRTC, Al-Hudaydah 01Oct09 2230 - Man in presume Arabic under BBC
- Recorded - Poor-Fair, Mauno Ritola believes Yemen - WRTH shows 750 KW [Black-MA]
1440 LUXEMBOURG RTL Radio – Die Grössten Oldies/ China Radio International/KBS
World Radio 23Oct09 2200 - Chinese lessons, then theme music and man with "From Beijing,
this is CRI, China Radio Inernational" then ID in chinese, then news in English. - Recorded -
Fair [Black-MA]
540 COLOMBIA HJKA R Auténtica Básica, SF de Bogatá 27Oct09 0900 - Man with "Radio
Auténtico de Colombia" ID. Not sure if this was on the 540.0 carrier or the noted ~540.028
offset carrier. - Recorded - Fair-Good [Black-MA]

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE
Sangean DT400W or as listed

I think someone took out a power pole down the street at about 1600 local and the power didn't
come back on until about 2000. Took advantage of quieter-than-normal conditions and
bagged several new logs on my DT-200VX and PL-300WT:
1180 WMYT       Carolina Beach NC, 1840, “The Word 1180”, and call ID with mention of
Carolina Beach, local ads for the Wilmington area, 1840*. My 50th North Carolina ultralight
station and a new station overall
1170 WQVA       Lexington SC, 1845, Urban gospel, clear WQVA ID, listed as Spanish but
clearly running English urban gospel, or maybe just on the weekends?
1680 WOKB       Winter Gardens FL, 1855, ad for a (urban Christian?) night club with a 407
area code, quick then fade out. New UL log.
1550 WAZX       Smyrna GA, 1900, quick “WAZX, Smyrna” ID popped up out of the gumbo, not
even sure of the programming, but may have been Spanish. New UL log and one for the
overall log.
Now at 607 ultralight stations and 839 stations overall.
I got one new log on the ultralights this morning, plus an unidentified station-
630 WPRO, Providence RI, 0700, ABC news, Accuweather forecast, call ID mentioning 99.7
FM, into Rhode Island ads, heard barefoot on the PL-300WT. My 621st ultralight station.
630 UNID, "Faith Line" program, 0645-0700, mainly southern-gospel-type music, fade-out by
TOH (of course) and replaced by WPRO. This is not WPRO or WMAL. Maybe CFCO? But
no mention of this on their website.

Eric Berger – Carleton, MI
GE Superadio III

I am hearing WKQW-1120 decently this evening. They aren't playing HSFB, but they are
playing Oldies with frequent IDs. I'm hearing names of "Oldies 1120" and "11-Q."They're giving
KMOX a run for their money here in Carleton, MI!
Interestingly, KSFB seems to be few and far between tonight for some reason; and the few
games that have faded up didn't hang around for very long.
Heard in Carleton, MI on Thursday 22 October using a GE Superadio III, stock ferrite rod
antenna. All times are Eastern Daylight.
20.41 ** WNCT-AM 1070 Greenville, NC - Fair with Classic R&B mx, IDs between records.
New catch!
21.21 ** -AM 530 La Habana, CUBA - Poor toward south with very soft mx, 'Radio
21.28 ** KASM-AM 1150 Albany, MN - Poor with weakened CKOC pest: Albany wx, sign off,
SSB, carrier cut. Rare!
23.05 ** WHBY-AM 1150 Kimberly, WI - Very poor under pest CKOC with Rusty Humphries
23.17 ** -AM 790 - Poor with 'I Fall To Pieces,' with more old C&W mx. Obviously not CIGM.
Who could it be? Rx facing NNE/SSW for strongest signal.
20.41 ** WNCT-AM 1070 Greenville, NC - Fair with Classic R&B, 'Beach Boogie & Blues,'
numerous IDs. New catch!
21.21 ** -AM 530 La Habana, CUBA (?) - Poor with Radio Enciclopedia, very soft mx.
21.28 ** KASM-AM 1150 Albany, MN - Faded up over weakened CKOC with Albany wx, sign
off, SSB. Rare!
23.05 ** WHBY-AM 1150 Kimberly, WI - Poor under CKOC with CNN nx, ad, Rusty
23.17 ** WMC-AM 790 Memphis, TN (t) - Poor with Old C&W. Thanks to ABDX contributors for
their assistance on this one!
20.50 ** WAEB-AM 790 Allentown, PA - Poor with ads, 'News-Talk 790 WAEB.'
21.20 ** WNQM-AM 1300 Memphis, TN - Fair with SS ads
21.44 ** WGOW-AM 1150 Chattanooga, TN - Fair over weakened CKOC with Laura Ingraham
22.22 ** PJB3-AM 800 Netherlands Antilles - Poor under CKLW with bilingual religious show.
Thanks to those who helped ID it! New catch! New Country!
22.30 ** YVMN-AM 780 Coro, Venezuela - Poor in WBBM null with ads in SS, Radio Coro, into
YL giving nx. New catch and COUNTRY!
22.15 ** KSAL-AM 1150 Salina, KS - Poor under CKOC with Dave Ramsey, matched
Webcast. New catch and much wanted!
22.59 ** CIWW-AM 1310 Ottawa, ONT - Poor but over WDTW at times with Oldies 1310.
1.56 ** WKJV-AM 1380 Asheville, NC - Fair with C&W Gospel mx, ID into wx, lost. Common
around LSR/LSS, never hear them at this hour!
Charles Taylor – Grifton, NC
Drake R8B and EWE

This evening at 2210 October 9, 2009, I heard Radio Agramonte on 1390.
Last evening at 1340 October 8, 2009, I head Radio Encliopedia on 1260.
I assign callsigns in sequential order about the net feed (master) station's callsign.
I already have CMFA logged. I do not have CMBQ logged; but I have a whole passel of Radio
Encliopedia stations logged. Some of them come from locations unknown.
I cannot have two or more CMBQ stations. It make my logbook a nasty dither!
Ergo/therefore & jest becuz, My logbook lists CMBQ1, CMBQ2, CMBQ3, CMBQ4, CMBQ5,
Would somebody advise me of some form of medicine that would innoculate me against them
dod-dern Cuban stations.
The Radio Encliopedia Popular station that I reported was on 1489.980 rather than
1499.980 that I reported. On a graveyard no less!
I am considering logging the most powerful Cuban on 1490, as the Cubans seem to carry RE
programming at times; as they don't have to show a profit to stay on the air.

Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD
DX396 and 20’ wire

770 CHQR, Calgary AB, 50kw, 805 miles. 10/27 @ 6:40pm, CDT. Calgary weather, news and
1600 KGYM, Cedar Rapids, IA, 5k, 422 miles. 10/27 @ 7pm. IDs as "1600, ESPN radio"
Mention of Iowa football.
1010 CBR, Calgary, AB, 50k, 805 miles. 10/27 @ 10pm CBC One, Local weather.

Mark Meece – Miamisburg, OH
Sony SRF59 Nekkid

Here are some my recent loggings. Nothing overly exciting, many I logged many times before
over the years non-ULR of course.There are a couple that are unidentified here, if anyone can
helpwith these, please feel free to chime in.
For URL purposes I am standing at 19 states heard, and 47 total.Not bad considering I started
ULR DXing in April and took a summer hiatus.
0200-0215 EDT 1190 WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN. ID into ESPN Radio, Radio Shack ad.
0217-0223 EDT 12?? UNID. The Papa Joe (Chavalier) Show discussing "The
Ultimate Book of Sports Movies". ad. 0024 ad for Advil Cold and Sinus. [Tried
looking up the Papa Joe Show affiliate list and couldn't find a match]. Using the SRF-59
I'm not sure of the exact frequency. It was near 1190 where I was just listening.
0200-0205 EDT 1160 WYLL, Chicago, IL. ID "Celebrating 20 Years of Service 1160
0059-0107 EDT 740 CBL, Toronto, ONT. "Conspiracy Show" into ID "Toronto's All Night
0012-0022 CDT 870 WWL, New Orleans, LA. "The Dave Ramsey Show" into various ads.
ID at 0021.0123-0128 EDT 860? UNID, YL in French interspersed with folk, ethnic
music in French.
0145-0149 EDT 1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA. "Overnight America" prgm discussing
shark encounters w/ Stephanie ?. ID at 0148 "Newsradio 1020 KDKA".
0149-0155 EDT 1030 WBZ, Boston, MA. Ad for "Thr Mount Vernon" (restaraunt) new
location in Lynnfield.
0058-0102 CDT 1040 WHO, Des Moines, IA. TOH ID: "Iowa's News Source" into prgm
Coast to Coast AM.
This past Thursday I hit a night of DX that broke all my distance records for domestic DX. My
little Sony SRF-59 running barefoot set records my various big rigs over the years couldn't do
with the antenna farm I used to have 20 years ago.
Fantastic opening to the west pulled in KNX, Los Angeles and KSL in Salt Lake. I now stand at
22 states heard and 58 logged overall on the SRF-59.
0046-0057 CDT 830 WCCO, Minneapolis, MN. Various ads and PSAs into ID
"Broadcasting from the ? Studios. This is 830 WCCO". Into prgm on fantasy football w/ Eric
Nelson and Jeffrey Dodge.
0208-0211 EDT 840 WHAS. Louisville, KY. Weather from the WHAS Weather Center,
into Coast to Coast AM w/ George Nouri.
0213-0222 EDT 900 CHML, Hamilton, ON. Dr. Joy Brown prgm. Ad for Millionaire's
Daughter at 0219.
0233-0238 EDT 940 CINW, Montreal, QC. ID "AM 940 Montreal's ?.
0237-0245 EDT 940 WMIX, Mt. Vernon, IL. ID;"The best variety of talk and music, AM 940
WMIX". Into Air Supply song "Every Woman In The World".
1151-1152 PDT 1070 KNX,Los Angeles, CA. Sports into ID; "KNX News time is 1152".
[This was a complete shock, caught during a fade of closer by WFNI in Indy. This sets the AM
distance record for me at 1930 miles. I couldn't sleep for an hour after this I was so hyped over
hearing them.]
0255-0300 EDT 1070 WFNI, Indianapolis, IN. ID; "1070 The Fan", into ESPN Radio
[There are way too many ESPN Radio affiliates on the dial]. TOH ID;"Indy's Sportscenter,
WFNI, The Fan".
0107-0117 MDT 1160 KSL, Salt Lake City, UT. ID into the Jim Bohannon Show
discussing FBI File on George Carlin, opened by his daughter. [Nice opening to the west this
night, first KNX on 1070, and then 1160 KSL at 1470 miles, both my longest domestic DX].

Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA
Sony 2010 and Kiwa Pocket Loop

8:05pm PDT - KWEI 1260 Weiser, ID is booming in with Grizzlies FB vs. Homedale(?) and lots
of local ads, and mentions that the Grizzlies had played Weiser last week. New!
Also noted several of the usual suspects -
1180 KERN Bakersfield, CA ("Stars") with Renegades FB promo
1220 KHTS Santa Clarita, CA (Saugus HS)
1380 KLPZ Parker, AZ (Parker HS Broncs)
1430 KFIG Fresno, CA (Clovis West HS)
1700 XEPE "Tecate"
Just the usual suspects here in San Diego. I noted KTNN-660 with a great signal (female
announcer), KRVN-880, KGAK-1330 Gallup, NM (in Navajo), KLPZ-1380 Parker, AZ, not
much else.
Seems to be getting ready to sign off @7:06pm Pacific. This is the time of year to hear them.

Down in the Basement
(Editor – Jay Heyl)

Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC
Sangean CST-818, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop

162 FRANCE France Inter, Allouis OCT 16 0410 - discussing contemporary French litterature. Fair and
improoving with transmitter site grayline dawn enhancement. (Chiochiu*P-QC)

171 MOROCCO Medi Un, Nador (no) OCT - no reception of this station during the last couple of nights.
However, on late afternoons, 9575 kHz SW has been fair to good, so apparently they increased power on SW
while working on their LW transmitter ? (Chiochiu*P-QC / Chiochiu*MtlEST-QC)

183 GERMANY Europe 1, Felsberg AUG 6 0310 - playing "Elle a les yeux revolver" 1985 French variety classic
by Marc Lavoine, then the man announcer talking about the birthday of this great singer ! Very good reception,
one of the best showings of Europe 1 the past summer ! (Chiochiu*P-QC)

189 ICELAND Rikisútvarpid, Gufuskalar OCT 16 0340 - playing some hard rock music selections done by a man
in Icelandic. Poor-fair with static scratches; the only LW broadcaster audible then. (Chiochiu*MtlEST-QC) +OCT
18 0450 - playing some psychedelic classic rock with some "Ruv Fur" jingles interspersed in beetwen. At 0600
had a short IS followed by nx in Icelandic. Powerful signal, but disturbed by static scratches with the PK's
Shielded Magnetic longwave loop on a SW-NE bearing ! SINPO 45252 (Chiochiu*P-QC)

198 ENGLAND BBC Radio 4, Droitwich OCT 16 0407 - Very poor with talk in British accented English.
Destroyed at home in Pierrefonds by an awful computer-like buzz ! (Chiochiu*MtlEST-QC)

216 FRANCE RMC Info, Romoules OCT 16 0425 - French soccer-related chatter. Good. SINPO 34454

234 LUXEMBOURG RTL, Junglister / Beidweler OCT 16 0412 - French weather reports. Poor, but readable !
(Chiochiu*MtlEST-QC) +OCT 18 0430 - two men discussing in French. Fair signal, but completly destroyed by a
computer growl... Unlike the beacons who are using NEARBY frequencies, the COMPUTER GROWL WAS
RIGHT ON 234 kHz. SINPO 31241 (Chiochiu*P-QC)

252 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 3, Tipaza OCT 16 0410 - Algerian weather repport. Briefly up at a poor-fair level
with almost no QRM. (Chiochiu*MtlEST-QC) +OCT 18 0440 - talking about the morning show going on until 9AM
local time. Fair with a high pitched growl other than local UL 248 NDB QRM. SIO 322. (Chiochiu*P-QC)
153 unID OCT 22 0305 - two or three signals mixing. Nothing readable. (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

162 FRANCE France Inter, Allouis OCT 20 0503 - to fair-good peak. Didn't took any specific notes while I was
listening, as even though the signal was almost good, it is often noisier way down there and the station is a run of
the mil catche during average conditions. LW condx were slightly below average with some pleasant surprises
(see 252 below). (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

171 MOROCCO (no) Medi Un, Nador OCT - still no reception of this station. However, one night (OCT 22 around
0305 UTC) I caught very weakly some Slavic talk and some Dance Music which lead to either Ukraine or Russia.
Are they leaving longwave for good in order to allow for better shortwave coverage ? If Morocco-171 is gone, then
hearing Arabic on LW will become more difficult... Well... (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

183 GERMANY Europe 1, Felsberg OCT 20 0415 - with the news stories of the day... A man in Montpellier
(southern France) has killed a thief who had a gun on his hands and was trying to stole gold and money from his
house. He was sent to justice, but he appears to be avoiding jail, since he tried to fight for his life and the one of
his family. Also, weather warnings for southern France and Corsica concerning huge thunderstorms that were
predicted for later the same day... Often huge with slow and deep fadings, while an annoying buzz was popping in
and out... SINPO 45332 (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

189 ICELAND Rikisútvarpid, Gufuskalar OCT 22 0344 - playing some lite rock. Poor. Condx were poor on OCT
21 / OCT 22 UTC on longwave with some nice, albeit weak surprises. (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

198 ENGLAND BBC Radio 4, Droitwich OCT 20 0348 - playing a World Beat program made by BBC World
Service. Fairly good, best signal from them in ages ! I have to admit, however, that my weekend home isn't the
perfect choice for DXing on 198 kHz, because I have a weird noise RIGHT ON this channel ! (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-

207 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Münich OCT 20 0407 - Tentative with woman in German weakly through
some threshold-strength NDBs. (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

216 FRANCE RMC, Romoules OCT 20 0420 - with their ever lengthy morning newscast. They carried pretty
much the same stories as Europe 1 (see 183 above). Huge, over / under what was perphaps CLB if I understood
morse. (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

234 LUXEMBOURG RTL, Beidweler and / or Junglister OCT 20 0403 - to good peak with an item regarding the
swine flu (H1N1) vaccine shot and the beginning of the vaccination campaign... It's scary because I had huge
traumas with the first shots here (I even deleted my Aventure FM 06.10.1988 tape after two painful shots), but
that's another story and isn't related to this log ! (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

252 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 3, Tipaza OCT 19 0246 - playing traditionnal Arabic music that was midway
between raï and folk. Huge at tune-in, but quickly faded away leading to Ireland underneath to come atop ! Ireland
had its best peak after 0400 GMT / UTC. SINPO 4232-1 +OCT 22 0340 - playing "Je l'aime à mourir" by Francis
Cabrel from 1979. Somewhat fair with deep fadings. This station plays Techno, raï and French chanson, it is as
eclectic as a public radio might be... It's the French service of Algerian public radio ! (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

252 IRELAND RTE Radio One, Clarkestown OCT 19 0406 - to fair peak with traditionnal Irish flutes. SINPO
32322 (Chiochiu-MTL-EST-QC)

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA
HQ-180A, Palomar VLF converter, 80' wire
332 POA Pahoa HI 10/18 0925UTC, weak with cw ID
Darwin Long – Simi Valley, CA
Yesterday morning while on a trip to northern CA coast, was using a DX440
with hi-Q tunable mag-mount whip fed into loop-antenna FET to monitor decent
skywave of my beacon SMV on 187kHz. Noted nightly regular GTRK Radio Rossi
from Belogorsk, Russia (150kW) on 189khz 1215-1430z with extremely solid
copy (probably best I've heard in a decade), and excellent noise-free sound
with radio in wideband mode. Signal was also plainly audible just using
radio's built-in loop barefoot. Programming was jazz both hours, with TOH
news and station ID (preceded by interval signals). Programming // 153kHz
GTRK RR Komsomolsk, Russia (1.2MW, but much weaker as it is nearly
transpolar from here, and was daylight at that transmitter). Even 2 hrs
after sunrise, the carrier on 189 was still strong. During the dead of
winter, the 189 carrier is detectable all day when they're not off-air.

Now the question... is reception of a signal I'm generating when I am 514
miles away from it really considered DX? I've 'logged myself" over 1021
miles away so far. What do I do - write myself a reception report and then
turn around and send myself a QSL?

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA
Icom R-75, Super Loop

A couple from last night: Scotland and Chile
<06:26:44> ZCZC OA15
<06:26:46> WZ 1145
<06:26:59> 53-00.66N 005-54.44W AND 52-57.42N 005-54.07W MARKED BY ORANGE SPHERICAL
<06:27:20> NNNN

<08:32:59> ZCZC KA05
<08:33:01> RUTINA
<08:33:02> 260830 UTC OCT 2009
<08:33:14> CARTA NR 8000. CORRENTOYET_
<08:33:18> H
<08:33:19> _NSTALADO EN L-441532S9
<08:33:22> G-0731204W7. PDOFUNDIDAD 15 Y#
<08:33:28> NNNN

The Whole Earth
Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE
Kaito 2100 barefoot

I caught Glen Hauser on Radio Miami about 8;00 pm central i think? and have been band
scanning all evening ,around 6100 khz had station every 10 khz ,almost .just checked WMRI
it's still there 9;30 pm
Too much i don't understand on the different languages but it was interesting to get a lot of
shortwave stations ,of course radio cuba was there 6000khz,and a few manderine language
stations ,i'll try to copy some down and send a report later
Thur. Oct 29
9;37-10;16 PM central
10000 khz Time in UTC Denver?
9955 Talk Program WMRI
9840 Manderine ,drifting badly with static
9805 SS Very Strong and clear ,Several mentions of Nicaragua
9760 SS music
9710 Unid Music ,lots of static
9695 Manderine Man speaking
9680 English ,talking about a festival in Tiawan
9665 Japenese ? possibly news show?
9585 Manderine , sounds like Viatnam?
9525 Christian broadcast,
9510 same as above ,both in english
9460 Booming in -Deep female voice with music
7520 SS with Christian music
7510 More modern sounding Christian music
7460 Christian station ,music
7420 Same with sermon
7385 Unid music
7375 Some type of Swing music?
7335 SS a little fade but good signal
7305 Christian sermon-talk english
7235 Man saying- BBC There are no programs on this channel at present details at BBC
World . com
6890 Christian Broadcast ,English
6290 Middle eastern music ,sounds like prayers?
6270 More modern sounding music Middle eastern and woman talking in english ,hard to
understand, poor copy
6190 Woman with World news ,in english
6180 SS I think i heard the word Cuba?
6165 Unid Male voice
6140 SS
6120 SS
6095 Christian station ,Preaching
6080 Unid Voice but sounds German ?
6050 SS mention of Colombia
6045 Young male voice talking about Africa in english
6010 Strong signal ,Unid voice possibly Russian?
6000 Havana Cuba
5980 Sounds like German mixed with english
5960 Manderine
5950 Woman in english talking about Tiawan
5940 Christian station,Nashville
5880 Woman talking about Pumpkins and their Place at halloween ,english
I know there isn't much info here, but gives you an idea of what i heard ,my language skills are
so limited .The last few nights also had the time channel at 2500 and 5000 khz i think from
Colo.? usually only have the one at 5000 khz

Martin Foltz - Mission Viejo, CA

9955 WRMI 10/28 0020-0056 UTC, The Happy Station Show with interview of an ex-Radio
Moscow announcer.
Here is what I received for an email reception report:
Thanks very much for your report, Martin.
We will certainly send you a WRMI QSL card.
We are currently transmitting towards the west coast (Vancouver) on Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday nights, experimentally, from 0000-0800 UTC to see how late the signal gets into the
west coast. So you heard the first hour of that transmission. Possibly the signa strength gets
better during the following hours,although at a certain point it may drop off because of 9955
kHz being above the maximum usuable frequency. Your observations are very much
appreciated and welcome.
Jeff White
General Manager
WRMI Radio Miami International
175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4
Miami, Florida 33172 USA
Tel +1-305-559-9764
Fax +1-305-559-8186
Cell +1-786-942-4205
6925USB Scott Joplin Radio 10/31 0303-0319UTC, tuned in to piano music from The Sting, ID
0311 with whistling after it, back to The Sting music. Gone at 0319. Peaked at a good signal.

Rick Barton – Cave Creek, AZ
Drake R-8 and wire or as listed

13845 USA / TN WWCR 1300 + Dr. Gene preaching hrd during random tune. At the risk
of embarassing myself (i may have missed a post from Glenn or someone else frm the list), i
didnt take note of it until this morning that we're not getting the raspy Brother Scare half the
day now-? hearing P.M. Scott on recheck at 1845.
(DX-160 & indoor wire , Barton-AZ)

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 1: 1353 equally poor on 8400 and 9000 --- altho some days one is
very much better than the other. Do they keep shifting transmitters sites, azimuths, or what? At
1357 better on 10210 to fair level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC anomaly report Oct 1: at 0554, 6140 in Spanish instead of English, perhaps
due to Spanish transmitter on 6120 missing. English still on 6060, 6010, and Spanish on 6000.
13740, CRI relay in English at 1401 kiept dropping off the air, once right after asserting
``nothing but socialism``, ha2. 1402 back on at first with squeal only, then adding modulation,
still hiccuping. Only the worst transmitters are reserved in Cuba for the ChiCom comrades, but
this may change soon with some newer ones being installed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ECUADOR. Monitored what was presumably the final broadcast of HCJB from Ecuador
(except for the prolonged regional service on 6050), UT Oct 1 on 9745; tune in around 0430
and something was being said about the finale, but nothing out of the ordinary in the next
semihour, which was the regular program `El Camino` referring to who else but JC? Mostly
praise music in Spanish, occasional announcements, including one greeting from an ALAS
affiliate in Guatemala. All this was bothered by splatter spikes from VOR Spanish via Guiana
French on 9735 with an even stronger signal. Fortunately it was off by 0459 so my recording of
the HCJB QRT was less marred.
Automated ID at 0459:30 plugged the mountain peaks of Ecuador, gave frequencies as 9745
for México and 21455 for Europa! So that frequency closed down a sesquiyear ago still
survived in outdated announcements to the very end. Obviously no one is paying attention at
Quito studios, so how can they expect listeners to pay attention? Sign-off made no indication it
was the very end, but said they would be back on air at 3:30 am in Quechua, no frequency, but
0500 national anthem, one of many from Latin America I never tire of hearing; the refrain is
``gloria a ti`` which could easily be mistaken for a religious remark rather than referring to the
patria itself. Over at 0503, a few sex of open carrier, and then gone forever.
Here`s one source for lofi audio both instrumental and vocal, and linx to the lyrix, referring to
Ecuador`s breast and forehead:
This one also has an English translation:
** FRANCE. RFI missing from 7265, Oct 1 at 0550. This is the frequency which had been
heard with a heavy echo the past two nights. Yet SW neighbors 7240 Portugal, 7250 Vatican,
7275 Tunisia were in with good signals, so I think RFI must really have been off, perhaps trying
to rid itself of the double audio/transmission (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR VBS, 9870, fluttery but fairly good signal, enough to enjoy the music, around
1415 UT Oct 1; still going at 1559 recheck after WRMI signed off 9955 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INDONESIA. VOI still on 9525.9 Oct 1 at quick check 1355 before being hit by 9525.0 het de
CRI prélude to Russian. In English, and also still with sufficient modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** PORTUGAL. DRM noise, 15635-15640-15645, Oct 1 at 1440, or is it Ethiopian jamming?
No, DW via Sines scheduled 14-16, 90 kW at 40 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** ANTARCTICA. Just a trace of a signal from LRA36 on 15476, Oct 1 at 1945; nothing like the
S9 peaks a week before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 2: at 1240, JBA on 9000, and NBA (not barely audible) on 8400; nor
sometime during the next hour audible on 10210 or anywhere higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. You never know whether 6140 from RHC will be in Spanish or English, tho the online
schedule says English. Oct 2 at 0511 it was in English, tho hummy, // 6060 and 6010, despite
Spanish frequency 6120 still absent, which 24 hours earlier we assumed might be the reason
why 6140 had switched to Spanish. Only 6000 had Spanish this time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ECUADOR. Yes, HCJB lives on 6050, presumably its only remaining SW frequency
(regional services on 3220, 6080 also gone?), Oct 2 at 1200 in Spanish with business as usual
with religious comments, mixed with some federal and municipal government PSAs produced
so as to sound like commercials. Hetting Malaysia 6049.6v. HCJB slowly fades down as the
sun rises over Quito and Enid, but is capable of reaching at least as far as Florida all day
** FRANCE. Checking once again for RFI on 7265 during the 05-06 UT hour, which for two
days was heavily echoing, then missing Oct 1: on Oct 2 at 0535 I could barely make out very
weak YL talk in French, and seemed not to have an echo, but instead a much quicker
reverb/hollow sound. Neighbors Portugal 7240, Vatican 7250, Ascension 7255, Tunisia 7275
were all much stronger, so these variations from France are still odd. Maybe TDF are playing
with azimuth changes at Issoudun or even experimenting with other relay sites, which could
explain the double audio earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GUAM [and non]. 11880, Oct 2 at 1331 with talk in Thai, as scheduled from KSDA on M/W/F
at 1330-1400, while English is on Thu and Sat, Cambodian on Sun & Tue. Bothered by rapid
clicking slightly on the hi side, as often heard. I suspect that is spurious from the DentroCuban
Jamming Command on 11845; resembles the clicking often audible around 6080, which would
likewise be spurious from 6030 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. 9425, AIR National Channel via Bengaluru, Oct 2 at 1320 with IS, into Vande
Mataram. (Ron Howard explained that it`s the National Song of India, which can allegedly also
be heard at but I could not get that to play.)
1321 ``Yih Akashvani`` Hindi ID and YL with some kHz. Why at the odd hour of 1320? It`s the
listed sign-on time for the all-night service on 9425 which runs all the way to 0043, supposedly
// Aligarh on 9470 but not audible here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 9680, RRI, Oct 2 at 1301 in Indonesian, full ID with several kHz and MHz, web
streaming address I could not quite catch, then trying to phone Sumatera RRI stations, notably
Pekanbaru, which is across the mountain range from Padang. BTW, Pekanbaru is stressed on
the U; neither of those on SW for years now. Good signal and modulation, not much QRM at
this hour.
Meanwhile, how was VOI doing from a nearby transmitter down the hall at Cimanggis, Java?
Still offset to 9525.9 at 1311 during English hour, but after a couple days of decent modulation,
had replummeted to just barely audible. Is no one paying attention to the modulation levels at
all stages from studio to transmitter? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** JAPAN [non]. 6120, NHKWRJ via CANADA, Oct 2 at 1215, there was no escaping the
disco-beat on Yucatán 6104.8 (see MEXICO), as I tuned 15+ kHz upward and found more of it,
a familiar tune as theme to the Radio Japan Focus program, talking incongruously about
ancient Japanese court music getting some kind of world heritage recognition. But did we hear
a note of it? Of course not! Just the disco in background. See
Main topic was instead about a Chinese scholar, Liang Sicheng, 1911-1972y, who successfully
persuaded American forces to spare Nara and Kyoto from air raids in WW II, as well as many
historic places in China, on behalf of the government of Chiang Kai-Shek. He deeply treasured
Japanese historic sites, preserving what had already been lost in China, and was in fact born
in Japan. It seems his work went largely unrecognized until recently, as a statue of him is
about to be erected in Nara. Audio, apparently for one week only:
** MEXICO. 6104.8, Oct 2 at 1210 the usual considerable het revealing presence of always-
off-frequency XEQM, RASA Mérida, but this time also some modulation making it, YL speaking
what I assume was a Maya dialect, but with a Spanish accent, and occasional real Spanish
interspersed for concepts apparently foreign to the Maya, such as ``programas educativos``.
1214 had incongruous disco-beat behind a commercial; but see JAPAN [non]. O, for a Q
multiplier, to boost the signal and avoid the ACI from Asians on 6100 and 6110, and O, for a
notch, to avoid the CCI from the Asian on 6105.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** PHILIPPINES. If the FEBC schedule on page 454 of the WRTH 2009 looks a bit sparse,
you`re right. It shows nothing at all on the air in any language, evenings after 1300 UT from
either site Bocaue or Iba. It must be incomplete!
I was wondering if Bocaue was really curtailed or off the air, as FEBC had warned in a quick
call-for-prayer after the typhoon and flooding hit, but FEBC in Chinese was being heard as
usual at 1315 Oct 2 on 9400 plus a different Chinese program on 9430.
Per Aoki, 9400 is in Chinese at 0900-1400 from Iba while 9430 is in Chinese at 0900-1630
from Bocaue. So both are apparently still on the air; better signal on 9400.
The incomplete listing in WRTH 2009 was corrected in the A-09 pdf WRTH updater, under
Philippines integrating schedules from these sites plus KFBS Saipan, and showing lots after
1300. It lists 9400 and 9430 separately under Mandarin on page 27/28, and the former has
KFBS 11580 along with it, so are those two really parallel?
Hmong singing, à la Hmong Lao Radio on WHRI, was also ruining reception of CBCNQ on
9625 with a fast ripplying SAH since Sackville at least is off-frequency, Oct 2 at 1307. This is
also listed as FEBC via Bocaue. It would have been helpful if God had told his typhoon to blow
that one off the air permanently, but he is apparently partial to the Christian Hmong over the
probably Christian Inuit.
So it looks as if Bocaue was spared, found on at least two frequencies today. WRTH 2009
says there are 3 x 50 kW there and 1 x 100 kW, while at Iba there are 2 x 100 kW.
Finding anything recent about typhoon damage on FEBC website starting at ---
let alone a SW frequency schedule --- is an exercise in futility (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** SWEDEN. 15735, R. Sweden, quite good Oct 2 wrapping up English semihour at 1355,
despite being aimed anything but USward, 40 degrees per Aoki, 55 per HFCC. Averaging
S9+10, plus/minus 5. Certainly not longpath, but plenty of the 500 kW signal leaking off the
backside of the antennas, coupled with favorable propagation, which was not always the case
this summer. Ha ha, we can still hear you in the morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U S A. Checking for WORLD OF RADIO via WBCQ, Thursday Oct 1 at 1925, in noise just
barely audible trace of my voice on 9330-CUSB, and after 1930 more clearly the voice of Ed
Bolton, a.k.a. Amos `n` Andy; these are supposedly on 7415 only, but a good thing they are
sometimes simulcast on 9330, as 7415 was totally inaudible here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A. Anything non-English catches the ear of tuners-by 5920 or 9370 from FBN. Oct 2 at
1206, 5920 had preaching in Spanish, making fast rippling SAH over Russia, proving WBOH is
much closer to proper frequency than WTJC is, but no cigar. Does their weekday program
schedule in EDT at show Spanish at 8
am? Of course not! In fact, the only Spanish shown is a 15-minute show on Sundays at 6:05
am and 8:30 pm = 1005 and UT Monday 0030. These pages bear a 2008 copyright, but I bet
they are even staler (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VIETNAM [non]. Attention, would-be Vietnamese language students: VOV via Canada, 6175
heard again with lesson presented in English during the Vietnamese-language broadcast,
starting at 0518 UT Friday Oct 2, as lesson 14, section 4. This is getting pretty advanced, so
you need some visual material to go with it, available on paper or monitor?? If that`s a bit late
for you in most of NAm, I suspect it`s a repeat of something earlier in evening, unknown when,
but most likely 0218, as there are two one-hour broadcasts starting at 0130 and 0430; now,
are they daily, M-F or what? Do they promote them during the English broadcasts so people at
least know they are available? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 3 at 1447: poor on 9000 but good at S9+12 level on 8400, none
higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA [non]. 13820, Radio Martí with feature on singers, Sat Oct 3 at 1340, the story of
Chavela Vargas, who was a victim of alcoholism but had quite a career in Mexico, and lastly
was a big success in Spain. Google her for more. Unfortunately, mostly narration with only bits
of music, concluding with ``Ponme la mano aquí, la Macorina`` (Put your hand here, Macorina,
addressing an Habana whore). Where is `here`, exactly??
At 1349 moved on to Roy Órbison, with bits of ``Pretty Woman``; and by 1355 it was Pedro
Luís Ferrer, whose top Google hit quotes Mother Jones: ``He's famous in Cuba as a musical
innovator and sharp social critic. Fidel Castro is not a fan,`` therefore red meat for Martí. But
over at 1400 for ID already. Steadily and heavily jammed, but strong signal from Greenville
stayed on top as it often does here on this frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** INDIA. 11585, AIR at 1436 with big hum interrupted by bits of talk; earlier it was fairly good
with music. At 1437 music for a few sex; 1454 had managed to resume continuous music. Per
Aoki, it is the Sindhi service at 1230-1500 via Delhi-Khampur, 250 kW at 65 degrees but HFCC
says 334 degrees which makes more sense and is also USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI still here, Oct 3 at 1325 in English, quite undermodulated but not
to the point of inaudibility. Would have needed much stronger signal to shoulder aside the
noise and fading (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN. 15555 in Japanese, good signal with some flutter, Oct 3 at 1406, mentioning Iran and
surely VIRI as scheduled 1330-1430 via Sirjan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SPAIN. REE`s Amigos de la Onda Corta, monitored on webcast tho could easily have heard
on 6055 direct if convenient, Oct 3 at 0510 was interviewing the W&W who do the weekly
Sephardic show. I knew it, I knew it, introduced by playing the sign-on announcement for that,
with wrong frequency 15325 instead of real 15385, Mondays at 1425-1455!
I have pointed this out more than once recently in my log reports and DXLD, but it seems
station personnel are so out of it they don`t read them, even the portions concerning their own
station! Not to mention they don`t even listen to their own station and discover the discrepancy
themselves sesquimonths ago. Of course 15325 could be the `right` frequency, only the
Noblejas operators don`t know it. But that`s no excuse (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U K [non]. 15790 with B-B-C- chime notes IS, Oct 3 at 1358, but final repetition cut off after
the first B- at 1359:30, then to pre-hourtop 16-bells of BigBen, but on-hourtop marker cut off
too after only one bong, even tho local London time was 3:00! Geez, is BBCWS out of synch.
And opening Arabic, as scheduled via Cyprus due south. Fair signal anext Galei Zahal (Glenn
** U S A [and non]. You never know whether VOA will be propagating from Greenville in
English at 1400-1430, but it was in well Oct 3. Retune at 1433 found weaker, still readable
signal from Botswana, but stronger S9+15 Greenville carrier about 2 Hz away remained on
until 1435:35*! So they still don`t have their act together. Can only hope that at least there was
no modulation overlap before and after 1430. During brief GB fades, the audio from Botswana
was able to increase secondarily (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. The reactivated station on 9675, R. Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, no
doubt the source of Brazilian dialect religious talk, Oct 4 at 0601, peaking S9+12 but with deep
fades. Modulation rather distorted, but carrier stable. Stronger than other Brazilians on 31m air,
9645v and even weaker 9565. Hardly any sign of WYFR 9680 to bother, unlike super-signal it
sometimes has (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 4 at 1331: 8400 much better than 9000 just barely audible (Glenn
** COLOMBIA. 5910 with peppy keep-you-awake music Marfil Estéreo perpetually plays, Oct 4
at 0625. Did not listen long enough for a definite ID, but surely HJDH, which operates quite
sporadically, not heard for a week or two in routine late-nite bandscans. And also with ute
beepbursts every few seconds from the hi side around 5911, somewhat escapable by offtuning
to lo side (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. Once again Oct 4 checked around 0620, RHC English on 6140, 6060 and 6010;
Spanish frequency 6120 absent.
At 1503, no sign of any of the Aló, Presidente frequencies, starting with 13750. However, on
later: see VENEZUELA [non]
But it`s Esperanto time at 1500, and that was running on 11760; after ``saluton,`` at 1503 took
at least 5 minutes to introduce their schedule and contact info. Sked given was (Sundays only,
they should make clearer):
0700 6000
1500 11760
1900 11760
2330 6000 CAm, 5965 Carib, 9600 SAm
Also see new Esperanto website via and referred to this for more
Schedule above resembles what it was formerly, but is at great variance with the one claimed
on current website presented in Spanish,
that Esperanto is only at 1500 on 11760, and ``2400-2430 Sundays on 13790``, the latter
certainly not true as checked last week.
The new Esperanto page is and linx to
which with Esperanto headings shows schedule in Spanish for all languages starting with long-
abandoned 12000 in Spanish at 11-15.
But after several minutes page had not finished loading to the bottom where Esperanto
schedule resides, and then it gave up. Navigation around the RHC website is really sluggish!
Second try on a different browser got it to load, showing Esperanto:
América del Norte 6000 07-07:30 UTC
Norte Centro y Suramérica 11760/5965 15–15:30/ 19:30–20/ 23:30-00 UTC
América Central 6120 23:30 -00 UTC
Buenos Aires 9600 23:30 -00
Now, just try to sort out which frequency goes with which time on the second line amid all
those slants! This nonsense pervades the RHC posted schedules. Anyhow it more or less
matches the announcement except for 6000 instead of 6120 at 2330.
Also linx to where it`s not clear if under Communist control, but likely
so as includes large audio archive of RHC`s broadcasts thru last week 9/27 at
And the content of RHC`s Esperanto broadcast is mandatorily just as obsessed with The Five
Heroes, and Zelaya, Chávez as are the other languages, so why bother? I certainly did not
bother to keep listening after the introduxion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, during English hour at 1333 Oct 4, strong signal but heavy flutter,
which was louder than the modulation! Flutter noise being multipath interference by the original
signal with itself thru the disturbed ionosphere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PORTUGAL. 15470, RDPI with much weaker signal than // 15560, Sunday Oct 4 at 1409,
discussion of candidates and their gustatory preferences in extremely slurred conversational
Portuguese, swallowing syllable after syllable, gulp. This frequency is on air weekends only at
14-16, 144 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA. Disco lives! thanks to Radio Rossii, Oct 4 at 0617, ``Stayin` Alive`` playing on both
7320 Magadan and weaker 7200 Yakutsk. Helps to keep warm in Siberia? (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** U S A. 3215, WWCR, Sunday Oct 4 at 0630 starting WORLD OF RADIO 1480 promptly with
excellent reception. We can highly recommend this broadcast for good, broad coverage of
North America at least. Only two US SW stations are smart enough to use 90m, which holds
up when higher bands, sometimes even 60m, are dead, and minimizes skip zone, altho less so
than 120m where WWCR gave up 2390 sesquiyears ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** VENEZUELA [non]. Nothing on any of the Aló, Presidente frequencies via CUBA, starting
with 13750, Sunday Oct 4 at 1500. Next check at 1703 found some of them running
expostulations of Hugo Chávez Frías, best by far on 13750, JBA on 17750, fair on 12010
echoing against 13750; inaudible and absent? from 13680, 11690 with RTTY. RHC posted
schedules, otherwise somewhat updated, continue to claim this starts at 1400, which it has not
for many weeks. One Sunday we caught 13750 cutting on in progress around 1545 (Glenn
** AUSTRALIA. 11660 with bad collision between RA in English at 2137 Oct 4 and something
a bit weaker in French. That would be CRI at 2030-2230, 500 kW, 308 degrees via Kashgar,
East Turkistan, to Europe. While RA is at 20-22, 100 kW, 70 degrees toward Pacific. Thus both
are also aimed USward beyond their stated targets (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** AUSTRALIA. VL8 on 120m heard here for the first time this season, 2485 with English talk
at the late hour of 1308 Oct 5, about half an hour after sunrise, very poor in noise; could only
detect carriers on 2325, 2310 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** AUSTRIA. R. Austria International, domestic relay on 6155, still has token English news
capsule, at least on weekdays, heard Monday Oct 5 in progress at 0609 after German,
probably started during 0608, with items about N Korea, Save the Children, Sumatera rescuers
giving up, coalition talx in Germany, Austrian foreign minister to Moscow, Austria to preside
over UN Security Council, very brief weather forecast, 0611 introducing equally token news in
French. I had previously remarked that English was at 0508, but 0608 is correct DST time,
0708 in winter. These are presumably what get repeated starting 13 minutes into mostly-
Austro-German broadcasts the rest of the day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 25m Brazilians were making it in nightmiddle UT Oct 5: 11925, R. Bandeirantes, at
0600, non-religious speaker in monolog pontificating about Brasil; but better signal on 11815
from R. Brasil Central, Goiânia, at 0601 with full ID, ZY-callsigns, and asserting 7 and a half
kilowatts on this frequency, jingle ID, and announcer Célio Silva on duty until 4 am (0700 UT;
DST of UT-2 starts in this and most south/easterly parts of Brasil on Oct 18, per
There was also a het on 11895, probably off-frequency Brazilian vs Spain, but nothing on
11780, which is on the air overnight only on UT Sundays.
On 31m, the best Brazilian was 9675, at 0604 about equal level to WYFR 9680, sounds like
religious catechism, but by 0615 WYFR had weakened, audiblizing 9675 better, now with
singing, still distorted modulation, 0621 full ID Rádio Canção Nova on the air 24 hours, plus
various slogans, IDs in passing again and again, and promoing website which strangely enough does not say anything about SW, just
AM, FM and TV! Music did not resume until 0624. I assume the name alludes to a `new song`
being sung by those allegedly saved from damnation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** BULGARIA [and non]. As outpointed before, R. Bulgaria usage of 15700 in Bulgarian has a
one-hour gap at 1400, which Deutsche Welle has taken advantage of for its Russian service
via Woofferton UK. But they still overlap. Oct 5 at 1459, DW Russian had a tone test and SAH
from Bulgaria interfering with it, but DW (or VTC) cut off its modulation in mid-sentence about
1459:30. At 1500 RB opening theme was barely audible with a roar and since the SAH was
gone, assume it was purely a Plovdiv problem (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 5 at 1306: equally fair on 8400, 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. For a few months, the secret third airing of RHC`s Spanish DX program En Contacto
had been at about 2240 UT Sundays, more than an hour earlier than before. But Oct 4 I found
it back closer to its original time, in progress at 2148, with the voice of none other than Alen
Grájam, the SS clone of Allen Graham of HCJB. He was being interviewed by contributor
Rubén Guillermo Margenet, whose home he recently visited in Rosario, Argentina. Just as I
tuned in, AG mentioned that HCJB was broadcasting via WRMI! Imagine that, WRMI being
mentioned on RHC, comrade to the archenemy DentroCuban Jamming Command which
blasts away against 9955 not only when in Spanish but when in English. But En Contacto is
one of RHC`s least political shows.
Allen said that he was born in Kansas, and then moved to California before exiting the country
to become a missionary. Admitted that most Cubans would no longer be able to hear HCJB as
it exits shortwave, since they don`t have much internet access, (least of all broadband). HCJB
will instead see what it can arrange in various LA countries to be heard on local FM (not
including Cuba, for sure).
2153 next feature on EC was para los principiantes, too basic explanation of direxional
antennas, for SW transmission. Must have started circa 2141, since end was at 2156.6, then
RHC ID as transmitting for N, C and S America and the Mediterranean area. 2157 next
program, Cuba Campesina, that wonderful music show.
Frequency observations: synchronized on 11760, 11770, 13790 and 5965; an echo apart on
13760 and 6000 which were synchronized with each other. No signals where they might also
have been, 11800, 17660.
Here`s RHC`s complete program schedule in Spanish
which still shows no details at 21-23 UT Sundays, only
Revista Iberoamericana, a grab-bag which includes repeats of real shorter programs such as
En Contacto. One can refer to the full schedule for some other titles likely to be less politically
charged than e.g. Voces de la Revolución.
The resumed En Contacto time, this week anyway, is also news to José Bueno, who circulates
weekly promotions for several DX programs in Spanish, still showing this as 2242, and also
included a frequency abandoned months ago, 11820.
O, that`s not all! UT Monday Oct 5 at 0550 as I made my nightly check to see which language
was on 6140, there was En Contacto again re-interviewing Allen Graham, at a completely
new/unscheduled time, ending at 0558, so started about 0543. Is RHC Spanish going to a 2-
hour repeat cycle now like English? That would lead to many more airings. Last overt time for
show was 0135 UT Monday. At 0550 // 6000 which was much stronger than usual; have they
switched antennas and/or transmitters around too?
Not only WWCR, but also RHC bothered by squealing transmitters, Oct 5 at 0607 on 6060 in
English about a trova composer; and Oct 5 at 1452 on 13780 in Spanish.
Then the RHC leapfrog on 13880 was getting QRM from clicking on 13882, suspect a spur
from the DentroCuban Jamming Command blasting away against Martí 13820; how apropos.
This clicker also rode a full carrier, making a het with 13880 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INDIA. 11620, AIR GOS at this hour free of QRM from Spain, Oct 4 at 2138, W&M
conversation over lite hum/buzz, good signal but with transpolar flutter. Try as I might to get
something out of it, despite listening for almost ten minutes, I could not figure out what the
subject was, due to their heavy accents, not helped by the flutter and hum. From the tone of it,
may have been something deeply reflective and/or philosophical. I would say copy was at best
20% as far as recognizable words, including one complete phrase, ``quality is not good
enough``. I agree! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. Tnx to Alok Dasgupta in Kolkata for confirming identity of the extremely distorted blob
I had heard after 1320 on 9485 one day, 9432 the next, as indeed AIR National Service via
Aligarh which is supposed to be on 9470, and which I had also found strangely missing. He
had been tracking it a few days; on Oct 2 it was 9505, and notified AIR engineering about the
problem which they are supposedly striving to solve. The same transmitter also ails when
attempting to use other 31m channels during the daytime.
So I look for it again Oct 5 at 1323, and now find it centered on 9500, still extremely distorted
but this time with sufficient musical copy to match it with Bengaluru on 9425. It spread from
9495 to 9515, and especially disrupted a station on 9510, i.e. VOA in English via Thailand.
AIRblob was considerably weaker later but still audible on 9500 at 1506. During that hour VOA
Spe-cial Eng-lish is on 9485, well heard today but must also have been blasted by the blob
when it was residing around 9485. Then at 1513, 9425 AIR music seemed to have a low het
upon it, but then I decided it was just the drone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 4750, RRI Makassar, peaking S9+8 on meter, but still only poor reception in
noise, Oct 5 at 1317 with music and Indo talk.
4925, RRI Jambi presumed, at same time 1317 Oct 5 was peaking S9, with vocal music, flutter
unlike far lower-latitude-path from Makassar. Music still audible at 1330, surely nearing
fadeout. Bothered by SSB on the low side, more so than by a carrier on 4920, India or Tibet.
Jambi is a tough catch here; Ron Howard in California and Luca Botto Fiora in Italy each
independently have noted much stronger signals on 4925 since the earthquake, and Jambi is
of interest as the closest active SW station to Padang. However, propagation is also improving,
and I don`t see how they could turn up the power significantly on such a 10 kW transmitter ---
unless the quake jostled something favorably, or they had deliberately been running it on
reduced power until then (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, Oct 5 at 1323 was registering S9+10 with flutter, YL in English,
music, but very low modulation. Ignored during the 14 clash hour with CRI in Russian; but this
date VOI stayed on air well past 1500 for the English hour repeat, instead of cutting off rudely
a few minutes after starting. At 1506 news in progress, 1511
ending with headlines. No QRM now and almost readable now despite undermodulation, but
then switched to OM speaker and his voice was unreadable. Kept an ear on the carrier,
however, to see how long it would stay on --- still there at 1518, 1525, 1530, 1535, 1542 when
I quit (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ISRAEL. When you hear an odd-pitched het other than 5 kHz between adjacent stations,
you know someone is off-frequency, and that was the case Oct 5 at 1406 when BBC Arabic on
15790 via Cyprus had a less than 5 kHz beat from the next station down, Galei Tsahal, of
course, measured on 15785.9 with a Russian-sounding vocal musical quartet (Glenn Hauser,
** LIBYA. 17725, news in English at 1436 Oct 5, items about Pakistan, FAO, YL ``ending the
news from Voice of Africa``, fanfare from produxion music album, fair signal at best (Glenn
** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI Mailbox, caught part of it Monday Oct 5 at 1335 on 6170, and the
rest of it from audio on demand. Adrian Sainsbury explained like he did last year about why
RNZI has a transition schedule effective for only one week: Seasonal changes require
changes to antenna system. Oct 25 falls in middle of a ``labor holiday weekend`` in NZ, so
need to make changes earlier, as it`s not practical to get staff to Rangitaiki during the holiday
weekend. So to be off the air Oct 16 from 11:30 am NZT for about 6 hours [2230 UT Oct 15 to
0430 UT Oct 16], and not implement the full B-09 schedule until Oct 25, which cannot be done
before then since some frequencies are occupied by other stations until 25 Oct. The new sked
from 25 Oct will be posted on website sometime this week, he says.
How inconvenient! NZ ought to change its holiday to another weekend so as not to disrupt
RNZI`s scheduling. Or, what`s this nothing- interferes-with-holiday mentality? The individuals
concerned could celebrate their holiday time off a week before or after instead, and avoid all
the crowds, highway congestion? to boot. See also PHILIPPINES (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** PHILIPPINES. Whilst listing to RNZI Mailbox on 6170, Oct 5 at 1335 there was a constant
het on the hi side, about 6170.3 and becoming a bit annoying; surely PBS - R. Magasin DZRM,
as reported by Ron Howard, CA, and Bryan Clark, NZ on 6170.4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ROMANIA. 11895, VG signal S9+20 playing segués of country/rock tunes in English, Oct 5
at 1532. Hmmm, another VOA Greenville test on a frequency used later at 2100 in Creole? No,
at 1539 into announcement in Romanian, i.e. RRI at 15-16 via Galbeni. They must be hard-up
for real Romanian programming if they have to play such off-topic stuff to fill the time (Glenn
** RUSSIA. VOR, 12040, in English Oct 5 at 1519 discussing how to celebrate the space age
(Sputnik anniversary being Oct 4), and concluded that a Space Week Oct 4-10 would be more
appropriate than anything associated with July 20-21, 1969, ``unjustified``. This was running
about 1 second ahead of // 15605 where signal was better. Respective sites listed as
``Serpukhov`` and ``Moskva`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SPAIN. Weekly REE Sephardic service, 15385, Monday Oct 5 at 1423 with IS, 1425 YL
opening still imagining she is on ``15325``. If I worked at a radio station, I would at least have
enough interest to find out what frequencies I was on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SWEDEN. 9490 in Swedish, YL in studio interviewing OM on phone, Oct 5 at 0618. Could
this be Radio Sweden, direct from Hörby? Yes, scheduled M-F 0600-0700 with 250 kW each
at 140 and 240 degrees, i.e. totalling 380 degrees - just kidding (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A [and non]. IBB still doesn`t have its act together to avoid interfering with itself on
17585 at 1430! Oct 5 at 1429:30, Greenville cut off the last quarter of the 2-minute and very
well researched Today in History segment, in order to play the Yankee Doodle Dandy sign-off,
tho it was a mercifully short version. Why in the world does the operator think that is more
important to broadcast than whatever programming continues in progress relentlessly??
Meanwhile, Botswana switched from their tuneup carrier on 17575 to modulate on 17585, so
there was an overlap of about 20 seconds of YDD from GB and VOA programming from
BOTS. Then the GB carrier stayed on a while longer, but off by 1432. It appears that the
concept of stopping one transmitter at a precise time and immediately starting another is too
much for them to grasp, or to manage to coördinate. Or maybe one operator gets it, but
another on rotating work schedule does not.
WINB missing both from 9265 and 13570, Oct 5 at 1452, which was just fine, allowing VOA
13570 São Tomé to be bothered only by CODAR. English was running about one second
behind 17585 Botswana, why?
9485, fortunately clear of the AIR blob [see INDIA], Oct 5 at 1505 ending news and starting
Spe-cial Eng-lish hour with New Dynamic English, Funxioning in Business; S.E. news to follow
at 1530, plus more. At 1513, part of the English lesson was curiously, identifying phrases as
French, Spanish and Russian. By now, VOA Tinang, PHILIPPINES, has co-channel QRM
underneath in uncertain language, but registered is DW Swahili via Rwanda, and maybe also
R. Rossii via Samara (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Squeals are showing up again on WWCR and RHC. Oct 5 at 0557, VG DGS signal
on 5935 brought with it squeal. Was also audible the mixing product of 5890 leapfrogging over
5935 to land on 5980 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WYFR 15(?) meter band signals are normally weakish, so surprised to hear Spanish
inbooming S9+20 on 18980 at 1450 Oct 5. This one is supposed to be aimed 142 degrees but
I wonder if it was on their opposite 315 degree antenna usward instead? If not, speaks well for
the amount of back-radiation the forward antennas are capable of.
I was checking the A-09 FCC schedule, which now is in its third version updated Sept 18:
** VENEZUELA [non]. 11680, RNVCI via CUBA, tune-in Oct 5 at 1522 to find it in English with
comments about the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, start of the Vietnam War, warning to ``stay
alert against The Empire``; I guess they fear US is about ready for another war starting with V,
or rather los Chavistas want to stir up such fears. 1525 to music break; 1527 in Spanish with
ID and the same laughable schedule they have been announcing for 5+ years, even tho only
one hour of it happens to remain in effect, Rio de Janeiro, 17-18 en 17705 --- once you convert
the time to UT 20-21, tho never specified that all the times they give are local, not including
DST variations. 1528 quoting Chief Seattle on the occasion of Earth Day, still in Spanish. Note:
neither Earth Day nor the Gulf of Tonkin affair occurred in October (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ALBANIA. Monitored most of R. Tirana English to NAm on 13625, Tue Oct 6: 1434 the only
announcer amid news of political matters, 1435 ID and about Kosovo; 1438 end of news and
into press review, about the prime minister`s first official visit to Kosovo. 1441 she started
reading reception reports, almost all from familiar names: Kevin Molander in the USA,
someone in Ireland, Sue Hickey in Canada, Edwin Southwell in UK. Soon launched into a talk
about film music, the Albanian RTV orchestra, foreign conductors, in a reply to Edwin? Anyhow
that was still part of In-Box, which ended at 1449, then song until 1457 goodbye and theme,
1457:30* off. Signal was a steady S9+15 and modulation almost sufficient, no QRM (Glenn
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 6 at 1312: good on 9000, poor on 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. Anomaly report for Oct 6: at 0550, RHC English on 6010 during music, splattering
5995-6025, almost merging with the DentroCuban Jamming Command noise on 6030! 6140
and 6060 also in English service, 6000 in Spanish JBA, and 6120 Spanish still missing.
Suspect it is the same transmitter as had been on 11800 daytime, altho more distorted when
there, as it too misses at 1428 check.
Matching rapid clicking sounds, too narrowband to be OTH radar, Oct 6 centered about 11881
and 11981, and suspected to be spurious from the DCJC on 11930 and/or 11845.
At 1433 found strong RHC signal on 13780 again suffering from squeal. Leapfrog over
squealless 13680 landing on 13580 was strong enough to bother R. Prague (Glenn Hauser,
** CUBA [non]. Monolinguals feeling left out from the exile side of the Cuban radio war have
one program from the fueracubans in English: CDHD Brigade on WRMI, 9955. Among other
times it`s 1515 Tuesdays. Tuned in at 1524 Oct 6 as W&M were discussing the downside of
the big concert in Habana recently from the Plaza de la Revolución, which she said is an ugly
place for any positive peaceful event, surrounded by government and military edifices. G signal
on NW antenna, no jamming audible, preceding WORLD OF RADIO 1480 at 1530 (Glenn
** EGYPT [and non]. 15255, Oct 6 at 1454 with two signals making a SAH, and one of them
with intermittent tones atop the other in a S Asian language. Uplooked later in Aoki, Family
Radio via Nauen, Germany in Bengali until 1500, then R. Cairo in Albanian. At 1525, Cairo
was alone mentioning `Salaam Aleikum`, undermodulated. 1530 ID clinched by timesignal and
Cairo news march (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh 9470 blob Oct 6 at 1317 centered on 9465 but extremely distorted FMy
spread at least 9460-9475, with IS // 9425, 1320 announced and played Vande Mataram, 1321
Akashvani sign-on mentioning kHz at least twice, into music. By 1335, R. Thailand in Thai on
9455 was being splashed by this menace to the neighborhood, which has no business being
on the air at all under such conditions.
Mauno Ritola in Finland says this has been going on for three months! It seems AIR
Engineering is totally incompetent; or the bureaucracy only requires the transmitter to be
turned on every day, not that it funxion properly and not interfere with other stations. No one
could possibly listen to this garbled mess voluntarily, so this 11-hour-daily transmission is
serving no purpose whatsoever, meanwhile wasting 250 kW, the cost of which could have fed
countless starving poor or flooded-out homeless. Sadly, the same situation can be found at
some other government broadcasters, notably Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Meanwhile I enjoyed the VBS mostly music on 9870 with an even better signal than 9425, at
1350-1420, still the case at 1506. By 1425, found that Aligarh was still centred on 9465, spread
expanded to 9450-9480; but at 1506 the blob had weakened considerably tnx to the
ionosphere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. RRI Pontianak, Kalimantan presumed, 3976 with music Oct 6 at 1247. Just as
I switched on the BFO to pin down the frequency compared to anything on 5975, it dumped off
the air at 1248*
4925, RRI Jambi, Sumatra, presumed, Oct 6 at 1252 YL singing ballad, occasional brief
announcements, 1300 mentioned ``Republik``, likely in ID, and 10-note IS (or was it 11?)
played thrice, 1301 YL with talk, presumed news. That IS is of particular interest, specific to
4750, RRI Makassar, as usual stronger signal than Jambi 4925, but 4750 has co-channel
QRM, and at 1302 was still playing music rather than news.
I still look for other 60m Indos, finding nothing on 4605 or 4790 which have been inactive for
months, but there was a trace of something around 4870.
9525.9, VOI – if it`s Tuesday, must be Banjarmasin. Tune in at 1322 Oct 6 but modulation is
JBA with hum, sounds like the Banj guy talking about quakes. 1324 ID as ``Exotic Indonesia,
broadcast live by VOI Jakarta and RRI Banjarmasin``. Jak YL with ID as if on three frequencies
instead of one, and Banj OM with FM 95.2 ID. Then he talked about a 4-day radio contest
which started yesterday, to select 70 singers to send to Makassar; something similar is going
on in Jakarta. And the mayor was celebrating something this morning in Banj. At 1327 over to
different YL voice in Jak for Today in History, and her modulation is clearer, about Edison and
Chiang Kai-Shek. 1334 ``Sound of Dignity`` slogan boomed louder, and into Focus.
Skipped the 14-15 hour with CRIQRM, retuned 1501 when VOI aired transition announcement
from Malay to English; did not hear Exotic Indonesia mentioned in program summary, nor the
Banj guy`s voice, so perhaps EI does air only during the 13-14 hour when it is really live. 1503
into news but modulation level drops, and transmitter cut off 1504* unlike yesterday when it
remained on most of the hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MYANMAR [non]. 15480 with something interesting, Oct 6 at 1455 in unID language, but
didn`t get back to it until 1529* when it went off. Per Aoki it must have been Democratic Voice
of Burma, via Armenia, at 1430-1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISENING DIGEST)
** PHILIPPINES. No het detectable on RNZI 6170, Oct 6 at 1315, unlike 24 hours earlier from
presumed DZRM a fraxion of a kHz high. Was its absence operational or propagational?
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Once again Jülich turned Brother Scare on early, Oct 6 at 1458
as he was giving addresses on 17485; nothing there as I tuned past a minute or two earlier
** U K [non]. As I was bandscanning between 13 and 1330 Tuesday Oct 6, I noticed that
BBCWS on 5875, 6195, 9740 had a programme about Venezuela, but I was put off by the
correspondent on the spot who hadn`t even learned how to pronounce Bolívar. After
considerable searching thru the BBCWS website for an appropriate SW program schedule, by
pretending I was in Laos, found it was ``Oil in the Works`` on Global Business with Peter Day;
nevertheless, I dredged up the archive and listened to the whole thing later, cringing as I went
while he also mangled Chávez, Caracas, barrios, Quiroz:
or direct audio: (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** AUSTRALIA. 120m VL8s all audible Oct 7 at 1228, and seemed // in music, then YL talk:
best on 2325, then 2485 and worst on 2310. Really all JBA vs local noise level. Later dates
and monitoring earlier hours should improve them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 7: at 1251, good on 8400, poor on 9000. At 1425, still good on 8400,
JBA on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC Oct 7: at 0540, English on 6140, 6060, 6010; Spanish on reactivated 6120 and
JBA 6000. Another frequency missing yesterday was back Oct 7, 11800 distorted at 1315 in
Several of the DCJC frequencies are accompanied by jamming spurs on each side. While the
center frequency is a wall of noise, perhaps only one transmitter is doing the spurs, at a rate of
2 pulses per second, such as at 1256 Oct 7 covering 10-15 kHz each side of 9805 and 9955.
Same setup observed around 7405 earlier circa 0530.
RHC 13780 transmitter still squealing, Oct 7 at 1337, very strong and much more noticeable
here than on WWCR 13845 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. The AIR 9470 Aligarh extremely distorted blob covered 9475-9485 opening at 1318
Oct 7, initially cutting on and off // clear Bengaluru 9425 with AIR IS. Now it`s blocking R.
Australia in Chinese on 9475. Has RA filed a complaint with AIR? That might get some axion
after four months of this nonsense! By 1427, the blob ranged 9470-9490 and RA was
undetectable under it.
The AIR 11585 transmitter had a big signal at 1430 Oct 7 but also a big hum marring the
Sindhi service via Delhi-Khampur. Wiggle that patchcord! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, good carrier but no modulation audible at all during the alleged
English hour, Oct 7 at 1302 and several more chex, e.g. 1328. See PHILIPPINES (Glenn
** KOREA NORTH. The sole occupant of the 105m band, KCBS 2850, with martial orchestral
music, Oct 7 at 1230, VP vs noise level, slightly better than the 120m Strines (Glenn Hauser,
** PHILIPPINES. 9520 with instrumental music at 1325 Oct 7. Dialing by feel, at first assumed I
was on 9525.9 for VOI, but that was an open carrier. At 1327, 9520 went to ID in English as
Radio Veritas Asia, Quezon City, the next broadcast at 1330 to be in Sinhala, repeated at
1328; 1329 into Sinhala announcement, 1330 IS and march theme, 1333 giving P O Box in
Q.C. Fair signal for something so far off-target, per Aoki, 250 kW, 280 degrees from Palauig-
Zambales site at 1330-1357, balanced during following semihour by Tamil on same
parameters. During the few minutes I listened, nothing overtly Catholic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** RUSSIA. 7320, R. Rossii via Magadan, Oct 7 at 0525 with circus music, a bit of it reminding
us of Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies; 0530 brief announcement introducing a pizzicato
piece; 0533 into the Vladimir Danov show, discussion with an academic about organ music?
But no more music for 2+ minutes so I move on. Good signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** RUSSIA. 9440-9450 noise blob, Oct 7 at 1304: could it be the Aligarh transmitter on early?
No, that appeared on 9475-9485 at 1318, see INDIA, and 9445 noise still there at 1322.
Looked up later in Aoki, it`s DRM! VOR to S Asia via Irkutsk-Odinsk, 15 kW, 234 degrees at
1200-1600 in Russian, Hindi this hour, then English and more Hindi, and the DRM DX
schedules have it too on 9445 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Usually takes a very strong signal from WWCR to detect any squeal, but Oct 7 at
1337, PMS was less than solid on 13845, but squeal still audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ANGUILLA. Caribeacon, 6090 off the air again Oct 9 but did not notice until 0556 when no
other carriers were audible around 6090, not even Brasil or Nigeria; were they off too? CB
11775 on the air as usual at next check 1343 with PMS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 8 circa 1130 and 1352: poor on both 8400, 9000. Oct 9 at 1329
during drumming passage, JBA on 9000 but very poor on 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. Another day, another anomaly to report at RHC. Oct 8 at 0547, 6140 was off the air,
so impossible to tell whether it would have been in English or Spanish. 6120 was on in
Spanish as well as 6000, whilst 6060 and 6010 were in English.
11760 now with light squeal degrading it, Oct 9 at 1343, Entre Cubanos program, fascinating
interview with 82-year-old former Cubana de Aviación pilot, José Antonio de C. Domínguez,
who flew hundreds of times each to México, Miami, New York and Madrid, starting with DC3s,
both pre- and post-revolution (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh extremely distorted blob from 9470 transmitter, still going Oct 8 at 1353
check covering 9480-9500, but at least just far enough away not to bother Radio Australia
9475 this time.
But it`s fixed! Oct 9 at 1319, normally modulated on 9470 very much like Bengaluru on // 9425,
just a reverb apart. Both signals rather weak today with flutter; 9870 as usual better with VBS.
Let`s hope 9470 transmitter will STAY fixed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 4750, RRI Makassar, nice S9+10 signal, no co-channel this time, 1315 Oct 9,
Indonesian music and talk; best SW broadcast signal below 5 MHz. I should take time to
pause and listen for content, but I am drawn to bandscan as much as possible upon upwaking.
VOI, 9525.9, Oct 9 at 1324 with ID, URL, three frequencies, two of which are always imaginary
and none of which is ``9525.9`` or even 9526; modulation this time at fair level, but nowhere
near what it should be on an S9+20 signal. 1325 starting Indonesian Wonders about some
restaurant dish, sounding like babarji; but too much accent and flutter noise to follow content,
anyway accompanied by nice flutish music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. I was starting to get bits of Spanish conversation again from RASA Mérida,
XEQM, 6104.8, Oct 9 at 0558, but blocked from *0559:30 by BBC Ascension in French, which
thinx it owns 6105.0 for a semihour; XEQM still succeeded in hetting it. Then at 1337 XEQM
also poking thru the ACI and CCI with some Spanish, but I was distracted by classical music
on 6045, meaning XEXQ was back? Unfortunately, not; see RUSSIA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** NEW ZEALAND. 6170, RNZI, Friday Oct 9 at 1329 announcing a road closure due to
weather, DST timecheck for 2:30, and into program of award-winning Maori traditional music.
English-speaking announcer throws in Maori phrases as if we were bilingual on this RNZ
domestic program relayed, but nice and exotic from an overseas standpoint.
This show featured cuts from the album ``Ancient Maori Music``, including ``Creation of the
World``, ``Call of the Whales``. At 1336 program was referred to as ``your morning music fix``.
Schedule grid shows it as Waiata. Found the program page including those on the playlist and
already the content of next week`s show starting Oct 11: But it shows the wrong time, Saturday
4:30 am, so is the Sunday time wrong too?
Which raises the question, why doesn`t RNZI broadcast specifically in Maori-only during
certain hours? Or maybe it does? But then, any modern Maori and probably most of the old-
timers also speak Enzedenglish.
The 24/7 program grid at has the word Maori
nowhere on it, tho it does specify French, Hindi, Niuean, Samoan, Tongan!
Altho EiBi`s comprehensive language list at
includes COK for Cook Islands Maori, and MAO for NZ Maori, those abbrs appear nowhere in
the entire schedule at
RNZI leavens its English with Maori program titles such as Tagata o te Moana but apparently
the show is actually in English? It`s UT Sat at 1308-1330, Sun 1308-1400, 1815-1900. Others,
suspected to be Maori, but are they Maori-only? M-F 1735-1740 Waatea News; UT Sat 1708-
1800 Te Ahi Kaa.
The redesigned website also no longer shows the Maori name of RNZI which used to be
prominently displayed, and I can`t remember how it went. Fortunately, WRTH 2009 quotes the
Maori ID on page 451: ``Te reo irirangi o Aotearoa, o te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa``. But it shows no
specific times for any languages but English.
From Oct 25, RNZI will be on 7440-AM instead of 6170 for the 1330 programs (and DRM still
taking a break). On Oct 9, I was not hearing any het from DZRM 6170.4 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** RUSSIA. Indians may have been saved from the horrible Aligarh blob covering 20 kHz or
more as of Oct 9 (see INDIA), but now they are plied with DRM noise falling neatly between
the two AIR National Channels 9425 and restored 9470: i.e., 9440-9445-9450, the VOR
service via Irkutsk also roaring lightly into the opposite worldside, OK, Oct 9 at 1328. I suspect
the frequency band was originally chosen so Indians tuning between AIR and AIR could not
help but notice the noise. But how many DRM receivers of any kind can possibly be funxioning
there to resolve the noise, otherwise sheerly annoying? Doesn`t matter; VOR has bought into
the DRM myth, as have the authorities in India.
6045 with classical music at 1337 Oct 9, especially after just hearing a bit of Mexico on 6104.8,
made me suspect XEXQ San Luís Potosí had finally reactivated --- until I heard a Chinese
tonal announcement one minute later. Therefore, VOR as scheduled via Vladivostok. One
must search for SLP before that starts at 1300 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SPAIN. REE, 11680, Oct 9 at 0547, surprised to find here as scheduled only at 2300-0200.
Noblejas probably forgot to change to correct frequency when firing up transmitter again!
Perhaps should have been on 11895 or 12035, often audible here, but I did not think to check
for them. Now 11680 is badly QRMed by RNZI DRM 11670-11675-11680. No doubt about ID
as REE was announcing its address in Castilian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Squeal is building up again on the WWCR-2 transmitter. Oct 8 at 1130 I tuned in
5935 during one of the pregnant pauses by PMS, and heard nothing but squealing, which does
not need any intentional modulation to set it off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BIAFRA [non]. After barely a month on 17520 via WHRI, V. of Biafra International found
back on 15665 which it had used during most of the summer, Oct 9 at 1915 check and heard
immediate ID by The Orator. This lower frequency is somewhat more reliable here, but what
about Biafraland, where the audience is not even given the correct current frequency on
website or in announcements? VOBI is Fridays only at 19-20 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 10 at 1318: very poor on 8400, JBA on 9000.
5075 at 1305 Oct 10, weak talk vying with ute beeps on hi side. Has to be V. of Pujiang,
Shanghai, the only broadcaster on 5075 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC anomalies were especially rich on Oct 10:
At 0539, found 6000 in English // 6010, 6060, 6140 instead of Spanish. Normally, 6000
switches from English to Spanish at 0500.
``Travers DeVine``, circa Maryland had reported phone-ringing sounds on RHC frequencies as
early as 0405, and I soon heard them too:
At 0541 on 6140 during English discussion of baseball, phone ringing mixed in, but not on //
English channels as above; then also became audible on 6000. Meanwhile 6120 in Spanish
without phone ringing. BTW, 6000 and 6010 when both in English were an echo apart as
usual, from two different transmitter sites, while 6140 and 6010 were synchronized, from same
At 0547 also heard phone ringing on 5898! That`s the spy-numbers frequency which runs open
carrier for long periods (not 5900 as you might assume without measuring it). So this had no
RHC audio, just phone ringing and some hum. And the ringing was synchronized with that on
RHC frequencies, so further clincher they are at same site!
At 0549, 6000 had switched to Spanish, signal was stronger, and no phone ringing. 6140 still
in English with ringing.
At 0604, 6060 had phone ringing audible under English talk, and this transmitter also with a
squeal. I quit for the night.
Next check at 1300, no phone ringing audible on 5965 or 6180, so it must have been
`answered` sometime in the night.
Now RHC entertains us with a different messup: Oct 10 at 1325 I find RHC (all Spanish at this
hour of course) on 11811.2. Is 11800 off frequency? No, it`s there too, and an echo apart.
11811.2 turns out to be a spur from 11760, and in next few minutes found numerous other
spurs at multiples of approx. 51.2 kHz from 11760!
They all had the same tone on them plus RHC audio, not as I first thought making a het with
victims, thus making them easier to spot. Found on all these frequencies: I did not measure
each one, but calculated them later, and the further ones may be a fraxion of a kHz off
depending on what the spur differential was exactly:
11708.8 11657.6 11606.4 11555.2 11504.0 - this one especially strong 11452.8 11401.6
11350.4 11299.2 11248.0 11196.8 11145.6 – the lowest detectable
Going upward:
11811.2 - where first discovered 11862.4 - blown away by WYFR 11865, but het detectable
11913.6 11964.8 12016.0 12067.2 12118.4 12169.6 12220.8 12272.0 12323.2 – highest
detectable when I finished at 1405. So RHC has attained a new level of efficiency, providing 24
frequencies for the price of one! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. On Oct 9, the AIR Aligarh blob had been fixed, and ops were normal on 9470, but it
was too good to be true. Next day Oct 9 checking just after sign-on at 1320: the blob again!
Covering 9480-9490 at least, extremely distorted FMy but // clear 9425 Bengaluru, playing
rustic wind instrument. And nothing on 9470. It was proven the day before that this transmitter
is capable of operating correctly, but AIR allows it to go haywire yet again (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** NIGERIA. 4770, R. Nigeria, Kaduna had not been heard in quite a while, but audible Oct 10
at 0552 with show choral lite music, bonker on the hi side, evitable by tuning to lo side, and not
much CODAR. Just before 0600 went to announcement, timesignal seemed about right, and
more talk, I think in English but too poor to be sure. Signal averaged S9, fluxuating S6 to
S9+10, better than Perú 4790, but quite undermodulated. Kaduna could be quite listenable if
they would modulate adequately (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAO TOME [and non]. 9600, as I tuned in at 0530 Oct 10 heard heavy SAH and mix of VOA
YDD and R. Bulgaria theme, then opening in German. It was the tail of VOA Hausa
overlapping which then went off; and I could still hear the mystery het from around 9600.4
** SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, on reactivated frequency, Oct 10 at 1302 with BBCWS
news in English, running about 2 words behind Singapore 9740; poor with Cuba-5025 splash.
That`s all one needs for a definite ID of this, but rather unsatisfying; one must listen before
1205 to hear genuine Solomonic programming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TAIWAN [non]. Someone found it odd to hear RTI on 6915 in Chinese via WYFR. But I
notice it`s in the B-09 schedule at 03-04 only, so that part is already in effect. Checked at 0343
Oct 10 and there it is, Chinese on 6915. Aoki says this only started on Sept 21, at 355
degrees, toward Toronto? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 9370, WTJC with hymn and unusually strong signal for the nightmiddle when it is
sometimes JBA or inaudible, 0523 Oct 10, S9+22, bringing with it spurs circa 9340 and 9400.
O o, on 9340 I could also hear WYFR Arabic // also strong 9355, which means *this* spur
could have been dentro-receiver FRG7 overload; and I really could not hear them on YB-400
or DX-398 with lesser antennas onclipped.
BTW at this time 25m was bearing only a few S Hemisphere signals, 11725, 11690, while 31m
was open to Europe, e.g. Greece 9420 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. Looking for the AIR Aligarh blob from the malfunxioning 9470 transmitter, Oct 11 at
1325: nothing on 9470, but not much on 9425 Bengaluru either, so propagation unfavorable.
Then I do find a filthy FMy blob centered about 9348, bothering KTWR 9340 from its *1327
with IS and opening Santali per Aoki. I could not match the 9348 blob `modulation` to other
likely culprits, WTJC 9370 or WWRB 9385, and Aligarh has previously appeared even lower
than this, so likely it by elimination. By 1332, 9425 was just barely audible with flutter, but not
enough to make a match, and still nothing on 9470 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** KOREA SOUTH [non]. Tuned in KBSWR via CANADA, 6045 amid Spanish broadcast at
0631 UT Sunday Oct 11, to hear the conclusion of what was billed as the first contribution by
Yimber (Gaviría, Cali, Colombia) to the Antena de la Amistad show. Unlike the clip of Radio del
Sur which immediately followed, his audio was defective, breaking up, but that did not seem to
bother KBS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio missing from usual 13-14 UT Sunday slot Oct 11 via WHRI
11785. Transmitter not on air, allowing thru instead ChiCom CNR1 jammer and VOA Chinese
via Thailand, just like on weekdays. Come to think of it, I did not notice HLR Saturday Oct 10
either, or the previous weekend?
The World Harvest Radio website is inaccessible to investigate whether it`s
still on their schedule. The HLR`s own website audio archive stops after
October 1, maybe a clue it is finished, but then still says:
``Xov tooj cua Hmoob Lostsuas hais lus tawm rau huab cua nyob rau sab teb chaws America
nyob rau ntawm 11785 kHz raws cov sij hawm nram qab no. Nco ntsoov txhua txhua hnub van
xaum thiab van thiv (Sunday and Saturday) yog hais tib lub sij hawm lawm xwb.``
Strangely enough, there`s no Hmong in Google`s language translation facility! It`s interesting
to see the states specified next, evidently where hmost of the Hmong reside, not just
``North America Saturday [and Sunday] Broadcasting Schedule
9:00-10:00 AM Eastern Time (MI, FL, NC, SC, GA, RI, PA, MA)
8:00- 9:00 AM Central Time (Arkansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin)
7:00- 8:00 AM Mountain Time (Colorado, Utah, Montana)
6:00- 7:00 AM Pacific time (California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington)``
BTW, part of FL is on Central Time, and part of OR is on Mountain Time, but let`s not go there
and maybe the Hmong don`t either. Also of interest: http://www.h- but nothing about the current absence (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A. 11520, WEWN in English at 0624 Oct 11, axually propagating and strong enough to
bring along with it the dirty spurs 10 kHz above and below, bothering WYFR on 11530 and
same sound on 11510 with BFO on. 11520 is currently scheduled 0000-0900 to Africa (Glenn
** VENEZUELA [non]. Aló, Presidente check, Sunday Oct 11 at 1550, by when it`s usually
underway if at all via CUBA. Nothing on 13750 or the other four frequencies. Still it might pop
up later if Hugo get going (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ALBANIA. 13625, R. Tirana, Tuesday Oct 13 at 1446 in mailbag from listeners in India, Ian
Cattermole in New Zealand; 1448 announceress outlines the program schedule. Some of
these may be titles, others general topix, so the capitalization may not fit:
Monday, Albania in the Week; cultural events; sports
Tuesday, foreign personalities, mailbag
Wednesday, Albania under the --- process, reforms, EU, music by Albanian artists
Thursday, Albanian economy, Focus on Albania
Friday, regional development, Kosovo, analysis and opinion, --- File, the Albanian language
Saturday, week review, Albanian folk music
At 1451 went into music today as always to upwrap the semihour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 13 at 1456, just barely audible on 9000, 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. Anomaly chex Oct 13: at 0619, found 6140 in Spanish this time, // 6120 and 6000;
English on 6060, 6010. No phone ringing sounds audible on any of them. However:

5800.0, the spy cut-numbers (i.e. 10 letters substituting for digits) Morse code sending tones
with full carrier, at 0620 Oct 13 did have phone ringing audible underneath.
For the fourth day in a row, the ailing 11760 transmitter is putting out a panoply of spurs, but
this time it and they are constantly cutting on and off the air, making as many as 24 useless
transmissions! The closest two as usual are strongest with enough modulation to listen to,
11811.2 and 11708.8. Started checking at 1349 and again playing favorite tune Guantanamera
at 1353. Quick scan found them as high as 12220.8, but not so many audible on the low side.
At 1443 and 1455, still the same story cutting on and off and on and off. At 1454, the one on
11862.4 was causing a nasty noise against WYFR Spanish 11865.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** EGYPT. 15255 with continuous tone Oct 13 as early as 1442, over some other station in
unID language; 1459 check, just open carrier. Finally after 1500, instead of tone, a timesignal
28 seconds late, so why bother, and then ID ``Ju Flet Qahira``, i.e. the Albanian service
opening from R. Cairo, and now the other station is off so Cairo in clear for its
undermodulation. Uplooked later in Aoki, the victim before 1500 is YFR via Nauen, in Bengali
** FIJI. Looking for K4M, the Midway Island DXpedition supposed to be getting underway now
after some setbax, found nothing on publicized 7078 or 3799, but instead a strange accent
with a strange callsign, 3D2MJ, on 7095.0-LSB, Oct 13 at 0612. Was calling CQ40, listening
on [7]185. Tuned to 7078 again briefly and when I got back he was already concluding a
contact, but said the other ham`s voice was distorted so he was shifting listening frequency on
7187. I listened for a few more minutes, and 3D2MJ never mentioned his location; how rude.
So I uplook him later on and find, what else, a Pole in Fiji:
``3D2MJ, Jacek, SP5EAQ, Viti Levu Island (IOTA OC-016), Fiji
Lookups: 11979
Click for more detail...
Last Update: 2009-08-21 22:32:56
Latitude: -21.779905 (21° 46' 47'' S)
Longitude:         174.781494 (174° 46' 53'' E)
Grid Square: RG78jf Explore on GridMap
SP5EAQ and SP5DRH will be active from Viti Levu Island (IOTA OC-016), Fiji starting 2009,
1st October for four weeks as 3D2MJ and 3D2KJ
They will be active on all bands with focus on low bands. QSL via home calls`` (Glenn Hauser,
** GABON. Africa No. Un reception has improved lately, F-G on 9580, Oct 13 at 0600 with
timesignal one second late, so why bother? ANO ID, French news, first about Burkina Faso
elexion. One of the better signals on 31m then (Glenn Hauser, OK,, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. 9415 the center frequency for the AIR Aligarh blob, Oct 13 at 1336, and correct
frequency 9470 absent. However, 9415 distorted modulation was not // 9425 AIR Bengaluru,
supposedly carrying same network. Fortunately, 9415 was not wide enough to bother 9425
itself. At first considered it could be something else, but no // found from 9370, 9385 or
anything on 31m; besides, the intonation still sounded Hindi. 1340 it had quite slow talk with
long pauses, as if dictation or maybe language lesson. Not rechecked until 1457 when
considerably weaker as was 9425, but at 1501 they were again // in music. Are 9470-or-
whatever and 9425 ever intentionally carrying separate programming?
Meanwhile, 9690 also audible, which I had not heard in a long time, at 1346 with GOS of AIR
ID by YL; poor signal, weaker than 9425 and much weaker than 9870. Aoki says 9690 is 500
kW, 108 degrees from Bangaluru at 1330-1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI check for another Tuesday excursion to Banjarmasin in the Exotic
Indonesia series: Oct 13 at 1344 did hear the Banj guy introducing cultural talk given by YL
starting with some geographical facts; but very undermodulated and unworthy of spending any
more time straining to comprehend. After the China clash, next check at 1502 in the clear
again, but modulation JBA and could not be sure it was really English as scheduled. Would it
be too much to ask for decent modulation to accompany the 250 kW carrier?
RRI Makassar, 4750 had good signal Oct 13 around 1300, but soon distracted by the mess on
4800;. Not much from Jambi 4925 today. 4750 still audible with Indonesian talk at 1355; and
music still detectable as late as 1429 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA SOUTH. 6095, clear frequency with very weak B-B-C- note chimes, Oct 13 at 1256.
Thought it might be interesting site, and it is per Aoki: Kimjae, Korea South, 250 kW at 290
degrees, about to start BBCWS Chinese service and no doubt promptly to be *jammed into
oblivion, but not just yet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST
** LIBYA. Looked for VOA around 1432 Oct 13 when Saudi Arabia was audible on 21460,
21505, but not heard; however by 1513, 21695 had ascended to S9+10 level with
undermodulated music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. There has been a lot of off-season sporadic E the last few days, surging into the
FM band and even channel 7, plus double-hopping lowband TV from Venezuela and Colombia
into northeast America, but all I got here, once I belatedly resumed monitoring open channel 2
again, was:
2257 UT Oct 12 on analog channel 2, fade-in with ad for some event in Mérida and Cancún, so
likely often-seen XHY Mérida. There were more DX signal peaks into channel 2 the next few
hours, but nothing identifiable among CCI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 15140, R. Sultanate of Oman audible for the second day in a row, Oct 13 at 1440
presumably just after news in English, giving website ending in, then PSA for
hotlines about something in Muscat, several numbers including 924-666-02. 1441 into
popsong by YL in English. Sounds like quite a modern station; only poor signal suffering from
splash de WYFR 15130 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA making it thru on 13m for first time in a long time, Oct 13 at 1432,
Qur`an very poor on 21460 and // much better but fluttery 17895. At same time, 21505 also
poor with different program in Arabic, enough level to be above the still clearly audible buzz, no
doubt the same transmitter that switches to buzz 15435 at 1500. Only other 13m signals at this
time were Spain on 21540, 21570, 21610, all JBA. See also LIBYA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** TAIWAN. Oct 13 is another occasion RTI Japanese service is outputting spurs from 9735, at
1347, same slightly variable pitch on CRI 9730 and BBC 9740 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 14: at 1347 fair but fluttery at S9+15 levels on both 8400 and 9000,
where we never ever hear a trace of presumed target, Sound of Hope, but weak ham
transmitters there are enough to tie down ChiCom jammers which could do more damage
elsewhere. At 1352, Firedrake was much better with less flutter on 10210 at S9+18, also
SOHless. Still the same at final check 1443 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC check Oct 14 at 0617: 6140 in English tonight and has phone ringing audible,
otherwise // 6060 and 6010. Then could barely hear ringing also on 6060, but not 6010. 6140
is weaker than usual. Spanish on 6120; and 6000 which is much stronger than usual ---
hmmm, have they swapped transmitters/antennas on 6140 and 6000?
5800, the spy-numbers transmitter, Oct 14 at 0622, had open carrier with hum, plus: phone
ringing; irregular weak tones, not Morse code; weak crosstalk from a voice transmission,
maybe RHC. Then all this overridden by a loud tone and data burst for a few sex, and back to
the other stuff.
The 11760 transmitter still outputting spurs at multiples of plus and minus 51.2 kHz, Oct 14 at
1354, altho could not detect 23 of them as before, perhaps due somewhat weaker signal on
fundamental. ``Best`` of course on nearest ones, 11708.8 and 11811.2; some others audible:
11452.8 with big tone; 11504.0; 11657.6 also with RHC audio; 12067.2 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** CYPRUS. Haven`t heard BBCWS in English on 21470 for months since they moved this
frequency off Ascension, but Oct 14 at 1434 it was fairly audible while stronger Sa`udi Arabia
[q.v.] was in on 21460, 21505, 21640. Current schedule has this fittingly as Cyprus, 250 kW at
175 degrees, 14-17; preceded by Seychelles 08-14, 250 kW at 240 degrees. OTH radar
pulses also likely from nearby Cyprus site were propagating too: see UNIDENTIFIED (Glenn
** INDIA [and non]. AIR Aligarh blob on Oct 14 at 1320 with sign-on anthem Vande Mataram //
9425, centered on nominal 9470, but still a huge mess of distorted audio, and extending 9465-
9490. At 1349 it was bothering at its edge R. Thailand on 9455, and covering R. Australia on
9475. At 1441, Russian on 9465 was trying to make it thru the blob which covered up to 9480.
9465 would be KFBS, Saipan, 323 degrees from Marpi per Aoki and EiBi. In case these items
seem repetitive, sorry, but we shall keep reporting the Aligarh abomination whenever
monitored until fixed. Have AIR no shame? Or unmotivated to make any repairs, instead
waiting till DRM comes along and `fixes` everything (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** INDONESIA. 3976.0 fairly good with music, then soft YL talk, Oct 14 at 1318; some QRhaM
from SSB on 3977. Doubtless RRI Pontianak on its unique frequency, confirmed as such by
comparing to 5975.0. My local noise level has abated, and 90m was hopping with signals too
on PNG frequencies but did not take time to log them; not 120m at this hour.
4750 signal is steadily improving, peaking S9+10 today and my compliments too on their good
modulation, unlike Jakarta. Oct 14 at 1324 Indonesian talk and just as I tuned in, ID in passing
clearly heard as ``Radio Republik Indonesia, Makassar``. No co-channel QRM from the other
two Asians on frequency. Something much weaker audible at 1326 on 4925, presumably
Jambi, and even weaker on 4870.
9525.9, VOI in English at 1350 Oct 14, YL talking about acoustic music album, then playing
something from it ``to conclude``; fair modulation today with hum as always (Glenn Hauser,
** KOREA SOUTH. Surprised to hear singing on 6730.0, as I tuned by looking for OTH radar
pulses, Oct 14 at 1332, good signal at S9+18, but before I could decide on language, in less
than a minute changed to assertive YL with repetitive Korean syllables. They were in groups of
5, but always a pause between the first triad and the second dyad. Some continuous RTTY
QRM on lo side. This is the same as the Korean numbers station previously logged several
times on 6215, but nothing there now; nor on 6730 at next check 1347. Per S. Hasegawa in
DXLD 9-011, 6215 was from South Korea. You will not find either frequency in SWBC
frequency references, since despite the music and the broad coverage, they are not
considered broadcasts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA. Sawt al-Buzz, 21505 at 1433 Oct 14 also with Arabic talk and // stronger
unbuzzy 21640; different program, Qur`an on 21460. If I were in Sofia, Bulgaria, these would
be strong enough to bear several combinations of intermodulation mixing products among
them. At the moment BSKSA was dominant on 13m, while Spain was JBA on 21570, 21610;
but BBC in on 21470; see CYPRUS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [and non]. 5955 at 1329 Oct 14, VOA outroing Vietnamese, ``from Voice of America --
- Washington``, open carrier for a semi-minute, then ``Welcome to the Voice of America in
Khmai`` a.k.a. Khmer, all the while mixed with CRI English, but VOA on top. Take that, you
ChiCom spoilers! Axually, CRI is aimed eastward from Beijing, and VOA aimed westward from
Tinang, PHILIPPINES, so theoretically there is no collision. Tell that to the frustrated
7575 until recently was a reliable VOA English frequency here in the mornings, but nothing
audible Oct 14 at 1345; instead, VG signal on 7520. 7575 had been scheduled at 13-14 as 21
degrees usward from Tinang, but I don`t find 7520 on any schedules yet during that hour, so
cannot be sure of site; could be Philippines, Thailand or NMI. IBB keeps swapping sites and
frequencies around for no discernible reason; perhaps to demonstrate they are keeping busy
in the office, and/or to keep the overseas operators on their toes.
Speaking of which, how is VOA doing now in coping with the unnecessary site-switch at 1430
in the middle of a continuous hour of News Now programming on 17585? Oct 14 at 1427 I start
monitoring, with Today in History at 1428, in the clear from Greenville, nor anything audible on
17575 where Botswana might be warming up. At the very end of the 2-minute TIH feature,
Greenville dropped carrier immediately at exactly the right instant; 5-7 seconds later on came
weaker Botswana with a crash-start as VOA NN continued. Neither one played a sign-off or
sign-on Yankee Doodle Dandy routine.
They have finally got it together, with my congratulations, just the way it should be done, and
should have been done ever since A-09 started without any prompting from yours truly.
However, there could be a relapse if uninformed personnel take over in shift changes, so be
ever-vigilant (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. Not much making it on 25m, Oct 15 at 0540, besides NZ on 11725 and 11670-
11680 DRM, and a trace of NHK Russian on 11715 --- but weakly on 11925 definite Brazilian
intonation from R. Bandeirantes; nothing on other possible Brazilian frequencies (Glenn
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 15: at 1354, fair on 9000, poor on 8400, but much better to good level
on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC anomaly check Oct 15 at 0552: 6140 in English tonight, weak signal and weak
phone ringing still audible in background, then I switched to better 6060 but phone also ringing
there as `Ed Newman` was pre-offering RHC`s vaunted pocket calendar for 2010y, to be
available shortly, so get your request in now! I used to get these, just one little card with Che or
some other antihero on the obverse. I suppose it`s The Five Heroes now.
6010 English was good with no ringing, tough luck, Mr. Stendahl. 6120 and 6000 in Spanish
also weaker than usual. 6060 was weak enough to be bothered by ACI from 6055 Spain, not
usually the case in CNAm unlike ENAm, but that shortly closed down by 0556. Spy transmitter
on 5800 at 0558 was open carrier with hum, no ringing or other extraneous sounds at the
11760 spurs at multiples of plus and minus 51.2 kHz still running Oct 15 at 1409 check, worst
at 11708.8 and 11811.2 producing identical 3.8 kHz hets against NHK via Canada on 11705
and NHK direct in Japanese on 11815. Some others audible: 11504, the lowest at 11452.8, the
highest at 12067.2.
At 1500 on 11760, copied frequency announcement for the no longer secret midday
transmission: 13760, 11760, 11800, 5965, 6000 in typical out-of-order Soviet-style. Trouble is,
no signal on 11800, and heard at 1525 on unmentioned 11690 instead versus RTTY.
At RHC they only read what they are told, and no one has the initiative to turn on a radio and
find out what frequencies are really in use. If they did, would they be disciplined by the
dictatorship? Or are they really so demoralized that they don`t give a damn? (Glenn Hauser,
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh blob Oct 15 at 1355: centered close to nominal 9470, but covers 9460-
9480 with extremely distorted modulation // 9425 but not exactly synchronized. After 1400 the
main victim was KFBS on 9465 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN [non]. 17670, R. Farda via Wertachtal, GERMANY during this hour only, 1406 Oct 15
with clip of elected Pres. Obama opposing Iranian nuclear development, a PSA with musical
produxion, and presumably translation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 15140, R. Sultanate of Oman, Oct 15 at 1416 barely audible with western pop
music, but not much left by 1430 when news in English should have started (Glenn Hauser,
** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Quick check of 90m, Oct 15 as late as 1333, found non // music
audible on 3260, 3335 and 3385 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA. 17660, Oct 15 at 1405 BSKSA with Qur`an, heavy flutter, shortly into
French; nothing audible on 21 MHz band today. 1515 check, 17660 again Qur`aning, flutter
** U S A. WRMI 9955 was as usual well-received during R. Prague relay of yesterday`s
English after 1400 Oct 15, but at 1455 recheck, off the air, and did not return during following
hour when Happy Station was on. Brought up web stream with a slight hum, and missed only
the first few minutes of Keith Perron`s interview with Bob Zanotti, who among other things
revealed, he said for the first time, that he was badly mistreated by management during the
final months (years?) of Swiss Radio International, as they were trying to get him and other
unwanted staff to resign; it even affected his health. Around 1549 also QRMed on the stream
for less than a minute by a bit of Italian, presumably Studio DX starting to play for another
unknown reason (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [non]. VOA frequency usage quite different Oct 15 on 7 MHz band from what I had
observed Oct 14. Are they confused, or just trying to lose listeners? Now at 1353, 7575 is back
on in English but nothing on 7520; 7550 has a strong open carrier. At 1359, 7550 YDD sign-
on, ``this is not a test``, Voice of America jingle, ``Inilah VOA``, therefore Indonesian service,
and now 7575 is off. At 1512, I find that 7520 is on in the Spe-cial Eng-lish hour, with man-on-
the-street at Washington Monument.
Another check Oct 15 of 17585 for the site hand-off from Greenville to Botswana at 1430: GB
quite weak, but a break of about 6 seconds before Botswana comes on stronger, OK with no
overlap (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [nonish]. Since AFN Hawaii 10320-USB has been reported with music instead of talk
network, checked Aug 15 at 1338 and found it not // talker Guam 5765-USB. At the moment
Hawaii was also talk, in ``One Minute of American History`` about Wilson getting USA into
WWI, the Zimmerman telegram warning that Mexico could be allied with The Kaiser, so be
very afraid. On a somewhat lighter note, clip of a Hans & Franz routine in fake German
accents, but no pump-you-upping. Immediately followed by a second OMOAH, then military
PSAs, 1342 American Forces Network ID, and into C&W music show not // 5765. Next check
at 1401 during some network newscast they were back // or almost, a syllable or so apart, and
by 1413 check again separated with C&W on 10320, talk on 5765 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A [non]. 15715, strong signal but heavy flutter at 1518 Oct 15, instrumental hymns
``Were You There?`` and ``I Know My Redeemer Liveth``. What does PWBR `2009` say? CVC
via Wertachtal. No, they`re modern stealth-evangelists, not playing hoary old hymns! At 1520
S Asian language announcement but clearly mentioning Family Radio, with Oakland address.
Aoki say it`s 14-16 in Kannada, YFR via Wertachtal 500 kW at 90 degrees. WRTH A-09
update from May agrees. But EiBi says the first hour in English, the second in Kannada (Glenn
** ANGUILLA. 6090 missing again Oct 16 at 0536 tuneby, but nothing else audible, squeezed
by 6085 and 6095 transmissions. Assuming it was off all evening, should have been another
opportunity for Ethiopia, etc. two hours earlier. The odds are fairly good that Caribbean Beacon
will be missing, so keep checking (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. Lots of axion on 31m Oct 16 after 0600, when 25m was closed:
At 0603 on 9565, listing SW frequencies and asking for reception reports to a phone number.
This is Súper Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba. At 0618 wacky wailing preacher David Miranda,
who occupies most of the SRDA airtime on more and more SW frequencies, spreading like a
cancer. He was also on 9665 at this time but not //.
At 0604 a Brazilian on 9819.9, must be Rádio Nove de Julho, São Paulo. Poor signal tho
registering S9+10 on the generous FRG-7, but with deep fades. I have had little luck hearing
this in the afternoon or evening, and don`t recall it being reported in the nightmiddle before, so
now it`s 24 hours? Aoki shows it 24h, anyway. 0605 to a song, seems EZ listening music
preferred, 0612 announcement, 0615 mention radio, Estado do Espírito Santo, 0616 mention
Aparecida, Nossa Senhora, none of which refer directly to the 9820v station, where I have yet
to hear its own ID.
At 0618 heard wacky wailing preacher David Miranda on 9665, but not // 9565. 9665 is R.
Marumby, per Carlos Gonçalves` recent log; R. Voz Missionária per Aoki and WRTH. The
latter agree that schedule is supposedly 0900-0100. Once the Mirandistas take over a station,
they may expand its schedule. Note that from Sunday Oct 18, most of the E & S states go on
DST of UT-2, so stations which are not 24h should be signing on and off one UT hour earlier.
At 0618, Brazilian talk on 9645v, i.e. Radio Bandeirantes, with a slightly-varying het, as it`s
always off-frequency beating against whatever is really on 9645.0 such as the WYFR
9715/9680 mixing product.
At 0618, also Brazilian on 9675 and close enough to produce a subaudible heterodyne with
some other station; R. Canção Nova (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BURMA [non]. 9320 with music at 1331 Oct 16, good steady signal, uncertain origin, but
1336 into Burmese announcement, mentioned ``Farewell, My Concubine`` twice in as many
minutes. This is scheduled as R. Free Asia; Aoki says 49 degrees from Sri Lanka, but this
does not sound like a transpolar signal; instead, I believe the site is now Tinian (Glenn Hauser,
** CHINA. CNR-1 evidently covering some live patriotic event as heard // on many frequencies,
some of them legal, others as jammers, Oct 16 at 1242 on 7365, 7420 with ChiCom anthem,
speaker resonating before a crowd. More of same chauvinistic music at 1353 on 6030, 6085,
6095, 6110, 6150, 6180, 7420.
Firedrake, Oct 16: at 1245 poor on 8400, fair on 9000; at 1253 poor on 10210 (Glenn Hauser,
** CUBA. RHC anomaly report Oct 16: there was NO telephone-ringing audible on any of the
frequencies! At 0535 on 6060, outro by announcer Alex (or is it Oleg?) Silva, over to the YL
announcer with a very heavy accent; she gave her name too, but I couldn`t understand it due
to mumbling and heavy accent.
At 0540, found 6140 in English this time; 6120 in Spanish with hum.
At 1254, the 11760 transmitter`s spurs were audible at least with matching tone, and most of
them also with RHC modulation: as low as 11452.8 and as high as 12374.4, which is one step
above previous accomplishment; and every 51.2 kHz in between. At this hour the strong
11708.8 one is QRMing another RHC transmitter, relaying Venezuela in Spanish on 11705.0.
Way to go! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. On Oct 16 I was standing by for the Aligarh aberration to cut its extremely distorted
blob on the air, but never found it, so off the air today? Have AIR finally realized this should be
closed down until repaired? Don`t bet on it. Could be off for any other reason, or spread out to
even wider bandwidth and less distinguishable from general noise level.
So I listened to National Channel on 9425 Bengaluru instead with its healthy signal, altho
weaker than usual today: 1316 tone test underway; 1318 IS starts but with split-second audio
dropouts, so this one has problems too but relatively minor. 1320 Vande Mataram introduced
and played, still with dropouts. 1321 Hindi sign-on mentioned kHz thrice, so what`s the third
frequency? Then musical break/prélude. 1329 mentioned several kHz, so a MW frequency
listing now? 1430 2+1 timesignal and into news in Hindi. Meanwhile I had been scanning
frequently between 9.2 and 9.6 MHz, but no sign of the blob, and no normal signal on 9470
either. And still not at final check 1448 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 4750 with poor signal Oct 16 at 1315, presumably RRI. When I first started
checking at 1225, nothing extracontinental making it on 120, 90, 75 or 60 meter bands,
contrary to my early-rising expectations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NEW ZEALAND. If anything makes it on 25m these nites, it`s RNZI in AM on 11725, DRM
buzz on 11670-11680, but nothing to be heard around 0550 Oct 16. Has propagation totally
dropped out, even from DU? No, all the RNZI frequencies were back strong at next check
0623. Must have been down for maintenance (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA. 5920 with nice easy listening music // weaker 5940, and 5920 for once without all
that WBOH QRM which was absent, Oct 16 at 1230. 5920 is R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, 5940
Magadan, but in B-seasons, 5920 moves to 6075, maybe accompanied by the mystery CW
marker at 1400* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SWEDEN. R. Sweden, 15735 in Swedish at 1304 Oct 16 but with heavy RTTY QRM.
Fortunately, RTTY was gone during English broadcast at 1342 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A. 5920 lacking WBOH so clear for RUSSIA, q.v., Oct 16 at 1230. There have been
unconfirmed reports that WBOH would be closing down permanently at end of A-09, so
gunjumping, or just another breakdown? WTJC, anyway, on 9370v as usual at 1247 check, lofi
hymns by choir with amateur piano accompaniment. Still no WBOH at 1350 (Glenn Hauser,
** U S A. WRMI, 9955 back on the air Oct 16 at 1448, VG signal on NW antenna with WORLD
OF RADIO. Trouble is, it was edition 1465 from a third of a year ago, not current 1482; as also
heard me introducing it on webstream check at 1430 Friday. This has happened before, as
automation is reluctant to let go of the old stuff even when new stuff has been uploaded; I hope
not thus on other scheduled repeat times (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. You can be a convicted child molester, and still be welcome to broadcast on WINB
as long as you pay up and pretend to be an evangelist: Oct 16 at 1246, Tony Alámo on 9265
informing us all about confession. But he denied the charges against him, since it`s Biblical to
``marry`` plenty girls past puberty (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** AUSTRALIA. Morning monitoring session starts Oct 17 at 1237 with lowest frequency 2310,
and there is weak country music from VL8-land; a bit stronger on // 2325, and even better on //
2485 at S9+12; 1239 Strine-accented YL DJ mentions Abbey Lane before more music (Glenn
** BURMA [non]. 15480, Oct 17 at 1427 with tone test. Must be Democratic Voice of Burma
about to start; 1430 to surprisingly well modulated music compared to what I expected from the
tone level, cut to another piece of music and starting announcement in Burmese. This is via
ARMENIA, so one can only wonder if relations between that country and the junta, if any, have
been damaged or even brought about retaliation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non]. Besides the usual culture clash of CNR1 jamming VOA Cantonese via
Tinang, Oct 17 at 1312 on 7365, there was also a big hum/buzz, and could not really tell from
which source, or something else. CRI site is Shijuazhuang per Aoki at 37 degrees USward.
Firedrake Oct 17: at 1316, fair on 9000, very poor on 8400; at 1409, poor on 10210 (Glenn
** COLOMBIA. 5910, Marfil Estéreo, active Oct 17 at 0531 with ID as HKI79-FM, usual non-
soporific music for the nightmiddle, marred by ``running-water`` intermittent ute bursts
overriding it, and continuous beeps on hi side; also bleedover from superstrong Cuban cut-
numbers on 5898, Morse code spy letters sending like Arnie Coro`s DXers Unlimited keying at
closing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming command still wasting countless kilowatts which could have
been used for something constructive, by pulsing against nothing, Oct 17 at 0519: on 9545,
9565, 9825. Well, not nothing, but not anything threatening The Revolution, unlike at other
dayparts. 9825 was ruining something in English, i.e. Deutsche Welle via South Africa at 0500-
0530. Will the foreign ministry of Germany complain to that of Cuba? Of course not! 9565
bothered the wacky wailing preaching of Brasil`s IPDA, so no loss there.

Over at RHC itself, what`s happening? At 0527 Oct 17, 6010 and 6060 in English, but toss-up
frequency 6140 this time in Spanish, along with 6120 and 6000. No phone ringing any more on
these RHC frequencies, but still could hear that on 5898 underneath cut numbers spy
transmission at 0532.
RHC 11760 spur check Oct 17 at 1407: typical tones on 11504.0 and 12067.2, but not much
higher or lower (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh blobcheck Oct 17: it`s back, after missing yesterday. Now centred
approximately on proper frequency 9470, but spreading 9460-9480 with extreme distortion. At
1317 tone test matched that on Bengaluru 9425, and remained // for: 1318 IS, again with split-
second audio dropouts at least on 9425, could not really tell on 9470, and so on (Glenn
** INDONESIA. 4750, Oct 17 at 1259, RRI Makassar, Indonesian talk atop CCI, but not much
else on 60m.
VOI, 9525.9, with good modulation for a change, proving it can be done if anyone is paying
attention, Oct 17 at 1324 YL with news in brief, mentioning aid to W Sumatera, and another
quake Friday. 1325 ID with www site for streaming, and claiming to be on three frequencies.
1326 Indonesian Wonders about something flavorful in east Java. Readability had soared to
better than 50 percent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH. Oct 17 a good NK morning: at 1240 on 2850, Juche soprano at S9+15,
1241 Korean announcement and more inspirational music. At 1245, 3912 had roaring jamming
with S Korean victim also audible; at 1246, VOK feeder on 3560 audible in music, 1247
announcement not // 2850. At 1251, warbling jamming on 3480. At 1255 on 3280 music and
presumed Korean. Just had time to scan 90m and not find much on the PNG frequencies
except maybe 3325, before some neighbor turned on TVI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** LAOS [non]. Since Hmong Lao Radio was missing last weekend from its Sat/Sun 13-14
sked via WHRI 11785, I was standing by at 1300 Oct 17 to see what happen. Very strong open
carrier came on for less than a minute 1300-1301, overriding VOA jingles. Surely this was
WHRI, just reminding us they are still entitled to use that frequency hour, but are not doing so
currently. Recheck at 1410 found them on the air with other Hmong program, World Christian
Radio at 1400-1430 Saturdays only.
Since last I checked, HLR webpage has added one more audio file, dated
Oct 8, but it`s already Oct 17. Archive had two files per week in September on dates which
correspond to Thursdays and Sundays, so was one of them different via Taiwan, and is that
still on the 15260 air? In Oct the only two dates are 1 and 8, both Thursdays, implying that the
WHRI broadcasts are indeed out of produxion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MADAGASCAR [non]. WRN says they are again broadcasting Radio Mada, the clandestine
service opposing last January/February`s coup, Sat and Sun 1530-1600 on 15640 via
At 1530 Saturday Oct 17 here in OK, Western Hemisphere, only detectable a very weak and
fluttery signal on 15640; the frequency also flutters, i.e. Doppler-affected. O o, I see that DW
English via Portugal has been scheduled during this hour, so did WRN get them to cede, or is
there a collision audible elsewhere? How is reception in the Eastern Hemisphere? Kai Ludwig
points out that DW 15640 is really DRM (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. Winterish conditions are oncoming, with the lowering sun; Oct 16 already at 2100
UT, Spanish atop 1570, historical talk credited in 2103 outro as from Casa de la Cultura de
Ciudad Acuña; but by next check 2123, the OK station was dominating with local ad for Tulsa.
Both on caradio, nondirexional antenna. This has happened before, as the powerful XERF
gets into skywave early, but then fades back down, all long before sundown which was 2353
** PHILIPPINES. 6170.4, continuous [note spelling] het to RNZI, Oct 17 at 1309, presumably
little DZRM and still at 1420; the day before there was no sign of it. To pull some audio from
DZRM one needs to try before RNZI *1259, which I have not yet managed to do. However,
RNZI will soon abandon 6170 for 7440 in B-09, but then 6170.4 listeners will have VOR
Khabarovsk 6170 to cope with covering 1000-1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA barely making it on 13m again today Oct 17 at 1358, poor on
21460 not // 21640; 21505 // 21640, and the buzz on 21505 was not so bad, still allowing some
Arabic to be audible. At hourtop, 5+1 timesignal heard on 21505, which one minute later on
WWV I determined to have been one second early! See also UNIDENTIFIED OTH radar
** U S A [non]. Configuration of VOA relays amid 7 MHz band Saturday Oct 17 at 1313: 7575
VG with jazz singer in English service. At 1414 on 7550 in English momentarily, but just a clip
before back into Indonesian. This one had the best signal by far, Tinang at 220 degrees,
Fri/Sat/Sun only, and much too close to VOA on 7545, Tinang due west, in English report
about Croatia, // 9760.
So IBB is deliberately running two transmitters 5 kHz apart from same site during the 14-15
hour. At 1416 a JBA signal on 7575, so site must have switched at hourtop from Tinang
USward, to Udorn westward; eventually decided it was // 7545 but not synchronized, a few
words off when speaking, and then with C&W music. Also something very weak on 7520,
apparently Vietnamese via Sri Lanka scheduled (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [and non]. 5920, still no sign of WBOH, at 0533 check Oct 17, Radio Rossii in the
clear with Radio Zhurnal // 5940, nor at next check 1310, while at 1316, WTJC was running as
usual on 9370v with overconfident preacher. Good riddance at least to the never-on-frequency
mess they had been putting out 24/7 on 5920v.
Is there anything on their homepage about closing down WBOH? Of
course not! That could detract from the fall share-a-thon`s receipts, news about that just
added, so it is possible to update their site. How many donors will be aware that at the same
time, FBN are cutting their SW service in half? Still claims to be running both WBOH and
** BRAZIL. 4915 the best and almost only signal audible below 5 MHz on 60m, Oct 17 at 2250
with singing vs CODAR, 2252 to preacher, building up by 2258 to a frenzy about Jesus, 2259
piano hymn, but cut off the air at 2300 sharp, as if on a timer. A second carrier had been
present making a fast SAH and now that much weaker one was uncovered. 2300 is an odd
time to sign-off, unless the two Brazilians here have reached some kind of agreement about
avoiding mutual interference all the time? Radio Daqui and Rdif. de Macapá. Both have been
reported at various times with religious [note spelling] programming, so I have no idea which I
had. Then another Brazilian signal was trying to poke thru on 4985 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CANADA [and non]. 6100, RCI in English at 0030 UT Oct 18 in Masala Canada show with
Wojtek Gwiazda interviewing a Moslem comedian who has had, what else, immigration
problems at the border. 0045 to next interview, author of a book about the dangers of
Googlization. But annoying thruout was co-channel talk underneath, rumbling tnx to RCI being
slightly off frequency, but how could something else in uncertain language be QRMing Radio
Canada Internal here in NAm?
Clue at 0045 was mention of Washington and a quick jingle. Uplooked later, it has to be VOA
Urdu a.k.a. Radio Aap ki Dunya, 0000-0100 at 340 degrees from Sri Lanka, and thus also
USward, more or less grayline. Would VOA please limit this signal from going beyond
Pakistan, such as by using higher takeoff angle from Iranawila, and/or reducing power, if it
must be co-channel to Canada (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. After hearing all the 11670 spurs --- see VENEZULA [non] ---, Oct 17 at 2225 I found
RHC audible on 17660 with speech in Spanish, and then found // synchronized 11800 and //
an echo apart from other transmitter site on 5965, 6000, 11770, 13760, 13790. Nothing on
9640 which is on the air certain days at this time for Mesa Redonda or other special
programming. The speech turned out to be just a clip, as soon back to studio announcer.
17660 does not appear at all on the supposedly current transmission schedule at which we have already picked
apart for numerous other errors. 17660 began with the April schedule shakeup for the 2030-
2130 English broadcast, which now continues to be sporadic even on its other nominal
frequency 11760; EiBi and Aoki show 17660 also at 2130 Creole, 2200 French, 2230-2300
Creole, all to Caribbean. Anyhow, 17660 is obviously still in use, if only for Spanish. Will the
RHC webmaster ever find out? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PRIDNESTROVYE. 9665 with strong open carrier, Oct 17 at 2212, off at 2213:45. Surely
Grigoriopol, but unneeded until 2300 for VOR relay, as Radio PMR 2215-2300 transmission is
never on Saturday. Perhaps a warmup/checkout, or operator forgot he didn`t really need to
turn it on just yet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 17314, came upon strong SSB signal listing several frequencies including this one,
Oct 17 at 2228, weather for Pacific Ocean to follow, by male robotic voice. Some of the
forecasts seemed a bit dated, from Oct 16. Mr. Robot says the words, mostly numbers, but he
has no concept of pauses, intonation, just patching them together, sounding inhuman. Missed
ID, but uplooked later, this frequency belongs to USCG stations. If the list in DXLD 7-101 is still
correct, at 2230 it`s NMC San Francisco:
17314.0 USB USCG wx from NMN Portsmouth (1730)
17314.0 USB USCG wx from NMC San Francisco (1630 2230)
** U S A [non]. 9935, Oct 17 at 2214 predicating in Spanish about fornication among the
Canaanites; altho not // (or not synchronized) WYFR 15130, surely it`s YFR as relayed by
GUIANA FRENCH, reported by DX Mix News Sept 25 --- DXLD 9-073 --- as 2200-0100, 250
kW, 215 degrees to SAm, then in English. But not listed currently in Aoki, EiBi or HFCC (Glenn
** VENEZUELA [non]. I have reported numerous times the past week on how the Radio
Habana Cuba transmitter on 11760 puts out a couple dozen spurs at multiples of plus and
minus 51.2 kHz. Incredibly, I have seen no reports of this from anyone else. 11760 is currently
scheduled 22 hours a day, 00-22 UT, but what of the rest?
Oct 17 at 2200 as I was tuning up the 11 MHz band, heard the RNVCI IS on about 11515 kHz,
and then standard sign-on, quickly matched to the fundamental frequency 11670. So that is
very obviously the same transmitter used the rest of the time on 11760. This time the spurs
were detectable as high as 12233.2 and as low as 11209.2. No, I did not measure each and
every one of them, but later computed them using multiples of 51.2 kHz displacement. All
could be heard except as noted:
11618.8 with most audio 11567.6 11516.4 11465.2 11414.0 11362.8 11311.6 11260.4
11209.2 11721.2 11772.4, big het on another RHC transmitter, 11770.0 11823.6
11874.8 11926.0 11977.2 12028.4 12079.6 12130.8 – this one not audible for some reason
12182.0 12233.2 - tuning reached the top at 2208
Next to check all the RHC, RNV and CRI relay frequencies at 23-24 to find yet another
spurset, unless they give it a one-hour daily rest (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 18: at 1341, poor on 8400, much better to good level on 9000, but not
// each other so 5-6 minutes offset; at 1349 found that 10210 was much better yet, VG
inbooming at S9+20 and // JBA 8400, not 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC check Oct 18 at 0527: 6140 in English this time, Alex Silva outroing a report,
phone ringing just barely audible in background. 0534 starting DXers Unlimited; Arnie, answer
the phone on 6140! But on 6010 no phone ringing; on 6060 maybe a trace of that but hard to
tell with splash from Spain 6055 --- these two should really get farther apart, and age-old near-
collision. One Coro topic this week is using copper foil tape from art suppliers to make
antennas; it is of course conductive, second only to silver, and looks nice too.
Spur search Oct 18 at 1351 found 11760 still irradiating the spectrum, such as 11504,
11657.4; 11708.4 or so hetting VOK 11710 as it was closing English at 1354, Commies vs
Commies! The usual 51.2 kHz displacement is varying slightly and anyhow hard to downpin
with no sharp carrier, but distorted blobs at each landing so I won`t attempt to be any more
precise either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA [and non]. The AIR Aligarh blob varies its frequencies, however unintentionally, and
so varies its victims. After centering on nominal 9470 for a while, on Oct 18 at 1318 with AIR IS
it ranged 9490-9515, strongest around 9500. Now RA 9475 escapes the mess, but by 1344
not something on 9480 nor BBCWS Burmese with B-B-C- chimes at 1344 on 9500, 1345
timesignal one second later than WWV (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. Unusual on Oct 18 to find more of a signal on 4925 than 4750, at 1326, slow
ballad singing on 4925, presumably RRI Jambi, bothered by OTH radar pulses up to 4930
** KOREA SOUTH. V. of the People, clandestine to the North, doing equally well on 6518 and
// 6600, Oct 18 at 1337 music atop jamming noise; likewise 6348, Echo of Hope (Glenn
** RUSSIA. 15605, VOR with Jew`s harp (excuse me) music, twang-twang, Oct 18 at 1436,
then interviewing someone in Russian about it. The Russian clips go on too long before the
English voiceover starts. Found the audio file of Folk Box show which is scheduled at 1430
Sundays: mms:// but it`s not the same one, kept
referring to harvest festivals in August! tho equally enjoyable. What about all the shows since
then? BTW, Kraig Krist warns that VOR website has a trojan if you allow pdf files to open
** TAIWAN. RTI Japanese service on 9730 was spurry today, Oct 18 at 1322, narrow blobs
against CRI 9730 and BBC 9740, almost but not exactly same pitch hets, indicating RTI is also
very slightly off frequency from 9730.00 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VATICAN. 9850, surprised to hear Bells of St. Peter`s at 0614 Oct 18; a relay from
somewhere? Only in the sense of extraterritoriality; no wonder had not noticed before as this is
scheduled Sundays only, Santa Maria di Galeria in Latin per HFCC; 0615 opening with catch-
phrase slogan ``Laudetur Jesus Christus`` but they say that in all language services. Poor
reception and hard to tell which; EiBi lists Ukrainian, and WRTH A09 update says this is
Ukrainian liturgy at 0610-0745 // 11740 and 1611 on Sundays only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** VENEZUELA [non]. No sign of any activity on alleged Aló, Presidente frequencies via
CUBA, Sunday Oct 18 at 1600 check: 12010, 13680, 13750, 17750 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** BULGARIA. 15700, R. Bulgaria, at 1511 Oct 19, Bulgarian talk muffled and distorted (Glenn
** CANADA [non]. 12140, Oct 19 at 1532 YL spelling out address in Larnaka, Cyprus with
English letters, but really speaking Persian, and address for e-mail. Good
signal. Aoki says it`s Bible Voice via Jülich at 1530-1730. Remember that Jülich site is to be
abolished as of Oct 25, so all transmissions via there will have to be moved elsewhere if they
continue, such as Nauen, Wertachtal or Issoudun (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 19: at 1342, fair on 8400 with flutter, poor on 9000 which this time is //
unlike yesterday. At 1426, 10210 good at S9+20 but fluttery, // 8400 and 9000. At 1541, all
three still audible: 8400 very poor, 9000 fair, 10210 good with flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA. RHC Oct 19 at 0532: 6140 in English this time, // 6060 and 6010, no phone ringing
audible; 6120 distorted in Spanish, 6000. At 0536 on 5898 spy transmitter open carrier with
hum, and could still hear phone ringing.
11760 spurcheck Oct 19: at 1356 there it is on 11504. Lowest audible around 11198, highest
12075, approximately. But another check at 1528 found NONE of these two dozen spurs, altho
11760 was still on the air. Must have changed transmitters around 1500 for the mid-day
service, which was then // other fundamentals on 11690 vs RTTY, and perpetually distorted
and breaking up 11800. RNV transmission also on 11680 briefly in English about TeleSur, then
to HCF blustering in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** FRANCE. After monitoring the Turkey/BBC clash on 15160, Oct 19 a few sex before *1500,
on came AWR with better signal, ID in English as Adventist World Radio, Voice of Hope, then
same in off-topic French, German and Italian, reference to and in English introducing
broadcast in Nepalese. This is via Issoudun, 250 kW at 80 degrees followed by another
semihour in Hindi (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA [and non]. AIR Aligarh blobcheck Oct 19: at 1345 centered about 9445 and spreading
9435-9455, bothering Thailand on 9455. Alok Dasgupta has been diligently trying to get AIR to
fix this for months, and now reports that something may be done at B-09 seasonal changes.
And already they are running the defective transmitter only from 1318 to 1600, then switching
to a good one that is available. I don`t usually monitor that late, but did so Oct 19.
At 1556 the blob on 9445 is so bad it sounds like DRM, nothing but noise. Wait a minute, that
*is* DRM, the IBB/HCJB Greenville test still in force, 9445-9455 and centered on 9450. At
1600 I could hear a weak but non-distorted signal on 9470 // 9425 but a few syllables out of
synch, so the AIR change had happened.
You won`t find anything about 9450 DRM on the DRM DX forums, but it is discussed on the
drmna yahoogroup, still being reported as scheduled 16-20 on 9450. So this should have just
started; complicating the picture is the DRM from VOR in Hindi scheduled until 1600 via Irkutsk
on 9440-9445-9450, which must have really got a drubbing today from the AIR blob.
What I don`t get is the wacky and totally self-defeating mindset by the PTB at AIR that the
horribly defective transmitter must be kept on the air no matter what, at least until 1600.
Burocracy says: punch the on-button and don`t ask questions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, back to just barely audible modulation level Oct 19 during English
hour at 1346 in music, flutter; after a few days of decent modulation. Is anyone paying
attention at Cimanggis? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. BBCWS on seldom-heard 15310, Oct 19 at 1439 with American-accented YL
discussing women`s health problems and mistreatment, not // 17640, 17830 or 21470 which
are on African stream. 15310 at 14-16 is via Oman at 63 degrees toward zone 41, i.e. S Asia
from Pakistan to Bangladesh. Better signal than Radio Sultanate of Oman`s English on 15140,
nevertheless (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ROMANIA. RRI Arabic service, 15160, Oct 19 at 1445 with ID and Romanian folk music,
winning the battle for my attention vs the Turkish music on 15180. As hourtop approached,
increasing co-channel QRM underneath 15160 including during RRI sign-off at 1455, IS at
1456-1457:30*. Then the CCI was in the clear until its 1459:30* but too weak to ID. Listed as
BBC Hindi via Cyprus at 97 degrees, while Tiganeshti Arabic is at 247 degrees, so
theoretically no collision, but I bet there really is for anyone trying to listen from N Africa to S
Asia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA. 5920, R. Rossii, Oct 19 at 0538 song by a Russian bass, but hum and
motorboating on carrier; with BFO on, carrier obviously unstable, much like was once the case
on 7200, 5900. This could be nothing new on Pet/Kam 5920, but masked until now by off-
frequency QRM from WBOH, now deleted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. BSKSA doing well on 13m Oct 19 at 1432, Qur`an on 21460, big
buzz plus Arabic on 21505, // clear Arabic on best 21640. BBC Cyprus 21470, Spain 21570
and 21610, Libya 21695 were also audible, in a geographically broader opening than usual.
But at 1508, all the Sa`udi frequencies were gone and presumed off, moved to lower bands.
Usual huge buzz around 15435, weaker but clear on 15225, and at 1522, not // Qur`an good
on 13710. Enjoyed that for a while pro arte, as I am able to, not being burdened by the
baggage of belief and understanding only a few words of Arabic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 17485, Oct 19 at 1505 song about God`s Holy Mountain, into
preaching by a non-Brother Scare; no // on 9385 since WWRB was off the air, but must be the
BS service via Jülich. Poor audio from internet feed with artifacts. Next check at 1534, WWRB
was back on and running 14 seconds ahead of 17485, still the voice of some BS psychophant
rather than himself, and now still had CCI underneath from Radio Prague after 1530; both off
by 1559* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SPAIN. 15170, REE via COSTA RICA, Oct 19 at 1442 with phone interview about Spanish
music programs on radio stations in parts of France (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SUDAN [non]. 15650, Miraya FM via Slovakia, Oct 19 at 1510 in English with several IDs;
1512 interview about land mines in southern Sudan, hard to understand due to accents and
flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. 15180 at 1441 Oct 19, familiar music bit which also fills time on VOT English
broadcasts, then ID starting ``Hee nee`` which is Swahili, not a language on the VOT sked,
and this was not one of their two-minute fillers of multilingual IDs either. Instead 14-15 on
15180 is supposed to be Uighur. No jamming audible, tho the ChiCom do not take kindly to
anyone else broadcasting to their own oppressed minority. At 1444 a long period of dead air,
finally music resuming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [and non]. VOA English was good on 7575 until off at 1359, so I then tuned to 7545.
Shortly transmitter came on at same level, but cut off again before any modulation. After a
semi-minute came back on at much weaker level. I suppose the first turn-on was with the
same antenna USward by mistake, so went back off to switch to proper antenna westward.
Both from Tinang, PHILIPPINES, 7575 is 21 degrees usward until 1400, then 7545 is 270
degrees westward.
Then checked Greenville 17585 and found it inbooming with VoA news, sporadic-E help? If so,
not affecting closer WWCR 15825, tho it was a bit better than usual, hollow-sounding
backscatter. But from 1405 to 1407, 17585 dumped off the air repeatedly. Missed the 1430
transition to Botswana, but some time after that, noticed 17585 from Botswana was much
weaker than Greenville had been, not always the case (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** ANGUILLA [and non]. 11775 missing at 1411 check Oct 20. The only thing of possible
interest that might have been heard instead was inaudible, AIR via GOA with Tibetan and
Nepali services at 1200-1430, 250 kW, 25 degrees, and continuing in B-09. I assume at least
the Tibetan until 1330 is jammed by the ChiCom, probably with CNR-1 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 20: at 1322, nothing on 8400; good on 9000 and 10210, the latter with
more flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC, 11760 on the air Oct 20 at 1323, but WITHOUT the two dozen spurs covering
more than one MHz every 51.2 kHz or so, which had been spewing from that transmitter ever
since first noted Oct 10. Either fixed or they finally heard about the problem and switched to a
less defective transmitter, so be vigilant for the same surrounding some other frequencies, as I
previously also found them with the 11670 Venezuelan relay at 22 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INDIA [and non]. AIR Aligarh blob covering 9465-9485, extremely distorted and FMy, Oct 20
at 1318 with AIR IS, 1319 Vande Mataram, etc., // clear Bengaluru 9425. AIR still insists on
running this monstrosity which only serves to interfere with other stations, and demonstrate its
own incompetence. 1504 check, still centred around 9475, but VOA unscathed on 9485, 1506
into New Dynamic English, but Russian on 9465 from KFBS was scathed. Not to be confused
with DRM from Irkutsk 9440-9450 bothering the Chinese radio war on 9450 (Glenn Hauser,
** INDONESIA [and non]. I see reports from ENAm of Poland via Germany being heard in
English at 12-13 on 9525, no mention of QRM de Indonesia. Here in CNAm, VOI is certainly
dominant; however, at 1257 Oct 20 just before Poland finished, I could hear a het. But the het
is no longer 900 Hz, more like 100 Hz, as VOI has switched back from the transmitter on
9525.9 to the one on 9524.9. During the hour clear of QRM for English from 1300, VOI had
good tho fluttery signal, but modulation once again just barely audible. I could recognize the
voice of the guy from Banjarmasin who appears every Tuesday for the Exotic Indonesia co-
produxion, but a total loss as far as readability. At 1418 check, big het from CRI in Russian on
9525.0 and the pitch varied slightly, likely due to VOI instability. At 1502, the VOI carrier was
still on, and in the clear again, registering S9+18, modulation still JBA so useless as English
restarted, only to be cut off anyway at
 unpredictable time.
In B-09 from Oct 25, both Poland/Germany and CRI should be gone, so if VOI can manage to
modulate, they should have a clear shot on 9525v --- until 1457 when CRI then starts a bihour
of English via Kashgar, East Turkistan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN. 15555, Oct 20 at 1333 with Qur`an, then Japanese announcement by YL, as VIRI
imagines there are enough Japanese-speaking Moslems worth bothering with. Know thy
audience! Try Shinto stuff instead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ISRAEL [and non]. 15786.6 approximate measured frequency for Galei Tsahal, Oct 20 at
1428 with music, 1430 Hebrew announcement; hetting Arabic on 15790 which is BBC due
south from Cyprus (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 15140, R. Sultanate of Oman, Oct 20 at 1432, British-accented YL with news in
English, such as Taliban/Pakistan, Afghan elexions; most if not all items concerned the region,
rather than the whole world; how provincial. Is nothing going on e.g. in the USA worth
mentioning? 1439 said ``next news will be at 10 pm; good evening`` [that would be 18 UT, but
not on SW] and into western pop music. Signal S9+8 at peaks, but with undermodulation, still a
strain to copy (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. BSKSA dominated 13m, Oct 20 at 1327 with Arabic and buzz on
21505, clear on 21640 and Qur`an on 21460; Libya also audible on 21695 // 17725, but no
Spain to speak of. Until next check at 1454: see SPAIN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SPAIN. Earlier at 1327 Sa`udi Arabia provided the main signals on 13m, but at 1425 Oct 20
found Spain instead on 21540, 21570 and 21610. However, at 1453, 21540 was not // the
others, with music vs talk, the latter // Costa Rica 15170. At 1454, 21540 was giving e-mail
address in Castilian, announced a 17 MHz frequency, weak and fading, and apparently off at
1455. This 13m triad always used to be //, so what`s going on? 21540 is for Equatorial Africa,
21570 for SAm, 21610 for ME. Apparently EqAf gets separate programming. Or maybe it cut
away early to start signing off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SWEDEN. Just as 15735 builds up to a good reliable signal in NAm, toward the end of the
A-09 season, for English at 1330 even tho it`s aimed eastward, this transmission is about to be
cancelled. Circa 1340 Oct 20, George Wood accompanied by old theme music to MediaScan,
announced B-09 R. Sweden English schedule, later confirmed by checking
`Morning` English direct from Hörby will then be:
1330-1400 7465 (40°)
1430-1500 9400 (85°)
1530-1600 9360 (125°)
1700-1730 7465 (125°)
Lotsa luck getting decent reception from any of these in NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A [and non]. 7415, WBCQ at 2220 UT Oct 19, during the Monday 2200 WORLD OF
RADIO transmission, with heavy QRM from 7420, YFR Arabic via Wertachtal at 210 degrees
to NW Africa, but grossly exceeding its mandate. I recently said this was not a problem in
CNAm, but it certainly is now, as WBCQ is already starting to fade down.
Fortunately, this transmission will be gone in B-09 from Oct 25; however, VOR from a Moscow
site at 275 degrees to Europe is then scheduled on 7420 during that hour. Fortunately, after
one Week of Confusion, on Nov 1 DST ends in NAm, and all WBCQ programming shifts one
UT hour later, so WOR will be at 2300, when there is nothing scheduled on 7420, but WBCQ
will be one hour further into the night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 17775, KVOH already on at 1445 Oct 20, distorted praise music with a beat,
applause from crowd at revival. S9+22 and splattering 17760-17790. As always, looked for the
plus/minus 145 kHz spurs, but nothing audible on 17920v, while CRI English via Mali on 17630
maybe had a slight het. 1501 still distorted with bienvenidos to the day`s programming, so
1445 was just a runup prélude, and then many IDs as ``KVOH, La Voz de Restauración
Bróadcasting, Los Ángeles, California``.
Unsure why they insert that English-derived word, and whether to accent it Broádcasting, or
even Bróádcasting. However, there is precedent for this, as a few early Latin American radio
stations liked to include `Broadcasting` in their names, and might be stressed on the middle A,
which would also require an accent in Spanish orthography (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ALASKA. 7355, bit of English mentioning next transmission, Oct 21 at 1256, then nothing
but praise music until 1259* No doubt KNLS, which does these postludes instead of sign-off
being the last word. Their English broadcasts on 7355 are about to become a pastthing with
the advent of B-09.
KNLS B-09?? On English website they still have the B-07 as ``current`` and A-08 as next!!
However, the two schedules on the Russian-language site
are dated 30 March-25 Oct 2009, and 26 Oct 2009-28 March 2009 [sic!]. So altho starting on
Monday instead of Sunday, the latter probably really means B-09 into 2010y.
The Angliyskiy/English portion:
08-09, 10-11 and 12-13 6150
12-13 also 6915
14-15 6890 (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** AUSTRALIA. 11825 with country-rock music Oct 21 at 1350; I thought it had a gospel tinge
too, but could that be? Since it`s RA`s Chinese service via Darwin, easily // 9475. 11825 has
no AIR blob to contend with, but splash from WYFR 11830. Do the Chinese really crave
Australian country-rock? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non]. 7420 with big Chinese clash, Oct 21 at 1308, CNR1 jamming BBC via
Thailand, which is scheduled 1300-1530 per Aoki A09. One wonders if PBS Nei Menggu,
scheduled 2230-1605 on 7420 remains on air too, also becoming a victim of ChiCom jamming,
which trumps everything else. At 1410 check, the CNR1 jamming was easily // 7365 and 6110
against other stations, and // 7305 and 6095 seemingly alone.
Firedrake Oct 21 at 1407: 10210, 9000 and 8400 all //, all fairly good, but best on the highest
** CUBA. RHC Oct 21 at 0536: 6140 in Spanish instead of English, along with 6120. See also
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh blob, Oct 21 at 1319 with AIR IS, 1320 Vande Mataram, covering at least
9460-9480 with extreme distortion, victimizing Australia on 9475 and Thailand on 9455 (Glenn
** INDONESIA. VOI modulation improved a bit Oct 21 at 1345 on 9524.9 during music, and
then YL talking in English about Indonesian music, still at near-strain-level. More like 9524.88
as measured by Ron Howard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ISRAEL [and non]. Galei Zahal masked by heavy hi-speed RTTY(?) around 15786, Oct 21
at 1318; but clear of that at 1357 check when I found GZ on 15785.9 or so, but then less-than-
5-kHz het from B-B-C- chimes about to open Arabic via Cyprus on 15790.0 (Glenn Hauser,
** ROMANIA. 11945 in Arabic, Oct 21 at 1404 repeatedly mentioning Romania, as scheduled
on RRI, 140 degrees from Galbeni, with heavy long-path/short-path echo. It`s approximately
oppositely aimed from US, so boosts the LP plus the commonly received SP off the back
** SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA 13m check Oct 21: at 1313 only 21640 was making it weakly, but
stronger by 1352, still best, joined by // 21505 with big buzz plus same Arabic talk, and 21460
with Qur`an in, what else, Arabic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VATICAN. 17765 at 1314 Oct 21, VR IS, 1315 opening Vietnamese, fair. This is 72 degrees
from SMG; we keep hearing Vietnamese from VR in CNAm on various frequencies; how much
better would it be in the target if not so much leaked out way over here? (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** BRAZIL. The big gap between Habana 5025 and Nashville 5070 is finally filled on 5045, Oct
22 at 0607, soft samba songs in Brazilian, 0609 voice-over ID I did not copy completely, but
seemingly for an FM station in Pará on 93.something with a ZY- callsign. At 0620 threw in a
`Cultura` ID between songs as I quit. Good S9+10 signal, better than the other 24h Brazilians
audible, 4885 and 4915, nothing on 4985.
According to Célio Romais` Panorama, 5045 is R. Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Belém, Pará
which has been reactivated after 11 years of silence, thanks to 1.1 megareais of aid from the
state government, which has a new mandate to reach all parts of that large state, per the blog
of Paulo Henrique Lima. Its postal address is not in Belém but in Ananindeua.
WRTH 2009 has it just as R. Cultura do Pará, inactive with 10 kW, ZYG360 on 5045. It also
leads to multimedia website including TV:
The radio sexion, is all about their FM 93.7,
nothing found about SW.
There also seemed to be a much weaker signal underneath on 5045 producing a SAH. Is it the
other Brazilian, Radio Guarujá Paulista? WRTH has that as active with 1 kW, altho I don`t find
any recent reports of it in DXLD (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 22 at 1310: nothing on 8400, good on 9000 // 10210 (Glenn Hauser,
** CUBA [and non]. RHC Oct 22: at 0525, 6140 in English today about the communist party of
Luxembourg --- now there`s an anachronism! Listened carefully for `het` heard 24h earlier, but
only an imagination-level whine, perhaps remnant of the phone-ringing problem.
DentroCuban Jamming Command against nothing on 5980, with irregular tonal pulses, so
probably two transmitters unsynchronized, Oct 22 at 1250, long after R. Martí quits the channel
at 1200. Then some unwitting collateral victim started tone testing on 5980. Per Aoki, that`s
DW in Chinese from 1300 via Vladivostok.
Can`t be surprised, that altho RHC spurs from 11760 were absent Oct 21, they were back on
Oct 22; not fixed, but probably using alternate transmitter the day before as they had done
previously after 1500. At 1340, found spurs on 11656.8, also 11708.4, 11811.6, so that makes
the separation plus and minus 51.6 kHz instead of 51.2. I also could detect the accompanying
same-pitch whine down to 11398.8 and up to 12224.4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** EGYPT. R. Cairo B-09 English, tentative, all from Abu Zabaal site:
1215-1330 As 17870
1600-1800 EAf 12170 or 13660
1900-2030 WAf 11510
2115-2245 Eu 6270
2300-2430 WNAm 7580
0200-0330 ENAm 7540
(Glenn Hauser, Oct 22, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. Looking for AIR Aligarh blob Oct 22: Standing by at 1318 to find when it would cut
on, along with Bengaluru on 9425; but transpolar signals not so good today, 9425 weaker than
usual from *1319 with IS. Hunting around for the other, seemed like blob appeared from 1320
circa 9485, but then it was gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. After a few days on the 9524.9 transmitter, VOI switched back to the 9525.9
one as of Oct 22 at 1316, YL talking about Sudarto, day in history from Oct 22, 1945y; 1326
Indonesian Wonders. Modulation fair today but always too low. Since there is nothing on
9525.0 to het during the English hour, it doesn`t really matter which frequency be in use, and a
BFO flickon may be required to nail it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ISRAEL. I hear Galei Tsahal a lot more on 15786v than 6973, due to my monitoring habits,
but weak 6973 signal at 0520 Oct 22 must have been this, talk in presumed Hebrew suffering
from OTH radar pulses, probably ex Cyprus ranging 6945-6980. So one military operation is
QRMing another. More OTHR logs under UNIDENTIFIED (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** PHILIPPINES. VOI being 1 kHz higher helps R. Veritas Asia stand out a bit more on 9520:
Oct 22 at 1328, ID in English that Sinhala was about to follow on 9.520 MHz; better modulation
than VOI, too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA [and non]. R. Rossii, 7200, fluttery in Russian talk and music at 0521 Oct 22, //
7320 but an echo apart; at first could not hear // 7230 beneath another station, but by 0552 the
R.R. music on 7230 was gaining and synchronized // 7200. 7200 is HFCC registered as
Yakutsk, 250 kW at 45 degrees between 19 and 15 UT, while 7230 is Yakutsk, 100 kW at 310
degrees, same hours. 7320 as Okhotsk, 100 kW at 45 degrees, 17-13, but believed to be false
site and Aoki lists Magadan instead, 50 kW at 45 degrees. Aoki agrees the other two are
Yakutsk, but 7200 as 100 kW, nondirexional, and 7230 as 100 kW, 300 degrees.
7230 is a rather busy channel; here`s what else I was hearing. Dominant at tune-in 0521 with
music, losing out somewhat to Yakutsk by 0555 was VOA via Lampertheim in Kurdish, since
they were mentioning Iran and Washington, and 0558 outro as ``from Voice of America,
Washington``. Meanwhile, from 0558, RRI had started IS and opening in German. So we had a
3-way pileup for a couple of minutes.
Another check of 5920 to convince myself WBOH is really gone for good: Oct 22 at 1248, R.
Rossii playing classic tune ``Let It Snow`` in English with triple refrain, interrupted a couple
times for spoken comments in Russian, but unfortunately 5920 motorboating badly with
unstable carrier, // clear but weaker 5940. 5920 is Pet/Kam, 5940 is Magadan (``Okhotsk``). It
will be interesting to hear from Oct 25 whether the B-09 frequency for Pet/Kam, 6075 has the
same motorboating from the same transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC with BBCWS relay, Oct 22 at 1255, somewhat readable
since Rebelde 5025 was talking instead of musicking, and found SIBC very close to 5020.0
this time, but not // BBC 5875. At hourtop timesignals were not quite synchronized, 1300-1301
5020 was opening Newshour with different promo preview than for upcoming programming on
5875, but joined for news from 1301, with 5020 a few words behind 5875 (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Hearing a lot less Brother Scare and a lot more from other
brothers on the Overcomer Ministry frequencies; is B.S. ailing, the end really near, or being
Overthrown? There is a huge tape library of BS which could be played, and is normally in use
as even he can`t go on nonstop 24/7. Oct 22 at 1315 someone else was talking about him on
WWRB 9385, but I am not yet sufficiently curious to keep listening trying to divine what`s going
on in the Walterboro cult`s compound (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TUNISIA. RTT plays some great music in their mornings, our nightmiddles, which interrupt
my bandscanning, such as Oct 22 on 7275 // 7335, Arabic woman with a big voice singing,
was it Umm? Ran right past hourtop until 0602 when went to talk and liners, finally akbar. They
are casual about `news on the hour` timings. These are usually the best signals on 41m at the
time, adding to their SWL potential.
B-09 schedule for Sfax, but the shifted times may not be precise:
0400-0610 9725 12005
0500-0730 7275
0700-0910 7335
1700-2110 9725 12005
1800-2210 7225
2000-0010 7345
** TURKEY. VOT IS on both 15285 and weaker 15180, both Emirler, at 1358 Oct 22, but not
synchronized, prior to Arabic and Uighur services respectively (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** VATICAN. 11625, weak signal not normally audible, Oct 22 at 0510 in English with strong
African accent, 0512 music. What`s this? Only IDed by later lookup as Vatican Radio, 169
degrees from SMG (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. OTH radar pulses, presumed from here: Oct 23 at 1228 on
5775-5825, weak; at 1230 on 6960-7010 impinging on the 40m hamband. Rather strong at
1255 on 7710-7750, enough to bother WYFR 7730 right smack dab in the middle of it. That
range still pulsing at 1352 after WYFR had closed at 1345 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 23: At 1259, nothing on 8400, fair on 9000, and for a change some
co-channel audible under, really Sound of Hope? But 1300 FD into open carrier and not much
else. At 1310, FD fair on 10210 too. At 1350, 8400 was back on at good level, better than //
9000 or // 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC 11760 spur galaxy Oct 23: at 1311 found the lowest one around 11188, up to
the highest one on 12332 at 1320. These two are eleven times 52 kHz below and above
fundamental 11760, or 572 kHz out, i.e. 23 frequencies for the price of one! In between, every
52 kHz, the same-pitch tipoff whine, with the closer ones also bearing RHC modulation, but
distorted blobs without a sharp carrier. Minus-one was on 11708.0 or just a shade lower than
that, so the further ones out are correspondingly higher or lower than on previous occasions at
51.2 kHz intervals. The one on 11552 was bothering WEWN 11550 which restricts its own
spurs to only plus/minus 10 kHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh blob, Oct 23 at 1318 with IS: distortion covering roughly 9465-9475, poor
signal and weaker than clear // 9425 Bengaluru. Bothers RA on 9475, not quite Thailand on
9455 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI still on the upper channel Oct 23 at 1301 opening English hour, as
``sound of dignity``, program summary, mentioning today`s date Oct 23, 2009; 1302 news
including efforts to reduce traffic accidents. VOI news is laden mostly with stuff about the
doings of government agencies and officials. Is anything else going on in this vast country?
After the CRI Russian hour, VOI still on and in the clear again at 1511, registering S9+18 but
useless as modulation just barely audible, a very poor showing compared to its neighbors loud
and clear on 9515 RCI, 9535 NHK (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NEW ZEALAND. Checking 6170 whether the het could still be heard from PHILIPPINES
[q.v.], Friday Oct 23 at 1308, found RNZI playing C&W music, ``I can`t help it if I`m still in love
with you``, classic Hank Williams song performed by the Holmes Bros. & Roseanne Cash as
outroed at 1310. Trouble is, news magazine Dateline Pacific is supposed to be airing at this
hour UT Mon-Fri per
So is their sked confused as to UT day of week or one-hour DST shift? Or some other
anomaly, such as defaulting to domestic RNZ National instead of RNZI origination? This could
well be the ``From the World`` sesquihour in the All Night Programme on National which
admittedly mixes music and talk features (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PHILIPPINES [and non]. Oct 23 sought DZRM on 6170.4 before RNZI *1259. At 1243
detected a soprano on 6170.4; music sounded rather Vietnamese, but perhaps just SE Asian,
as who else would be on 6170.4? I confirmed this was off 6170 to the hi side compared to
KFAQ Tulsa 1170.0, by retuning the MHz dial only on the FRG-7 with BFO on, a handy trick
frequently employed. Could also have been done with any reliable SW frequency ending in
170, but Spain/Costa Rica has been missing from 15170. Very weak signal with splash from
Beijing 6175 and occasionally even Cuba 6180. At 1308 RNZI 6170.0 was in C&W music [see
NEW ZEALAND] and no het audible, but when they went to outro talk at 1310, the 6170.4 het
could be heard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA [and non]. Generally poor reception conditions the morning of Oct 23 ---
nothing extracontinental on 120, 90 or 60 metres when I started at 1230, and was not
expecting anything on 13m either, but by 1343 it had barely opened with BSKSA Arabic
audible on 21640 and buzz on 21505; also fading in and out, weak bits of Spain on 21610,
21570, 21540; Libya 21695 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX ISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [non]. VOA, 7575, very good Oct 23 at 1255 with International Public Service
Announcement, some Rwandan ``pentecostal pastor`` wanted for genocide, believe to be
hiding in Congo DR, big $5mega reward and witness protexion available. An hour later at 1355
there was a VOA Editorial instead, about Darfur. At 1358 announced frequencies to be used in
following hour for News Now: only 7.575 and 9.76 MHz, but at 1359, 7575 vanished. Axually
this is when 7575 switches from Tinang 21 degrees USward to Udorn 268 degrees westward,
and a faint signal could then be detected on 7575, plus VOA English news could then be heard
on 7545, which is Tinang tho 270 degrees, but suffering severe splash from another Tinang
transmitter only 5 kHz up on 7550, the weekend Indonesian service at 200 degrees. The two
frequencies claimed apply only to Asia as we know there are more to Africa at 1400 such as
17585, Greenville/Botswana (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International: did not catch it Oct 16, so I made sure to check Oct
23 whether they had changed frequency again. No, still on 15665 via WHRI at 1902: altho
reception poor with fading, backscatter hollowness, immediately recognizable with All Hail
Biafra anthem. 19-20 Fridays only. FWIW, in B-09, WHRI has again registered 17520 in Ibo
during this hour, but also on the same 87 degree azimuth 15665 as English, so they`re
covered for either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. Stranger and stranger it gets at Radio Habana Cuba. Having heard spurs
surrounding the 11760 transmitter since Oct 10 at other dayparts, in the morning and
nightmiddle, on Oct 23 I checked at 2114 for spurs surrounding 11760, and there they were
starting with the nearest, 51.2 kHz above and below on 11708.8 and 11811.2. The next one
up, 11862.4, was putting mush against DW English on 11865. The next one below, 11657.6,
was doing the same on Radio Australia English on 11660. I could also hear further ones on
11504.0 and 11452.8.
On one previous occasion monitoring after 2200, I had a different set of spur frequencies since
11760 takes a break and the same POS transmitter was on 11670 for the Venezuelan relay.
What about today? Yes, at 2114 quickly found the nearest pair on 11721.1 and 11618.9, so
now displaced only 51.1 kHz, from 11670. Many more of these too found by 2223, up to
12236.1. but that implies the offset had varied in the meantime to 51.46 kHz, i.e. 11 steps
away. The lowest audible was circa 11150, not measured, which would be 10 steps of circa 52
kHz away. The second one up, 11772.2 was mushing/hetting an RHC fundamental on 11770
at 2210! It also interfered with the DentroCuban Jamming Command pulsing on 11775 against
nothing just after Anguilla closed and Martí does not start there until 0000. The third spur up,
11823.3, QRMed Saudi Arabia on 11820.
But in the meantime it soon became obvious that the programming on 11670 and the at least
21 other frequencies was not RNV this time, but RHC itself, as at 2212 mentioned Revista
Iberoamericana de Radio Habana Cuba, the standard two-hour late-afternoon magazine show.
Not only was RNV missing from 11670, all the other Habana fundamental frequencies I could
find were // with RHC programming, no RNV anywhere --- it apparently got lost in the shuffle!
An echo apart from 11670, so from other transmitter site: 17660, 13760, 11800, 6000. Besides
all the spurs, synchronized with 11670 from same site: 5965, 11770, 13790. The only RHC
frequency I could find carrying something else was 17705 in Portuguese at 2219.
Furthermore, the 11670 transmitter had additional closer-in spurs putting grinding noises at
approximately plus and minus 18 kHz, 11652 and 11688. Just another day at La Voz Espúrea
de América (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ECUADOR. Checked one of HCJB`s last remaining frequencies, 11920, Oct 23 at 2246 as
Kulina, Brazilian Indian language had just started. Same preacher as always speaking
deliberately as if Kulina were not his first language. Probably a gringo missionary who learned
enough to preach in it. Hoped to hear some reference to a Matthew chapter (rendered in
Portuguese), as I did when first I heard this, but none such in next four sesquiminutes. 11920
did have some QRM de DentroCuban Jamming Command bleedover from 11930 against
On Nov 15, this service along with Portuguese is to switch over to CVC Chile relay site on
same frequency but probably at a later hour when Cuban jamming should be less of a problem
to all those fixed-tuned radios stuck on 11920. This means the lucky Kulina will also be able to
hear on their 11920 radios at other times of day: Spain in Spanish, BBC in Indonesian via
Singapore, CRI in French via Albania, and IBB in Tibetan via Philippines. They might become
very specialized DXers (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Africa, 15190 with good S9+18 signal and no ACI or CCI, Oct 23
at 2106 --- but despite this, lo-fi audio with some hum, undermodulation. Problem probably
starts with the crummy consumer mike used by the African-accented preacher and/or his
recording equipment. 2107 to hallelujah hymn in hilife style as outro theme. It`s the one from
White City, Saskatchewan, of all places, outroed by non-African-accented announcer with
address as or Box 714, White City, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4L 5B1.
Tho given twice, but not phonetically, duh, could not be sure of e-mail address afpmi --- some
letters could have been similar sounding. Ask for offer #20081005, obviously from more than a
year ago. Then I search DXLD archive on the postal code and quickly find previous log in 8-
046 a sesquiyear ago. It`s instead afcmi, as in
White City is a bedroom suburb on the east side of Regina.
After only a semiminute of dead air(!) R. Africa started the next show at 2111, Hope for Today,
with audio fading up and down, as if a tracking problem on the cassette tape; continuing a
study of Malachi.
I was disappointed not to hear convicted child sex abuse criminal evangelist Tony Alámo, a
staple of 15190; perhaps he was on earlier or later. BTW, the date for his sentencing has been
postponed from Oct 26 to Nov 13, per one of the stories in the long list, also concerning the
financial trouble his minions are in, at (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** GERMANY [non]. Someone reported DW missing from both Rwanda frequencies recently,
15205 and 11865 for the 2100 English broadcast to WAf, which is coincidentally aimed
USwards and the closest thing to a North American service remaining from this station which
blew off not only its English but German-speaking SW listeners in NAm a few years ago. But
they were both inbooming Oct 23 at 2108, and an echo apart on weaker Portugal relay 9735.
Enjoy these while we can; as usual in the B-season they are gone, replaced with 11690 from
Rwanda, which may have that RTTY QRM, but hopefully Habana will not decide to use it too
during that hour. The other chance will be Sines on 7280, and in NAm forget about Sri Lanka
on 9545, 13780 --- why try to serve W Africa from so far away?? Not much demand for
transmitter time in S Asia at 2:30 am, I guess. And that`ll make the Africans try a little harder to
hear DW, good for them.
The previoous 1900-1930 and 20-21 UT English from DW in B-09 will be on one Rwanda
frequency, 9735, not aimed USward 295 degrees like 11690 at 21, but both at 210 degrees. At
19 we might also hear 11690 from RSA tho aimed at EAf. At 20 we might also hear 9690 from
Woofferton at 160, off the back at 340 degrees. But we surely are not supposed to (Glenn
** GUINEA. Conakry has been reported with greatly improved modulation lately, but I haven`t
been trying at the right time --- until Oct 23 when I found 7125 with a very strong and steady
open carrier cutting on and off, while a much weaker and fadey carrier continuous. One of
them was surely Guinea and the other perhaps some ham hijinx against that recalcitrant
intruder (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NIGERIA [and non]. 7255, VON in Hausa, VG signal and modulation at 2204 Oct 23
mentioning Nigeria repeatedly; some QRM from NAm hams underneath, who incredibly found
7255 a good place to zero-beat and try to communicate without further BFO, but VON so much
stronger that Hauser would not have had any trouble following the Hausa if he knew how, sir
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1483 audible until ending about 2056:30 Oct 23 on WWCR
15825; not a solid signal and probably mostly backscatter as received back here in CNAm.
Therefore must have started as much as two minutes early 2028. Contrary to what you might
expect with much earlier sunsets and MUF drops in winter, WWCR again plans to keep 15825
on the air a full hour later starting Nov 1 with the end of DST, until 2200 before switching
transmitter 1 to 7465, which means that WOR will still be on 15825, with time shifted to 2128
on Fridays. Maybe it propagates backwards to the sunny west beyond the megameter-plus
skip zone? Try it in New Mexico and beyond (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ALASKA. 7355 on its penultimate day from KNLS, Oct 24 at 1409 talk in English about the
California Trail, from Missouri, 1414 praise music, 1418 more talk. Poor but audible signal. On
Oct 26, English moves to 6890, why? But 7355 remains on in Chinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** BRAZIL. 5045, R. Cultura, Pará, ID amid music at tune-in 0606 Oct 24, for FM 93.7, fair. Yet
to hear them mention SW. Does the ZYG360 callsign really apply to SW as well as FM
frequency, and AM if any? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL [and non]. R. Bandeirantes would have been doing well on 11925.1, Oct 24 at 0539
with ID in passing, if it were not for a big het from something properly on 11925.0. Het varied
slightly, no doubt tnx to Bandeirantes transmitter too. Uncertain language occasionally
challenged the Brazilian, and surprisingly at 0545 a timesignal, 5 or 6 pips. The interferer went
off at 0559* clearing channel for Bandeirantes.
What was it? BBCWS in Kinyarwanda/Kirundi via South Africa, scheduled in A-09 at 05-06, 7
degrees from Meyerton. Perhaps the beeps merely signaled the transition from one dialect to
another. Unfortunately, this collision continues in B-09. Brasil sees no point in registering its
many non-tropical SW stations with HFCC, so who`s to know? Most of them can`t manage to
tune their frequencies to .00 so they are a rich source of hets. 11815 RBC was also appearing
weakly as well as on 4985 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BULGARIA [and non]. 15700, DW Russian via UK at 1452 marred by open carrier causing
deep SAH fades: R. Bulgaria must have been uptuning prior to resuming frequency at 1500.
But then turned it off again for a while longer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 24: at 1418 poor with flutter on both 8400, 9000; at 1422 about the
same on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** COSTA RICA [and non]. Suprised to find Vatican Italian in the clear on 5965, and REE relay
on 5975 instead, Oct 24 at 0610. Usual muffled audio from REE and two guys conversing with
Castilian accents, so was pretty sure of identity, but was casting about for a // to be certain. By
this time 3350 and 6055 were off and 25m channels weren`t making it. Then 5975 cut off in
mid-word at 0614. I retuned to 5965 and so had REE, clashing once again with VR producing
heavy SAH as VR went into French at 0615. Was this an accident, or REE testing a way to
escape the Vaticlash? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA [and non]. RHC Oct 24: at 0611 found 6140 in open carrier instead of English or
Spanish. Other 49m outlets were nominal, i.e. 6120 and 6000 Spanish, 6060 and 6010
Spurchex later Oct 24: at 1247, RNV relay on 11705 was giving its almost totally wrong
transmission schedule as it has done a myriad of times before; with very strong het from the
RHC 11760 spur on 11708.4, matched on 11811.6. A quick scan found at least the whine
peaking every 51.6 kHz or so between 11194.6 and 12325.4, i.e. 11 steps above and below.
Also getting QRMed on 11705 was NHK via Canada at 1427.
At 1458 I noticed that RHC 15120 and 15360 cut modulation to open carriers for a while
longer, helping to audiblize the collision on 15360, which is RFI in Persian 1430-1500.
I made a point of monitoring around 1500 to see what would happen to the spurs as RHC
changes something on 11760. At 1458:45, 11708 spur went off at same time as 11760
fundamental, and no doubt all the other spurs went off too.
This cleared 11710 for V. of Korea at 1500 opening in English, but not for long, Commies vs
Commies! Pyongyang`s 13-14 English and 14-15 French are always ruined by this. Habana
came back on at 1501, with weaker signal on 11760 but still outputting correspondingly weaker
spurs around 11708 and 11812, so it`s the same transmitter after an antenna change,
presumably to favor LAm instead of NAm. Now not hearing ten more spurs on each side.
We`re not through yet --- At 1506:30, I had just tuned into RNV relay on 11680 in English when
it dumped off the air, as did 11760 + spurs, power failure at site? But RHC 11690, which had
just started at 1500, stayed on, as did 13760 an echo apart. We have assumed the echo
means two different sites, but there could be some other reason for unmatched feeds. At 1508,
11760 + spurs returned, but 11680 was still off. At 1514, 11680 still off. Not until my 1537
check did I find 11680 RNV back on, again in English. And now 11760`s additional spurs had
started to whine again, circa 11452, 11504, 11606, 11657, and 11862, roughly (Glenn Hauser,
** GUAM. VOI already off 9525.9 by 1515 Oct 24, so instead I hear S Asian singing and talk on
9530. What does PWBR `2009` say? Nothing except Brasil at this hour. It`s really KSDA in
Telugu talk at 1520, some splash from NHK 9535 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** INDIA. AIR `9470` Aligarh distortion blob Oct 24 at 1419: centered on 9455 causing some
mess to Chinese war on 9450, but Russian KFBS OK on 9465 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** KOREA NORTH [non]. Shiokaze has not been heard here most of the summer due to
scheduling, but making it again now, Sat Oct 24 at 1402 on 5910 with ID in passing over piano
music, in Korean but some Japanese names mentioned; fair signal. At 1403 punxuated by
`busy music` to spark interest in today`s (?) news(?). This is the station obsessed with alleged
North Korean abduxions of Japanese sesquidecades ago.
Aoki reminds us that it`s 100 kW, 280 degrees from the JSR transmitter in Ibaragi-Koga-
Yamata, Japan with this language rotation since June 23: Sat Korean; Fri English; Wed
Korean/Chinese/English; Sun/Mon/Tue/Thu Japanese. But not always. Remains to be seen
whether there will be any B-09 changes. They had been switching to another 6 MHz frequency
periodically when too much jamming built up, but not lately? No jamming audible, and I
suppose it helps to get them noticed to be neighborly to VOA Korean on 5890 (Glenn Hauser,
** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio is back! Missing most of October from Sat/Sun 13-14 slot via
WHRI 11785, but revived with excellent signal Sat Oct 24 at 1322 check, Hmong talk; 1352
into the ``jungle serenade`` of rustic instrument, chirps from various creatures, which are
nothing like you hear in Hminnesota. No further announcements; at 1357 cut to piano hymn,
and at 1359 to WHR ID, 1400 into the other Hmong show, World Christian Radio which had
not been on hiatus.

Now HLR has a ``current broadcast`` dated 10/25, after a break since 10/11 on http://www.h- (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** LIBYA. As soon as I intuned 21695, Oct 24 at 1425, I heard ``the leader of the revolution``
which was all I needed to know that it was Tripoli and I should keep ontuning; fairly good
signal, tho. I did sweep past it again at 1448, when the riff from Beethoven`s Ninth was
involuntarily serenading more stuff about Q`daffy (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** MADAGASCAR [non]. No luck hearing the reactivated Radio Mada clandestine. Schedule
was given as Sat & Sun 1530-1600 on 15640 via Moldova in A-09, changing to 15670 in B-09;
however, Media Network noticed their website said the change would be made already Oct 24.
15635-15645 was as usual occupied by Sines, Portugal DRM, and if there was anything from
Pridnestrovye under it, could not detect here.
15670, tuned in early at 1525, had Asian talk frequently mentioning Bible, and also J.C. in
some form. W&M dialog kept right on going past 1530, no sign of Mada. Scheduled in A-09 as
YFR in Hindi via Wertachtal until 1600. In B-09, i.e. from tomorrow Oct 25, 15670 should be
clear for Kishinov, 300 kW at 160 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PORTUGAL [and non]. 21655 with RDPI, first time heard in a longtime, Oct 24 at 1425,
Portuguese conversation. It`s scheduled before 1600 only on weekends. In selective opening,
as not much from the Spanish or Saudi 13m triads, just Libya. 1449 mentioning Madeira, and
by then BSKSA making it best on 21640, also 21505-buzz, 21460, and signs of Spain on
21570 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA. 7330, at 1408 Oct 24, WS of VOR ID in English, very poor, but an echo apart from
stronger // 15605. Per Aoki, 7330 is 230 degrees from Vladivostok-Rasdolnoy (Glenn Hauser,
** SAUDI ARABIA. 17660, BSKSA in French, Oct 24 at 1450 with heavy flutter, while Arabic on
21640 was relatively steady. See also PORTUGAL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Following my previous observation that Brother Scare was being
heard less than usual on the Overcomer broadcasts, some wondered if he were dead yet. I
don`t think so, but just ask Dr Gene Scott about the magic of tape recording. Earlier on
Sabbath Oct 24 I heard his own voice say that some other Brother, Jack? Would be speaking
at 10 am [EDT, God`s timezone].
At 1454 I paused on WBCQ 15420 as the other guy was still preaching, about how mining
causes volcanic eruptions such as Krakatoa. Uh, huh. This was running eight seconds ahead
of WWRB 9385, so get your prophecies first from WBCQ! However at this hour 15420 had co-
channel QRM, i.e. BBCWS Somali via Seychelles until 1500, then other languages until 1700.

Will this continue in B-09? Yes, and it`s getting worse. In A-09 WBCQ had 15420 to itself at
least after 1700, mostly for the benefit of the anapaestic Fence Lake preacher from New
Mexico. But in B-09, BBC plans to use 15420 straight thru from 13 to 19, all in English, the first
hour Seychelles 270 degrees, 14-17 Cyprus 175, 17-19 Meyerton at 5 degrees (Glenn Hauser,
** U S A [and non]. WRMI, 9955, usually inaudible in the nightmiddle, was fairly audible at
0555 UT Sat Oct 24 as La Rosa de Tokio was upwrapping, no jamming audible from the
DCJC. Probably on NW antenna unlike most Saturdays due to Faith the Dog special
scheduled earlier at 0100. VG after 1400 with R. Prague relay as usual also jamless, but at
1519 recheck, YL preacher in English was being heavily jammed! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** U S A [non]. 9325 with continuous 1 kHz tone test, Oct 24 at 1421. Must be VOA Tinang,
PHILIPPINES, as prélude to 1430 Burmese; while VOA is already in Burmese until 1430 on
adjacent 9320 via Tinian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VENEZUELA [non]. See CUBA [and non] for disruptions to RNV by Cuban transmitter
failures and spurs interfering with self (gh) Hmmm, it took me about as much time to compile
this report, 3.5 hours, as the axual monitoring concerned consumed. Must rethink my time
management priorities.
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 25: at 1323, nothing on 8400 or 9000, poor on 10210. But at 1444,
8400 was sufficient, nothing on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. RHC Oct 25: this date at 0538, 6140 in Spanish instead of English; Spanish also on
6120, 6000, English on 6060 and 6010, where Arnie Coro still going past 0600, so DXers
Unlimited started late again.
Phone-ringing continuously now seems confined to Cuba`s spy-number frequencies, such as
5800, Oct 25 at 0543 along with big hum, prior to hourtop modulation also heard.
11760 spurs: first check around 1250 Oct 25, usual het to 11705 Venezuela via Cuba from
11708 and the match around 11812. Did not measure or search out the others yet, but when I
did start to do that at 1326 they were all gone; switched transmitters in the meantime?
6000, big open carrier, surely would have been RHC, Oct 25 at 1314 while 5965 was
modulating normally. Next check at 1441, both were playing parallel poetry.
As usual, the DentroCuban jamming command gets caught with its pants down on seasonal
change dates. Altho Radio Martí behavior is extremely predictable, jamming against nothing
still going on abandoned 11845, Oct 25 at 1433, and NO jamming against RM reactivated on
15330, excellent at 1437; now scheduled 14-20 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CZECHIA [and non]. R. Prague now shifted one UT hour later for B-09, Oct 25 at 1405 on
13580, mailbox already with lots of listener reaxion to reports that R. Prague may be banned
from shortwave.
I went back and listened to the whole thing on the audio archive for 10.25 which is available for
a week at
The mailbox starts already four minutes into the file, followed by Letter from Prague at ten.
One could also hear it on the WRMI repeats into Monday 1400 on 9955.
In those six minutes, announcer explained that the Foreign Ministry is reducing the budget for
2010 by 20 percent. May result in reduxion of SWBC as of Jan 1, 2010. Current sked valid until
Dec 31. Now in talks with ministry and new sked to be agreed on by yearend, depending on
developments. All the info we have at moment, as negotiations still taking place. English
sexion is really touched by letters of support, many from those who have been regular listeners
for sesquidecades but rarely write in, such as Mike Terry from UK and Sheryl Paszkiewicz
(pronounced as if it were a Czech name; the spelling is Polish, but she says she is part
Czech), Andy Reid, Roger Tidy, Chrissy Brand and other familiar names (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** GERMANY. 11985, VOA during reporters` discussion in English, Sunday Oct 25 at 1434,
with long/short path echo. B-09 scheduled as Lampertheim, 100 kW at 108 degrees, so
another European signal normally heard via short path off the back, also making it around the
far way (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GERMANY [non]. DW in German with sports coverage, but surely not live at this hour, 0539
Oct 25 as now in B-09 scheduling, with huge echo, must be two sites running at once,
unsynchronized. Yes: Sines, Portugal is in use 0400-0743, -0755 on weekends, and Skelton,
UK also starts at 0500, switching to Woofferton at 0600. However, at 0612 check, no echo so
perhaps Woofferton is synchronized with Sines, while Skelton is not.
DW have done this before, doubling up transmitter sites on their favorite frequency to Europe,
but it seems they have to re-learn each new season that feed delays need to be adjusted to
avoid echoes! Even so they are likely to interfere with each other depending on skip distances
and locations. It looks like there is another big overlap on 6075 at 17-20 between Sines and
Woofferton (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GREECE. VOG now on 15650 at 1338 Oct 25, Greek music and announcement, but by
1551 check was back on 15630, so Miraya FM is still safe on 15650 from 1500 (Glenn Hauser,
** INDIA. AIR `9470` Aligarh blob seemed centered on 9460, Oct 25 at 1321 bothering 9455-
9465 at least (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. 4750, RRI Makassar, Oct 25 at 1319 presumed the one on top of CCI with
singing. Other 4750s being Qinghai and/or Bangladesh.
Did not get to VOI before 1400 Oct 25, but presumably still clear on 9525.9. At 1416 inserting
an English ID, they are now clear for the Malay hour, more like 9525.8 (Glenn Hauser, OK DX
LISTENING DIGEST)** JAPAN [non]. 5955 with NHK IS, Oct 25 at 1313, new frequency for
Indonesian via Yamata at 1315 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH [non]. Having heard it yesterday, checked 5910 again Oct 25 at 1412 for
Shiokaze from Japan. Something was there but could not tell what; not found on alternate
6120 yet, just Camping on 6115. Ron Howard reports Shiokaze just moved to 5985 despite
Myanmar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** LAOS [non]. Hmong Lao Radio reactivated via WHRI 11785, not only on Sat, but 13-14 UT
Sunday, as confirmed Oct 25 at 1330 check in Hmong talk (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** MADAGASCAR [non]. Looking for reactivated clandestine Radio Mada once again Sunday
Oct 25 at 1551: now on my portable, as noise sources are running in the shack, and I can only
detect some weak signal on 15670, while 15640 is in analog German via Portugal, no more
DRM. R. Mada is supposed to be using Pridnestrovye at 1530-1600 Sat & Sun only on 15670
ex-15640 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** POLAND [non]. As hoped, PRES has reaudiblized itself in NAm, after a summer of colliding
with Indonesia on 9525v for the mid-day English broadcast, which was at 1200; now 1300, but
not intentionally to NAm as really only for Europe: Oct 25 at 1326 fairly good signal in the clear
on new 11675, 100 kW, 300 degrees via new relay site for Poland, i.e. Austria so also USward,
talking about Poland and Czechoslovakia in WWI, and at first I guessed it was Prague as
modulation is similar. Also could hear // but one-second-ahead 11860, under splash from YFR
11855. 11860 is far less favorable for us, NEward from Woofferton UK (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** PORTUGAL. Nothing analogous making it from European 75m broadcasters, Oct 25 at
0555, but DRM noise spreading 3990-3995-4000, depriving Region 2 hams of the top ten kHz
of their band. This is DW via Sines, and scheduled to switch to BBC Skelton at 0600 (Glenn
** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR WS in English on new 9840, Oct 25 at 0532; lo-fi audio in music,
then talk about a painter from Khabarovsk; also some co-channel QRM underneath. 0617 still
on, ending a program about how the Russian language has shaped culture, something about
VOR now scheduled 04-07 on 9840 via Pet/Kam, 250 kW, 70 degrees to WNAm, in effect ex-
13775 until 06 during A-09, which had become quite inaudible here weeks before. The CCI on
9840 could be a Moscow transmitter carrying R. Rossii also scheduled at this time to Europe.
7335 with very strong classical music, Oct 25 at 0535; can`t be Tunisia this early and not //
7275. Instead, as quickly revealed by Spanish announcement at 0538, is La Voz de Rusia, the
GUIANA FRENCH relay extended an hour later since DST is irrelevantly over in Moscow, at
0200-0600, 250 kW, 318 degrees and also USward. Tunisia is now scheduled to start 7335 at
0700, only a semi-hour overlap with // 7275 until 0730.
Just as I expected, the motorboating transmitter from Petropavlovsk/ Kamchatsky on 5920 in
the A-09 season has been transferred to 6075 for the B-09 season: Oct 25 at 1308, Radio
Rossii with the unstable carrier rumbling against itself, but also some other co-channel QRM
under, while abandoned 5920 was open. BBC Indonesian via Thailand is now on 6075 at
Listened carefully with BFO on at 1359 to hear if the mystery CW marker 8GAL would be back
on 6074 just as RR signs off (see numerous reports in Jan-Feb-Mar DXLD issues). BFO
emphasized that zero-beating this wobbly carrier was impossible. But no sign of 8GAL thru
1402. There were however, two unsynchronized timesignals mixing, one the final gasp of RR
and carrier not cut until 1401*. What else could be on 6075 at 1400? DW via Woofferton; CRI
via Kashgar, East Turkistan, is starting Urdu, and per the preliminary new Aoki B-09 schedule
ChiCom CNR1 jamming and RTI are also starting 6075 at 1400.
6005 in Japanese, Oct 25 at 1316; this is now VOR via Komsomol`sk/Amure (Glenn Hauser,
** SAIPAN. Extremely distorted signal in Chinese circa 9705, Oct 25 at 1418, spreading down
to 9695 and up to 9725, but peaking at 9705; identity soon given away by VOA jingle. At 1430
found carrier to be at constant level per meter, but modulation bursts went on and off.
In B-09 this is scheduled as SAIPAN site, 100 kW, 310 degrees in Cantonese at 14-15, and
same at 13-14 on different azimuth, 285. Is anyone paying attention at IBB? Of course, you
can`t really monitor your own signal accurately right at the site, as everything is overloaded,
but that`s no excuse with remote receivers available, and there should be metering from the
transmitter which would reveal something is very, very wrong (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** SPAIN [non]. REE via COSTA RICA, which was caught trying 5975 instead the night before
until 0615, back on usual 5965 Oct 25 at 0544 producing usual big SAH and modulation mix
with Vatican. Now both are scheduled to start 5965 at 0400, Vatican northward to Eu, and REE
SEward to SAm, so no problem, right? Come to think of it, REE might have been avoiding
RHC instead, which greatly expanded its usage of 5965 until 0500. 5975 is now in use by
Rampisham 05-06 but available afterwards.
REE Cariari again active on 15170, hefty S9+22 level but usual muffled modulation in music, a
pity, // weaker synchronized 15125, Oct 25 at 1440 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** TURKEY. It looks like VOT is victim of poor frequency planning for the English broadcast
now shifted to 1330, which used to be audible in NAm altho not intentionally, at 1230 on 15450
(and last winter on 12035). But Oct 25, 2009 at 1334 found music on 12035 and then non-
English announcement. VOT should have been in opening newscast then. Not sure what it
was; could even have been Turkey with wrong program feed on the first confusing day of a
new season, but Spain is scheduled right up until 1330 on 12035, and then V of Russia,
Samara from 1400.
Besides Turkish on other channels, VOT now has Urdu scheduled 1300-1355 on 11985, and
that program could be what was axually thrucoming on 12035. Further monitoring of this
transmission obviously necessary.
Other VOT frequency for English at 1330-1425, 15300 has an even more obvious conflict, RFI
using it straight thru from 0800 to 1700, and I think I was hearing a mix of the two as I tuned
by. BTW, 12035 is now listed as the inferior Çakirlar site at 313 degrees, while 15300 is
Emirler at 95 degrees.
Also noticed hyperenthusiastic sporting commentary on 15350, Oct 25 at 1340, presumably
VOT as scheduled in Turkish 0700-1355. I guess they were having a Sunday afternoon
sillyballgame (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U K [and non]. 7535, something in Chinese, but under heavy ute/RTTY QRM, Oct 25 at
1319. BBCWS Mandarin via Thailand, 20 degrees and so also USward scheduled here at
9540-9545-9550 with DRM noise, Oct 25 at 1431. This is BBC via Woofferton, 100 kW at 114
degrees, tough luck for IRIB which is starting its analog Bengali service on 9545 at 1430, 500
kW, 100 degrees from Kamalabad, inaudible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
See also GERMANY [non]
** U S A. After catching WTTN, ESPN Spanish sportstalk from Wisconsin on its third harmonic
4740 yesterday, I looked for it again Oct 25 at 1319 and some later chex during that hour, but
no sign of it. A quick fix? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Exactly one week after WWCR was caught on unscheduled 4755, it happened again,
and now I am certain it is no accident. UT Sunday Oct 25 at 0551, VG signal S9+22, certainly
not a spur, and not displaying any modulation problems, on 4755 instead of 3215 with
preacher. 0557 announcer talked over preacher who was not finished, for at least a
semiminute to give outro and contact info for show, Nashville Cowboy Church. As soon as this
was over at 0558, modulation cut on 4755 for a few sex of open carrier and then off.
Immediately 3215 came back on with open carrier and 0559 resumed modulation with a fire-
prevention PSA from Iowa State University, WWCR ID and into Battle Cry Sounding show. No
frequencies mentioned.
Unclear why they would want to use 4755 instead of 3215, but there it is, and could happen at
other times. Possibly a trial balloon to see if any USG users of the frequency object. This could
also be bad news for Brasil`s Immaculate Conception. And I hope no one guessed 4755 was
PMA Micronesia reactivated after two years of empty promises.
When WWCR experimented with 15820 instead of 15825 for a few weeks, there was a note on
their frequency schedule page about that, but altho revised today Oct 25 for B-09, that page
now says nothing about 4755: (Glenn Hauser,
** U S A [and non]. 5745, good S9+17 signal but very undermodulated in Spanish La Biblia
Dice, soon giving Fámily Radio Oakland address. In B-09 WYFR is sharing 5745 with Radio
Martí and WWRB during the course of a day.
7455 with very strong English preaching, Oct 25 at 1320. WYFR is now using this all the way
from 0700 to 1345 at 315 degrees OKward, despite IBB Pashtun also on 7455 from Sri Lanka
starting at 1200.
Also heard Harold Droning on new 6115, Oct 25 at 1411; relay via Petropavlovsk/Kamchatsky,
5995 with Chinese talk, Oct 25 at 1313 --- atop Australia if it was there at all. This is also YFR
via Pet/Kam in B-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VENEZUELA [non]. Did not check for Aló, Presidente until 1759 UT Sunday Oct 25, and
then found Hugo blustering away via CUBA on frequencies from biggest to least signals:
13750, 17750, 12010, 11690, and JBA on 13680. Not // RHC itself on 11760 (Glenn Hauser,
** ALBANIA. R. Tirana B-09 monitoring, continued, Oct 27-28:
7520 for English at 2100 is a total loss, as already observed from Europe. IBB, contrary to
original registrations, has usurped this semihour instead of starting at 2130 -- almost as if to be
a spoiler, as it`s unusual to start a Persian transmission at our hourtop instead of hourbottom
(Iran`s hourtop). Even on a portable radio in OK at 2110 Oct 27, R. Farda, 332 degrees all the
way from Sri Lanka, is on top of co-channel from Tirana, which will have to find another
frequency ASAP (unless IBB relents, unlikely). Only a very poor signal making it here so far
from Tirana on // 9895, but in the clear.
Albanian at 2130-2200 is now on 7435 and 6165. At 2220 Oct 27, on portable in the yard,
7435 has a poor signal in Albanian talk; 6165 is not // with music atop, two stations mixing with
a SAH. Could be Chad which sporadically uses 6165 as late as 2230, or Croatia on later than
expected? 6165 is mainly for Europe, so maybe not too much QRM there.
Evening observations UT Oct 28, all from portable in the yard to escape household noise
sources, so reception would no doubt be better on the main rig with longwire:
At 0130, English sign-on audible on 7425, but very poor signal.
At 0245, English on 7425 just barely audible but in the clear. 6 MHz would propagate better for
0330, English on 6150 poor but audible better than 7425 earlier; maybe some weak co-
channel under.
0438 during 0430 English on 6100, poor but clear.
1545 during 1530 English on 13640, poor signal but clear; no problem yet from adjacents such
as Darwin 13635 or Bengaluru 13645
** AUSTRALIA. Only VL8 signal audible Oct 28 at 1310 was 2310, music and talk, nothing
detectable in high noise level on 2325 or 2485. Does this mean a propagational opening very
geographically selective, or were the others off or stuck on their 60m channels at night, as
sometimes happens? The one on 5025 (=2485) is blocked here by Cuba (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** BRAZIL. 5045 at 0543 Oct 28, good with novelty song, R. Cultura, Pará, now a regular here
nightly. Those who don`t keep up with events may assume it is the other Brazilian listed, R.
Guarujá Paulista (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 28 at 1336: fair on 8400, null on 9000, good on 10210.
Song on 7270 // 7295, Oct 28 at 1439 --- could both be Malaysia? But would not be in //, and
far too strong. Instead it`s ChiCom CNR1 jamming as Aoki listings soon clarify, and
furthermore same on // 7365 and 7385.
7270 vs V. of China, Taiwan, which just started at 1435
7295 vs VOA Chinese, via Novosibirsk at 13-15
7365 not a jammer yet but a real CNR1 channel from Shijiazhuang, then jamming RTI Taiwan
after 1600
7385 vs RTI at 10-17 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. OTH radar pules, presumed from here, Oct 28: at 1319, 4790-4840; at 1324 ranging
5770-5820, so AFN Guam 5765 barely escaped; I never hear Myanmar on 5770 anyway
** CUBA [and non]. RHC Oct 28 at 0541: situation nominal, with English on 6140, 6060 and
6010; Spanish on 6120, 6000 with no phones ringing.
Heavy jamming against Martí 7405 bleeds far beyond, Oct 28 at 0548 with distinct pulsing on
7415, where WBCQ is already off, but would have been bad for it earlier. Maybe that`s the
QRM Noble West has been complaining about? Matching pulse jamspur on 7395, and another
weaker peak from same could be heard around 7440. Downward, there is more noise jamming
against nothing on 7365, another Martí channel but now scheduled only at 00-05.
RHC 11760 spurcheck Oct 28: first noted in bandscan at 1345 on 12017.2 with the telltale
same-pitch whine as on all the others, some of them also with RHC audio. Also 11657.2,
measured on 12068.4; at 1410 measured the primary ones at 11708.6 and 11811.4, or plus
and minus 51.4 kHz, then detected as low as 11297.4 and as high as 12222.6, i.e. extending
only nine steps above and below fundamental.
Meanwhile at 1407 Oct 28, RHC fundamental on 15120 had a very big het of slightly varying
pitch and independent fading, from a carrier on about 15119.8. Previously noted that only other
15120 station scheduled at this time is Saudi Arabia in Bengali, but hard to believe all the way
from there so maybe something else. RHC`s other 19m channel until 1500, 15360, now is
eclipsed by WYFR in Spanish on 15355 as noted at 1402, now scheduled 1245-1600 with a
beam change at 1400 from 222 to 142 degrees upping its backward signal here (Glenn
** CUBA [and non]. What`s become of R. República in B-09? Only way to find out is by
monitoring, as never registers or publishes its own schedule. That does not keep the
DentroCuban Jamming Command from finding it right away, so why be so secretive?
I may have found it on new 6160, as I was monitoring for Tirana, Oct 28 at 0130, there was
Spanish plus noise jamming, and I think I heard República mentioned. Next check at 0250
appeared to be gone, leaving traces of CKZU/CKZN which would be big victims of the Cuban
radio war whenever República may be on 6160. Too, there was now big splash from 6165
where Bonaire RNW Spanish switches from 210 to 305 degrees usward between 0157 and
CKZN and CKZU are nonentities as far as HFCC is concerned and thus deserve no protexion
whatsoever. That leaves no transmissions to or from the Americas scheduled at any time on
6160, making it ripe for a secret República broadcast. It still needs to be confirmed here. If so,
does this make it less likely to be via Sackville instead of UK? Would CBC`s RCI nix even a
veiled transmission on 6160 in deference to other CBC transmitters on the frequency, or
overlook them? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. Reception from AIR was very poor Oct 28, but as far as I could tell the Aligarh blob
was not in play at 1340, just very weak signal on 9470 as well as 9425 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** KOREA NORTH [and non]. Oct 28 was a Korean morning, rather than anything from PNG or
Indonesia on the lower bands, at least when I started monitoring at 1303: assertive Korean talk
// on 3320 and 3250 from Pyongyang BS; at 1304 noise jamming from North vs South on
3480, 3912, but at 1325 the S Korean cland Korean talk was atop noise jamming on 6518 //
6600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 9880, Oct 28 at 1431 in Japanese with piano music, sounds
almost like a hymn. Must be one of those services obsessed with abduxions --- exactly: per
Aoki, Furusato no Kaze via Darwin, AUSTRALIA at 1430-1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. 6170, RNZI still with collision from Khabarovsk, Oct 28 at 1327
Russian music bothering Dateline Pacific report on Apia aftermath; by 1435 VOR Chinese was
atop RNZI with SAH. RNZI will be concerned about this only if also a problem in its own Pacific
target area (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PHILIPPINES. 7505 with sounds of a revival; could it be WRNO back on expanded
schedule? Oct 28 at 1436, soon dashed by discussion in Chinese. Instead it is FEBC via Iba
site at 330 degrees, at 1400-1630, so WRNO would be advised to avoid this timeslot anyway
** SERBIA [non]. Still no sign of any signal from IRS on B-09 scheduled 6190 for NAm at 01-
02. Instead, Oct 28 at 0130 I am still finding something on 9675, its A-09 frequency, but too
weak to be sure what it be. There is now supposed to be one English broadcast at 0130-0200
except UT Sundays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. WWCR-2, 13845 observation Oct 28: at 1352 thought I was
hearing PMS again, a woman preaching, but should have confirmed by // Anguilla 11775,
because at 1421 I found 13845 to be back on Overcomer // but not syncho with WWRB`s
fading 3185. Since WWCR has never acknowledged carrying Overcomer instead of University
Network on 13845, I am beginning to wonder if whenever that happens, it`s a mistake like
punching up the wrong satellite feed channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SUDAN [non]. 17745, Oct 28 at 1516, exotic music with drumming, ululating, scheduled as
Sudan Radio Service via Sines, PORTUGAL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. VOT English at 1330 check Oct 28: at 1345 just barely audible on 12035; at 1403
// 15300 underneath RFI in French, producing a SAH due to non zero-beat transmitter tuning. I
will not be surprised if despite this, VOT stays on 15300 for the remaining 5 months of B-09. It
varies from station to station, but VOT has demonstrated an unwillingness to make any
changes once a season starts, witness 9830 which clashed with RTTY for seven months at
2200, despite our repeated unsolicited advice to do something about it.
Sometimes it`s a standoff, as both stations claim they had priority to a frequency, but this
certainly does not apply to 15300, which RFI has used for a very long time, and also uses for
many more hours a day than this one hour from VOT. Therefore it`s obvious to any objective
observer that VOT is the one which should move ASAP. Saving face, however, by not
admitting a mistake, may be more important than providing listeners (who cares about them?)
with a clear frequency to hear, and incidentally also making the program producers` work
worth doing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U K. 13750 with VG signal in Russian interview, Oct 28 at 1423. This will be a problem for
RHC if it ever resumes Aló Presidente on Sundays from 1400 --- no, it won`t: This hour is BBC
Russian via Rampisham, but scheduled M-F only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U S A [non]. IBB has made the mistake of picking 9325 for broadcasts from Tinang to Asia.
As an outlaw nation, North Korea refuses to participate in HFCC, and thus IBB could conclude
the frequency was available, even tho any savvy SWL would know Pyongyang has used it for
sesquidecades. Per Aoki it`s currently VOK all the way from 1300 to 2050. Frequency
managers are not really doing their job if they only go by HFCC, ignoring easily available more
comprehensive schedule sources. Aoki shows Korean azimuth as 325 degrees, alternating
Korean, Russian, German, but if we get it way offbeam over here it is also likely to be a
problem in much closer SE Asia.
So VOA is now scheduled on 9325 at 1300-1530, due west from Tinang, first in Vietnamese,
then one hour each in Khmer and Burmese. Oct 28 at 1336 Cambodian was getting co-
channel from VOK in Korean with a fast SAH. Same situation at next check 1427, 1429 VOA
theme, Washington outro ID in English, 1430 opening Burmese still clashing (Glenn Hauser,
** U S A. Dave must have overslept today, Oct 28. WWRB with Overcomer, tho a non-Brother
Scare was speaking, on 3185 was still going instead of 9385 at tune-in 1338, and at repeated
further chex as 3185 signal steadily sank into the daytime-absorption noise level: 1345, 1400,
1408, 1419, 1426. Finally at 1432 switched to 9385 with usual big signal (bignal?) (Glenn
** U S A [non]. 13820 Oct 28 at 1353, VG signal in S Asian language, man with clear,
expressive enunciation, probably telling a bible story, punxuated by woman making assenting
murmurs. 1355 hymn theme, Family Radio Oakland address, and also a GPO Box in Dhaka,
Bangladesh --- so it`s Bengali as scheduled. I noticed this since I was expecting to hear at
least DentroCuban jamming if not R. Martí, but that does not start until 1400 while YFR
allegedly goes on another hour via Nauen to Bengal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** ALASKA. KNLS on new 6150 for B-09, Oct 29 at 1235 with prayer in English to God we are
allowed to eavesdrop upon (or is it vice versa? It would be presumptuous to assume God is an
SWL), but co-channel QRM from music underneath. They add up to S9+15. Then KNLS plays
some Duran2. // 6915 tho reading S9+10 is much weaker-sounding, undermodulated but no
QRM, no comparison to its loud and clear neighbor WYFR on 6890 until 1245. 6915 also
barely escaped ChiCom OTH radar spanning 6860-6910.
Next talk feature on KNLS at 1240: Larry Sowter (sp? I don`t find him on the website as a staff
or contributor), Sowter and Friends, about fried pies in the South and how they are not
microwave-compatible. The 6150 QRM seems to be in Chinese but soft-spoken, unseems
CNR1; maybe it is really R. Taiwan International in Chinese, as in Aoki, but supposed to be
jammed. KNLS has a penchant for picking frequencies also occupied by China and/or Taiwan
** ALBANIA. Another check of R. Tirana`s English at 2100-2130, Oct 28: this time 9895 is
making it better, fair signal in the clear at 2115 on the portable DX-398 in the yard. 7520 still
has subaudible heterodyne between Tirana and Farda from Sri Lanka (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. OTH radar pulses, presumed from here, Oct 29 at 1238 on 6860-6910 and a
stronger set 6775-6825 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 29 at 1243: 8400 good with flutter, a bit weaker on 9000 and a bit
weaker still on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [non]. CRI Cantonese via Sackville, 9560 running a couple of characters ahead of //
via Habana 9570, Oct 29 at 1248, neither with very good modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CUBA [and non]. R. Martí 5980 at 1232 Oct 29, VG signal over DentroCuban jamming,
much stronger signal than on 5745. Jamming still running on 6030 and not sure if RM is on
there at this hour tho scheduled, and also mixed with jamming on 7405. How to explain the
disparity between 5745 and 5980? Both are 250 kW from Greenville, but 5745 is on a type 101
antenna at 174 degrees, while 5980 is a type 701 antenna at 190 degrees. We are closer to
being off the side of 5745.
9545 with residual DCJC pulses, Oct 29 at 1247, because R. República had been using it in
the A-09 evenings, but are they still?
RHC 11760 spurs checked Oct 29 at 1253-1257: primary one measured on 11812.4, and the
giveaway whine could also be detected up to 12336.4 and down to 11183.6, i.e. plus and
minus 11 steps of 52.4 kHz each (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GERMANY [non]. Add another 13m channel now propagating, altho poorly, 21780, Oct 29 at
1313, DW jingle during Hausa hour via Portugal. DWL also uses 21780 09-13 via Sri Lanka,
Woofferton, UAE in English, Swahili, French (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR 9470 Aligarh is still blobbing away, its fixes only sporadic and temporary. Oct 29
at 1318 extremely distorted spreading 9465-9485 but peaking around 9470 with AIR IS, then
Vande Mataram // clear Bengaluru 9425 and not quite synchronized. Some days they whack
the beast and the blob clears up, but today still unfixed at 1330. At least they seem to be
keeping it closer to 9470 instead of jumping around over a 300-kHz range (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Oct 29 checking for Brother Scare on WWCR, or not? At 1259,
13845 had Pastor Melissa Scott // synchronized Anguilla 11775, but QRM underneath 13845
from fanfare and BBCWS opening in language, listed as Kyrgyz via Thailand for a semihour.
Checked 13845 again at 1359 and caught announcement by WWCR saying they were now
switching to The Overcomer Ministry, which is scheduled 7 am - noon weekdays = 12-17 UT,
and 7 am - 1 pm on Sundays = 12-18 UT (? Or did they say Saturdays?). Trouble is, this is
really starting two hours later than the announced time! And no doubt there will be another
confusing one-hour shift once DST is over Nov 1. Then did join B.S., talking about how
President Obama is the anti-Christ, the man in whom Satan will dwell. What crap.
So WWCR does acknowledge they are carrying B.S., just not on their published program
schedules such as the one dated Oct 1 at
which still claims nothing but Dr Gene Scott 24/7 on 13845/5935.
Meanwhile B.S. via WWRB was already blasting its bignal on 9385 at 1331, while the day
before did not get switched up from 3185 until an hour later as Dave had hit the snooze alarm
** THAILAND [and non]. R. Thailand`s SE Asian English broadcasts in our mornings may be
our best chance to hear them, rather than the `US` service in the evenings when propagation
is problematical: Oct 29 at 1248, very poor with flutter on 9720; better at 1413 on 9725.
At least 9725 is clear unlike previous seasons, since Costa Rica is kaput, altho
primetimeshortwave has yet to catch up with that reality. Even Aoki has deleted it tho retaining
many other long-inactive Latin Americans (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WEWN on new 9390 in B-09, Oct 29 at 1236 with organ music, and this is the
transmitter with the parasites plus and minus 10 kHz, making slushy mush on FEBC Chinese
9400, and also detectable with BFO on 9380 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WRMI, 9955 with DX Partyline Thu Oct 29 at 1250 in JSWC report about Radio Saint
Helena Day, mixed with DentroCuban jamming pulses, but readable instead of totally buried
** ALASKA [and non]. KNLS on reactivated 6890 for the 1400 English broadcast, Oct 26 at
1430, just very poor in music and so presumed, but what else? It was better before 1400 in
Chinese, and there is a beam change between them from 300 to 270 degrees. At least 6890 is
not likely to collide with anything, and may improve here on better days. Or 6915 for the 12-13
English prepeat, also due west from Anchor Point.
You would never know this on a Mercator, but obviously on a globe, the 270 degree azimuth
from Anchor Point goes a few degrees east of Tokyo and close to Cebu, but mostly over water.
In case there is an equivalent minor lobe directly off the back, 90 degrees from there enters the
Lower 48 at the NW corner of North Dakota, crosses near St Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, down
the east coast of FL, to Nassau. Nashville? Perhaps that is no coincidence, as it is KNLS HQ
at World Christian Broadcasting. Hmmm, how`s their Madagascar project, delayed by the
coup, coming along?
While we`re at it, how about KNLS` 300-degree azimuth and its reciprocal 120? 300 goes
pretty far west in China, centered on Lingshi, missing the hugely populated eastern regions,
but presumably the beam is pretty broad by then. 120 skirts the CA/NV border, and down the
west coast of mainland Mexico, so both are about the same angle away from Enid.
However the 300 degree antenna can be slewed to 285 for some of the Chinese broadcasts,
such as 13-16 on 7355, so that`s close to us backwards. And to 315 for some of the Russian.
In fact, 270, 285 and 315 are all slews from the primary azimuth of 300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** ALBANIA. R. Tirana`s B-season frequency, 13640 doing well on the first day of English at
timeshifted 1530: Oct 29 carrier already on the air at 1524. IS started at 1528:30, modulation
lo-fi and distorted like from a worn-out tape. 1530 YL announces new transmission schedule
dated 25th of October 2009 to 27th of March, 2010, as always at the beginning of each
broadcast taking a couple of minutes:
``UK and USA at 1945-2000 on 7465, 11635
UK at 2100-2130 on 7520
USA at:
1530-1600 13640
2100-2130 9895
0130-0145 7425
0245-0300 7425
0330-0400 6150
0430-0500 6100
To Europe Monday-Saturday, to North America Monday-Sunday.``
Otherwise Canadians must consider themselves adjuncts of the USA. Monday-Sunday? This
is misleading. In UT terms, the first broadcast at 1530 is on Monday, and the last one at 0430
is on UT Sunday. But there are no broadcasts in English between 0500 UT Sunday and 1530
Monday, a 34.5-hour gap.
At 1540 there was an item about a meeting in Vienna evaluating Albania`s parliamentary
elexions this year, the US ambassador saying allegations of irregularities were groundless, as
the socialist opposition had been claiming. Occasional chirps of interference were heard,
unknown source. Cuban splatter? Spread-spectrum, or some other utility? At least CODAR
does not normally reach this high above 13600.
The 1945 frequencies were not making it here Oct 26, except for traces of carriers. We
assume they are good in Europe and perhaps in eastern NAm, and may improve here as
winter oncomes. No better at 2100, I am afraid: trace on 7520, nothing audible on 9895.
Radio Tirana will be eager to hear from listeners how these and all their language broadcasts
are coming thru, any unexpected interference problems, etc.? Note that the 0330 has been
shifted from 6110 used last winter, to avoid Ethiopia, but is 6150 really clear now? And is there
any residual DentroCuban jamming on 6100 at 0430? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** AUSTRALIA [and non]. RA`s Innovations, Monday Oct 26 at 1345 on 9580 and 9590, had
an interesting item about photonic chips, but I had to keep bandscanning, so here`s the
and the podcast, with that topic following several others:
RA is still closing its best frequency toward NAm, 70 degrees from Shepparton on 9580, at
1357, while continuing 30 degrees toward Alaska on 9590 until 1600. Now I hear Vietnamese
on 9580 at 1438, which is BBC via Singapore at 13 degrees, but this frequency starts at 1345
in Burmese at 340 degrees, so that could also QRM RA here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 26: at 1355, 8400 // 9000 // 10210, fair signals on all (Glenn Hauser,
** CUBA [and non]. It`s B-season again, so WYFR resumes colliding with RHC on 6000.
WYFR now scheduled 0500-1000 at 181 degrees, and at 0611 Oct 26, Camping in English
could be heard droning atop RHC in Spanish, the latter // 6120, while music in RHC English
service was on much stronger 6010, 6060, 6140. Phone ringing could also still be detected on
6140. Since RHC refuses to participate in HFCC, WYFR can safely pretend RHC is not there,
but both audible with weak signals here on 6000.
It appears RadioCuba has been working on the RHC 11760 spur problem --- or is it just
random variation? Oct 26 at 1333, instead of the modulation and whine on the closest ones, I
was just hearing some continuous noise bursts circa 11708 and 11812, also weaker around
11866, 11656 and 11604 but none further afield.
At 1506 the 11760 spurs were showing up again circa 11811.6, not only whine but audio
again, and somewhere around 11970, but before I could start to nail them, gone again and all
previous spurspots clear. Loose connexion? At 1527 the spurs cut back on again, now also
putting a buzz on Anguilla 11775; at 1529 there was a buzz circa 11722 cutting on and off

12134.0 with cut numbers in true CW, Oct 26 at 1407, ruining reception of AFN 12133.5 from
Commies vs Commies: in B-09, RHC`s weak signal on 13680 finds itself abutting very strong
CRI via Sackville on 13675 and overcome by it, Oct 26 at 1411, as now scheduled 14-16 in
English, then Chinese, with Austria 16-17 relayed as well. Weak 13680 still losing out
underneath CRI Sackville 13675 spread at next check 1512.
R. Martí continues to be very loud and clear in OK, for what that`s worth, aimed at Cuba from
Greenville roughly 90 degrees offbeam, on reactivated 15330 at 1418 Oct 26; no jamming
detectable, while vacated 11845 still bore pulses. However at next check 1522, there were
signs of noise jamming beneath RM on 15330.
A standard tactic of jammed services is to be sure to use the highest frequency that will
propagate to the target, as jamming is less effective against it. Remember when RM used 17
and even 21 MHz? All Cuba can do is run multiple short-range groundwave jammers in every
possible city, as the skip distance on skywave at 15+ MHz is too great to jam effectively from
one end of the country to the other, altho that does not keep them from trying.
Look for Venezuela to clandestinely coöperate with Cuba as an ideally placed jamming site
just far enough away. I would not be surprised if some secret extra transmitters for this very
purpose go into the new Guárico site for RNV, which is supposedly due to start up by
Meanwhile, the DentroCuban jamming command continues wasting its resources, while the
Cuban people have to subsist on rationed food. Altho R. Prague relay via WRMI 9955 was
clear of jamming around 1410 Oct 26, at next check 1428 during the irrelevant R. Prague
French schedule announcement, it was already being overcome by grinding jamming, building
up more and more during the following semihour so that the DX program in Italian, Studio DX
with Roberto Scaglione, could not corrupt any DentroCuban would-be listeners, even tho it`s
on WRMI`s NW antenna USward.
I was all set to monitor RHC`s frequency announcement around 1500 in case there has been
any change, and also to hear their timecheck which should now be 10 am instead of 11 am
[see discussion under MEXICO]. Unfortunately, I picked 13780 to listen to, and that cut off at
1459 just before the upcoming frequencies could be announced! Quickly retuned to 11760 but
that was already off. Perpetually distorted 11800 still on, but by then the announcement was
over and it went to open carrier. Just before 1501, 11760 came back on, with modulation
cutting off and on. Meanwhile RNV was loud and steady on 11680 in English intro (Glenn
** GREECE. I spoke too early Oct 25, or should I say too late, that Miraya FM via Slovakia was
safe on 15650 from 1500, since Greece was on 15630 when checked at 1551. Axually, per the
B-09 sked via John Babbis, VOG switches from 15650 to 15630 at 1550, and so on Oct 26 I
was indeed hearing Greece atop Miraya on 15650 at 1515, producing a fast SAH. Recheck
1543, Greek music still atop Miraya. Last spring, IRRS maintained that there was no problem
with this collision in their Sudanese target area, but there sure is here, and no doubt where the
paths cross around the Mediterranean (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR National Channel, Aligarh, *apparently* has finally got rid of the horrible distorted
wideband transmission from the unit supposed to be on 9470, which had been ongoing at least
since August. They indicated to Alok Dasgupta that this could be done with B-09 season
changes, using a different transmitter for the service, as they had already started doing after
1600. Let`s hope the defective one does not show up anywhere else!
Oct 26 at 1353, weak but non-distorted signal on 9470 unsynchronized, slightly ahead of //
9425 Bengaluru. AIR 9470 signal was so nominal that intermittent Russian-style tone tests
could be heard mixing, evidently warming up to start something at 1400, and indeed VOR from
Moscow southward is scheduled at 1400-1800.
AIR 9470 became weaker and weaker, so also checked AIR on 9425 later.
At 1434 news by YL in English audible on both, 1435 Hindi announcement and music, then
``Hello, and a very warm welcome to. . .``, could not catch to what, but into rock music. On
9425 there were split-second audio dropouts occasionally. Next check at 1534, 9470 was
inaudible, 9425 with flutter, once again YL news in English, but this cast is longer, with mid-ID
at 1538 and more news.
Meanwhile I was enjoying the music on VBS 9870 altho one 2-minute segment at 1451
annoyingly consisted just of clips and exhortations --- the Indian equivalent of K-TEL? Finally
we got a full song at 1453 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. VOI on 9525.9, Oct 26 at 1350 during the English hour, but just barely
modulated with music. Also gets het from 9530 when something is on there (Glenn Hauser,
** IRAN [non]. Again this B-season, 15410 resumes as a good spot to listen to Radio Farda.
Oct 26 at 1518, pop song in English, maybe Morrison from the Doors? But tape snagging
occasionally, pitch dropping (so it`s a playback problem rather than a recording problem, since
tape snagging then would produce increased pitch on playback). 1521 YL mentions Farda,
then Persian rap. At 14-16 Farda is via Skelton UK, 300 kW at 95 degrees, but 15410 also in
use 11-12 from Biblis, 100 kW, 85 degrees, and 12-14 Lampertheim, 100 kW, 77 degrees
** JAPAN [and non]. NHKWNRJ on new 5955, Oct 26 at 1404 in English news, running two
words ahead of Sackville relay on 11705. 5955 is Yamata at 230 degrees. I am no longer
noticing a pre-echo on 11705, from // Yamata direct, and guess what: 5955 apparently
replaces 11705, as same target and azimuth for both, CIRAF 49, 50, 54 at 235 degrees, also
with Indonesian at 1315-1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH [non]. Tnx to Ron Howard info, found Shiokaze, clandestine from Japan on
new 5985, ex-5910, Monday Oct 26 at 1401 with usual piano music, Japanese
announcements, IDs in passing. No sign of Myanmar here, which Ron laments will collide in
Asia as well as California, but then we never heard Myanmar before Shiokaze barged in
** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM, Oct 26 at 0604 playing Mexican national anthem.
Therefore, must be back on standard time (local midnight CST) a week before El Norte! How
inconvenient. Mexico also started on April 5, four weeks after USA March 8, so only one week
of confusion in the fall is a blessing.
While we`re at it, consulted
and found that the only countries moving in lockstep with the USA by ending DST on Nov 1
are: [most of] Canada, St Pierre & Miquelon, Bermuda, Turks & Caicos --- AND: Pakistan,
Syria! We understand how Islamabad would want to keep in step with Washington, but
Cuba also reverted to EST on Oct 25 altho it did start DST with US March 8, as easily
uplooked in this version which could be for no
other reason than to keep in step with the gusanos in Miami, at least in the spring. Local
zoneshifts, however do not affect timings of RHC external broadcasts, but they should be
giving UT-5 timechex now. Plenty of other aberrations do affect their scheduling!
Radio Educación was mixing at 0605 with Vatican Radio in some Scandinavian language on
6185, producing a fast SAH since XEPPM is off-frequency. Now that collision runs all the way
from 0300 to 0620. Since Mexico does not participate in HFCC, how is Vatican to know
XEPPM even exists? Mexican/Catholic relations have always been problematical (Glenn
** NETHERLANDS [non]. Looks like 21525 to W Africa from Bonaire might work back here in
N America for us recalcitrant SWLs on a good afternoon, as we used to listen to the W African
service out of Bonaire on 17 MHz. But how can three programs all be at 2000 UT Mondays on
the same frequencies as given in this week`s RNW program previews newsletter?
Andy Sennitt links us instead to the 24-hour playout schedule which should be correct:
So here`s how: ``2000`` does not really mean 2000, but sometime during the following hour,
and the shows have been shortened so three of them fit into less than hour:
2000-2015 News/Newsline
2015-2035 Curious Orange
2036-2056 Network Europe Week
21525 was coming in OK Oct 26 at the start of the hour, S9+10 but with fading. It`s 250 kW, 90
degrees from Bonaire. So was 11655, which is 250 kW, 295 degrees from Madagascar with
less fading, also in use from 1800 to 1957 in English at 300 degrees.
In order to serve C & W Africa from Madagascar, RNW can`t help but send these signals
toward NAm too, much as they would wish not to. 295 is centered on St Louis, Sénégal at the
Mauritanian border, and former site of Mauritania`s extraterritorial SW service shortly after
independence before Nouakchott was set up; after all, it had all been French West Africa. This
beam transits the Atlantic, and then crosses near Jacksonville, New Orleans and Houston.
300 degrees enters our continent around Wilmington, onward to The Metroplex, closer to OK,
but from that far away it has spread out so much that 5 or 10 degrees difference does not
matter much (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI had to stick with 6170 instead of planned 7440 at 13-16 in B-09
because of IBB via Sri Lanka in Urdu on 7440. And now 6170 has more interference besides
the tiny Filipino on 6170.4. Oct 26 at 1431, 6170 had Chinese co-channel with SAH, while
nothing was audible here on 7440. However, it`s not China to blame this time, but instead
VOR, which per Aoki is now running 6170 at 11-15 due west via Khabarovsk in Chinese and
Mongolian. RNZI should keep looking for an acceptable clear channel on the 7 MHz band,
which ought to reach NAm later and better too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PORTUGAL. 15690 now with RDPI, Oct 26 at 1514 mentioning Emissora Nacional,
modulation distorted. This is the best we can do on weekday mornings in NAm for RDPI
reception, as 15560 runs toward us only on weekends, and if there is something `special` (like
a football game) on a weekday, unlikely. Per the B-09 sked via Carlos Gonçalves in DXLD 9-
077, 15690 is really toward India and Mideast, M-F at 14-16 with the 300 kW São Gabriel
transmitter necessarily cut back to only 100 kW on this particular antenna azimuth, 81.5
degrees, and only a fraxion of that USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA [and non]. Another check of R. Rossii, Pet/Kam on 6075, Oct 26: at 1358 still
motorboating, and co-channel QRM to boot in Chinese. At 1400 two very out-of-synch
timesignals mixing a few sex apart; one seemed 6 pips, the other 5+1, i.e. the last one higher
and/or longer. Again no sign of VVV marker on CW from 8GAL on 6074. Then the Chinese
continues on 6075. Ron Howard confirms it`s CNR1 jamming from *1355 against Taiwan from
1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAIPAN [and non]. VOA, 9705, which was a big distorted mess Oct 25, had been fixed Oct
26, 1341 in Cantonese, regular bandwidth and modulation, and allowing het from Ethiopia
9704v to be reaudible too (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA. Awful loud wideband buzz proclaiming to the world the incompetence of the
kingdom`s engineering, 15435 but spreading 15420-15450, Oct 26 at 1512 with Arabic
modulation JBA underneath. Same was audible weaker before 1500 on 21505. At 1526, I
found one BSKSA transmitter still running on 13m, Qur`an on 21460, and not // clear 15225
which was presumably // the other service on 15420-15450. Riyadh 21460 is scheduled until
1600; 21505 and 21640 until 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Brother Scare is being heard again as the main speaker on The
Overcomer Ministry, and has again replaced The University Network on WWCR 13845! Oct 26
at 1412 as I was noting WEWN QRMary from spurry 13835, there`s BS again instead of PMS
or DGS. At the moment he was saying he was ``going thru a personal crisis``, whatever that
means. (Perhaps has been diagnosed with terminal hoarseness or dementia?) No, he adds it`s
an ``attack from Satan``. This was running 9 seconds ahead of WWRB 9385. Is it still BS for a
semi-day on WWCR, then back to DGS? Looks that way; next check at 1802, PMS was back
on 13845, unknown when the switch.
Also found B.S. on 17485, good signal at 1550 Oct 26. With Jülich defunct and about to be
scrapped(?), for B-09 this transmission has been switched to due south from Wertachtal, daily
at 15-16. Since he never learned how to pronounce Jülich any way but ``Jew-lick``, what will
he do with Wertachtal if he ever tries to say that? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SPAIN [and non]. 11815 at 1501 Oct 26 collision between REE Costa Rica still running IS
until off at 1502* and another station with folk music, which must be V. of Turkey as sked in
Turkish via Çakirlar at 14-17, 320 degrees to Europe and consequently NAm beyond. Note to
SW station operators: avoid keeping your transmission on a few minutes beyond scheduled
closing, especially if colliding with another station. Of course in this case they were already
clashing for over an hour.
REE holding up on 13m, as late as 1553 Oct 26, better on 21570 than // 21610; Libya also in
on 21695 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. Another check of VOT`s English broadcast retimed to 1330, Oct 26: 12035 now
correctly in English with news by YL, fair signal, and better than // 15300 which had a fast SAH
mixing with France. Another check at 1406 found non-Turkish music on 12035, stronger than
15300 still with CCI, but clear on 12035 so maybe VOR is not really active on the latter from
1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also SPAIN [and non]
** U S A. WEWN on new 13835, Oct 26 at 1412, VG signal at 335 degrees with YL priest, er,
preacher, bad news for WWCR 13845, since the 13835 transmitter is the one with the spurs,
mushing up 13845; however I could not detect a match on 13825, maybe too much Martí from
13820. WEWN now scheduled on 13835 at 13-15, but already off at 1457 check, moving
English to next frequency 15610. See also SOUTH CAROLINA [non] (Glenn Hauser, DX
 ** ALBANIA. Further observations of R. Tirana B-09 to North America:
6110 in Albanian at 0104 UT Oct 27: Fair signal but muffled audio, talk into music. There is lite
interference from presumed Cuban jamming residual clix centered about 6108. This would
continue to be heard thru the evening, but not much of a problem. Nothing audible on 7425 in
the noisy inside environment, but could be heard weakly outside in the yard on DX-398
portable, where all the subsequent chex were made:
7425 at 0138 in English, poor reception; while 6110 was still open along with 6105-6115 so
could be used instead with better propagation.
7425 at 0250 in English, again poor, and 6110 still available.
6150 at 0330 in English, good signal, no adjacent interference but possibly something very
weak underneath on 6150. Nothing significant listed, but Aoki reminds us of Bayrak, Brasil,
and surely too early for Yakutsk.
6100 at 0430 in English, good, about the same as 6150 an hour earlier. No interference here
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 27 at 1329: best on 8400, weaker on 9000 and weaker still on 10210
** CHINA [non]. CRI made its usual B-season switch from 9650 to 15230 for English via
Sackville at 13-14, leaving a one-hour gap on 9650 between KBS English and KBS Korean,
but Oct 27 at 1333 there was nothing else to be heard on 9650. However, on a good day one
ought to be able to catch Radio Sonder Grense from RSA, now scheduled 07-18 with 100 kW,
275 degrees from Meyerton (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CROATIA [and non]. As soon as Bonaire quit 6165 at 0631* Oct 27 a much weaker signal
was uncovered, Slavic-sounding, so presumably Deanovec, 100 kW at 320 degrees toward W
Europe and consequently also NAm, which also starts at 0600. Plus a rumbling SAH, Chad?
** CUBA [and non]. RHC Oct 27: at 0602, 6140 in English this date, some hum, and phone
JBA ringing in background on this frequency only, not so on // 6000 or 6060. 6140 now
suffering splash from 6145 which is RFI in Hausa via Issoudun, 170 degrees but quite strong
here way outside Hausa-land. Meanwhile RHC in Spanish on distorted 6120 and Camping-
mixed 6000.
RHC 15120 at 1351 had an audible het on the lo side of about 200 Hz. Looks like the only
possibility is BSKSA`s Bengali service, unless it`s yet another Cuban defect.
The 11760 spurs are still going Oct 27. At 1352 centered approximately 11707.5 and 11812.5,
further away from fundamental than usual, 52.5 kHz. This time 11760 had a weak whine
audible underneath otherwise good modulation, the same pitch making the multiple spurs
detectable, as low as roughly 11235 and as high as 12185, not measured.
Listened to 11760 at 1402 as Despertar con Cuba was closing until tomorrow at ``6 am``, then
at 1404 current almost-correct EST timecheck as 9:03 ``en todo el territorio nacional``. Well,
duh, a small but untiny country like Cuba would never have more than one timezone in effect!
No frequency listing at this hour, into a couple minutes of news, and Voces de la Revolución,
Fidel at a fever-pitch from antaño (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. Good thing I said ``apparently`` the Aligarh blob had been fixed as of Oct 26, since it
was back Oct 27! At 1326 centred about 9472, extreme distortion spreading 9465-9480 // but
not synchronized Bengaluru 9425. However, next tuneby at 1329 found the blob replaced by
normal weak properly modulated AM signal on 9470. Perhaps the engineers started up the
defective transmitter by mistake as usual at 1318, then switched to the good one a dekaminute
later. So that is still progress (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525.9, Oct 27 at 1331, very undermodulated in W&M conversation, and
soon could be recognized the voice of the guy from Banjarmasin as usual Tuesdays for Exotic
Indonesia. Useless to try to get anything out of it.
RRI, 9680, good modulation unlike the VOI transmitter down the hall at Cimanggis, Oct 27 at
1335 talking over music rather than CCI as first seemed; 1336 song called Rosita. Aoki
continues to show this closing at 1300, but consistently heard some two hours further; and
apparently the Chinese radio war no longer wages on 9680 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** INTERNATIONAL. Quick check of 13m Oct 27 at 1424 shows it still getting that October
MUF-bumpup, with 8 signals audible, the usual ones on 21460, 21505, 21540, 21560, 21570,
21610, 21640, 21695, with 21470 the only absentee (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** IRAN [non]. R. Farda, Oct 27: on 15690 at 1342, ID in passing, telephone SFX, echoing //
15410. 15690 is now scheduled all the way from 0230 to 1400 via Sri Lanka, except for one
hour at 12-13 via Biblis; why? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH [non]. Tuned in 5985 barely in time to hear a couple notes of piano music
until 1430* Oct 27. Good signal, so Shiokaze should have been easy listening from 1400, tho
not likely in English on a Tuesday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO [and non]. Radio Educación`s co-channel QRM problems on 6185: Oct 27 at 0250
check I find a rippling fast subaudible heterodyne already, which must be from Vatican, not
scheduled to start programming until 0310 in Armenian. Next check at 0603, XEPPM talking
rather than playing anthem as 24 hours earlier so it must have been closer to 0600 this date;
but co-channel QRM still from Vatican now in Scandinavian language // 7335 mixed with
Tunisia. VR finally finishes 6185 around 0620 and then I could enjoy XEPPM`s eclectic music
in the clear. At 0631 it involved voice as instrument plus synthesizer, perhaps by Philip Glass
with a dose of minimalism.
At next check 0710, however, XEPPM blown away by Brasília, which must be signing on an
hour earlier due to DST there. XEPPM is such an excellent station that it deserves a worldwide
clear frequency! Tell that to the Mexican authorities or XEPPM itself who have no concept of
the need for active frequency management and the ability to shift as needed. Last year, some
Mexican SW frequencies finally got recognized by HFCC, but that did no good, and they have
probably been deleted now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NETHERLANDS [non]. 49 meters used to be clear of most of the big relay signals after
0530, but irrelevant DST shift in Europe has led RN via Bonaire to move its Dutch transmission
one UT hour later even tho NAm remains on DST! 6165 now *0559 Oct 27 with IS for only one
minute mixed with Dutch IDs, then sign-on mentioning this and several frequencies for parts of
Europe, blowing away CBC on 6160 [see NEWFOUNDLAND]. VG signal strength but lots of
selective fading and consequent heavy distortion. Also noted timesignal at 0630 and *then*
national anthem until 0631* This is aimed 320 degrees for WNAm. And the transmission is
axually registered until 0631, but supposedly ends four minutes earlier on Sundays only (Glenn
** NEWFOUNDLAND. CBC Radio 1 has canceled CBC Overnight, the service it has carried
for several years consisting of `SW` stations from abroad put together for them by WRN. Now
Radio Canada Immigration gets its big break, The Link carried on CBC`s domestic network,
even if it is the middle of the night. And consequently relayed back on SW by CKZN, noted Oct
27 at 0557 as Marc Montgomery was upwrapping its first hour urging listeners to stay tuned for
second hour. Usual fast rippling SAH from CKZU, as the two CBC SW stations on 6160 cannot
match their frequencies accurately.
The old schedule here has still not been updated.
Andy Reid points out the daily CBC sked
which shows The Link at 2-4 am local, and the rest mostly BBCWS now. To avoid further
confusion, in the case of CKZN, `local` time means Atlantic, not Newfoundland as CBC
scheduling is simultaneous, not one semihour offset. However, poetic justice at *0559 when
RN Bonaire cuts on 6165 and blows away 6160. More about that under NETHERLANDS [non]
** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. RNZI, stuck on 6170, continues to confront co-channel QRM in
B-09: Oct 27 at 1320, Dateline Pacific with considerable interference from Khabarovsk, and
SAH of about 4 Hz; however, no het from DZRM 6170.4 audible today. Meanwhile the other
RNZI transmitter is idle, taking a DRM break but could be run elsewhere as a clear AM
channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PORTUGAL. RDPI on new 7345, Oct 27 at 0613 giving detailed satellite, FM, DRM tuning
info as they do periodically during the day, then ID as ``RDP Internacional, Rádio Portugal,
rádio pública, rádio para todos``. That about covers it. This is ex-7240 in A-09, which in turn is
now occupied by DW English via – Portugal. 7345 is now scheduled M-F only at 06-07, 45
degrees, but good here off the side (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SERBIA [non]. IRS is supposedly scheduled in B-09, for NAm: on 6190, 0100 in Serbian,
0130-0200 English, except with Serbian occupying the entire hour on UT Sundays. No more
second English broadcast. Except I have heard nothing on 6190 checked UT Oct 25, 26 and
27. But on 27 I was hearing something Slavic on 9675 after 0100, and since nothing else is
scheduled there now in B-09, I suspect IRS have been slow to make the frequency change.
More chex needed, especially for English at 0130 on 9675 or 6190.
BTW, on the B-09 schedule found by Kai Ludwig at
`S Amerika` means NORTH America. There has been speculation that IRS is not really active
on SW at all, following a change of management and very uncertain funding (Glenn Hauser,
** SPAIN [non]. Confirming the co-official token language segment still exists on REE tho
timeshifted post-DST to M-F 1340-1355 on numerous frequencies: Oct 27 at 1349 on 15170
via Costa Rica, concluding Galician segment with strong Castilian accent, sea-chanty theme,
1350 into Basque segment which of course after the intro in Euzkadi, is really safely in
Castilian so it can easily be monitored to prevent anything pro-ETA being conveyed. First is
Catalan at 1340. Meanwhile, 15170 had music co-channel underneath about 4 Hz away. Yes,
RRI is again colliding at 13-15, 290 degrees from Galbeni in Romanian (Glenn Hauser, OK,
** TUNISIA [and non]. Never mind my recent schedule for RTT that 7335 would not start until
0700. Oct 27 it`s already going at 0611, news in Arabic mixing with Scandinavian talk from
Vatican // 6185 which is also in collision, with Mexico. Did Vatican too expect Tunisia not to
start 7335 until 0700? Unlikely, as Vatican does its own thing and allows several collisions to
go on season after season. It`s up to other stations to get out of the way, if they care. RTT is //
clear 7275, at least. Could the confusion be due to a delayed DST shift? No,
says no DST in Tunisia this year (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY [and non]. VOT on new 6040 via Sackville, Oct 27 at new hour-later time 0433, in
correct language, English, sufficient altho not super signal, but much better than // 6020 direct
from Turkey buried against the het from Perú`s perpetually off-frequency Radio Victoria. Any
station voluntarily broadcasting on 6020.0 during the Peruvian night is incredibly foolish, yet
Turkey is not the only one; a string of them still do, blithely ignorant of the het driving away
CRI via Albania at 00-04, Turkey at 04-05, VOA French from Greenville to Africa at 0530-0630,
RRI at 0630-0700 in English DRM, Australia 0900-1100, RNW Bonaire 0930-1000 in Dutch.
They all could chip in and buy Victoria a new correctly cut crystal for a pittance, but that might
not be welcomed from its clashers who would keep doing so, merely without the het.
What about VOT`s English at 1330? Oct 27 at 1347, RFI in French was atop 15300 with a fast
SAH, but VOT clear on 12035 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U K [and non]. BBCWS now quite good on 15575, with interview about paying taxes (or not)
in Ireland, Oct 27 at 1343. 15575 during this hour only is 90 degrees from Skelton, while at 07-
13 it`s 97 degrees from Cyprus (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WRMI, 9955, often inaudible in the nightmiddle due to dipping MUF, was quite
audible Oct 27 at 0622 with R. Prague relay in English, VG but mixed with DentroCuban
jamming pulses. WRMI on NW antenna this time? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** U S A. KVOH already on the 17775 air at the early hour of 1421 Oct 27, VG S9+20 with
praise hymn in Spanish. Supposedly authorized only from 1500, but previously heard as early
as 1445. The sun had barely risen in LA at 1409, so a quick MUF buildup, likely facilitated by
HF sporadic E not reaching VHF.
KVOH continues to be FCC-registered for another frequency, 9975 at 01-08 and 13-15, and
once in a while someone claims to have heard it in the evening, but I am not convinced it is
ever really using 9975. Definite IDs required (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [non]. 9670 good with country song in Burmese, Oct 27 at 1334, then mentioning
BBC, VOA and Australia, into distorted woman-on-the-street interview. Scheduled as VOA
Burmese via Tinian at 1330-1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ALBANIA. R. Tirana Oct 29 for the 2100 English broadcast: at 2105, nothing audible on
9895, and the SAH with Farda on 7520; things improved considerably by 2122, when 9895
was audible poorly in the clear; but now it is in music fill until 2126:30 closing and theme to
2128*. 7520 had also improved to RT slightly on top of Farda. Once Tirana was off at 2128,
Farda from Sri Lanka was clearly audible by itself. Checking the Albanian sesquihour from
2130, 7435 was poorly audible at 2135.
The next Albanian sesquihour, from 0000 for North America, is hit by heavy Cuban jamming on
6110 when checked at 0055 Oct 30, and presumably for the entire hour, but jamming off at
0100 clearing Tirana. Nothing is scheduled worth jamming on 6110 now, so suspect it is Radio
República whose schedule is never published anywhere. More under CUBA [non]. If this keeps
up, Tirana will need to move, tnx a lot, Arnie!
Also checked 7425 for R. Tirana, Albanian at 0000-0130 // 6110. 7425 was poor, and seemed
to have some weak co-channel QRM after 0100. Nothing else scheduled now, but CRI English
southward from Kashgar is at 0000-0100, so perhaps running over? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** AUSTRALIA. The dangers of dipping in and out of domestic radio relays: On R. Australia,
9580 and 9590, Friday Oct 30 at 1259 they were plugging what would be on in the following
hour after the news: Book Reading, and Sound Quality. 1300 into ABC (not RA) newscast.
What about R. Australia`s own programming, Asia-Pacific at 1305, and World Football Weekly
at 1330? as at
I neglected to recheck at 1305, but at 1355 the frequencies were in a sports discussion on
referees, so the ABC previews were misguided, or rather totally wrong as far as shortwave
was concerned (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 30 at 1247, fair on 8400 and 9000, poor on 10210 (Glenn Hauser,
** CUBA. RHC missing from 6010, Oct 30 at 0559, allowing Colombia/Mexico [q.v.] to be
heard. Probably an anomaly rather than a deliberate B-09 change, but time will tell. RHC
usually waits a couple weeks after season change dates to see how things pan out, before
making its own changes, since as an outlaw nation, Cuba refuses to participate in HFCC itself.
However, since public HFCC is already available, frequency manager Arnie Coro might not
wait much longer. Other 49m frequencies were nominal at 0602 check, Spanish on 6000,
6120; English on 6060, 6140 (Glenn Hauer, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA [non]. Looking for Radio República, Oct 30 at 0055, do not find it or jamming on 6160,
as I previously suspected, just CBC vs CBC. Instead there was very heavy DentroCuban noise
jamming on 6110 (ruining Radio Tirana Albanian to NAm from 0000, which was entitled to
think this was a clear frequency in B-09), but jamming went off at 0100 clearing frequency for
Tirana. See ALBANIA
So the jamming could be there because Radio República is now using 6110 until 0100; OR the
DCJC is totally confused and still jamming a frequency used in A-09 for VOA Spanish (NOT
Martí) but at the earlier hour of 2300-2400 (but meanwhile Cuba has gone off DST, not USA).
Cuba jams VOA Spanish out of spite, even tho it is for Latin America in general, not just Cuba.
This merits American retaliation jamming of RHC in English, but that will never happen as the
USA does NOT jam, nice guys finishing last in the international radio wars.
VOA`s 23-24 Spanish broadcast is currently scheduled on 5890, 5940 and 9885, likely
jammed but have not checked. This and/or the morning broadcasts may or may not make a
time change when Wáshington resumes standard time Nov 1. They have done so previously
for the convenience of Washingtonians, not listeners abroad. See also USA re Creole 15390.
Meanwhile, 9545, the A-09 Radio República frequency starting at 2300, is still jammed not only
in the evening but much later, so is RR really still there? Need to check right at 2300 to see if
it`s audible before buried by jamming. After 6110 jamming off at 0100, I searched the 49m
band for another unexpectedly jammed channel but did not find one. Jamming still audible on
9545 at 0142 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ECUADOR [non]. 12025, Oct 29 at 2107, VTC vamping with its fill music loop, still the same
at 2123 and 2139 chex, off before 2148. This is the ``HCJB Arabic`` broadcast at 2100-2145
via Sackville, 250 kW at 73 degrees, which is really from some other ministry and includes a
portion in a north African dialect, and which in the A-seasons is on same frequency and time
via UK site instead.
But now there is no feed getting thru to Sackville (or rather not even to London VTC master
control), hence the music and total waste of resources. Perhaps the Christian crusaders have
paid for the time anyway, so out it goes, programming or not. At 2202, 12025 was back on,
now with DW German via Rwanda (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA. AIR Aligarh blobcheck Oct 30: not audible, not even a carrier on 9470 at 1323, tho
Bengaluru was fairly good on 9425. Nor could I find a distorted blob shifted elsewhere between
9300 and 9500, so suspect it was off the air (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO [and non]. 6010, lacking Habana for a change, audiblized R. Mil, Oct 30 at 0559,
and 0603 with jingle ID (not the 4-note whistle of yore mimicking a car horn denoting ``es-ra-
dio-Mil`` --- do they ever use that any more?), but low het mixing with praise music,
presumably the reduced signal from La Voz de tu Conciencia, COLOMBIA.
6185, R. Educación at 0602 Oct 30 with XE music, no co-channel from Vatican audible,
probably due to depressed propagation from Europe, or possibly it was off; supposed to run
until 0620 now as heard previous nights mixing with XEPPM.
Here`s the SW program schedule, latest one available as of September, ---
times local when they were UT -5, but now applicable as UT -6. This covers only 18-24 local =
00-06 UT when SW programming is separate from MW 1060 and from this you`d never know
they stay on 6185 another six hours duplicating 1060.
The MW program grid is here, but with contradictory dates and hardly any detail after midnight!
What`s with that?
** NETHERLANDS [non]. RNW`s Dutch via Tinang is no longer at 1300 on 9650, despite
Sackville taking that hour off so it would have been in the clear. Instead heard Dutch, which
means it can`t be direct from Holland, on 9670 at 1253 Oct 30, closing with satellite
transmission info, 1256 national anthem, 1257 cut to English show in progress about Hebrew
school, but cut off the air at 1258*. So now instead of a full two-sesquiminute secret English
broadcast there is only one uniminute! This 9670 transmission in the clear is from 1230,
supposedly ending at 1257, 250 kW, 267 degrees via TINIAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** PHILIPPINES. 9520, Oct 30 at 1345 with cute children`s songs in Sinhala (or so they
seemed to me), good reception from RVA, 250 kW, 280 degrees from Palauig-Zambales, at
1330-1357, much better quality for music than VOI on 9525.9 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** POLAND [non]. V. of Indonesia forces us not to listen to its English hour at 1300, by failing
to apply adequate modulation to the carrier on 9525.9, so what else is there? Polish Radio,
now with good signal and modulation via, of all places, Austria at 13-14 on 11675. Listened a
while on Friday Oct 30, from 1302 with news; 1320-1322 Slawek Szefs with a press roundup;
1324 other features, Business Week, arts talk, 1340 something about boxing (as in battering
other humans, not preparing gifts). At some point they mentioned that Poland is among the 15
richest countries, congrats! But that means more responsibility for foreign aid. We were also
noticing one or two quick chirps, two or three times a minute, not clear if on the audio feed or
some kind of QRM. Transmission ended in music two or three minutes before 1400, tho
supposedly scheduled all the way until 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SERBIA [non]. Now it`s certain that International Radio Serbia not only is still on the air, but
using its A-09 instead of B-09 frequency for North America at 01-02: Oct 30 at 0102, still zilch
on 6190, but Serbian on 9675, mentioning Beograd, Srbske, etc. Fairly good signal making it
this date, unlike previously. At 0142 YL in English, sounds rather like bleary-eyed OL, tho
surely not broadcasting live at 2:42 am local. Furthermore, there is some very weak co-
channel QRM, possibly Brasil which does not appear in HFCC, but seems zero-beat, unlikely
for them, so more likely an ubiquitous CNR1 Beijing outlet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** SOUTH AFRICA. 11640 in English, African-accented preacher obsessed with Jesus Christ,
Oct 30 at 0612. Good reception and not surprising since this is TWR via Meyerton at 0600-
0645, 500 kW, 320 degrees, as once used for the Radio RSA North American service. What a
comedown (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TAIWAN. RTI`s Japanese service on 9735 is usually OK, sometimes puts audible spurs on
9730 and 9740 as I have occasionally noted, but Oct 30 at 1357 just as I tuned in, found very
distorted and splattering signal with music ruining BBC on 9740. Fortunately RTI went off at
You won`t find RTI entries in HFCC, since the ChiCom force Taiwan not to participate,
meanwhile themselves being the world`s premier jammer hardly in line with the spirit of HFCC
cooperation; but Aoki shows this in A-09 as 13-14 via Tainan, 250 kW, 45 degrees toward
Tokyo and thus also USward, likely the same in B-09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** THAILAND. R. Thailand, English to SE Asia on 9720, fairly good with flutter, Oct 30 at 1249,
W&M with Thai accent in world news (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. The VOA Music Mix strip at 21-22 UT is now on Greenville 15580, meaning excellent
reception back in the central USA, such as Thursday Oct 29 during the Top 20 Countdown at
2130 pausing for news headlines.
Signal was equivalent to Greenville 15390 closing Creole at that hour, soon to be shifted one
UT hour later despite no DST/ST timechange in Haiti. See also CUBA [non] about VOA
Program title confirmed here:
except these schedules claim Top 20 Countdown and its siblings are all one hour later at 2200
UT! Are they confused about timezones, DST, or are they really an hour later on the satellite
feed? Anyhow, there`s a different genre each day during this hour, whenever it is:
Sunday, Fusion
Monday, American Gold
Tuesday, Roots & Branches
Wednesday, Classic Rock
Thursday, Top 20 Countdown
Friday, Country Hits
Saturday, Ray MacDonald Show (who occupies many other hours on other days).
VOA uses 15580 from many different sites in English during the day, Botswana, Meyerton,
São Tomé, Dhabayya, Iranawila and only at 21-22 from Greenville. The previous hour 20-21
on 15580 which contains Music Time in Africa Sat/Sun is currently via Sri Lanka, not much use
in NAm. For that we must make do with Botswana 13710 or probably best on Bonaire 11975
** U S A. The 0100 UT Friday broadcast of WORLD OF RADIO 1484 on WRMI, with good
signal on 9955 Oct 30, since WRMI has been using the NW antenna on UT Fridays unlike
most other nights. Should be the same from November at 0200 instead.
9955 still very good S9+20 at next check 0606 with rock music during a Wire Light show on the
NW antenna. In fact, I would have to rate it as SSOB ``strongest signal on band``, better than
WYFR 9680/9715!
WRMI sked effective Nov 1 shows a great many DX program repeat times, with WORLD OF
RADIO at: Wed 0800, 1630; Thu 0630, 1300; Fri 0200, 1230, 1530; Sat 0900, 1430, 2000; Sun
0900, 1615, 2000; Mon 0600; Tue 1200, 1630 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ALBANIA. R. Tirana still blocked by DentroCuban jamming against nothing(?) on 6110
between *0000 and 0100* Oct 31; see CUBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BIAFRA [non]. V. of Biafra International still on 15665 in B-09, Oct 29: 1859 WHRI sign-on,
1900 to VOBI theme music. Poor signal here with fading, heavy echo probably backscatter
rather than long/short path. Fridays only 19-20. Local time change next week probably won`t
affect this, but still need to reconfirm then. Or rather, reconfirm every week, as you never know
what they will do next (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHAD [and non]. With a sense of foreboding, I came upon hilife music on 6165, Oct 31 at
0554, then undermodulated French announcement, clinching that RNT was on this frequency
today. But I knew that RNW would soon blast Bonaire on at *0559 in Dutch, and so it did. In
the meantime, a second weak signal became audible at 0558, no doubt Croatia which is
scheduled to start at 0600 too. Wow, three continents in three minutes on one frequency!
** CHINA. Firedrake Oct 31: at 1258, nothing on 8400, JBA on 9000; 1312, poor with flutter on
10210; but at 1353, fair on both 8400 and 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA [and non]. Trying to track down Radio República, Oct 30: at 2300 found heavy
jamming on 9810, a frequency they have used before, but nothing audible under the jamming,
nor at 2357. Kept checking periodically, and at 0058 Oct 31, the Radio República ID and
theme music was audible briefly over the jamming, both still going past 0101. By 0223 it was
again jamming only to be heard. So it looks like República is on 9810 at least from 23 to 02,
possibly all the way to 0400, their previous span. Lately they have been on only one frequency
at a time, but not necessarily.
There is also heavy DentroCuban jamming noise on 6110. No jamming at first check 2300 Oct
30, but it started at 2359 just as R. Tirana was about to open Albanian sesquihoiur to NAm
with weak signal, and jamming quickly built up force, ruining Tirana reception. Nothing else
audible during following hour, and jamming completely off at 0100, clearing frequency for
Possibly there is something else on 6110 really `needing` jamming by the Cubans, but more
likely they are totally confused, jamming a former frequency of VOA Spanish an hour later than
they were using it in A-09.
The VOA Spanish hour is now 23-24 on 5890, 5940 and 9885, so checked those for jamming
Oct 30 shortly after 2300: 5890 heavily jammed tho VOA is strong too, but no jamming audible
on 5940 or 9885. By the end of the hour at 2357, jamming had overtaken VOA on 5890. The
other two VOA signals had weakened, but still could not hear any jamming on them.
Just after 2300, there was the usual lite residual/standby jamming pulsing on 9545, where it is
often to be heard far beyond the hours República ever used the frequency. At 0005 Oct 31,
jamming on 9545 was heavier, roughly equal to that on 9810 and against Martí on 9565,
9825. Now is RR 9810 via Sackville, or UK???
Since RHC runs 11760 22 hours a day (and the same transmitter elsewhere during the break),
it`s logical to assume that the two dozen spurs around it will also be heard at many times other
than when I am usually monitoring in the local mornings. And so they are. Oct 31 at 0006 UT I
measure -1 circa 11708.4 but don`t take time to search out all the rest, which are certainly
outgoing. How many make it depends entirely on how well propagation is holding up on that
band from Cuba. At 0224 it and its +1 mate circa 11811.6 are audible but poorly.
Next check at 0547 propagation is excellent from Cuba with +1 on about 11811.9, the whines
almost every 52 kHz up and down the band, as far as 12382.8 and 11137.2 (computed, not
measured exactly), i.e. 12 steps each. Not just the whine, but audio audible as far as on +11,
12330.9, unusual. Keep fingers crossed that one does not land on Radio Saint Helena`s
I find it strange that no one else seems to be reporting these multiple spurs, altho there have
been a few logs of RHC around 11710 as if that were an intentional frequency. Apparently
people skip past and just ignore the extra noise out of Cuba. Don`t take it lying down, raise hell
about it, if you care about shortwave.
With all its transmitters, RHC can spare only one for English to NAm during prime time, 01-05
on 6000, as noted Oct 31 at 0219 with poor signal; while Spanish was on 5965, 6060(best),
6120(vs Iran), 6140, plus 9600, 11760 and its 24 spurs.
5-digit Spanish YL spy numbers on 5762.5, Oct 31 at 0221, only fair signal. Seemed to be
USB + LSB but with carrier reduced, an odd mode.
Another spur check around 11760 at 1303 Oct 31, found them as low as 11453 and as high as
12275, approximately. More precisely at 1324 estimated the first ones at 11708.3 and 11811.7.
At 1309, RHC 13680 and 13760 were normal, but 13780 just a big open carrier. They could
not modulate it, but kept it on as the fulcrum to make 13680 leap over to 13880, clearly audible
mixing product. At 1334 found weak 15360 also unmodulated unlike strong 15120; and at
1401, 13780 was still OC only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EGYPT. R. Cairo, English to NAm on unexpected 6270, Oct 31 at 0212, explaining a bit o`
Qur`an in English, then recitation in Arabic. Roughly same signal level as Arabic service on
6290, lower modulation on 6270 but sufficient. Until, that is, the news which followed, checked
at 0217 when the YL caster was hard to make out. 6270 is the same frequency used for
English to Europe at 2115-2245, so we wondered it if was a mistake at 0200-0330. Perhaps
not, once they realized winter nitepath MUF would not hold up to 7540, originally planned to
continue from A-09 usage (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** HUNGARY. Altho English has long since been banished, Radio Budapest holds on for dear
life, with one hour in Hungarian still on the air to NAm, 0200-0300 on 6100. Fair signal at 0216
Oct 31, considerably weaker a semihour later. There had been signs in previous seasons that
MR would switch to an external relay site, but this is still registered as JBR in Hungary itself
** INDIA. AIR National Channel, 9425 via Bengaluru, Oct 31 opening at 1318 good with IS and
Vande Mataram, so where is the Aligarh 9470 blob today? Just above, centered about 9440
with // audio, but a lot weaker. At 1356, 9425 had some quick audio dropouts during music,
how annoying; by then just some noise on 9440 and could not be sure it was still the blob;
however, the DRM from Irkutsk on 9440-9445-9450 got out of the area in B-09. Recheck at
1431, 9425 had news in English by YL starting with US relations, 1435 back to Hindi.
Meanwhile the VBS on 9870 from before 1318 had stronger signal with music and
commercials (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN [and non]. They sure know how to pick `em at VIRI! Both English frequencies of `V of
Justice` to NAm in B-09 are under collisions, 7250 and 6120 at 0130-0230. Oct 31 at 0102 I
find VOR WS in English on 7250, somewhat weaker than // Moldova 6240. 7250 is `Armavir`
site all evening USward, so why in the world did Iran pick that? Yes, at 0214 check, VORWS is
atop Iran with SAH, and 6120 is of course under Cuba, which as an outlaw nation refuses to
participate in HFCC, so the Iranians could claim not to know about their usage of 6120, but
what good does that do? Somebody, move! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ISRAEL. Galei Zahal, Oct 31 at 1326, poor with music measured on 15786.8, nothing to het
yet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO [and non]. XEPPM, Radio Educación with 10 kW on 6185, is still getting blown
away by Brasília with 250 kW whenever the latter is on. Oct 31 at 0102, RNA was way atop the
XE, ditto at 0218 check. Not sure what the current span of RNA is, but Aoki shows it 0700-
0300, 250 kW at 344 degrees, plenty close to USward and Mexicoward, altho on the wrong
frequency, 6180 where RNA used to shift occasionally. I wish they would again and stay there,
as XEPPM is incapable of coping with this itself. Then by 0300, Vatican Radio is taking over
the frequency, leaving essentially zero QRM-free time in the evening for XEPPM.
At 0601 Oct 31 I tuned to 6185 again and found an open carrier, then XEPPM joining the
national anthem in progress. This was probably a late switch from the SW programming to
become // MW. Now it was making a rippling SAH with Vatican which fortunately this date was
relatively weak. Live DJ gave ID for 1060 only (is he even aware SW is still on??), from the
``cabina Vasconcelos`` (name of the studio) in Colonia del Valle (neighborhood location),
sending out abrazos to listeners called ``educaditos`` (or was it educativos?), asserting that
station transmits 24/365, then into album ``Siempre Son``. With lack of minute-by-minute
program schedules any more, I am beginning to think it`s just free-form after midnight (Glenn
** NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, 6170, Oct 31 at 1346 with island music, and no co-channel from
Russia audible. Ron Howard found that missing yesterday, but back today before 1300 (Glenn
** PORTUGAL. Only on weekends can we depend on a good signal from RDPI to NAm on
15560: Sat Oct 31 at 1335 strong enough to audiblize a lite whine of slightly varying pitch, like
we hear on certain other transmitters such as WWCR, WEWN. Lo fi interview on phone, 1338
song by Antônio Braga with guitar, drums, refrain ``todo o mundo é composto de mudanças``,
but not sure of that last word.
Then at 1412 found RDPI also on // 17590, show seems named ``Hotel Internacional`` as
mentioned a few times, but squashed by the sideband of powerful REE on 17595. Portugal
and Spain are inextricably nestled together in Iberia, but that doesn`t mean they have to land 5
kHz apart on the 16m band with plenty of open space! 17590 is aimed 144 degrees from
Lisbon, and supposedly on the air every day except Saturday per HFCC, but this *was*
Saturday! More accurate schedule in DXLD 9-077 shows 17590 is Sat and Sun only, to Africa,
i.e. Mozambiqueward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** ROMANIA [and non]. Only on Saturday mornings is REE Costa Rica taking a break from
15170 (why?), allowing RRI to come thru unscathed in the 13-15 Romanian broadcast to
Europe, 290 degrees from Galbeni, so also USward. If only it were still English. At 1313 Oct 31
I found it odd to hear Romanian being spoken with an Italian accent, but apropos, as they were
talking about spaghetti and other peninsular cuisine (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
** RUSSIA. 6075, Radio Rossii, Petropavlovsk/Kamchatsky, Oct 31 at 1348, baroque music
would have been nice were it not for the motorboating carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX
** SERBIA [non]. IRS still missing from scheduled 6190 for NAm at 01-02, instead very poor
signal detectable on prolonged A-09 channel 9675, UT Sat Oct 31 at 0102. Listen for English
at 0130 except UT Sundays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SLOVAKIA. RSI, 7230, at 0104 Oct 31 with Slovakia Today, doing fairly well on their only
NAm frequency as // 9440 is 245 degrees for SAm, CIRAF zones 13-15. But 7230 is an illegal
channel in the exclusive 40m hamband thruout the Western Hemisphere, so hams are free to
QRM it however they wish. The Slovax blatantly register 7230 for zones 7-10, 150 kW at 305
degrees, not even pretending like the Croatians did when they were using 40m via Germany,
that it is for Iceland! And this is the only English broadcast to NAm from RSI, for which we must
still be grateful, but it should be outside the hamband. Where are ARRL`s intruder-watchers?
(Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also IRAN
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. Not having copied accurately WWCR`s surprise announcement
about switching from PMS to BS the day before, I was all set Saturday Oct 31 at 1359 on
13845: they said WWCR-2 carries The Overcomer Ministry Mon-Sat 7 am-1 pm Central = 12-
18 UT, Sunday 7 am-noon = 12-17 UT. Of course it`s still wrong, as this was really happening
two hours later, and at 1400 sharp, switching to the BS feed. Unless updated, it will become
even more wrong Nov 1 with the one-hour timeshift in all programming post-DST (Glenn
Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA for more on WWCR
** TAIWAN. RTI 9735 Japanese service Oct 30 was very distorted, so how is it Oct 31? At
1322, good modulation but splattering just a tad above and below. Certainly an ailing
unreliable transmitter like others upon Taiwan; even RA found itself off-frequency tnx to
Taiwan`s relay circa 11550 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. VOT English on 15300, Oct 31 at 1329 with IS barely audible under RFI French
making a fast SAH with it, contrary to VOT Turkish music with VG signal on clear 15350; not
surprising, judging from relative azimuths (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Checking WWCR-2, 13845, Oct 31 at 1310, had fair signal from Pastor Melissa
Scott, but co-channel QRM which as noted before could only be BBC Thailand in Kyrgyz; At
1357 some HF sporadic E had kicked in to push the WWCR signal up to a very good level,
such that the squeal on the transmitter became audible. Asserted ``you are watching the
University Network``, which as an SWL I always find offensive. 1-800 number, and // 11775
Anguilla. I was standing by for the transition to Brother Scare: see SOUTH CAROLINA [non]
** U S A [and non]. Looking over WRMI`s latest schedule grid as of November 1, which is
available in the archives of the DXLD yg, I compute only 4 hours and 15 minutes out of the 168
hours in a week that WRMI is currently carrying Cuban exile programming in Spanish. And it is
all on Saturday and Sunday evenings. No more large blocks of Radio República or Radio
Cuba Libre, nor have there been for months.
Yet there is extensive, altho not continuous DentroCuban jamming of 9955, every day, making
it difficult to hear most of the English and other Spanish programming which has nothing to do
with Cuba. Let that be a lesson: you will be punished if you ever get involved with FueraCuban
broadcasting! Complaints should be directed to Arnie Coro, a `false friend` and meanwhile you
might want to tell him you are boycotting RHC not only because of all the jamming, but all the
spurs they put out, lately polluting the entire 25 meter band and beyond.
Back to WRMI. When on the NW antenna, and the MUF holds up, 9955 can still arrive
excellently with or without jamming. Such was the case, S9+22, UT Sat Oct 31 at 0551 toward
the end of La Rosa de Tokio, playing a clip of Yemen 9780. At 1300 Saturday, about equal to
jamming level with repeat of PCJ Media`s special on Faith the Dog, or rather ``The Faith
Train`` instead of scheduled Wavescan and World of Radio which we hope will be back next
week at timeshifted 1400 and 1430. PCJ had gained a bit over the jamming at wrapup time
1354, then WRMI QSL offer, 1400 Prague relay, 1430 Zion Fellowship, still jammed. 1500 DX
Partyline doing better vs jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also
CUBA [and non]
** U S A. WRNO seems drifting further off 7505.0 --- Oct 31 at 0225 by counting the 40-Hz clix
on the DX-398 fine tuning, we came to their carrier on 7505.5 or so. Still no sign of expanded
schedule beyond 0200-0500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WEWN, 7555, Oct 31 at 1255 in Spanish announced that frequency was about to
close, to be on 11550 and 12050 next hour. However, at 1307 nothing audible on 12050, tho
11550 was strong with kidsongs in Spanish plus SAH from something under. Must be R.
Sweden aimed east this semihour only as scheduled; Taiwan transmitter produces an audible
heterodyne later in the morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [non]. VOA Korean service, Oct 31 at 1349 on 7235 startled me with a stereo effect
on my mono headphones, then found it to be underneath open carrier with tone tests on and
off, fast SAH. At 1400 this 12-15 transmission is supposed to switch from IBB TINIAN to
TINANG, Philippines site, so maybe that explains it, but why QRM itself? Just ask the guys in
Greenville and Botswana, who in B-09 no longer have to cope with a VOA English handover at
1430 on 17585. Then checked the other VOA Korean outlets: 5890 which is Tinian thruout,
was running a couple seconds behind 7235, and 9555, which switched from Saipan to Tinang
at 1300, was a couple sex ahead of 7235.
On 9360, Oct 31 at 1437 wailing YL with rock song in English, S9+18, whence? Answer at
1441, Indonesian announcement. Cut off air at 1459:30 during some Michael Jackson,
uncovering JBA IS from Radio Sweden. At 14-15 Fri/Sat/Sun only on 9360 it is VOA
Indonesian, supposedly only the old 50 kW transmitter in Philippines aimed 220 degrees, VG
here for that. R. Sweden is starting a Swedish broadcast, 125 degrees from Hörby plus English
at 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX
Radio Shack DX-399 150' center fed LW

7200 RUSSIA; NVK R.Sakha-R.Rossii Yakutsk; 0551z M in RS reciting story with background
sounds. Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7230 USA (non) VoA via Lampertheim, GERMANY 0540z EG pop/hip-hop mx, Middle-Eastern
pop tune 0556. M in Kurdish reading nx stroies w/many mentions of Iran. LOST to ROMANIA
s/on IS @ 0558 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7230 ROMANIA R.Romania Int-Tiganesti; s/on *0558z IS completely covered VoA in Kurdish
via Lampertheim; ID by M at 0600, W in German w/fqys, into news by M in German, many
mentions of Bucharest (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7250 VATICAN CITY, Vatican Radio; 0543z M reciting Latin Mass, 0602 M in ITalian w/world
nx. Very STRONG! (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7265 FRANCE Radio France International-Issoudun; 0531z M & W in FR w/news stories;
Strong! (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7275 TUNISIA RTV-Sfax; AR vocal music 0540z; 0612 two-Men in AR w/World news, Strong!
(Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7295 ALGERIA R.Algerienne-Issoudun; 0542z AR vocal mx, 0615 World nx by M in AR
w/mention of Nigeria and Indonesia. Strong! (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7335 TUNISIA RTV-Sfax; 0621z AR talk by M, AR vocal mx (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
 3250 HONDURAS, R Luz y Vida-San Luis; 1205z SP M w/sermon with background guitar +
vocal music. Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
6060 CUBA R.H.C.; 0645z EG program w/Ed Newman, (obviously an American)
playing music from AFRICA and the CARIBBEAN, talking about black American actor Danny
Glover visiting CUBA's NATIONAL MUSEUM of the SLAVE ROUTE,
located 2 1/2 hours outside of Havana (by taxi - bus takes longer due to more frequent stops).
Danny Glover apparently has become the darling of R.H.C.,in part, because of his politics.
(Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/03/2009)
7495 USA (non) VoA R. Deewa via Iranawila, SRI LANKA; M&W in Pashto 1712z, taking calls
from listeners and the dj's were asking the listeners to sing the song they just played (maybe
for a prize or possibly for 3 days of R&R in Kabul?). The music sounded subcontinental and
some music sounded more Middle-eastern/Persian. 2 Men and 1 Woman at 1755 talking in
Pashto, then abrupt s/off 1758* no NA (and I was looking forward to hearing old reliable the
Yankee Doodle IS). Fair mid-day reception, a bit after high-noon. (Wiseblood-TEXAS
7110 ETHIOPIA R.Ethiopia Addis Ababa-Gedja; 1420 E. African folk vocal music w/guitars,
//9705 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 7165 ETHIOPIA R.Ethiopia, Geja Jawe; 1414 tlk by M in Amharic, 1422 E. African vocal
music (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 7295 MALAYSIA RTM Kuala Lumpur, Kajang-TraxxFM; 1240 pop/disco music, 1244 M&W in
EG w/anmts. Good signal (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
     0 A A SIA-SARAWA RT               uching-Stapok 1 48          holy qur'an recitations. Fair-
Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 7495 USA (non) VoA R. Deewa via Iranawila, SRI LANKA; 1721 phone interviw, M&W in
Pashto. Fair (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9310 USA (non) VoA R. Deewa via Iranawila, SRI LANKA; 1315 M in Pashto w/telephone
interview. Fair (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9425 INDIA, AIR National Channel-Bengaluru; M in Hindi 1402. Very GOOD signal
(Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9680 unID sounds like INDIA; 1320 S. Asiatic vocal mx w/flute & drums, then several men
talking to another M on the telephone, more S. Asian vocals 1411, sounding a bit eclectic/new
age with a Woman seemingly chanting with flute & drums .
 Very GOOD signal. (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9690 INDIA, All India Radio-Bengaluru ; 1348 M&W in EG w/ID and frequencies, 1350
subcontinental sitar music w/eclectic-chanting vocals (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9705 ETHIOPIA R.Ethiopia Addis Ababa-Gedja; 1417 M in Amharic, folk-vocal music,
//7110 F-Good, but low MODULATION (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/11/2009)
 9760 USA (non) VoA, Tinang Philippines; 1408 Interview by W in EG talking "the economy
seems to be back on the right track". Very Strong (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9780 USA (non) VoA R. Deewa via Iranawila, SRI LANKA; 1408 W in Pashto w/nx, then
interview with M on telephone (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/12/2009)
 9870 INDIA Bengaluru - "Vividh Bharati" program; 1259 traditional S. ASIAN subcontinental
vocals, W in possible Hindi w/anmts. then M in Hindi(?). Good signal (Wiseblood-TEXAS
2859.82h COSTA RICA, Radio San Carlos; 2x1430; M&W dj in SP 0015z "¡Está lloviendo!",
"Happy Weekend" show, promo for
live broadcast from the "Universidad de Costa Rica" to begin at 0030z, música merengue y
reggeaton (Wiseblood-TEXAS 10/25/2009)

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV
Kaito KA1103, KA33 active loop antenna, indoor

Thursday 01.10.09
6010 R. SWEDEN (via Sackville) at 0130 English, "Radio Sweden Wednesday." OM and YL
reporting Nx and special features. F-G signal w/ QRN.
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0813 English, Hrd musi13710c fm the Pacific. G signal.
9675 CHINA RADIO INT at 1313 Russian, YL ancr. G signal.
9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1326 English, YL reporting "Asia Pacific" prgm. Spoke of tropical
storms in Vietnam and the Philippines. VG signal.
6020 R. AUSTRALIA at 1345 English, Ivan Lloyd hosting "Jazz Notes." G signal.
7811 AFRTS (Key West, FL USA) USB at 2325 English, OM with sports talk about baseball
playoffs. P signal w/ much QRN.
15560 R. AUSTRIA at 2338 English, OM speaking about reducing greenhouse gases. P-F
signal with much QRN.
9665 V. OF RUSSIA at 2345 English, OM playing pop songs on "Russian Hits" prgm. F signal
w/ occ QRN.
Friday 02.10.09
11775 CARIBBEAN BEACON (ANGUILLA) at 1346 English, Pastor Melissa Scott's religious
prgm. The World Wide University Network. F-G signal.
9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1400 English, Bc of R. Prague programming. OM reporting Nx. F signal /
9690 All India Radio at 1416 English, Indigenous music and OM with the Nx. F signal w/ much
13710 CHINA RADIO INT at 1423 English, OM with "News and Reports." F signal.
15235 R. CANADA INT at 2042 English, OM speaking about the demands on international
aide. F signal w/ occ fade.
15190 R. AFRICA (EQUATORIAL GUINEA) at 2120 English, OM ancr, religious prgm. P-F
signal w/ much QRN.
9735 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2126 English, OM and "Newslink" prgm. F-G signal
w/ much QRN.
11865 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2136 English, OM talking about Armenia and
opening the border. G signal.
15205 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2142 English, "Inside Europe" prgm. OM and YL
ancrs reporting on gender identity, transgenders, and sex changes as they relate to German
schools. F signal w/ QRN.
Saturday 03.10.09
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1003 English, OM with New Zealand Wx. Then OM playing
music of the fifties on "Wayne's Music" prgm. Included songs by Ruth Brown, Harry Belafonte,
and the Royal Teens. G signal (active loop ant).
13675 U.K. BBC at 1755 English, OM with soccer Nx. F signal w/ low audio due to fading.
[balcony listening post - Eton S350DL (battery powered), whip ant].
9700 R. BULGARIA at 2314 English, YL reporting Nx. F signal w/ QRN.
9600 R. HABANA CUBA at 2321 Spanish, Hrd jazz song (in Spanish) by female vocalist. G
13790 R. HABANA CUBA at 2326 English, Arnie Coro w/ "DXers Unlimited" prgm. G signal.
9580 U.K. BBC (via S Korea) at 2334 English, YL speaking to ON about China. P-F signal w/
15250 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 2340 Spanish, YL ancr. F signal would
be upgraded to good if it wasn't for a persistent hum.
9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (via Sackville) at 2348 English, YL and OM ancrs. Hrd
country hit "Six Days on the Road" by Dave Dudley. P-F signal w/ QRN and QRM from CNR-2
on 9620.
9420 V. OF GREECE at 2355 Greek, Hrd indigenous music. P-F signal w/ QRN.
Sunday 04.10.09
9425 WHRI DEUTSCHE WELLE (U.S.A.) at 1138 German, YL and OM ancrs with religious
prgm. G signal.
6010 R. JAPAN at 1144 Russian, YL ancr playing music. VG signal.
9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1155 English, YL ancr speaks to an Australian indigenous artist. VG
signal // 9590 G signal w/ QRN.
9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA) at 1207 English, YL ancr with "Weekly News
Roundup." G signal.
7325 R. CHINA INT at 1233 Japanese, YL ancr. Hrd pop music. VG signal.
9885 V. OF AMERICA at 1249 Spanish, OM playing "Musica Country." Hrd "The Way You
Love Me" by Faith Hill. F signal w/ mucho QRN.
15235 R. CANADA INT at 2028 English, Host Mary Travis w/ "Maple Leaf Mailbag." G signal.
11940 R. ROMANIA at 2039 English, YL ancr speaking to OM. P signal.
11795 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2057 English, OM and YL with German language
lesson. P signal w/ much QRN.
Monday 05.10.09
9495 V. OF ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN at 0204 English, YL with the Nx. F signal.
5950 R. TAIWAN INT at 0650 Spanish, YL ancr. Music being played. G signal.
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0704 English, OM reporting Nx about the tsunami in Samoa. F
9420 V. OF GREECE at 0724 Greek, Hrd female vocal music. P signal.
15235 R. CANADA INT at 1937 Arabic, OM and YL speaking. F signal.
15110 R. EXTERIOR DE ESPANA at 1942 Spanish, OM ancr. G signal.
15290 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 1946-1958* Spanish, "Radio Nacional de
Venuzuela presenta La Palabra de Hoy." F-G signal.
15445 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 1949 Arabic, OM ancr. G signal. This
Bc not listed at AOKI but it's in the PWBR. I also found it listed on the schedule DW sent me.
9700 R. BULGARIA at 2313 English, YL ancr. P signal.
11840 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at 2318 English, YL with world stock market Nx and
world Wx. G signal.
9730 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2325 German, YL and OM ancr. F-G
9825 V. OF AMERICA (USA) at 2329 Spanish, OM ancr. G signal.
9640 R. HABANA CUBA at 2309 Spanish, OM ancrs and reporters. VG signal.
Tuesday 06.10.09
11930 CHINA RADIO INT (via Sackville) at *0000 Chinese, Hrd IS then YL ancr. VG signal.
9570 CHINA RADIO INT (via Albania) at 0024 English, OM with report on agricultural
production in China. G signal.
Wednesday 07.10.09
9740 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1451 English, Prgm "Outlook." OM interviews Wim Hof,
"The Ice Man," from the Netherlands. Hof can withstand extremely cold temperatures. G
11710 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1503 English, OM and YL report North Korea's version of Fair
and Balanced Nx. G signal.
9850 V. OF RUSSIA at 1512 English, OM with report on worldwide unemployment. F-G signal
w/ occ fade.
Thursday 08.10.09
9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1400 English, Bc of R. Prague programming. YL with Nx and Wx. FEBC
Manila programming at 1414. F signal / jamming.
7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1405 English, Prgm "Hindsight." YL with report on Millers Point in
Sydney NSW. G signal. // 9590 with F signal.
11705 R. JAPAN at 1410 English, YL reports the Nx. Talk of lawsuit to prevent the sale of
bootleg Charlie Chaplin DVDs. Prgm "Beyond Borders" at 1417. G signal.
9450 Xi Wang Zhi Sheng SOH (Sound of Hope via Taiwan) at 1418 Chinese, OM and YL
ancrs. VP signal. Jammed by CNR1~3 frq.
9740 U.K. BBC (via Singapore) at 1436 English, OM speaks to YL about womens education in
Iran. VG signal.
9690 V. OF NIGERIA at 1441 English, Hrd indigenous music. Very weak, inaudible signal.
13625 R. TIRANA (ALBANIA) at 1450 English, YL ancr, indigenous music. P-F signal.
13820 R. MARTI (USA) at 1455 Spanish, OM ancr. P signal.
Friday 09.10.09
7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1407 English, OM talking to YL about the Julia Child movie "Julie &
Julia." G signal.
11705 R. JAPAN at 1410 English, YL reporting NX. G signal. // 13630 (via UK) F signal.
12020 V. OF VIETNAM at 1415 English, OM ancr. P signal.
13710 CHINA RADIO INT at 1423 English, YL with report on a virtual video hospital. F-G
136250 R. TIRANA (ALBANIA) at 1433 English, YL reports the Nx. P signal.
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1451 English, YL playing music. P-F signal (active loop ant).
11865 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2128 English, "Newslink" prgm. YL
talking about the World Cup. Then OM with top headlines (US President Barack Obama
awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace). F signal. // 9735 with P-F signal.
9980 U.S.A. WWCR at 2137 English, Hrd Wayne Maner play his version of "Dead Skunk in the
Middle of the Road." Maner then used the song in his preaching by talking about "skunking up
religion." I wonder if Loudon Wainwright had that in mind when he wrote the tune? VG signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 2315 English, OM and YL ancrs. Nx and Wx. G signal.
11700 R. BULGARIA at 2319 English, YL reporting Nx. F signal.
9665 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 2324 English, YL speaking about Russian Soyuz space capsule.
P-F signal.
17795 R. AUSTRALIA at 2329 English, OM ancr. Prgm "Connect Asia." // 15560. F signals.
9840 VOICE OF VIETNAM at 2336 English, YL reporting Nx. Poor signal.
11605 R. CAIRO (EGYPT) at 2340 English, OM and YL ancrs. Very weak signal. Inaudible
11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (BRAZIL) at 2347 Portuguese, YL and OM ancrs. Hrd
indigenous music. G signal.
Wednesday 14.10.09
15360 U.K. BBC (via Thailand) at 0014 English, OM with world Nx. F signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0021 English, hrd Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Fanfare for the
Common Man." F signal.
17715 R. AUSTRALIA at 0025 English, YL and OM ancrs talking about entrepreneurs and
business risks. F signal.
Kaito KA1103 (battery powered), 15' longwire antenna.
Thursday 15.10.09
9955 U.S.A. WRMI at 1400 English, Bc of R. Prague programming. OM with Nx. Talk of the
"Lisbon Treaty." F signal.
9870 All India Radio at 1425 Hindi, YL ancr. Hrd indigenous music. P signal.
9850 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 1432 English, YL ancr. P-F signal w/ QRM.
Friday 16.10.09
11705 R. JAPAN (via Sackville) at 1403 English, YL with Nx. G-VG signal.
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1410 English, OM ancr. Hrd jazz song. P signal w/ QRM.
7330 VOICE OF RUSSIA at 1416 English, OM ancr speaking of oil prices. F signal w/ QRM.
13630 R. JAPAN (via UK) at 1423 English, OM and YL ancrs. Report on live concerts held at
Buddhist temple. F signal. // 11705 (via Sackville) with G signal. At 1427 hrd a great rendition
of Paul Desmond's "Take Five" by the 12 Girls Band from Japan. Click on the link to check out
the song's video.
11740 VOICE OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 1436 Korean, YL ancr. F signal.
Tuesday 20.10.09
11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (Brazil) at 0004 Portuguese, OM ancr. Hrd indigenous
pop music with country overtones. F signal.
Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.
Balcony Listening Post
13640 R. JAPAN at 2200 Japanese, OM ancr. G signal w/ minor QRM (in EE).
9730 DEUTSCHE WELLE, GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2236 German, OM ancr. Afghanistan,
Pakistan, and Taliban mentioned often. F-G signal. // 9775 F signal.
9980 WWCR (USA) at 2243 English, Pastor Peters w/ "Scriptures For America World Wide"
and music ("The Lord Is My Rock"). F-G signal.
13790 R. HABANA CUBA at 2300 English, OM reporting international Nx. F-G signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 2307 English, OM and YL ancrs with the Nx. F-G signal.
9665 V. OF RUSSIA (via Moldova) at 2310 English, YL speaking of environmental issues. F
15240 R. AUSTRALIA at 2315 English, YL with Nx. Talk of Afghanistan election runoff. F
15250 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 2319 Spanish, YL ancr speaking EE.
Followed by long-winded OM spewing Spanish. Mmm, must be Chavez. Then, TG, music. F
Wednesday 21.10.09
9440 R. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC at 0025 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. P signal.
15275 R. THAILAND at 0030 English, YL ancr. Report on world warming and climate change.
F signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0056 English, OM ancr. Hrd "Shapes Of Things To Come" by
the Yardbirds. BBC news at 0100. F signal.
17660 R. HABANA CUBA at 2041 Spanish, OM ancr. F-G signal.
17895 V. OF AMERICA at 2050 English. Hrd music mix. F signal.
15235 R. CANADA INT at 2056 English, Marc Montgomery hosting "The Link." Sta ID at 2100,
then OM and YL ancrs with French programming. F signal.
15205 DEUTSCHE WELLE, GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2110 English, OM ancr. Hrd talk
about Iran and nuclear weapons. // 11865, both w/ F signal.
Grundig Yacht Boy 80 (battery pwr), 15' outdoor antenna.
My First Numbers Station
9040 CUBA V2a 0930-0943* AM SSYL atencion: 63202 55781 21371 final: (what sounded
like) tonight tonight tonight. VG signal. [Grundig YB 80, KA33 active loop antenna, indoor].
Thursday 22.10.09
Balcony Listening Post
13650 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 0005 French, YL ancr. P signal.
13760 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 0010 English, OM and YL ancrs. Speaking of Six-party talks. //
15180 F signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0016 English, OM ancr. Talk of controversial BMT Party in
the UK. F signal.
9665 V. OF RUSSIA (via Moldova) at 0020 English, OM ancr. Talk of Russia's nuclear fleet
(icebreakers). F signal.
6010 R. SWEDEN (via Sackville) at 0027 English, OM ancr. Hrd classical music. Then YL
reporting Nx. P-F signal.
9735 V. OF RUSSIA (via French Guiana) at 0043 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. F-G signal.
Grundig Yacht Boy 80 (battery pwr), 15' outdoor antenna.
Thursday 22.10.09
7430 CHINA RADIO INT at 0951 Chinese, OM and YL ancrs. G signal.
9590 R. AUSTRALIA at 1006 English, OM and YL ancrs with Nx and reports. F signal. // 9580
G signal.
9985 WWCR (USA) at 1011 English, OM hosting "World Wide Country Radio." Hrd "Country
Sunshine." VG signal.
Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.
Friday 23.10.09
5883 CUBA [Numbers Station] V2a 0717-0741* AM SSYL - ringing in bg - final again sounded
like 'tonight' repeated 3xs. Not sure what the voice is saying. G signal.
5965 R. EXTERIOR DE ESPANA (via Costa Rica) at 0750-0800* Spanish, OM and YL ancrs.
Hrd latin music. Poor signal, low vol, and much QRN.
5920 R. ROSSII (Russia) at 0808 Russian, OM and YL ancrs. F signal.
Saturday 24.10.09
5800 CUBA [Numbers Station] V2a 0659 AM SSYL - ringing in bg. F-G signal w/ QRN.
11700 R. BULGARIA at 2320 English, YL with Nx. Talk about balancing Bulgarian budget. //
9700 Fair signal.
9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (CANADA) at 2325 English, YL ancr. Hrd "Boo Hoo" from
the CD If Your Memory Serves You Well by Serena Ryder. Then an Eddy Arnold song was
played. F signal.
Note: To learn more about Serena Ryder, and listen to her music, go to CBC Radio2 at:
9775 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2326 German, YL ancr speaking to
OM. // 9730 G signal.
13640 CHINA RADIO INT at 2343 Japanese, OM playing indigenous pop music. F-G signal.
Sunday 25.10.09
9985 WWCR (USA) at 0134 English, OM playing Christian country music. Artists included
Tennessee Ernie Ford, Web Price, and Patsy Cline. Nice programming. G signal.
9680 R. TAIWAN INT at 0204 English, YL and OM ancrs. Report on Retrocession Day
(commemorates the end of 50 years of Japanese colonial rule on October 25, 1945) in "Today
in History." F-G signal with occ QRN.
Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.
Balcony Listening Post
11970 CHINA RADIO INT at 2315 English, OM ancr. Prgm "News and Reports." VG signal.
11920 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 2338 Portuguese, OM playing indigenous music. F signal w/
12025 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2344 German, YL and OM ancrs. F
signal w/ QRN.
Kevin Redding – Crump, TN
Eton E1 and 150 foot wire

4885 Radio Clube Do Para Belem. Brazil 10/1 0235 PP language programming M announcer.
11760 RHC Havana, Cuba 1923 with mellow Cuban music. SS.
11775 Caribbean Beacon The Valley, Anguilla 1932 DGS on the air even though he is dead
and he is still preaching.
11815 R. Exterior de Espana Cariari de Pococi, Costa Rica 1933 SS. Sounds like futbol.
11965 Deutsche Welle Kigali, Rwanda 1936 in Hausa then into GG.
13590 CVC International Lusaka, Zambia 1939 EE REL MX
13615 WYFR Family Radio Okeechobee, FL 1941 EE singing hymns.
13690 WYFR Family Radio Okeechobee, FL 1942 EE singing hymns. // 13615
13760 RHC Havana, Cuba 1947 SS discussion program
13845 WWCR Nashville, TN 1949 REL pgm EE
15275 Deutsche Welle Kigali, Rwanda 1951 GG W announcer
15385 KJES Vado, NM 1953 W preaching modulation very low
15420 WBCQ Monticello, ME 1956 REL pgm EE
15560 R. Portugal Lisbon, Portugal 1858 PP and sounds like some sporting event
15580 Voice of America Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana 2000 going from Led Zeppelin into VoA
6000 R. Havana Cuba La Habana, Cuba 0135 with news pgm QRM from CRI? Fair.
6005 China Radio International Sackville, NB, Canada 0142 with news of factory production
with QRM from RHC. Good.
6070 CFRX Toronto, ON, Canada 0144 with story about Saskatchewan Roughriders. Fair -
9505 WYFR Okechobee, FL 0200 with ToH ID and frequency announcement. Good.
Heard on a nekkid Eton E-10 near downtown Crump, TN:
15365 Radio Canada Int'l Sackville, NB 1800 EE Canadian news with VG signal.
15440 Deutsche Welle Sines, Portugal 1807 in GG with what sounds like the news.
15580 Voice of America Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana 1809 EE news about Zimbabwe.
17535 // 17555 WYFR Family Radio Okeechobee, FL EE Rel pgm.
17790 Radio Canada Int'l Sackville, NB 1813 EE Canadian news with VG signal. // 15365

The Line of Sight and Beyond
Kevin Redding – Crump, TN
As listed

Heard on a Sangean HDR 1 and FM6 antenna 10/12 Es:
88.5 KOIR Edinburgh, TX 1929 SS MX BoH slogan ID "Radio Esperanza" and location.
TV - 6 UNID several Mexican TV stations with audio on 87.75, a real pileup.
90.1 XHRYS Reynosa, TA 1937 singing and ID.
90.1 XHMU Tampico, TA 1944 "La Poderosa"
90.3 KEDT Corpus Christi, TX 1946 CLA MX and RDS ID.
90.7 UNID with Mexican announcers and EE smooth pops songs, stuff like Paul Anka. I have
heard this one in AZ but can't remember who this is.
Heard on a Sangean HDR-1 and FM6 antenna 10/17:
99.5 WZRR Birmingham, AL 2028 with Alabama football game.

Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL
Kaito 1102, whip

97.5 FM Nassau, Bahamas Love 97 FM, Nassau Bahamas
Heard Sunday while at the beach with the Kaito 1102. I was picking up the Dave Koz show,
and with a little investigating it was figured out. Not a regular here.

Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX
Roadmaster VRCD400-SDU AM/FM$ car stereo FM-6 YAGI @ 15ft.

10/13/2009 MS
1058 94.1 WSOS FL St. Augustine, "SUNNY 94.1, makes getting through the day a little
easier", then faded out just as quickly as it had faded in
10/23/2009 Gulf FM Tropo
1048 100.7 WJLQ FL Pensacola, 670 miles "Q-100", rock-mix, Kelly Clarkson concert promo
1054 94.1 WMEZ FL Pensacola, "Soft Rock 94.1" 671 miles
1202 102.7 WXBM FL Milton, C&W, ID 670 miles* "Your GULF COAST country leader 102.7
1320 89.1 WSFW Panama City; NPR 746 miles pledge drive with "The ROLLER GIRLS", ID,
1530 local news; still in w/"All Things Considered" 1708

The Visible Universe
Nothing reported this month

Nothin’ But Net
(Editor – Martin Foltz)
This month is light but we have some websites to listen to and I included Podcasts from Kevin. Thanks
to all who contributed and continue to post your Internet radio logs to ABDX!

Kevin Redding – Cosmic Crump, TN, Center of the Known Universe

KDNA 91.9
Posted by: kevin redding
Tue Oct 13, 2009 5:37 am (PDT)

KDNA radio to launch new website
By Herald staff

A new website for radio station KDNA 91.9 FM will launch
Wednesday10/14 at noon.

The station’s new site will feature streaming radio with new
programming, blogs and video. KDNA calls itself “The voice of the
migrant workers” and broadcasts in both Spanish and English in the
Yakima Valley.

A small ceremony will be held Wednesday at Northwest Communities’
Education Center, 121 Sunnyside Ave., Granger. A large screen will
display the website’s new layout and refreshments will be served.

The old website can be viewed at The new URL hasn’t
been released yet. For more information, call 509-854-2222.

Re: KDNA 91.9
Posted by: kj4hyd
Tue Oct 13, 2009 5:51 am (PDT)

kevin redding wrote:
> The old website can be viewed at <>.
> The new URL hasn’t been released yet. For more information, call
> 509-854-2222.

It is

Kevin Raper

DX Podcasts
Posted by: kevin redding
Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:02 am (PDT)

DXing with Cumbre - Marie Lamb

World of Radio - Glenn Hauser

Phil Rafuse – PEI

internet broadcasting
Posted by: philrafuse
Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:06 pm (PDT)

X-FM, CJFX, or EX-AM [take your pick :) ] has a new website:

And, now they broadcast around the world on the net - check the listen live.

New GM Ken Farrell is doing some good things there!


Jay Heyl –

Internet radio deal
Posted by: Jay Heyl
Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:14 pm (PDT)

This is probably good for just a few more hours, but I just noticed Newegg
has a Shell Shocker deal on an Asus internet radio for $90 with free

I don't know anything about this model other than it allows both wireless
and wired connection and appears to have external speakers connectors on the

-- Jay

Loggings and stations

Streaming HSFB
Posted by: kevin redding
Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:28 pm (PDT)

WYXC Cartersville, GA

Abilene, TX Cooper HS

KZRK Canyon, TX Tascosa, HS

KTMM 1340 Grand Junction, CO

KERN 1180 Bakersfield, CA

Crump, TN

And that’s another month on the Net. Thanks to all the reporters.

73’s, Martin

You don’t Need a Weatherman…
Nothing reported this month

Extra, Extra!
Another ABDXer, Chris Johnson passes away.
I saw the sad news on which I followed up with a phone call to our common friend,
that Chris Johnson K2FO (ex K4NHL ex WB2RJL) of Taylors SC passed away in the morning
of Sunday, September 20, 2009 of a heart attack.
My favorite memory of Chris was our hour long phone calls talking about various subjects as
Dr. Knowledge on KDKA, DXing, ham radio, and you name the subject.
Go in peace with our Lord, Chris, you will be missed.
Joe Miller, KJ8O
Troy, MI

Bargain Barn
Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Just ordered the Perseus SDR so I'm putting some items up for sale. I'll send this to the other
lists too.
SDR-IQ about a year and a half old. In excellent condition with software. $300 shipping
included. SALE PENDING
Grundig Satellit 800 about 5 years old also in excellent condition. Will include a small
homemade loop antenna (purchased originally on EBAY for $75) Total Cost $300 Shipping
Drake R8A about 14 years old. In decent condition but could use some cleaning. Some of the
keypad buttons stick. $500 Shipping included.
Quantum loop with MW and LW loop heads V2. In excellent condition $150
Kiwa loop about 13 years old. In fair condition (has been worked on and works but for some
reason you can't tune it beyond 1500 khz. I also might be missing the power supply but will
check on it. Best offer on this.

Show and Tell – New Toys
Bill Harms - Maryland

The world's smallest HD radio tuner! The KT-HDP1 adapts to most vehicles and features a thin
and slim design with Built-In HD (With Multi-Cast), FM, and AM Tuners. Using the optional
accessory kits, the KT-HDP1 allows you to listen to your favorite High Definition Radio
programming while driving, or, you can take it into the home or office too.
I am not endorsing this product. I am just presenting this here for discussion purposes.
I own an HD Insignia from Best Buy, and really like it. Has anyone compared the two radios?

Murray Lycan - 100 Mile Ranch, BC

I received the Satellit 750 plus AN200 MW loop yesterday via expedited post from Radioworld.
Only 3 days from order receipt Toronto to Halifax. Not bad.
Not sure why, but opening the box was like Christmas; it took me back to 1969 getting my first
SW portable from Esso for $49. Following is my very first impression after using for a couple of
hours last night.
First impression: For $270 including loop, not bad! This isn't a lot of money for a radio that
tunes LW/MW/SW/FM/Air. It sits on the table and feels good like a desktop radio rather than a
small portable.
MW: The rotatable MW antenna on set top seems to work. No hand capacitance problem or
noise induced as antenna was rotated. Definite directionality apparent. It produced good nulls
as one would expect. For example, WINS NYC on 1010 kHz was very strong, but I could
almost null it and with more patience could have IDed at least one other station on same freq.
It is a little tough to report since I'm not familiar with what a "good" radio in this location on east
coast should be able to receive. If you can give me a few test stations to search for, I can
check to see how they sound here. WGY on 810 kHz was very strong; not so far away in
Albany. I heard an interesting signal on 530kHz with music that I didn't take time to ID. It didn't
sound like an image. Could that have been CIAO in Ontario? Not much on that frequency.
It tunes with convenient 10kHz steps, or you can use 1kHz steps.
I found the AN200 loop simply placed at right angles to the 750 ferrite rod, inductively coupled
and if tuned very carefully acted like an amplifier when the sweet spot was caught similar to my
Quantum Loop I have back in B.C. Takes careful tuning, but it worked well. A new world of
signals became audible. There is something rattling inside the plastic base of the loop, but
can't do anything about it. Worries me a little....
SW: Lots of sigs, vy strong on 49 and 31 metre bands in late local evening using only internal
whip. Haven't tried with external antenna yet. Some strong sigs on 25 metres. Nice audio.
Already, this has passed my requirements since a prime reason for this radio was so I could sit
in my easy chair anywhere in house or out in the car and just hear broadcasters well. Bass and
Treble controls work well.
SSB/CW: Great. Audio may not be as nice as a $1000 ham rig, but very nice nevertheless.
Heard HB9, 9Y4, YU (?), etc. on 20 and 40 metres SSB and CW. Lots of sigs due to CQ WW
SSB contest almost ready to explode this weekend. Method of tuning is to get within 1kHz
using main tuning control then use BFO to tweak on correct sideband of sig so audio sounds
FM: Great audio. Hears everything local. Haven't tried to hear any DX yet.
Air: Nothing heard. I'm about 60km from the Halifax airport. Not sure I'll ever hear much on that
I found the bandwidth control worked well on all modes. Audio nicely understandable and
usable on narrow position and clearer on wide position as expected. On narrow, stations pop
out of the background noise as you tune along a broadcast band with the 5kHz steps. You can
also tune with 1kHz steps.
It has a -10 and -20 dB attenuator. Works properly. The RF gain seems to do its job too.
As long as it continues to do what it's doing now, I would recommend the 750 to my friends but
not my enemies. I don't want my enemies to hear more than me!
So far: Satellit 750: YES!

Testing, Testing…
WGGH 1150 Marion Illinois, DX Test

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Paul B. Walker, Jr. <> wrote:
I spoke to the station owner today, and coinciding with some tweaking of our Omnia audio
processing, we will also conduct a DX Test!
 It will happen on February 6th from 12am to
2am (Friday going into Saturday, not Saturday into Sunday) We will operate at our full 5000
Watts and Day pattern. The test will consist of classic country and oldies music along with tons
of various sound effects. It should be fairly easy to identify the station, as our slogan is
somewhat unique, "Monster Radio AM 1150". We also have TM Century jingles, including one
used every hour for a legal id ( spoken.."Southern illinois Trusted Voice Since 1949, (sung) AM
1150 WGGH Marion"
The time the test actually starts will be largely dependent on when the last classic country song
in the 11pm hour ends. We will remain at low pwoer until the exact moment before our 12am
legal id plays. (It has run as late as 12:03am)
I plan on being in the studio live and "jocking" the test. We may or may not have a contest with
a prize to giveaway but a call-in contest. I need to find a prize of interest to people nationwide,
if anyone has anything to donate, please let me know. Our studio number is (618) 993-8102.
Do NOT call bout anything DX test related until the night of the actual test. I will NOT be in the
studio till right before the test.
 I will handle QSL requests, but you MUST send a self addressed envelope with at least 2
stamps, otherwise you will not get a reply. I do not have the time, energy or money to be
buying stamps or envelopes. I *PROMISE* to rpely to everyone who sends one in this time!! I
will want to know your location, types of radio used, when/what you heard. If you send a CD,
do NOT send the entire test, just a few relevant clips. If you send a cassette tape, cue it up to
where it needs to be or I won't listen. Our webstreaming will be disabled during this test.
 Also, please be aware our mailbox at the post office is only checked twice a week, so you may
not get an imemdiate reply. Make SURE you address the envelope and letter to my attention
or I may not see it right away.
Unfortunately, we have no bumper stickers, pens or anything else to give out. You will most
likely get just a letter. If we have coverage maps, I might send those.
If I have forgotten anything, I will add to it later.
Paul B. Walker, Jr.
WGGH-AM 1150
P.O. Box 340
Marion, IL 62959

Call Sign Changes
No Call Sign Changes from the FCC this month.

I Got The Bird!
No Satellite this month.

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