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  001    KEE   Kee C.W.              It's a Durian Life                                     1996   Cartoon strip in Sunday Star
  001    LAT   Lat                   Lat and Gang                                           1996   Cartoon strip in Sunday Star
  001    LAT   Lat                   Lat and his Lot again                                  1983   Cartoon strip in Sunday Star
  001    LAT   Lat                   Lat with a Punch                                       1998   Cartoon strip in Sunday Star
  030    ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    01- Environment                                        1998
  030    ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    02 - Plants                                            1998
  030    ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    03 - Animals                                           1998
  030    ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    04 - Early History                                     1998
  030    ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    05 - Architecture                                      1998
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    06 - The Seas                                          2001
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    07 - Early Modern History (1800-1940)                  2001
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    08 - Performing Arts                                   2004
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    09 - Languages and Literature                          2004
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    10- Religions and Beliefs                              2005
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    11-Government and Politics (1940-2006)                 2006
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    12- Peoples & Traditions
    30   ENC   Encyc. of Malaysia    13- Economy
  100    FUN   Fung Yu-Lan           A Short History of Chinese Philosophy                  1966   adaptation for the Western reader
  130    HOW   Howell, S.            How to Know God                                        1967   yoga aphorisms of Patanjali; theory and practice of yoga
  220    BUC   Bucaile, M.           Bible, The Qur'an and Science                          1989   Holy scriptures examined in the light of modern knowledge
  220    KUN   Kung, H.              Tracing the Way                                        2002   Spiritual dimension of world religions
  230    PRA   Prabhavananda, S.     Sermon on the Mount According ...                      1972   ... to Vedanta       (reconciliation of Eastern and Western thought)
  230    RAB   Rabindra, D.J.        Indian Christians in Peninsular Malaysia               1982   insight into their economic, political, cultural, social spheres of life
  232    PAR   Parrinder, G.         Jesus in the Qur'an                                    1995
  290    MOH   Mohtar Mhd Dom        Malay Superstitions and Beliefs                        1979   various aspects of the national culture, small brochure
  291    DAN   Danaraj, A.G.S.       Mysticism in Malaya                                    1964   Malay Bomoh, Indian spiritualists and Chinese mediums
  291    END   Endicott, K.M.        An Analysis of Malay Magic                             1985
  291    SHA   Shaw William          Aspects of Malaysian Magic                             1974   different systems of magic in Malaysia
  291    SKE   Skeat W.W.            Malay Magic                                            1967   introduction to the folklore and popular religion of the Malay peninsula
  291    WIN   Windstedt, R.         Malay Magician, The                                    1993   development of Malay beliefs and their practical application
  294    BAT   Batu Caves            Batu Caves - 1989 - 1991 Centenary                     1991   description
  294    BUR   Burtt, E.A.           Teachings of Compassionate Buddha                      1982   early discourses, the Dhammapada and later basic writings
  294    GUR   Guruge, A.W.P.        Buddhism                                               1975   religion and its culture
  294    KUA   Kuang Ming            Popular Deities of Chinese Buddhism                    1985
  294    MAS   Mascaro(translator)   Buddha'sTeachings                                      1973 small paperback. Translated from the Pali by Juan Mascaro
  294    PIY   Piyasilo, Ven         Buddhist culture                                       1988 observation of the Buddhist situation in Malaysia and Singapore and a sugg
  294    TEA   Teachings             Teaching of Buddha                                          in Chinese and English
  294    TEO   Teoh Eng Soon         Malayan Buddhism                                       1963 critical examination
  294    THO   Thomas, P.            Hindu Religion Customs and Manners                     1997
294.53   MCL   McLeod, W.H.          Guru Nanak and the Sikh Religion                       1976

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practice of yoga
modern knowledge

ern and Western thought)
ural, social spheres of life

small brochure
hinese mediums

eligion of the Malay peninsula
practical application

 later basic writings

ali by Juan Mascaro
Malaysia and Singapore and a suggestion

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294.55   GILL   Gill, P.S.                Trinity of Sikhism                                     1990   Philosophy, Religion, State
294.55   KHA    Khalasa L.S.A.            New Approach Mission for Occidental…                   1990   ...Sikhism, small booklet
  297    ABD    Abdullah Badawi           Concept of Islam Hadhari                               2004   speech given to UMNO general meeting on 23 September 2004
  297    ABD    Abdur Hameed S. (ed)      Duties of an Imam                                      1979
  297    ABD    Abdullah Yusuf Ali (ed)   Holy Qur'an                                            1946
  297    ABU    Abu Bakar Abd. Majeed     Islam and Development in Asia                          1998
  297    ABU    Abul A'La Maududi         Rights of Non Muslims in Islamic State                 1982   Small booklet, first published 1961
  297    ABU    Abul A'La Maududi         Towards Understanding Islam                            1970
  297    ACI    Acikgenc, A.              Islamic Science - Towards a Definition                 1996   (pub. by International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization- ISTAC)
  297    AHM    Ahmad Sarji et al         Islamic World and Global Cooperation                   1999
  297    AID    Aidit Bin Hj Ghazali      Islam and Justice                                      1993   papers from the Malaysian Conference on Islam and Justice (1994)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Correct Date of the Terengganu Inscription             1984
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Degrees of Existence, The                              1994   fundamental basic of Islamic metaphysics (ISTAC)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Intuition of Existence                                 1990   fundamental basic of Islamic metaphysics (ISTAC)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Islam - the Concept of Religion and the...             1992   ... Foundation of Ethics and Morality (ISTAC)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Meaning and Experience of Happiness ..                 1993 Islam (ISTAC)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       Nature of Man and the Psychology of ...                1990   ... the human soul (ISTAC)
  297    ALA    Al-Attas, Syed M.N.       On Quiddity and Essence                                1990    basic structure of reality in Islamic metaphysics (ISTAC)
  297    ALH    Alhabishi, edit.          Role and Influence of Religion in Society              1994   Influence of religion in today's societies, role of Islam in Malaysia ...
  297    ANN    An-Nawawis                Forty Hadith I                                         1982   Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, anthology
  297    ANN    An-Nawawis                Forty Hadith II                                        1982   Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, anthology
  297    ASA    Asad Muhammad             Islam at the Crossroads                                1984   exhorts Muslims to avoid imitating Western social forms, first published 1934
  297    BUC    Bucaille, M.              Qur'an and Modern Science                              1978   text of speech to Commonwealth Society
  297    CHA    Chandra Muzaffar          Islamic Resurgence in Malaysia                         1987   approaches Islamic resurgence in Malaysia from a sociological perspective
  297    DOI    Doi, A.R.                 Non-Muslims under Shari'ah                             1994
  297    FAT    Fatimi, S.Q.              Islam Comes to Malaysia                                1963   From where, when, how...
  297    FAZ    Fazlur Rahman             Islam                                                  1968   a history
  297    HAN    Haneef, S.                What everyone should know about ..                            ... Islam and Muslims
  297    IBR    Ibrahim, H.               Quest for Excellence                                   1994   management style, economic precepts, political culture and the Islamic world
  297    ISL    Williams, J.A., ed        Islam                                                  1963   traditions and essential beliefs of Islam
  297    ISL    Bawany, E., ed            Islam - Our Choice                                            compiled and edited by Muslim World League
  297    ISR    Israeli, R.               Crescent in the East                                   1982    unity in diversity which links all Muslims, esp. in Asia
  297    MAH    Mahathir Mohamad          A Balanced Moderate Approach ...                              ...towards Muslim Civilisation
  297    MIL    Milo A., Abdullah H.      How to Live our Everyday Life ....                     1998   ...according to the teaching of the Qur'an
  297    MIL    Milo A., Abdullah H.      Qur'an in Our Everyday Life                            2000
  297    MIL    Milo A., Abdullah H.      What the Qur'an Says on…                               1998   (vol 1- the Creation, Jesus, human behaviour etc)
  297    MIL    Milo A., Abdullah H.      What the Qur'an Says on…                               1998   (vol 2 - men and women, scripture, charity, etc)
  297    MOH    Mohamed                   Letters of The Holy Prophet                            1983   compilation of letters, treaties, agreements and injunctions
  297    NAI    Naipaul, V.S.             Among the Believers                                    1981   reflections on travel through Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia
  297    NAI    Naipaul, V.S.             Beyond Belief                                          1996   sequel to "Among the Believers"

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g on 23 September 2004

 Thought and Civilization- ISTAC)

on Islam and Justice (1994)

cs (ISTAC)
cs (ISTAC)

 physics (ISTAC)
 role of Islam in Malaysia ...

ern social forms, first published 1934

ysia from a sociological perspective

political culture and the Islamic world

, esp. in Asia

aviour etc)

nts and injunctions
an, Malaysia and Indonesia

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    297   RAH   Rahman Abdul, ed.         Heaven and Earth                                            1994   compilation of articles published in "New Straits Times" and "The Star"
    297   RAU   Rauf Moh. Abdul           Marriage in Islam                                           1972   guide to young Muslims contemplating marriage ...
    297   SID   Siddique Kaukab           Struggle of Muslim Women                                    1987   revolutionary message for the Muslim women of today and tomorrow
    297   SIS   Sisters in Islam          Are Muslim Men Allowed to Beat ..                           1991   …Their Wives? (small booklet from Sisters in Islam)
    297   SIS   Sisters in Islam          Are Women and Men Equal before Allah?                       1991   (small booklet from Sisters in Islam)
    297   SIS   Syed O.A. (ed.)           Islam and Tolerance                                         1994   evidence of tolerance by Muslims in history, Muslim's reaction to Western wo
    297   UST   Ustaz Ashaari, M.         This is our Way                                             1990   Practical and easily-comprehended perspective on Islamic civilisation
    297   UST   Ustaz Ashaari, M.         Wishing You the Blessings of Eid                            1991   small booklet
    299   BLO   Bloomfield, F.            Book of Chinese Beliefs                                     1983   Journey into the Chinese inner world
    299   CHA   Chamberlain, J.           Chinese Gods                                                1987   Informative introduction to Chinese religion
    299   CHE   Cheu Hock Tong            Nine Emperor Gods                                           1953   Study of Chinese spirit-medium cults
    299   COM   Comber, L.                Chinese Ancestor Worship in Malaysia                        1963   Social life of the Chinese in Malaya
    299   ELL   Elliot, J.                An Unexpected Light                                         1999   Travels in Afghanistan
    299   LAG   Lagatree, K.              Feng Shui                                                   1996   A room-by-room guide to the ancient Chinese art of placement
    299   PAL   Palmer. M., ed.           T'ung Shu                                                   1986   The ancient Chinese almanac
    299   SKI   Skinner, S.               Living Earth Manual of Feng-Shui                            1985   Basic outline of the art of feng-shui - its history, principles and application
    299   TAN   Tan Teik Beng             Malaysian Chinese Buddhist                                  1988   Beliefs and practices among Malaysian Chinese Buddhists
    299   TOO   Too, Lillian              Feng Shui                                                   1993   (2 copies)Centuries old Chinese practice, classical explanation, symbolic int
    299   TOO   Too, Lillian              Practical Applications of Feng Shui                         1994
    299   WRI   Wright, A.                Confucianism and Chinese Civilization                       1975   12 essays of different authors
    304   INS   INSAN and authors         Logging against the Natives of Sarawak                      1992   published by the Institute of Social Analysis, Malaysia
  305.4   AFK   Afkhami, M. (ed.)         In the Eye of the Storm                                     1994   Women in post - Revolutionary Iran
305.421   CHA   Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha   Bound feet and western dress                                1996   Memoir of Chang Yu-I, 1900--
 305.48   PRA   Prasso, Sheridan                                                                      of the Exotic Orient
                                          Asian Mystique: Dragon Ladies, Geisha Girls & Our Fantasies 2005 Study of images of Asian women
 305.89   SHA   Shankar, Ravi             Tamil Muslims in Tamil Nadu, Malaysia..                     2001 Identity & problems of adjustment and change
   306    LEE   Lee Su Kim                Malaysian Flavours                                          1998 Malaysian psyche and way of life, personal observations and experiences
   306    RIM   Rimmer, T.                Tamparuli Tamu                                              1998 Culture of Sabah, with illustrations by the author
   306    SAL   Salleh Ben Joned          As I Please                                                 1994 Selected writings (1975-1994) about culture and politics
   308    ABR   Abraham, C.E.R.           Roots of Race Relations in Malaysia                         1997 Study of the origins of ethnic and racial formations in Malaysia
   308    AHT   Ahti                      Ahti Eeswaran Temple                                        1986 Detailed description of temple (in Sentul) and its decoration
   308    ARA   Arasaratman, S.           Indians in Malaysia and Singapore                           1970 Historical account of the development of the largest Indian community overs
   308    DEW   De Witt, Dennis           Reconnecting through our Roots                              2006 Dutch descendents in Malaysia
   308    HAT   Hattiangadi, S.           Sai Baba                                                    1999 Biography of Sai Baba, yogi
   308    MUR   Murphet, H.               Sai Baba - Man of Miracles                                  1972 Extraordinary power of Indian yogi, as seen by a Westerner
   308    NAI   Naiker, B.S.              Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple                              Malacca Chitty Community, culture brought from South India
   308    PUR   Purcell, V.               Chinese in Malaya                                           1975 Account of the Chinese, their politics, society, religion, etc
   308    RAM   Ramasamy, R.              Caste Consciousness among Indian ...                              ...Tamils in Malaysia
   308    SHU   Shukor Kasim et al        Poor Malays Speak out                                       1984 Paddy farmers in Muda
   308    WAN   Wan Hashim                Race Relations in Malaysia                                  1983 Nature of conflicts between Malays and non-Malays
   308    WIE   Wiebe, P.D. et al         Indian Malaysians                                           1978

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w Straits Times" and "The Star"
marriage ...
 omen of today and tomorrow
 ers in Islam)

 ory, Muslim's reaction to Western world
spective on Islamic civilisation

 inese art of placement

s history, principles and application
 Chinese Buddhists
e, classical explanation, symbolic interprepation

ysis, Malaysia

 nal observations and experiences
e author
formations in Malaysia
 l) and its decoration
f the largest Indian community overseas

een by a Westerner
 ght from South India
ociety, religion, etc


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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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    320   ABD   Abdul Razak Baginda            Malaysia in Transition: Politics and Society            2003
    320   ANW   Anwar Ibrahim                  Asian Renaissance                                       1996   thoughts about contemporary Asia
    320   KAR   Karim Raslan                   Ceritalah 2: Journeys through SE Asia                   2002   Impressions and commentary on S-E Asia
    320   KAR   Karim Raslan                   Ceritalah: Malaysia in Transition                       1998   Looks at one of the world's fastest growing economy, and its people
    320   KHO   Khoo Kay Kim                   Malay Society                                           2000   study on the evolution and transformation of Malaysian society
    320   LAI   Laird, John                    Money Politics, Globalisation and Crisis                1995   Exploring new paths towards sustainable development in Thailand
    320   LIM   Lim Kit Siang                  BMF Scandal                                             1983   Small booklet
    320   LIM   Lim Kit Siang                  Constitutional Crisis in Malaysia                       1983   Small booklet
    320   LIM   Lim Kit Siang                  This Day in the Last 18 Months                          1983   Victory of Barisan Nasional, defeat of the DAP, 22.4.1982 -17.11.1983 (sma
    320   LIM   Lim Kit Siang                  Time Bombs in Malaysia                                  1978   Problems of nation-building in Malaysia
    320   MAH   Mahathir Mohamad               A New Deal for Asia                                     1999   Major themes in his political agenda
    320   MAH   Mahathir Mohamad               Malay Dilemma                                           1970   Examines the causes of the 13 May 1969 riots in KL
    320   MAN   Manderson, L.                  Women, Politics, and Change                             1980   Kaum Ibu UMNO, Malaysia, 1945 - 1972
    320   NOO   Noor, Farish A.                New Voices of Islam                                     2002   Interviews with Muslim intellectuals
    320   NOO   Noor, Farish A.                Other Malaysia                                          2002   "Writings on Malaysia's subaltern history"
    320   NOR   Haji Nor Tahir                 Tested Leadership                                       1982   About Datuk Patinggi Taib, chief minister of Sarawak
    320   ROF   Roff, W.R.                     Origins of Malay Nationalism                            1974   Communal, ethnic and national feeling in peninsular Malaya, 1900-1940
    320   ROG   Rogers, M.L.                   Local Politics in Rural Malaysia                        1993   Study of socioeconomic and political change in a Malaysian village
    320   STO   Stockwell, A.J.                British Policy and Malay Politics ...                   1979   ... during the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948 (pub. MBRAS)
    320   TAN   Tan Chee Khoon                 Monarchy in Malaysia                                    1984   About the eighth Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Iskandar of Johore
    320   TUN   Tunku Abdul Rahman             Viewpoints                                              1978   Collection of articles from the "Star", by Malaysia's first PM
    322   GOM   Gomez, E.T.                    UMNO's Corporate Investments                            1990   Growth of UMNO's interests in the corporate sector, implication of this expan
    324   MAH   Mahathir Mohamad               Early Years: 1947 - 1972                                1995   Reflection of the vision before and after Independence, articles from "Straits
    326   BAH   Bahan-bahan Pilihan                                                                    1982   in Bahasa Malaysia-Selections from the National Archives
    329   CHI   Chin, A.                       Communist Party of Malaya                               1995   Story of the beginning and end of Communism in Malaya
    329   TUN   Tunku Abdul Rahman             Political Awakening                                     1987   Problems and difficulties faced by UMNO prior to Malaysian independence
    330   TAN   Tan Joo Lan                    Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange                             1997   History of Kuala Lumpur stock exchange
    330   VAN   Vandana Shiva                  Monocultures of the Mind                                1973   Biodiversity, biotechnology and the third world
    330   WIL   Wilson, P.J.                   Malay Village and Malaysia                              1968   a study of the Malays of the villages of Jendram Hilir
    331   INC   Income                         Income - Generating Skills for Women                    1978   Int. report, National Advisory Council on the Integration of Women in Develo
  338.1   MIL   Milton, G.                     Nathaniel's Nutmeg                                      1999   a story of the spice trade (two copies)
338.959   SAR   Sarawak: State Planning Unit   Development in Sarawak                                  2002   Aerial photos of urban and industrial development in Sarawak
   340 HIC      Hickling, R.H.                 Malaysian Law                                           1987 First history of Malaysian law
   352 FOX      Fox, Edward                    Obscure Kingdoms: Journeys to Distant Royal Courts      1993 American has conversations with kings, including in Java
   367 TAT      Tate, D.J.M.                   Lake Club 1890--1990                                    1990 Commemorative book about KL Lake Club
   382    LAW   Lawson, P.                     East India Company                                      1998   A short history of the company
   383    POS   POS Malaysia                   Lagenda P. Ramlee                                       2003   Stamp album commemorating P. Ramlee
   390    BAB   Baba ....                      Baba and Nyonya Heritage at the ...                     1986   ... Muzium Negara, guide
   390    CAR   Carey, I.                      Orang Asli                                              1976   Aborginal tribes of Peninsular Malaysia
   390    CHI   Chia, F.                       Babas                                                   1984   a history

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                                               Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

 ing economy, and its people
  n of Malaysian society
 e development in Thailand

e DAP, 22.4.1982 -17.11.1983 (small booklet)

 9 riots in KL

 r of Sarawak
n peninsular Malaya, 1900-1940
ange in a Malaysian village
t 1942-1948 (pub. MBRAS)
 g, Sultan Iskandar of Johore
 Malaysia's first PM
orate sector, implication of this expansion
 Independence, articles from "Straits Times"
 National Archives
munism in Malaya
O prior to Malaysian independence

 endram Hilir
 the Integration of Women in Development

velopment in Sarawak


         Kuala Lumpur--History

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390   DEL   Delima, Sri              As I Was Passing vol II.                               1978   Essays about contemporary Malaysia
390   EVA   Evans, I.H.N.            Studies in Religion, Folklore and..                    1970    … Customs in British North Borneo and the Malay Peninsula
390   FRA   Fraser, J.               Chinese - Portrait of a People                         1982   Account of China and its people written by correspondent for the Toronto Gl
390   FRE   Freeman, D.              Iban of Borneo                                         1992   Iban methods of shifting dry rice cultivation in pioneer areas
390   GUA   Guardians                Guardians of the forest                                2000   VHS, document of Malaysia's indigenous people, 52 min
390   GUL   Gullick, J.M.            Malay Society in the Late 19th Century                 1991   Social change among Malay communities in the Peninsular states
390   HEN   Henley, T.               Living Legend of the Mentawai                          2001   Legends of the Mentawai tribe (indigenous group on Siberut Island, Indones
390   HOE   Hoe Ban Seng             Semelai Communities at Terasek Bera                    2001   Study of the structure of an Orang Asli society (originally published 1964)
390   KLA   Klausner, W. and K.      Conflict or Communication?                             1977   Studies in Thai and Western Cultures
390   LAS   Lasimbang R., Moo-Tan    Traditional Costumes of Sabah                          1997
390   MBR   M.B.R.A.S.               Centenary Volume 1877 - 1977                           1977   Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
390   MIY   Miyamoto M, Regis P.     Cultural Adaptation in Borneo                          2002   Sabah Museum Monograph, volume 7, different articles
390   MOH   Mohtar, Haji             Malaysian Customary Laws and Usage                     1979   Malay, Chinese and Indian customs and festivals
390   MOH   Mohtar, Haji             Tradition and Taboos                                   1977   taboos in the traditional Malay world
390   NIC   Nicholas, C.             Orang Asli and the Contest for Resources               2001   Indigenous politics, development and identity in peninsular Malaysia
390   RAM   Ramasamy, R.             Indians in Peninsular Malaysia                         1984   Study and Bibliography
390   RAT   Ratos, A.                Orang Asli of Malaya                                   1951   Booklet written for schools
390   RIC   Richards A., (ed)        Sea Dyaks and Other Races of Sarawak                   1962   Contributions to the Sarawak Gazette between 1988 and 1930
390   SAN   Sandin, B.               Iban Adat and Augury                                   1980   Study of Iban culture
390   SAN   Sandin, B.               Iban Way of Life                                       1976   2 copies
390   SAR   Sarawak Museum           Journal vol. XXXII, no. 53. August 1983                1983   Historical articles and studies of Iban habits
390   SAW   Sawadi                   Sawadi - 15 years (1956-1971)                          1971   Special edition to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this magazine
390   SHA   Shaharuddin b. Maaruf    Concept of a Hero in Malay Society                     1984   Social change and reform, problems of leadership,...
390   SHE   Sheppard, M.C.           Malay Courtesy (two copies)                            1981   Account of Malay manners and customs in everyday use in peninsular Mala
390   SLI   Slimming, J.             Temiar Jungle                                          1958   journeys through Kelentan by the the Assistant Protector of Aborigines
390   SOC   Social                   Social and Cultural Practices in Malaysia                     Vols. 1 and 2 (small booklets)
390   TAC   Tachimoto, Narifumi M.   Orang Hulu                                             2001   Report on Malaysian Orang Asli in the 1960s
390   WER   Werner, R.               Jah-het of Malaysia, Art and culture                   1975   Culture of healing from Malaysia's indigenous peoples
390   WIN   Winstedt, R.O.           Malays - a Cultural History                            1972   Ethnographic studies about the Malay nation
390   WON   Wong, C.S.               Chinese Festivities                                    1987   Illustrated cycle of Chinese festivities in Malaysia and Singapore
391   KAS   Kassim, Haji Ali M.      Caping - Modesty Disc                                  1983   Traditional design motifs of heart-shaped discs
391   KAS   Kassim, Haji Ali M.      Masks of Sarawak                                       1983   Guide to the study of masks used by the indigenous people of Sarawak
392   ASP   Asp                      Aspects of Indonesian Culture                          1972   Java-Sumatra
392   CHE   Cheo Kim Ban             Baba Wedding                                           1983   Detailed account of Baba wedding ceremony
392   DOR   Dore, H. S.J.            Chinese Customs                                        1987   Customs of Chinese social and family life, illustrated
392   KIN   King, Victor             Malaysia: customs and culture.                         2008   Kuperard. A CultureSmart! Guide
392   MOH   Mohtar, H.               Malay Wedding Customs                                  1977   Main stages of a Malay wedding ceremony, description of variations
392   RYA   Ryan, N.J.               Cultural Heritage of Malaya                            1971   Social and cultural background of the peoples of the Malay peninsula
392   SHE   Sheppard, M.C.           Taman Saujana                                          1983   Dance, drama and music and magic of Malaya (two copies)
392   TAN   Tan, Raelene             Indian and Malay Etiquette                             1992   Gift giving,sitting on the floor, eating with fingers, coping with unfamiliar food

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  the Malay Peninsula
 by correspondent for the Toronto Globe
 on in pioneer areas
 s people, 52 min
es in the Peninsular states
ous group on Siberut Island, Indonesia)
 ociety (originally published 1964)

 different articles
d festivals

entity in peninsular Malaysia

etween 1988 and 1930

niversary of this magazine
s in everyday use in peninsular Malaysia
 sistant Protector of Aborigines

enous peoples

 Malaysia and Singapore

e indigenous people of Sarawak

 e, illustrated
ony, description of variations
eoples of the Malay peninsula
Malaya (two copies)
h fingers, coping with unfamiliar food ....

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 392    ZEK   Zekrgoo, A.H.             Sacred Art of Marriage                                     2000   catalogue of the exhibition, Persian marriage certificates of the Qajar dynast
 395    ABD   Abdullah Ali              Malaysian Protocol (two copies)                            1986   written by former chief of protocol, Wisma Putra
 395    GRU   Grunebaum von, G.E.       Muhammadan Festivals                                       1976   Basic features of Islamic religious practice
 395    LAI   Lai Kuan Fook             Henessy Book of Chinese Festivals                          1984
 395    LAT   Latsch, M.-L.             Chinese Traditional Festivals                              1984   Introducton to the evolution of China's major festivals
 395    LEO   Leong, G.                 Festivals of Malaysia                                      1992   Many pictures
 395    MAN   Manson, J.                Festivals of Malaya                                        1965   Background to festivals and religions
 395    NOO   Noor Aini Syed Amir       Malaysian Customs and Etiquette                            1991
 395    OTO   O'Toole, Sheppard, M.C.   Malayan Orders and Decorations                             1961   Illustrated record of the decorations instituted and awarded by Malayan Rule
 396    HON   Hong E. (ed)              Malaysian Women                                            1983   How Malaysian women are affected by the processes of modernization
 396    LEB   Lebra J., Paulson J.      Chinese Women in Southeast Asia                            1980
 396    MAU   Maududi, S. A.            Purdah and the Status of Woman in Islam                    1983 English version of a book originally published in 1939 in Pakistan
 398    HOW   Howell, S.                Chewong Myths and Legends                                  1984 M.B.R.A.S. Reprints
 398    MUZ   Muzium Negara             Cultural Gallery - a Brief Guide                           1982 Small booklet, cultural history and influences, indigenous Malay traditions
 398    TER   Tersan, Reggie            Myths and Legends from the Land of ...                     2001 … the Hornbill, an anthology of adventures and tales
398.9   LEE   Leee, Kit                 2 catfish in the same hole                                 2001 Malay sayings
 403    COL   Collins                   Collins dictionary                                              English-Malay/Malay-Engish
 403    DIC   Dictionary                Kamus Pelajar Lengkap                                      1993 Bahasa Malaysia Dictionary
 403    MUZ   Muzzi, G.A.               Portuguese in Malay Land                                   2002 Glossary of Portuguese words in the Malay Language
 409    DUR   Durai Raja Singam         Place-Names in Peninsular Malaysia                         1980
 420    SAR   Saran Kauer Gill          English Language Challenges for M'sia                      2002 tensions between national language concerns and international needs
 495    BRO   Brown C.C. (trans)        Malay Sayings (two copies)                                 1989 Malay sayings with English translation
 495    HAM   Hamilton, A.W.            Malay Made Easy                                            1986 Elementary handbook for learning Malay
 495    SCO   Scott-Ross, M.            Learn Malay - book one                                     1981 old spelling
 495    SCO   Scott-Ross, M.            Learn Malay - book two                                     1981 old spelling
 495    SHA   Sharifah Muzan Hasan      Malay Conversation for Travellers                          1979
 495    SIT   Siti Rosnah Haji Ahmed    Learning Bahasa Malaysia through its history and culture   2002 Golden Books Centre
 495    SMI   Smith, A.H.               Pearls of Wisdom from China                                1988 Phrases, proverbs, couplets, odes, etc (first published in 1885)
 495    SOO   Soosai, G.                Malay Queries                                              1989 Increase your vocabulary, improve your self-expression and communication
 500    HO    Ho Soon Lin               Coral Reefs of Malaysia                                    1992 Large format publication with many pictures
 550    WIN   Winchester, S.            Krakatoa                                                   2003 how the volcanic eruption changed the history of this region
 570    CHA   Chai, Paul                Selected Plants for Town & Country Beautification          1988   Photographic guide to trees
 570    CHI   Chin, H.F.                Malaysian Flowers in Colour                                1993
 570    HOS   Hose, C.                  Field-Book of a Jungle-Wallah                              1985   Description of shore, river and forest life in Sarawak
 570    KAM   Kamarudin Mat Salleh      Rafflesia                                                  1991
 573    MCN   McNeely, J.A. et al       Soul of the Tiger                                          1991   Searching for nature's answers in Southeast Asia
 580    LOC   Locke, A.                 Tigers of Trengganu                                        1993   An account of the writer's experiences, well-illustrated
 580    MAL   Malaysia Nature Society   Species, Landscapes and Islands                            2001   Perspectives in tropical botany - Malayan Nature Journal, vol 55, parts 1 and
 580    RUB   Rubeli, K.                Tropical Rainforest in S-E Asia                            1989   Pictorial journey
581.6   DUN   Dunn, F.L.                Rainforest Collectors and Traders                          1975   Study of resource utilisation in modern and ancient Malaya

                                                                                                                                                                   26 of 87
                                                 Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

 riage certificates of the Qajar dynasty

major festivals

 tuted and awarded by Malayan Rulers
 he processes of modernization

 ished in 1939 in Pakistan

 nces, indigenous Malay traditions
 res and tales

alay Language

ncerns and international needs

 first published in 1885)
 self-expression and communication skills ....

history of this region

  in Sarawak

east Asia
n Nature Journal, vol 55, parts 1 and 2

and ancient Malaya

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  30 of 87
                                                                   Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                                2/23/2012

 581.6   SPA   Spalding, L.                    A Dark Place in the Jungle                           1999   Science, orangutans, human nature
  590    PEG   Pegler, D.                      Larger Fungi of Borneo                               1997   with many photographs
  590    STR   Strange, M.                     Birds                                                1993   Photographic guide to the birds of peninsular Malaysia and Singapore
  590    STR   Strange, Morten                 Birds of South East Asia                             1998   New Holland.
  595    MAY   Mayer Ch.                       Trapping wild Animals in Malay Jungles               1922
  599    KAP   Kaplan G, Rogers L              Orang-Utans in Borneo                                1993   Characteristics, behaviour and social organisation of Orang-Utans
  599    MAT   Matthiessen, P.                 Snow Leopard, The                                    1996   Journal of biologist, a student of Zen Buddhism from Nepal
  610    BAE   Baer, A.                        Health, Disease and Survival                         2001   Biomedical and genetic analysis of the Orang Asli of Malaysia
  610    FU    Fu Weikang                      Traditional Chinese Medicine                         1985   Historical background of traditional medicine and pharmacology
  610    MUH   Muhamad bin Zakaria             Traditional Malay Medicinal Plants                   1993   Guide to the collection of medicinal plants, colored photos, scientific and loc
  615    MAH   Mahony, Joan Foo                Qi-gong                                              2002   includes a VCD
  628    ACT   Act                             Act Now Before It Is Too Late                        1979   Declaration and resolution of symposium, "Crisis in the Malaysian environme
633.18   PAD   PADI                            Padi Pollution in Kuala Kedah                        1978
  634    HOW   How                             How to Grow Orchids
  640    FIR   Firth, R.                       Housekeeping among Malay Peasants                    1966
  641    FEM   Female                          Female Cookbook 1978                                 1978   recipes by Ellice Handy recipes
  641    MAR   Marbeck, C.                     Cuzinhia Cristang                                    1998   A Malacca Portuguese Cookbook
  641    NOR   Hjh Norsinah Hj Zainal          Majlis Perkahwinan                                   1989   Art of Malay table-setting/ weddings
  641    PAS   Passmore, J.                    All-Asian Cookbook                                   1978
  641    SOL   Solomon, Charmaine              One-Course Meals                                     1993   Asian cooking library
  641    TRA   Traditional                     Traditional Malaysian Cuisine                        1987   Large format, many pictures
  650    ABD   Abdullah Asma                   Malaysian Workforce                                  1992   guidelines for managers
  650    HAM   Hamzah-Sendut                   Managing in a Plural Society                         1998   Collaboration of three authors representative of their three cultures
  650    HAS   Hassan Mus.                     Values-Based Management                              1998   Way forward for the next millennium, values for organisational performance
  656    SHA   Haji Shamsuddin                 Locomotive Centennial                                1985   Malayan railway 1885-1985
 672.7   FRE   Frey, E.                        Kris                                                 1986   Mystic weapon of the Malay world
  673    SIN   Singh, B.                       Malay Brassware                                      1985   Guide to the collection of the National Museum in Singapore
  673    TIN   Tin mining                      Tin Mining in Malaysia                               1984
  673    WON   Wong Lin Ken                    Malayan Tin Industry to 1914                         1965   Special reference to Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Pahang
  674    EXH   Exhibition                      Exhibition of Carvings by...                         1986   Jah-Jut and Mah-Meri
  687    GOH   Goh-Quek, S.                    Allure of the Bound Foot                             2004
  700    AKH   Akhtar Nasim                    Islamic Art of India                                 2002   Catalogue to the exhibition in the Islamic Arts Museum (two copies)
  700    ATT   Attas, S.                       ISTAC Illuminated                                    1998   Pictorial tour of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation
  700    BAR   Barakat, H.                     Al-Kalima                                            2004   Catalogue to the exhibition of Arabic calligraphy, Islamic Arts Museum
  700    BEY   Beyond                          Beyond Boundaries                                    2002   Catalogue to the IAM exhibition on Tents of the Islamic World
  700    BLA                                   The art
               Blair, Sheila S. & Bloom, Jonathan M. and architecture of Islam 1250-1800            1995   Yale Univ Press
  700    CIT   Citarasa                        Citarasa 96: Perayaan                                1996   Catalogue of exhibition
  700    CON   Contemporary                    Contemporary Malaysian Art                           1995   Exhibition organised by National Art Gallery, Malaysia in Argentina 1995
  700    EAR   Early Views                     Early Views of Penang and Malacca                    2002   Catalogue to the exhibition in Petronas Gallery
  700    FRE   French                          French Art Festival - Malaysia 2002                  2002   Catalogue, French Memories in Malaysia

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                                                 Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

 sular Malaysia and Singapore

ganisation of Orang-Utans
ddhism from Nepal
Orang Asli of Malaysia
icine and pharmacology
 ts, colored photos, scientific and local name

m, "Crisis in the Malaysian environment"

 ative of their three cultures
 ues for organisational performance

 useum in Singapore

egri Sembilan and Pahang

c Arts Museum (two copies)
e of Islamic Thought and Civilisation
 ligraphy, Islamic Arts Museum
s of the Islamic World

lery, Malaysia in Argentina 1995

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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                                                         Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                                     2/23/2012

 700    GUI   Catalogue           Guide to the Ceramics Gallery                                   1986 at Muzium Negara
 700    ILL                       The illustrated encyclopaedia of Islamic art and architecture   2010 ed. Moya Carey, Lorenz Books
 700    IMA                       Images of Terengganu 1948-58                                         Catalogue of the exhibition of photos of Sultan Nasiruddin Shah of Terengga
 700    JEH   Jehan Chan          Jehan Chan Art Collection                                       2003 Malaysian artist
 700    KHO   Khoo Kay Kim        Art and Nationalism in Malaysia                                 1998 Catalogue of exhibition "Art and Nationalism in Malaya 1998"
 700    MUZ   Muzium Negara       Guide to the Historical Gallery                                 1986 Catalogue of 1979 exhibition
 700    PIY   Piyadesa Redsa      Masterpieces from the National Gallery                          2002 Catalogue of the NAG exhibition
 700    RAW   Rawson, P.          Introducing Oriental Art                                        1973
 700    SAB   Sabapathy, T.K,     Vision and Idea                                                 1994 Relooking at modern Malaysian art
 700    SAB   Sabapathy, T.K,     Yeoh Jin Leng: Art and Thoughts                                 1995 overview of work by leading Malaysian painter, potter. Writer and administra
 700    SIX   Six                 Six Centuries of Islamic Art in China                           2001 Catalogue of the exhibition in the Islamic Art Museum
 700    SOT   Sotheby             Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles                                           Catalogue of exhibition and auction
 700    SOT   Sotheby             Japanese and Chinese Works of Art                               1980
 700    SOT   Sotheby             Oriental Works of Art                                           1979 Catalogue of exhibition and auction
 700    SOT   Sotheby             Oriental Works of Art                                           1980 Catalogue of exhibition and auction
 700    SUL   Sultan Ismail       HRH Sultan Ismail Collection, August 1957                       1998 small booklet
 700    SWE   Swettenham, F.      Watercolours and Sketches of Malaya                             1988 1880-1894, exhibition catalogue (two copies)
 700    WIL   Williams, C.A.S.    Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs                                1988 Handbook on symbolism in Chinese art through the ages
 708    FON   Fong Peng Khuan     Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia                                    2002 vol.1, details on its building and establishment, collections, Islamic history ..
 708    HAR   Harris, M.          History and Culture of Malaysia                                 1990 national Museum
708.9   LEN   Lenzi, Iola         Museums of South East Asia                                      2004 Archipelago Press
 712    TIN   Tinsley, B.         Singapore Green                                                 1983 History and guide to Singapore's Botanic Gardens
 720    ABD   Abdul Halim Nasir   Mosques of Peninsular Malaysia                                  1984
 720    ATT   Attas, S.           ISTAC Illuminated                                               1998 Pictorial tour of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation
 720    DUM   Dumarcay, J.        Cultural Sites of Burma, …                                      2001 …Thailand and Cambodia
 720    DUM   Dumarcay, J.        Cultural Sites of Malaysia, ...                                 1998 ... Singapore and Indonesia (2 copies)
 720    GIB   Gibbs, P.           Building a Malay House                                          1987
 720    GUI   Guide               Kuala Lumpur Notable Buildings                                  1975 Publication of Malaysian Institute of Architects (two copies)
 720    KIL   Killmann, W.        Restoring and Reconstructing...                                 1994 … the Malay timber house
 720    KOH   Kohl, G.D.          Chinese Architecture…                                           1984 the Straits Settlements and Western Malaya: Temples, Kongsis and Hou
 720    LIM   Lim, J.             Extracts - CSL Associates 1989 - 1991                                illustrations of Malaysian architecture
 720    LIP   Lip E.              Chinese Temples and Deities                                     1953 Details styles of some well-known temples in China and S-E Asia
 720    LOH   Loh-Lim Lin Lee     Blue Mansion                                                    2002 Restoration of the Chong Fat Tse Mansion in Penang
 720    PER   Perdana             Perdana Putra                                                        Architecture and design of the Prime Minister's Office, Putra Jaya
 720    YEA   Yeang K.            Architecture of Malaysia                                        1992 Large format, many pictures
 720    YEO   Yeomans. Richard    The story of Islamic architecture                               1999 Garnet Publishing
 720    YIT   Yit Chin Kon        Kuala Lumpur - A Sketchbook                                          Watercolour Sketchbook
 720    YIT   Yit Chin Kon        Penang - A Sketchbook                                           2002 Watercolour Sketchbook
 721    VLA   Vlatseas, S.        History of Malaysian Architecture                               1990
 725    GUI   Guide               Guide to the Grand Palace, Bangkok

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                                            Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

Sultan Nasiruddin Shah of Terengganu

 lism in Malaya 1998"

painter, potter. Writer and administrator
c Art Museum

 through the ages
shment, collections, Islamic history ...

c Gardens

e of Islamic Thought and Civilisation

hitects (two copies)

n Malaya: Temples, Kongsis and Houses

es in China and S-E Asia
on in Penang
nister's Office, Putra Jaya


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                                                             Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                            2/23/2012

 726    GUI   Guide                     Temple of the Emerald Buddha                                 Small booklet
 728    LIM   Lim Jee Yuan              Malay House                                           1987   Rediscovering Malaysia's indigenous shelter system
 728    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.            Mubin Sheppard Memorial Prize V. 1                    1997   Malaysian historic architecture
 736    COA   Coatalen, P.J.            Decorated Boats of Kelantan                           1982   Essay on symbolism
 736    FIC   Fickle, D.H.              Images of the Buddha in Thailand                      1991
 736    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.            Bangau                                                1963   Decorative guards for sails and spars on Malay fishing boats
 737    CUR   Currency                  Currency Legacy                                       1989   A guide to Bank Negara Malaysia's collection
 737    CUR   Currency                  Currency through the Ages                             1983   History of Currency
 737    CUR   Currency                  Our Currency Legacy                                   1988   Guide to exhibition
 737    MON                             Money Museum and Art Gallery Handbook                        Catalogue from the Money Museum, Bank Negara
 737    MUZ                             Muzium Numismatik Maybank                                    Catalogue
 737    MUZ   Muzium                    Muzium Numismatik Maybank
 737    SHA   Shaw, W. + M.Kassim       Coins of North Malaya                                 1971
 737    SHA   Shaw, W                   Tin Hat and Animal Money                              1970   pub. by Muzium Negara
 738    BRO   Brown, R.                 Ceramics of South-East Asia                           1977   Their dating and identification (two copies)
 738    BUS   Bushell, S.W.             Chinese Pottery & Porcelain                           1977   No illustrations, only description
 738    CER   Ceramic                   Ceramic Legacy of Asia's Maritime Trade               1989   11th- 19th century trade ceramics found on Tioman Island, Malaysia
 738    HO    Ho Wing Meng              Straits Chinese Porcelain                             1996   Ceramics Gallery Muzium Negara
 738    KHO   Khoo Joo Ee               Kendi                                                 1991   Pouring vessels in the University of Malaya Collection
 738    LEE   Lee Ying Ho               Antique Ceramics                                      1996   Cultural heritage of China, handy guide
 738    MED   Medley, M.                Chinese Potter                                        1976   Practical history of Chinese ceramics
 738    MUZ   Muzium                    Japanese Ceramics                                     1986   In the collection of the Muzium Negara
739.7   SHA   Shahrum bin Yub           The keris and other short weapons                     1991   Museum Association of Malaysia
 745    ALM   Alman, J. and E.          Handcraft in Sabah                                           Simple introduction
 745    BEA   Bead                      Bead Links                                            2001   A look at Borneo beads, catalogue from the exhibition in the Petronas Galler
 745    MUN   Munan, H.                 Sarawak Crafts                                        1989   Methods, materials and motifs (two copies)
 745    NOO   Noor Farish A., Khoo E.   Spirit of Wood                                        2003   major reference work on woodcarving in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pattani
 745    SEL   Sellato                   Hornbill and Dragon                                   1989   Traditional arts and crafts from Borneo
 745    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.            Living Crafts of Malaysia                             1978   Traditional crafts and their mastercraftsmen and women
 745    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.            Taman Indera                                          1971   Malay decorative arts and pastimes (two copies)
 746    ARN   Arney, S.                 Malaysian Batik                                       1987   Malaysian batik as a new tradition and national symbol
 746    GLI   Glimpses                  Glimpses of Malaysian Textile Art                     1998   Exhibition 1998 - Modernity with a Tradition
 746    KEB   Kebaya                    Nyonya Kebaya                                         2002   Nyonya kebayas from the collection of Datin Seri Endon Mahmood
 746    ONG   Ong, E.                   Pua                                                   1986   Iban weaving of Sarawak
 746    ONG   Ong, E.                   Woven Dreams                                          1999   Ikat textiles of Sarawak
 749    KAT   Katel, G.N.               Chinese Household Furniture                           1962   Chinese domestic furniture, historical sources
 750    BAR   Barahmasa                 Barahmasa                                                     traditional painting of Malaysia (Barah Masa means "The twelve months")
 759    YEO   Yeoh and Kong, eds        Portraits of Places                                   1995   History, community and identity in Singapore
 770    ISM   Ismail Nasiruddin Shah    Malaya: the Sultan Ismail Collection                         Photos by Tuanku Ismail Nasiruddin Shah
 770    MOH   Moh, Alex et al           Beyond our city: lights and myths                     2010   Goethe Institut. Catalogue of photography exhibition KL 2010

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                                          Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

 elter system

n Malay fishing boats

 nk Negara

 on Tioman Island, Malaysia

aya Collection

         no ISBN

 the exhibition in the Petronas Gallery

 Kelantan, Terengganu and Pattani

men and women
o copies)
 ational symbol

Datin Seri Endon Mahmood

Masa means "The twelve months")

hy exhibition KL 2010

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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                                                         Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                                 2/23/2012

 770    PET                                                                                   2007
                                    Photojournalism and the imaging of modern Malaysia 1957-2007     Petronas
 791    GHU   Ghulam-Sarwa, Y..     Malay Shadow Play                                         1997   Four examples of shadow plays from peninsular Malaysia
 791    MAL   Malm, W.P.            Studies in Malaysian Oral and ...                         1974    …Musical traditions
 791    SHI   Shivananda            Ramayana                                                         Souvenir brochure about this famous Rama tradition
 791    SWE   Sweeney, Amin, P.L.   Malay Shadow Puppets                                      1972   techniques and social contexts
 792    MIE   Miettinen, J.O.       Classical Dance and Theatre in S-E Asia                   1992
 792    NAS   Nasuruddin            Malay Dance                                               1987   Court, folk, theatrical and modernised Malay dances, traditional etiquette
792.8   SWE   Sweeney, Amin, P.L.   Ramayana + the Malay Shadow Play                          1972   first serious study of the repertoire
796.8   KUA   Ku Ahmad and Wong     Silat: Malay Art of Attack and Defence                    1978   historical background and cultural significance
796.8   RAM   Ramli                 Ramli- the Heart of Sutra                                 2004   Malaysia's iconinc Indian dancer
 800    BRO   Brown, C.C. (trans)   Malay Annals                                              1976   classic stories of Malay rulers and their courts (Malacca Sultanate)
 800    DAI   Daillie, F. R.        Alam Pantun Melayu                                        1988   Studies on the Malay Pantun
 800    MAL   Malay                 Malay Literature 1988                                     1988   Journal, July 1988 (vol 1, no. 1)
 800    MAL   Sheppard, M.C. (ed)   Malay Proverbs                                            1992   first published in 1933
 800    OSM   Osman Taib, M.        Development of Modern Malay ...                           1961   ...Language and Literature, small booklet
 800    WIN   Winstedt, R.O.        History of Classical Malay Literature                     1977
 895    ABI   Adibah Amin           Malaysian Tales                                                  children's tales
 895    ASL   Aslam, Nadeem         The wasted vigil                                          2008   Faber & Faber. Set in Afghanistan
 895    AW    Aw, Tash              Map of the invisible world                                2009   Harper Collins Publishers India. Novel set in 1960s Indonesia and Malaysia
 895    BAK   Bakar, S. (ed)        Collateral Damage                                                short stories
 895    BAR   Barber, N.            Tanamera                                                  1981   novel set in Singapore
 895    BUR   Burgess, Anthony      Long Day Wanes (Malayan Trilogy)                          1987   3 copies
 895    BUT   Butler, Robert Olen   Good Scent from a Strange Mountain                        1992   Short stories about Vietnamese-Americans
 895    CAL   Caldwell, B.          Distant Land of My Father                                 2002   Shanghai in the 1930s (novel)
 895    CAP   Caplan, L.            Kisah Goha                                                1992   In Bahasa Malaysia
 895    CHU   Chua, Douglas         Crisis in the Straits                                     2001   novel, Malaysia invades Singapore ...
 895    CHU   Chuah Guat Eng        Echoes of Silence                                         1994   Chinese Malaysian characters
 895    COM   Comber, L. (ed)       Prizewinning Asian Fiction                                1991   collection of 26 winning short stories from the annual Asiaweek competition
 895    FAU   Fauconnier, Henri     Soul of Malaya                                            2003   life of colonial rubber planters in Malaya (trans. from French)
 895    FER   Fernando, Lloyd       Green is the colour                                       1993   Landmark Books. Novel set in 1969 KL
 895    FER   Fernando, L.          Twenty-two Malaysian Stories                              1993   short stories (in English)
 895    FOR   Forster, E. M.        Passage to India, A                                       1989   novel set in 1924 India
 895    GAO   Gao Xingjian          Soul Mountain                                             1990   novel from China by Nobel Prize winner
 895    GHO   Ghosh, A.             Glass Palace                                              2000   novel of three generations that starts in Mandalay ....
 895    GUO   Guo, Xiaolu           Village of Stone                                          2004   Young people in contemporary China
 895    HAA   Haasse, H. S.         Forever a Stranger and Other Stories                      1996   childhood in the Dutch East Indies
 895    HAN   Han Suyin             And the rain my drink                                     2010   Monsoon Bks. First pub.1956. Novel set during Emergency
 895    HAN   Hand, E.              Anna and the King                                         1999   story of the English governess to the royal court in Siam
 895    HIC   Hickling, R.H.        A Prince of Borneo                                        1985   story of a Borneo patriot in the days of James Brook
 895    HOL   Holthe, Tess Uriza    When the Elephants Dance                                  2002   WW II in the Philippines/ Japanese Occupation

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                                            Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

ninsular Malaysia

ama tradition

alay dances, traditional etiquette

courts (Malacca Sultanate)


m the annual Asiaweek competition 1981-88
(trans. from French)

Mandalay ....

yal court in Siam
 ames Brook

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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                                                          Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                              2/23/2012

895   ISH   Ishiguro, Kazuo         An artist of the floating world                        1986   Faber & Faber. Novel set in post-war Japan
895   JOS   Jose, Sionil, F.        Dusk                                                   1998   set in the 1880s, records the exile of a tenant family in the Philippines (two c
895   KAR   Karim Raslan            Heroes and other Stories                               1996   a portrait of modern-day Malaysia
895   KHA   Khan, Uzma Aslam        Trespassing                                            2003   Pakistan
895   Lee   Lees, Frederick         Fool's Gold                                            2004   The Malayan Life of Ferdach O'Haney
895   LEI   Leimbach, Marti         The man from Saigon                                    2009   Fourth Estate. Novel set during Vietnam war 9780007350636
895   LIM   Lim, Suchen Christine   A Bit of Earth                                         2001   saga from old Malaya
895   LIM   Lim, Shirley Geok-lin   Joss and Gold                                          2001   characters across three nations and three decades
895   LIM   Lim, Shirley Geok-lin   Life's Mysteries                                       1995   short stories (two copies)
895   LOH   Loh                     Skoob Pacifica Anthology No.2                          1994   Malaysian and Singaporean writings of the 1990s (two copies)
895   LUL   Lulofs, M.              Coolie                                                 1982   novel of Dutch colonial life
895   LUL   Lulofs, M.              Rubber                                                 1987   another novel of Dutch colonial life
895   MAH   Mahbob Abdullah         Planter's Tales                                        2003   60 stories from the plantations in Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Cameroon, ….
895   MAN   Maniam, K.S.            Haunting the Tiger                                     1995   collection of 13 short stories
895   MAS   Mas, K.                 Blood and Tears                                        1984   collection of 22 short stories (two copies)
895   MAU   Maugham, S.             Borneo Stories                                         1988   six stories set in Borneo, selected and introduced by G.V. De Freitas
895   MCM   McMinnies, M.           Flying Fox                                             1986   from Malaya in the early 1950s
895   MER   Merlion                 Merlion and the Hibiscus, The                          2002   contemporary short stories from Singapore and Malaysia
895   MOD   Modern                  Modern Malaysian Chinese Stories                       1986   anthology selected and translated by Ly Singko
895   MOR   Morgan, M.              House at the Edge of the Jungle, The                   1999   fiction--memoires of the Japanese invasion of Malaysia
895   MUR   Murakami, Haruki        The wind-up bird chronicle                             2003   Vintage. Novel
895   NEW   New                     New Writing                                            2001   collection of new writing by established and new authors from around the wo
895   NEW   Newmark, Elle           The sandalwood tree                                    2011   Black Swan
895   OOI   Yang-May Ooi            Flame Tree                                             1998   life between East and West
895   ORW   Orwell, G.              Burmese Days                                           1989   classic novel of Burma under British rule
895 PAN     Pan, L.                 Tracing it Home                                        1992 journey of young Chinese girl living in Malaysia
895 PAR     Parapuram, Joshua       Blue Moon                                              2003 Conflict between Malaysia and Singapore
895 RAM     Raman                   Wedgewood Ladies Football Club                         1995 short stories by the owner and publisher of Silverfish books
895 SEL     Selvadurai, Shayam      Cinnamon Gardens                                       1998 Conflict between tradition & modernism in 1920's Ceylon
895 SEL     Selvadurai, Shayam      Funny Boy                                              1994
895 SHA     Shams, Kambiz           Apex                                                   2000 three stories written by Iranian writer studying in Malaysia
895   SHA   Shahnon Ahmad           No Harvest but a Thorn                                 1977   story of a peasant world in the twentieth century
895   SHA   Shahnon Ahmad           Rope of Ash                                            1991   novel describing traditional life in rural Banggul Derdap
895   SIL   Silverfish              New Writing 1                                          2000   anthology of stories from Malaysia, Singapore and beyond (pub by Silverfish
895   SIL   Silverfish              New writing 3                                          2003   anthology of stories from Malaysia, Singapore and beyond
895   SIL   Silverfish              New Writing 5                                          2005   anthology of stories from Malayisa, Singapore and beyond (two copies)
895   SIL   Silverfish              New writing 6                                          2006   stories
895   SPE   Sperry, R.              China through the Eyes of a Tiger                      1990   pilot shot down over China, trapped in Japanese territory during World War
895   STO   Stout, Mira             One thousand Chestnut Trees                            1998   Korean-American goes on roots trip
895   SUN   Sundarang, Anoeta       Banana Leaf Men                                        2003   An Indian woman in Malaysia

                                                                                                                                                        51 of 87
                                                  Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

enant family in the Philippines (two copies)

 war 9780007350636

ee decades

he 1990s (two copies)

sia, Solomon Islands, Cameroon, ….

ntroduced by G.V. De Freitas

ore and Malaysia

ion of Malaysia
and new authors from around the world

 of Silverfish books
in 1920's Ceylon

dying in Malaysia
anggul Derdap
apore and beyond (pub by Silverfish) (2 copies)
apore and beyond
apore and beyond (two copies)

apanese territory during World War II.

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  54 of 87
Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  55 of 87
                                                                 Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                             2/23/2012

    895   SUR   Suri, Manil                 Death of Vishnu                                       2001   Bombay apartment dwellers
    895   TSA   Tsai Chih Chung             Romance of the Three Kingdoms                         1993   a humorous interpretation of the historical Chinese classic
    895   WON   Wong Swee Hoon              A Dying Breed                                         1991   stories about past and present life-style in Singapore
    895   YAH   Yahp, B.                    Crocodile Fury                                        1992   lives of three generations
    895   ZEC   Zechariah, S.               Thoughts, More Thoughts                                      two books of poetry (two copies of both volumes)
    909   MOH   Mohd.Taib Osman (ed)        Islamic Civilisation in the Malay world               1997   outlines the spread of Islam to Southeast Asia, specifically to the Malay worl
    909   RIV   Rivers, P.J.                "1421" Voyages:Fact and Fantasy                       2004   debunks Menzies' theory of 15th centruy global navigation by Chinese trade
    910   JAC   Jackson, J.                 Dive Sites of Malaysia and Singapore                  1995   guide
  910.4   BRO   Brown, R., Sjostrand, S.,   Maritime Archaeology and Shipwreck cer.               2002   catalogue to the exhibition
  910.4   WEL   Wells, T.                   Shipwrecks and Sunken Treasure in SE A                1995   Rich trading history of the Spice Route ....
    911   SUA   Suarez                      Early Mapping of Southeast Asia
    915   EAM   Eames, A.                   Crossing the Shadow Line                              1988   journey through Asia, including Thai hill-tribes and Lao refugee camps
    915   GUL   Gullick, J.M.               Adventures and Encounters                             1995   anthology, selection of abundant range of European writing
    915   GUL   Gullick, J.M.               Adventurous Women in S-E Asia                         1995   S.Raffles, H.McDougall, A. Leonowens, E. Innes, I. Bird, A.Forbes
    915   GUL   Gullick, J.M.               They Came to Malaya                                   1993   a traveller's anthology
    915   LEI   Leisure                     Leisure Guide to Malaysia                             1998   where to go, how to get there
    915   NEG   Negri                       Negri Sembilan Visitors' Guide                        1999   guide full of advertisments and commercial pictures
    915   PET   Petronas                    Heritage Mapbook of Peninsular Malaysia               1990
    915   THO   Thomson, J.T.               Glimpses into Life in Malayan Lands                   1991   first published in 1864
  915.4   DAL   Dalrymple, W.               Age of Kali                                           1999   essays describing 10 years travel around the Indian subcontinent (two copie
 915.95   MOH   Mohamed Hussin              18 Days around Peninsula Malaysia                            Travels around the country
 915.95   WAL   Walls D., Martin S.         In Malaysia                                           1986   memoirs of English teachers living in Malaysia, 1974 - 1984
915.951   BOW   Bowden, David               Visitors Guide to Taman Negara                        2000    Taman Negara (National Park)
915.951   REA   RealGuide                   RealGuide's Penang                                    2003   guidebook
915.952   HAZ   Hazebroek, Hans             Guide to Gunung Mulu National Park                    2001   Sarawak national park
915.952   HAZ   Hazebroek, Hans             National Parks of Sarawak                             2000   In depth look at Sarawak's national parks
915.952   PAY   Payne, Junaidi              This is Borneo                                        2000   Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei & Kalimantan
915.952   TSE   Tsen, Darrell Nyuk Choi     Show Caves of Mulu Sarawak                            1993   Mulu Caves
 915.98   OEY   Oey, Eric                   Java                                                  1997   guidebook
    919   BRO   Brownmiller, S.             Seeing Vietnam                                        1994   "encounters of the road and heart"
    919   BUR   Buruma, I.                  God's Dust                                            1989   Searching for the national identities of South East Asian countries
    919   COE   Coedes, G.                  Angkor                                                1984   describes changing archeological theories about Angkor
    919   HUT   Hutton, W.                  Kudat, Sabah                                          2003   guide
    919   SAB   Sabah                       Sabah in East Malaysia                                1981   published by Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation
  919.1   HAR   Harrisson, T.               Borneo Jungle                                         1988   journey though Borneo jungle in 1932
  919.1   HAW   Hawkins, G.                 Malaya                                                1983   photographic essay on Malaya and Singapore
  919.1   KIN   King, Victor T.             Best of Borneo Travel                                 1992   anthology of travel writing about Borneo over four centuries
  919.1   KUA   Kuala Lumpur                Kuala Lumpur: the city of our age                     1984   Large format, many pictures
  919.1   MAL   Malaysia                    Malaysia                                              1989   Insight guide (old)
  919.1   MOO   Moor, Wendy                 Malaysia                                              1991

                                                                                                                                                              56 of 87
                                           Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

al Chinese classic
in Singapore

st Asia, specifically to the Malay world
y global navigation by Chinese traders

tribes and Lao refugee camps
of European writing
 E. Innes, I. Bird, A.Forbes

cial pictures

d the Indian subcontinent (two copies)

alaysia, 1974 - 1984

outh East Asian countries
es about Angkor


 over four centuries

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  60 of 87
                                                          Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                             2/23/2012

 919.1   MUN   Munan, H.            Malaysia: Wonderland of Nature & Culture               2001
 919.1   PAP   Papineau             Guide to Malaysia                                      1984   with foldout maps
 919.1   REE   Reed, M.             A Short Walk through Sarawak                           1998   the Sarawak Cultural Village and the people who live and work there
 919.1   STI   Stier, W.            Time Travel in the Malay Crescent                      1995
 919.1   TER   Terzani, T.          A Fortune-Teller Told Me                               1998   part autobiography, part journey of an Italian correspondent travelling in S-E
 919.1   TRA   Travel               Travel in Malaysia                                     1991   old guide
919.11   HAN   Hansen, E.           Stranger in the Forest                                 1993   story and an intimate look at a vanishing way of life
919.11   WAL   Wallace, A.R.        Malay Archipelago                                      1983   land of orang-utan and the bird of paradise, narrative studies of man and na
919.59   EAR   Earl, G.W.           Eastern Seas                                           1971    first published 1837, account of experiences in Singapore and eastern arch
  920    ABD   Ritchie, James       Abdul Taib Mahmud: 41 years in the news                2005   Chief Minister of Sarawak
  920    ABD   Abdul Hameed, S.     Life of Muhammad
  920    ABD   Tunku Abdul Rahman   Looking Back                                           1977   historic years of Malaya and Malaysia, written by Malaysia's first PM
  920    BAH   Bahrin Shah          Raja Bahrin Story                                      1997   Malaysian - Australian child custody dispute
  920    BAR   Barlow, H.S.         Swettenham                                             1995   authoritative biography
  920    BHU   Bhutto, Fatima       Songs of blood and sword: a daughter’s memoir          2010   Nation Books
  920    BOC   Bock, J.             Head-hunters of Borneo                                 1987   first published in 1881
  920    BRO   Brooke, M.           My Life in Sarawak                                     1986   memories of the Ranee of Sarawak (Margaret)
  920    BRO   Brooke, Sylvia       Queen of the Head-Hunters                              1970   autobiography of the last Ranee of Sarawak (Sylvia)
  920    BRU   Bruce, Charles       Twenty Years in Borneo                                 1999   journal of a clerk of the North Borneo Company in the early 20th century
  920    BUD   Budiardjo, C.        Surviving Indonesia's Gulag                            1996   Detention without trial in Indonesia, 1968-1971
  920    CHA   Chang, Q.            Memories of a Nyonya                                   1981   authentic biography from the early 1900s
  920    CHE   Cheng Nien           Life and Death in Shanghai                             1988   story of woman from Communist China
  920    CLA   Clague, P.           John Russell                                           1993   a tale of early days in the Malay States (1855-1930)
  920    COA   Coates, A.           Myself a Mandarin                                      1975   memoirs of a special magistrate
  920    HAL   Halim                Tunku Abdullah: A Passion for Life                     1998   window on Malaysian society, business, politics from WWII on
  920    HEY   Heyward, N.          Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo                       1963
  920    HIN   Hing L.K., Seong     Biographical Dictionary of the...                      1997   … Chinese in Malaysia
  920    HO    Ho, R.               Rainbow Round my Shoulder (two copies)                 1975   Malaya before the Second World War, Methodist church society
  920    HOT   Ho Thean Fook        God of the Earth                                       2003   a small boy growing up in a small Malayan mining town, in the early 20th cen
  920 INN      Innes, E.            Chersonese with the Gilding Off                        1993 memories of the wife of a minor government official in Malaya (two copies)
  920    JEN   Jenkins, P.          Two, Five, Nine                                        1997   reminiscences from a garden off Jalan Ampang, KL
  920    KAT   Kathigasu, S.        No Dram of Mercy                                       1983   story of an Ipoh woman's courage during WW2
  920    KAY   Kaye, M. M.          Golden Afternoon                                       1998   reminiscences of an English girl returning to Kashmir
  920    KEE   Kee Hua Chee         Tuanku Jaafar - 10th King of Malaysia                  2003   monograph with many photos and documents
  920    KEI   Keith, A.N.          Land Below the Wind                                    2000   contemporary life in pre-war Sabah (first volume of trilogy) (two copies)
  920    KEI   Keith, A.N.          Three Came Home                                        1998    Australian soldiers on Sabah during WW2 (second volume of trilogy)
  920    KEI   Keith, A.N.          White Man Returns                                      2001   post-war recovery of Sabah (third volume of trilogy)
  920    KHO   Khoo Kay Kim         Federal Hotel                                          1997   commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Federal Hotel, KL
  920    KUA   Kua Kia Soong        K. Das and the Tunku Tapes                             2001   Malaysia's first Prime Minister's memoirs, interviews
  920    LEW   Lewis, G.E.D.        Out East in the Malay Peninsula                        1991   autobiography set in pre-war Malaya, accounts of the Malayan education se

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                                             Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

ople who live and work there

alian correspondent travelling in S-E Asia

g way of life
 ise, narrative studies of man and nature
 nces in Singapore and eastern archipelago

written by Malaysia's first PM


 wak (Sylvia)
ompany in the early 20th century


 politics from WWII on

Methodist church society
an mining town, in the early 20th century
ment official in Malaya (two copies)
Ampang, KL

 g to Kashmir

  volume of trilogy) (two copies)
W2 (second volume of trilogy)
 e of trilogy)
the Federal Hotel, KL
s, interviews
ccounts of the Malayan education service

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  65 of 87
                                                             Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                                  2/23/2012

 920    LIM   Lim Pui Huen             Wong Ah Fook                                                2003   biography of immigrant, builder and entrepreneur
 920    LOC   Lockhart, B.R.H.         Return to Malaya                                            1936
 920    LWI   Lwi Agnes Tan Kim        Cheng Lock Tan                                              1985 brief sketch of this famous inhabitant of Heeren St, Malacca
 920    MAI   Maideen Haja             Nadra Tragedy                                               1989 Maria Hertogh controversy
 920    MEM   Memorial                 Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra                           2002 Brief bio. of Tunku Abdul Rahman (with photos) and details of proposed mem
 920    MID   Middlebrook + Gullick    Yap Ah Loy                                                  1983 Ah Loy's life (1837 - 1885), M.B.R.A.S. Reprint
 920    MIL   Miles, Ted               Letters from Malaya 1951-1954                               2001 letters to the writer's brother about experiences as a teacher in Malaya
 920    MIL   Miles, Ted               Past Notes - volume I, 1951-1956                            2002 diaries of a Methodist teacher living in Malaya from 1951
 920    MIL   Miles, Ted               Past Notes - volume II, 1957-1962                           2003 diaries of a Methodist teacher living in Malaya from 1951
 920    MIL   Milo A., Abdullah H.     Road to Peace                                               2000 experiences of the Hajj
 920    MOR   Morais, V.J.             Ghazali Seth                                                1985 biography of the Malaysian general
 920    MOR   Morais, V.J.             Leaders of Malaya and Who's Who                             1960 encyclopaedia
 920    RAJ   Raj, Dato' J.J., Jr.     War Years & After                                           2000 Autobiography of Police Force Director of Management
 920    RAS   Rashid, R.               Malaysian Journey                                           1993 historical and biographical narrative
 920    SET   Vikram, Seth             Two lives: a memoir                                         2005 Harper. Biographical account of marriage of author's great aunt & uncle, she
 920    SHA   Shaw, W.                 Tun Razak                                                   1976 life and times of the second Malaysian Prime Minister
 920    SHE   Shennan, M.              Out in the Midday Sun                                       2000  British in Malaya 1880-1960
 920    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.           Taman Budiman                                               1979 Memoirs of an Unorthodox Civil Servant
 920    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.           Tunku - A Pictorial Biography 1903- 1957                    1984 biography of Malaysia's first Prime Minister
 920    SHE   Sheppard, M.C.           Tunku - A Pictorial Biography 1957-1987                     1984 biography of Malaysia's first Prime Minister
 920    SIN   Singh, S.                On the Sulu Sea                                             1984 an Indian woman's life in a Borneo village
 920    TAN   Tan Koon San             Excellency: Journal of a Diplomat                           2003 Recollections of a Malaysian diplomat
 920    TAN   Tan, Bernie              Firefly                                                     2003 Malaysian writer describes her alcohol and drug addictions
 920    TAN   Tan Chong Tee            Force 136                                                   1995 story of a WWII resistance fighter, operation Gustavus
 920    TAN   Tan Kok Seng             Man of Malaysia                                             1974 portrait of Malaysia through the life of a working man
 920    THA   Thatcher D., Cross, R.   Refugee from the Japanese                                   1993 account of experiences from 1935 to 1945 in Malaysia
 920    TRA   Traill, H.F.O'B.         Some Shape of Beauty                                        1986 WWII, memories of author about his experiences in Japanese prison 1942-4
 920    YEA   Yeap Joo Kim             Patriarch                                                   1975 way of life of a Straits-born Chinese in Penang
 920    YUS   Yusof Hashim             Memoirs of Yusof Hashim: From the Pacific to the Atlantic   2005 Malaysian diplomat
 920    ZEC   Zechariah, S.            Pearls of the Plantation                                    1999 authobiography of an interesting Indian women living in Malaysia
 920    ZHI   Zhisui Li                Chairman Mao                                                1994 memoirs of Mao's personal physician
 920    ZHO   Zhou Mei                 Rafidah Aziz Sans Malice                                    1997 biography of the famous Malaysian minister
 921    BUR   Burns, P. L.             Journal of J.W.W.Birch                                      1976 first British Resident to Perak (1874 -1875)
 921    MAH   Mah A. Y.                Chinese Cinderella                                          1999 story of an unwanted daughter in China
 921    PEE   Peet, George L.          Rickshaw Reporter                                           1985 memories of colonial Singapore (two copies)
 923    LEE   Lee Kuan Yew             Singapore Story                                             1998 first volume of memoirs of the Singapore statesman
 929    FIN   Finestone, G et al       Royal Families of Southeast Asia                            2002 second edition
929.7   SWE   Swettenham, F.           Journlals 1874-1876                                              two copies
 931    CHI   Chin                     Archeological Work in Sarawak                                    published by Sarawak Museum
 950    STE   Stein, R. A.             Tibetan Civilisation                                        1972 a general view

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                                            Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012


 Heeren St, Malacca

 photos) and details of proposed memorial

 riences as a teacher in Malaya
Malaya from 1951
Malaya from 1951

of Management

Prime Minister

 nd drug addictions
ation Gustavus
working man
45 in Malaysia
periences in Japanese prison 1942-45

 women living in Malaysia

e statesman

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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                                                            Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                                2/23/2012

 951    CHA   Chang Jung             Wild Swans                                                  1991   Biography of three generations of women from China
951.9   LID   Li Dun, J.             Ageless Chinese                                             1968   history of early civilisations in China
951.9   YAN   Yang, B.               Ugly Chinaman                                               1991   ... and the crisis of Chinese culture, selections from Yang's speeches and w
 954    BUD   Buddle, A.             Tiger and the Thistle                                       1999   Tipu Sultan and the Scots in India
 954    VON   von Tunzelmann, Alex   Indian summer: the secret history of the end of an empire   2008   Pocket Books. Events leading up to partition in 1947
 955    COL   Collins L., Lapierre   Freedom at Midnight                                         1982   history of Partition between India and Pakistan
 959    ALL   Allen, C.              Lives of the Indian Princes                                 1984   India as it appeared to someone who lived within the Indian states
 959    ALL   Allen, C.              Tales from the South China Seas                             1983   images of the British in South East Asia (including Malaya)
 959    HAL   Hall, D.G.E.           History of South-East Asia                                  1964
 959    KEN   Kennedy, J.            History of Malaya                                           1993   Third edition
 959    MBR   M.B.R.A.S.             Eredia's Description of Malacca ...                         1997   ... Meridional India and Cathay
 959    OSB   Osborne, M.            Southeast Asia                                              1976   Illustrated introductory history
 959    TAT   Tate, D.J.M.           Making of Modern South-East Asia                            1969   Volume 1, "The European Conquest"
959.1   PLU   Pluvier, J.M.          S-E Asia from Colonialism to Indep.                         1964   Process of decolonization from 1940 onwards
959.5   TAN   Tan Sin Nyen R.        Cultural Melting Pot                                        1984   Historic Malacca
959.5   ABD   Abdul Halim Nasir      Kelantan                                                    1979   Guide to historical sites

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                                           Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

n from China

ctions from Yang's speeches and writings


ed within the Indian states
(including Malaya)

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  75 of 87
                                                              Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                               2/23/2012

959.5 ABD   Tunku Abdul Rahman      Lest We Forget                                             1980 memoirs of Malaysia's first Prime Minister, selected articles from the "Star"
959.5 ABI   Abid, Mhd               Reflections of Preindendence Malaya                        1993 recollections around formation of UMNO
959.5 ALL   Allen, R.               Malay Prospect and Retrospect                              1968 impact and aftermath of colonial rule
959.5 BAR   Barber, Andrew          Penang under the East India Company 1786-1858              2009 AB & A
959.5 BAR   Barber, N.              War of the Running Dogs                                    1989 Chinese Communists in Malaysia in 1948
959.5 BRA   Bradell., R.,           Study of Ancient Times                                     1980 history of the Malay Peninsula and Straits of Malacca
959.5 BUT   Butcher, John           British in Malaya 1880-1941                                1979 Social History of a European Community
959.5 CAN   Cant, R.G.              Historical Geography of Pahang                             1973 monograph of M.B.R.A.S.
959.5 CHA   Chapman, F.S,           Jungle is Neutral                                                 photocopy
959.5 COM   Comber, L.              13-May-69                                                  1984 surveys Sino- Malay relations in Malaysia
959.5 EME   Emerson, R.             Malaysia                                                   1970 political background of Malaya between the two world wars
959.5 EVA   Evans, S. R.            Sabah Under theRising Sun Government                       1999 Japanese occupation of Sabah
959.5 GUL   Gullick, J.M.           Rulers and Residents                                       1992 politics in the Malay States, 1870- 1920
959.5 GUL   Gullick, J.M.           Syers and the Selangor Police 1875- 1897                   1978 account of the then Commissioner of Police (MBRAS reprint)
959.5 HOY   Hayes Hoyt, S.          Old Penang                                                 1997 Historical portrait of Penang communities and their principal personalities
959.5 ILL   Illustrated Guide       Illustrated Guide to Melaka                                1973
959.5 KED   Kedah                   Kedah in History                                           1971 magazine of Kedah Branch of Malaysian Historical Society
959.5 KHO   Khoo and Abdur-Razzaq   Kinta Valley: Pioneering M'sias Mod.Devt                   2005 History, environment, mining, Orang Asli, towns (including Ipoh)
959.5 KHO   Khoo Salma, Wade M.     Penang: Postcard Collection 1899 - 1930s                   2003
959.5 KHO   Koo Kay Kim             Taiping: the Vibrant Years                                 2004 The development of Taiping from 1876 until World War II
959.5 KUA   Kuala Lumpur            Kuala Lumpur- 100 years                                    1959 pub. by KL City Council to commemorate 100th anniversary
959.5 LEW   Lewis, T.P.M.           Changi - the lost years                                    1984 diary 1941-45
959.5 LIN   Linehan, W.             History of Pahang                                          1973 prev published in 1936
959.5 LOW   Low, J.                 British Settlements of Penang                              1972 first published in 1836
959.5 LOW   Low, H.                 Sarawak, its Inhabitants and Productions                   1968 fist published in 1848
959.5 MAL   Malaya                  Malaya                                                     1983 a Retrospect of the country through postcards
959.5 MAL   Malaysia                Malaysia in History                                        1980 journal of the Malaysian Historical Society (vol 23)
959.5 MAL   Malacca Tourism Board   Visit Historic Malacca                                     2001 History, culture, recreation etc. Prepared by Malacca's Tourism Promotion D
959.5 MAX   Maxwell, et al          Civil Defence of Malaya                                undated role of Malayan civilians during the Japanese invasion
959.5 MEM   Memorial                Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra                          2002 Brief bio of Tunku Abdul Rahman (with photos) and details of proposed mem
959.5 MIL   Miller, H.              Menace in Malaya                                           1954 the communist insurrection in Malaya
959.5 MOO   Moore, Wendy Khadijah   Malaysia: a pictorial history 1400-2004                    2004 Archipelago Press
959.5 MOO   Moore, J.,              Story of Malaya and Singapore                              1967 history for children (two copies)
959.5 NAN   Nandy, M.               Japanese Soldiers in Our Country                           1993 history for children (illustrated)
959.5 NAV   Navaratnam, A.          Spear and the Kerambit                                     2000 Exploits of VAT 69, Malaysia's Elite Fighting Force, 1968-1969
959.5 NEW   Newbold, T.J.           British Settlements in Straits of Melacca                  1971 Two volumes, first published in 1839
959.5 PAR   Parkinson, C.N.         A Short History of Malaya                                  1954 two copies
959.5 PEE   Peet, G.L.              A Journal in the Federal Capital                           1953 First correspondent for the "Straits Times" to be stationed in KL

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                                           Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

er, selected articles from the "Star"


ts of Malacca

 the two world wars

olice (MBRAS reprint)
 s and their principal personalities

n Historical Society
i, towns (including Ipoh)

until World War II
e 100th anniversary

 ty (vol 23)
d by Malacca's Tourism Promotion Dept.
anese invasion
photos) and details of proposed memorial


hting Force, 1968-1969

s" to be stationed in KL

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

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Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY   2/23/2012

                                  80 of 87
                                                              Malaysia Culture Group LIBRARY                                                              2/23/2012

  959.5 PEN   Penang                 Penang past and present 1786-1963                         1966 an account of the City of George Town since 1786
  959.5 PER   Pertabalan             Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra                         2002 Brief bio. of Tunku Abdul Rahman (with photos) and details of proposed mem
  959.5 PIN   Pintado, M.J.          A Stroll Through Ancient Malacca                          1974 two copies (small booklet)
  959.5 POL   Pollard, E.            Kuching Past and Present                                  1989 history of Sarawak 1839 - 1970
  959.5 RAM   Ramli, D.              History of the Malay Regiment 1933-1942                   1963 account of the Malaysian Army's most senior regiment
  959.5 RUT   Rutter, O.             Pirate Wind                                               1986 Sea Robbers of Malaya (first pub. 1930)
  959.5 RYA   Ryan, N.J.             A History of Malaysia and Singapore                       1976 first published in 1963
  959.5 SAD   Sadka, E.              Protected Malay States, 1874- 95                          1976 British rule in four Malay states until their federation in 1895
  959.5 SEL   Sell, J.               Whispers at the Pagoda                                    1999 Portraits of Modern Burma
  959.5 SHE   Sheppard, M.C.         Historic Malaya                                           1959 an outline history for schools
  959.5 SHE   Sheppard, M.C          Klang                                                     1986 twenty centuries of peaceful existence
  959.5 SHO   Short, A.              Communist Insurrection in Malaya                          1975 2 copies - second is titled "In Pursuit of Mountain Rats"
  959.5 SKI   Skinner, C.            Civil War in Kelantan in 1839                             1965 MBRAS reprint
  959.5 STA   Sta Maria, B.          My People My Country                                      1982 biography of a Malacca Portuguese Community (two copies)
  959.5 STU   Stubbs, R.             Hearts and Minds in Guerilla Warfare                      1989 Malayan Emergency, 1948- 1960
  959.5 SUL   Sullivan, P.           Social Relations of Dependence…                           1982 … in a Malay State - 19th century Perak
  959.5 TAT   Tate, D.J.M.           Rajah Brooke's Borneo                                     1988 views from the Illustrated London News and other 19th century sources
  959.5 TAT   Tate, D.J.M.           Straits Affairs- Malay World and Singapore                1989 views from the Illustrated London News and other 19th century sources
  959.5 THA   Thambipillay           God's Little Acre - Batu Gajah                            1993 commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Emergency, and the cemetery in
  959.5 TRE   Trengannu              Papers Relating to Trengannu                              1964 history, weaving, wayang kulit, cargo baskets (first pub in 1949)
  959.5 WEL   Welsh, B.              Reflections: the Mahathir Years                           2005 social and political commentary
  959.5 WHE   Wheatley, P.           Golden Chersonnese                                        1961 Historical geography of the Malay Peninsula
  959.5 WHE   Whelan, F.G.           Story of Sabah                                            1988 written for secondary school students
  959.5 WIN   Winstedt, R. O.        History of Johore                                         1979 collection of articles. MBRAS reprint
 959.51 KHO   Khor, Neil Jin Keong   Glimpses of Old Penang                                    2002 Penang history
 959.51 SAR   Sarawak Museum         Sarawak in the Museum                                     1983 history and heritage exhibition by Sarawak Museum
 959.51 YAP   Yap, D.                Convent Light Street                                      2001 history of the convent and school in George Town, Penang
959.513 RAF   Raffles, S             Letters of Sir Stamford Raffles…                        Nathanial Welch
 959.52 REE   Reece, R.H.W.          Name of Brooke: The End of White Rajah Rule in Sarawak    1993 Scholarly study of Brook in Sarawak
  959.7 LEE   Lee, C.                Fall of Singapore
  959.7 MBR   MBRAS                  Singapore: 150 years                                      1973 first published in 1989
  959.7 PEA   Pearson, H.F.          Singapore - a Popular History 1919-1960                   1961
  959.8 WEL   Kathirithamby- Wells   Syar Mukomuko                                                    Historial Aspects of a 19th century Sumatra chronicle
       CHA    Chang Fee Ming         Mekong: exploring the source                              2008 Valentine Willie Fine Art. Malaysian photographer's work
       GOA    Goad & Pieris          New directions in tropical Asian architecture             2005 Periplus
              Ong Jin Teong          Penang heritage food                                      2010 Landmark Books

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since 1786
photos) and details of proposed memorial

enior regiment

r federation in 1895

Mountain Rats"

mmunity (two copies)

and other 19th century sources
and other 19th century sources
the Emergency, and the cemetery in Perak
skets (first pub in 1949)

ak Museum
orge Town, Penang

atra chronicle
tographer's work

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