4_1 The horned Toad Prince Day 1 by lanyuehua


									SFA Monday
Can you pronounce it
Do know the definition
Can you use it in a sentence
Title: The Horned Toad Prince
Reading Goal: Plot
Team Cooperation Goal: Explain
your ideas
Genre: Modern Fairy Tales
Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins
prairie:   Huge grassy area

Hundreds of cows gathered in the
prairie to eat grass.
scrambled: Crawled quickly

Jerry’s baby sister scrambled after the
cereal he dropped in the floor.
mighty:    very

Steve tried to catch Agnes, but she was
mighty fast.
drowsy:   sleepy

Albert was so drowsy his eyes kept
grumbled: complained

Sally grumbled that she did more
chores than her brother.
glared: Looked angrily

Howie glared at the pitcher who threw
a ball too close to his head.
             Reading Goal: plot
• In a story there is usually a main character. The
  main character has to do things in the story. The
  plot of the story is the action, or the events that take
  place. Some plot events are more important than
• The problems and the solutions are part of the plot.
What has happened to socks so far? Pages 126-128 TE p. 122
Pages 128-130 TE122
            Let’s predict Page 92

TE P. 123
       Team Talk
Let’s preview the questions on
 page 33 of your treasure hunt.
  Partner Read p. A:94-B:95 15 minutes
Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or
 unfamiliar to you
Read and restate page B:94 and A:95
Read page 96-97 silently
Discuss with team words you clarified
 find vocabulary words
   Team Discussion
• Pass out Team Discussion Cards
• Discuss answers to team talk questions
• Write answers to question 1 and 2
          Class Discussion
• What are some of the words you clarified?
• Answer questions 1-4
            Adventures in Writing 15 min
   Treasure hunt page 33

Discuss with your table first.
Vocabulary Practice
  Treasure Hunt Page 23
              Fluency        5 min

• Pg 72-74, paragraphs 1-6

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