intro to atoms and elements by lanyuehua


									Matter, Atoms, Elements, Compounds
                           Ms. Wang
                Lawndale High School

All of the materials around you are made
  up of matter. You are made up of
  matter, as are the chair you sit on and
  the air you breathe.
1. Give an example of solid matter.
2. Give an example of liquid matter.
3. Give an example of gaseous matter.
4. Is all matter visible?
5. Does all matter take up space?
If you take a large chunk of gold

And kept dividing it …
In the end you would have an atom of
Atom: smallest particle of matter that can
 exist and still have the properties of a
 particular kind of matter.
Everything in the world is made out of
There are different types of atoms
They are called elements
Element: substance consisting entirely of
one type of atom.
According to the periodic table, how
many elements have scientists

Atomic     6


         Atomic Mass
When writing an element’s symbol, the
 first letter is always UPPER CASE. if the
 element’s symbol has a second letter,
 the second letter is always lower case

            What is this element?
Use the periodic table to find the symbols
       for the following elements:

1. Argon             11.   Copper
2. Strontium         12.   Sodium
3. Phosphorus        13.   Oxygen
4. Lead              14.   Iron
5. Einstenium        15.   Fluorine
6. Idodine           16.   Carbon
7. Molybdenum        17.   Hydrogen
8. Lithium           18.   Iodine
9. Beryllium         19.   Nitrogen
10. Krypton          20.   Sulfur
Elements can combine chemically to form
Compounds: matter composed of two or
more elements chemically bonded

Compounds can be written down as
 formulas. A formula includes the
 symbols of the elements in the
 compound and how many of each
 element there are.
 Example: zinc chloride ZnCl2
This compound has:
1 zinc atom
2 chlorine atoms
 Example 2: Lithium oxide Li2O
 This compound has:
2 lithium atoms
1 oxygen atom
Use the periodic table to find the names of the following elements:

1. Mn                            11. Co
2. I                             12. He
3. Bk                            13. Li
4. Au                            14. Hg
5. Cs                            15. Ag
6. S                             16. Au
7. W                             17. Cl
8. V                             18. Fr
9. Ho                            19. Eu
10.Fr                            20. Ir
 Describe the type of atoms in each of the following formulas
(example: CH4 = 1 atom of carbon and 4 atoms of hydrogen)

1.   AgNO3                    8. N3C4OH5
2.   LiNO2                    9. NaOH
3.   C6H12O6                  10. MgCr2O7
4.   CO                       11. CuCl2
5.   K2S                      12. H2O
6.   AlPO4                    13. C6H12O6
7.   NC2O2H5                  14. CO2
 Write the formula for the following compound (ex: 2
          atoms of copper, 1 atom of oxygen= Cu2O)
1.   one atom of Aluminum and 3 atoms of chlorine

2.   six atoms of carbon, twelve atoms of hydrogen, six atoms of oxygen

3.   one atom of calcium, four atoms of carbon, four atoms of hydrogen and
     6 atoms of oxygen

4.   one atom of nitrogen, four atoms of hydrogen, one atom of carbon,
     three atoms of hydrogen, one atom of carbon, and two atoms of oxygen

5.   one atom of sodium, one atom of sulfur, one atom of carbon, one atom
     of nitrogen

6.   four atoms of lithium, one atom of iron, six atoms of carbon, six atoms
     of nitrogen

7.   two atoms of potassium, one atom of tellurium, four atoms of oxygen

8.   one atom of iron, one atom of arsenic, and four atoms of oxygen

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