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Tuesday, 26 February – Wednesday, 27 February 2008
Assigned seating by chapter size . . .
                  Your Hosts:

• Jill Belconis, Chicago Chapter, CCW Chair

• Chuck Maggelet, Utah Chapter, CCW Vice Chair

• Anil Kumar, London Westminster Chapter, CCW
  Assistant Vice Chair
                 Your Hosts:

• Howard Hirsch, New Jersey Chapter, WPO CCW Co-

• Basil Ong, Philippines Chapter, WPO CCW Co-Chair
          Management Team
• Debra Zabloudil, CCW Management Team Lead
• Lorrie Briggs, CCW Management Support, Regional
  Director, Western US
• Taryn Stine, CCW Management Support, Regional
  Director, Pacific US
• Sukie White, CCW Management Support, Senior
  Regional Director, Americas
• Krista Gomez, CCW Management Support, Regional
  Director, Southern US
• Hussam Anastas, CCW Management Support, Regional
  Director, MENA
           Welcome to GLC
• Warm welcome to GLC
• Snapshot of week:
  – Tonight: Regional dinners
  – Wednesday evening: Social at the Argyle
    starting at 7 pm
  – Thursday: Morning of Champions at the Opera
    House beginning at 8 am
  – Thursday: Chapter Strategy lunch – 11 am
  – Thursday: Electives begin at 12:30
• Please turn off your cell phones
• Please be on time -- or else!!
• Assigned seating by Chapter size tomorrow
• Assigned seating by Region tomorrow afternoon
• Best Practices CCW Manual provided tomorrow
• Many resources found on MyYPO website
Meet Your Fellow Chapter Chairs
                Introducing . . .
Arthur Gillis, Cape Town Chapter
          • Joined Cape Town Chapter in 1990 at the tender age of 32
          • Education Chairman for his chapter in 1994/5, winning the award for Best
            Education Program
          • Chapter Chairman in 1995/6
          • Facilitated 2nd Hotel Industry Roundtable in June 2000 (received the YPO
            Seminar Education Award)
          • 2001 received YPO Leader of Leaders Award
          • May 2003 received the Ray Hickok Award
          • Facilitated 1st Education Officers' Workshop, then the Chapter
            Chairmans’ Workshop
          • Chairman of GLC 2006 held in Cape Town, South Africa
Leading Leaders

  Arthur Gillis
                    Introducing . . .
Gregory C. Martin                      Robert M. (Bob) Landucci
        • Active member of Young
          Presidents’ Organization               • Active member of Young
          (YPO) since 1994                         Presidents’ Organization
                                                   (YPO) since the mid 80’s
        • Currently Vice-Chairman of
          the International Board of             • British Columbia chapter
          Directors                                member

        • Utah chapter member                    • Currently Canadian
          since 1995                               Regional Chair and
                                                   Director of WPO
        • Held positions of Board of               International Board of
          Directors Vice Chairman of               Directors
          the Board, GLC
          International Board of
          Directors Member, Global
          Leadership Conference
  The YPO-WPO Merger and
What It Means for Chapter Chairs
          Wednesday Agenda
• Together with our WPO counterparts
• Topics:
  –   Best Practices
  –   Job Descriptions
  –   Timelines
  –   Chapter Strategy
  –   Succession Planning
• Sharing Best Practices
• Case Studies
• Being Interactive
Have Fun Tonight!
            Thank You!
• See you tomorrow at 8:00 am

• In the Melbourne/Sydney Room

• (Where we are now!)

• Warning – Don’t be late! The Koala Bear will get you . . .
Wednesday, 27 February 2008

      Welcome Back
           The Koala . . .
The Koala lifeguard in the tall beach
chair represents the “view from the
top” and the “senior life guard”
status as a protector of the chapter.
    Our Workshop Objective

“We want you prepared to deliver your
vision that will enhance your Chapter.”
    Your Greatest Challenge
• Question:
  What will be your biggest
  challenge as chapter chair this
  coming year?
• Discuss with tablemates.

• You have 30 minutes – be concise!
Your Mindset

Chuck Maggelet
Chapter Chair Job Description
        and Timeline
       Chuck Maggelet
Succession Planning
    Jill Belconis
Succession Planning Matrix:

                              2006/07   2007/08   2008/09   2009/10

Chapter Chair

Education Chair

Education Vice Chair x2

Forum Chair

Membership Chair


Communications Chair

Network Officer

Spouse Forum Coordinator

       Be back in 10 minutes…or else!

WPO group move to the Adelaide Room (4th Fl)
            Case Studies
Spend 45 minutes of discussion time total,
covering as many case studies (fully) that the
group is able to.

The last 15 minutes will be for sharing with
the large group.
    Chapter Health Standards
Mark A. Clark, Iowa Chapter

                   Central US
                   Regional Chair
Chapter Standards

      Sydney GLC
Chapter Chair Workshop
     27 Feb 2008
• Strong, Healthy, Growing Chapters
  – Similar Traits
  – Goals

• What gets measured – Gets Done
• Traits of the Healthy Chapters have been
  incorporated into a set of Standards
• Standards initially rolled out at Toronto
  GLC 2007
  – 5 month “testing period”
  – Went Live – July 1st, 2007

• Ten Categories/Standards
• Chapter Compliance
• Participation in Regional
• GLC Participation, incoming officers
  trained at GLC workshops
• Chapter Goals – Posted on MyYPO
• Networking
  – Member Profiles and M2M completed
• International Participation of Chapter
• Visits to MyYPO by Chapter Members
• Member Forum Participation
• Spouse Forum Participation
• Chapter Growth Targets (set and met)
• All targets are for the typical calendar
  year July 1st to June 30th
• Targets all reset on July 1st of each year
  – One exception – GLC participation resets on
    Sept 1st
           Rating / Levels
• Gold, Silver, Bronze

• Total Possible Points – 30
• Ten Categories, 3 points for each

• Gold – 25 to 30 points
• Silver – 15 to 24 points
• Bronze – 5-14 points
First Year Results
         Recap of Standards
• YPOers and Chapters – are competitive –
  and like to be winners (gold medalists!)
• What gets measured – gets done
        Changes for 2008
• Modifications of Standards
  – GLC Date reset was initially July 1st, now
    Sept 1st
  – Member Forum participation, Gold was set
    at 95%, now it is at 90%
  – Chapter Membership Growth – was set by
    YPOI, now set by Chapter
    New Standards for 2008
• Continuation of Ten Standards set last
  year, Plus
• Chapter Diversity Standard
• Member Participation at Local Chapter
          Chapter Diversity
• Does your Chapter have a plan regarding
  – Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Geographic, etc
• The plan does not need to, and will not
  be posted on MyYPO.

• If Yes– 3 points; if No – 0 points
          Chapter Attendance
• What percentage of your Chapter members
  attend four or more Chapter events during the
   – 90% - Gold Rating
   – 70% - Silver Rating
   – 50% - Bronze Rating

• Strong, successful, healthy Chapters also have
  good attendance at Chapter meetings
        Chapter Attendance
• Tracking of attendance – My YPO
  – MyYPO - RSVP tool - Important!!
• Get with your Chapter Administrators to
  begin using this valuable free RSVP tool
  available on MyYPO.
• Will be effective beginning – July 1st ,
          2008 Rating / Levels
•   Gold, Silver, Bronze
•   Total Possible Points – 36
•   Twelve Categories, 3 points for each
•   Gold – 30 to 36 points
•   Silver – 18 to 29 points
•   Bronze – 6 to 17 points
          Chapter Standards
• Next Steps
  – Go to MyYPO, check out how your Chapter
    currently stands
  – Which of the ten areas are not gold
  – Contact your Chapter Administrator
     • Confirm they know about the standards and can
       help with updating, postings, etc
  – Get the standards on your next Chapter
    Board Meeting Agenda
Chapter Standards

       Leading Leaders
Becoming a Great Strategic Chair

          Kevin McHugh
            Introducing . . .
Kevin McHugh
        • Former YPO member
        • Has conducted hundreds of forum and moderator training
          programs and retreats in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and
          Latin America, and ran a Train the Trainer session in India.
        • Management consultant since 1990
        • YPO Forum services provider since 1992
        • President, CEO, founder of Plymouth Candle Company,
          retail candle stores
        • Successfully worked with forums in YEO, YPO, WPO and
          CEO at all stages of forum performance
Chapter Chairs – It’s the same for

 Your Turn to Lead the Leaders
  Leading Leaders - Objectives

1 - Great Leadership Approach
2 - Questions to Ask Yourself
3 - Practical Applications
5 - Final Thoughts
  Play Stump the Resource (Q & A)
               Level 5 Leadership
      Professional Will              +        Personal Humility

Creates superb results, a clear          Demonstrates a compelling
   catalyst in the transition from         modesty, shunning public
   good to great.                          adulation; never boastful.

Demonstrates an unwavering               Acts with quiet, calm
  resolve to produce the best               determination; relies
  long-term results, no matter              principally on inspired
  how difficult.                            standards.

Sets the standard for building an        Channels ambition into the
   enduring great chapter.                 chapter, not the self.

Looks in the mirror, not out the         Looks out the window, not in the
   window.                                  mirror.
                From: Good to Great, Jim Collins

        Tip: How long since your last ego check-up?
The ability to admit what is really true about me;
courage to change accordingly.
             Can you handle the truth?

         From the movie: “A Few Good Men” 1992
     2 Questions to Ask Yourself
• Where am I on the scale of desire to perform
  in my role as Chapter Chair?
       1- I got this far, I’ll fake it the rest of the way
      10 – I dream about making a positive, monumental
          difference in the health of my chapter
• What meaningful motivation can I find for
  being a great chapter chair?
         Meaningful Motivations
•   Joy of service            •   Leave a legacy
•   Time to pay it forward    •   I love YPO
•   Personal growth           •   I am truly needed
•   Build leadership skills   •   It’s the right thing to do
•   Make a difference         •   Why? - why not?
•   Deeper friendships        •   Have some fun
•   Expand my network         •   What’s yours?…
       3 Practical Applications
• Talk one-on-one with each Chair
• Conduct a Chapter Executive retreat
• Engage at Regional & International Levels
  One-on-One With Each Chair
• A connection is not necessarily a
  relationship. Seek relationships through
  personal, intimate and honest dialogue.
• How can I help you succeed?
• How can we help each other succeed?
• How can we help the others succeed?
  One-on-One with Each Chair
• Education – Beware of the “WOW” factor
• Forum – Attend a Moderator’s Meeting or
  two. Are members fully satisfied?
• Network – 15 Minute ‘Intimacy Exercise’ at
  every event (see FO for help)
• Membership – One candidate per member
• Finance – “Show me the money!”
• Chapter Admin – Won’t fly on auto-pilot
     Chapter Executive Retreat
• Overnight - Offsite
• Create Forum – Use forum exercises
• Develop more intimate relationships
  between board members
• Use forum communication protocol
• Conduct “Issues Clearing session”
  Remove the elephants in the room
• Responsibilities, Collaboration,
  Listening, Trust-building…then Planning
         Honest & Open Executive
      Pseudo          Issues Clearing-Honesty
   Holding back, Unspoken Feelings                 Potential Chaos
   Low Trust
                Trust building work

 Discover, Explore                                            Defend
 Who is this person?                                          Attack
What makes them tick?                 Caring, Accepting,      Intimidate
                                     Supporting with Truth    Afraid
                                          Real                Withdraw
    No Hidden, Unresolved Tensions      Community             I’M DONE!
                                      High Trust
    Engage at Regional & International
• Have your Chapter voice be heard
• Be “in the know”, share it with your chapter
• Confirmation that you are not alone
• Tons of low-hanging fruit; rich source for new
• Great new network opportunities
• A chance to share what you have learned
            5 Final Thoughts
•   Don’t reinvent the wheel – Use Tools
•   Lead as servant first – Check Ego
•   Fill Your Own Shoes – Accept/Modify Style
•   Raise the Bar – Set Lofty Goals
•   Speak Your Truth – Be Open & Honest

             Apply it everywhere
           Now Go Lead the Leaders!
Stump the Resource - Thank you
J. Kevin McHugh
JKM Management Development
329 Bentleyville Road
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Office: 440-247-3948, Cell: 440-725-4483
Tools for the Strategic Chairman
          Jill Belconis
Please take a 10 minute break, come back, grab
         lunch and sit with your Region.
     Continue to fill your CCW passports.
Leadership Congress Review

YPO-WPO Board Members
     2008-2009 Leadership

    Richard van
      Rensburg         Greg Martin        Dennis Beck
      (Cape Town)          (Utah)         (Los Angeles)
       Chairman,      Vice Chairman,      WPO Board Chair
Board of Directors   Board of Directors
YPO Member Only Questions
                                     YPO Members

 YPO’s financial criteria for entry have not
 been adjusted since 2000 and in effect is
 lower than their historical equivalents
 due to inflation.
• US CPI has increased 22% since 2000
• US currency has dropped in value; 37.27%
  drop vs. the Euro since 2000
    Should YPO consider increasing its
    minimum membership standards?
             1. Yes   2. No
                                              YPO Members

 Two factors have bearing on whether an economy is able to
 produce YPO members based on a fixed set of financial
 a. Number of consumers in that economy
 b. Number of dollars per capita in each consumers pocket
 Neither factor has direct bearing on the mission of YPO,
 and many worthy candidates operate in a variety of
 markets, simply on different economic scales.

Should YPO consider having its membership standards
   adjusted for the purchasing power of different

                   1. Yes        2. No
YPO & WPO Member Questions
                                      YPO-WPO Members

  Currently, YPO-WPO offers the following
  products and services in English only:
• Networks
• Almost all International Events
• Most Forum Materials
• All official YPO-WPO Communication including

  Should YPO-WPO have a Global Language Policy
  that supports the major languages of the world?

                 1. Yes       2. No
                                         YPO-WPO Members

We want to have the right mix of YPO-only,
WPO-only, and mixed events. Currently 90%
are open to both YPO and WPO.

   Do we currently have the right balance in
       International Event offerings?

 1. This is about right
 2. All events should be open to both
 3. There should be more YPO only and WPO only events
WPO Member Only Questions
                                             WPO Members

At the request of the South African WPO Chapters, it
was recently approved that Previously Disadvantaged
Individuals (PDI’s) under the apartheid regime – those
who currently meet all YPO membership qualifications
with the exception of age, join WPO directly.

Should we explore the possibility of adding other
potential WPO members in similar areas (for example,
those who lived in the former Soviet Union) as long as
they meet the established membership criteria in all
ways except for age?

                  1. Yes        2. No
                                   WPO Members

What type of WPO Events would you
        like to see more of?
  (Vote for as many as you like)
1.   Universities
2.   Experiences (Like Africa Safaris)
3.   Conferences (Based in the Regions)
4.   Seminars (Topic Focused)
5.   Family
6.   Youth Only
International Chairman - Chapter Visits

 The Objectives:

 • Share and discuss the YPO-WPO strategy
 • Answer questions and get feedback
International Chairman - Chapter Visits
 What can be the benefits of this visit?
 • A face to face dialogue
 • Enhanced connectivity - International
   Board members
 • Sharing of best practices on local
 • Combine the visit with a recruitment event
International Chairman - Chapter Visits
 • All chapters are welcome to send in a request
 Priority is based on:
 • When was the last visit by a Chairman to this
 • Are there any specific local challenges that the
   Chairman can help with
 • Please send your request to imichael@ypo.org
   or to your Regional Director
Working with Your CA

     Anil Kumar
          CA Role Definition
• Some of the characteristics/skills your CA
  should possess:
  – Computer literate
  – Meeting planning skills
  – Financial management knowledge
  – Time management skills
  – Able to work independently
  – Detail oriented, yet creative
     CA Role Definition (cont.)
• Poised and confident
• Mature and responsible
• Diplomatic
• Willing to travel if needed
• Able to manage multiple projects and
• Service-oriented with a positive attitude.
            Functional Areas:
• Office services (files, chapter history, etc.)
• Meeting Planning services
• Communication Services (mailings,
  newsletter, marketing, etc.)
• Membership Services
• Financial Services (bills, books, tax forms,
  invoice and collect dues)
Budgeting, Regional &
 Development Funds

Mark Forward, COO
   Working with your
Counterparts in the Region
      45 minutes total

       Be back in 15 minutes…or else!

WPO group move to the Adelaide Room (4th Fl)
World Café

Debra Zabloudil
       World Café Questions
Group 1:
How do you best develop a cohesive Chapter
Executive committee?
Group 2:
What do you need as incoming Chapter Chair
to transition into your role effectively?
Group 3:
How will you measure your success at the end
of your year?
Develop Your Top 3 Goals as
      Chapter Chair
        Anil Kumar
How are we feeling?

  Chuck Maggelet
 The remainder of the week’s activities:
• Snapshot of week:
  – Tonight: Social at the Argyle starting at 7 pm
  – Thursday: Morning of Champions at the
    Opera House beginning at 8 am
  – Thursday: Chapter Strategy lunch – 11 am
  – Thursday: Electives begin at 12:30
The remainder of the week’s activities

- Friday: Global Leadership Summit at the
  Opera House 8 am – 1 pm
- Friday: Network Lunch 1 – 2:30 pm
- Friday: Leadership Congress 3 – 4 pm
             The E-Code:
Extraordinary resources
Content tailored to leadership
Out-of-comfort zone, interactive, fun
Delivers change-inducing take home value
Employs activities and settings that help
members connect
Thank You!

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