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									  Who you are         Your "hero"          Who they are
First           Last name First name     Resume type info
                                     CEO of Reclaiming the
Curt A          Green     G.O.       Earth Society
                                     Professor of Educational
Pam M           Dodge     Bernie     Technology, San Diego
                          Dr. Robert President and Founder
Pam M           Marzano   J.         of Marzano and
                                     International leader in
Suki C          November Alan        educational technology.
                                     Professor U. of Utah;
Suki C          Hunter    Dr. Laura Director of Utah
                                     Former VP of the United
Denise C        Gore      Al         States
                                     Director of Technology
Denise C        Fisch     Karl       for Arapahoe High
Gordon A        Miranda   Michael    Professor of Engineering
                                     Film Director and
Cherie A        Spielberg Steven     Producer, one of the

Cherie A        Reznick    Mitchel
                                       Creater and formor CEO
Jacqueline Bode Gates      Bill        of Microsoft Corperation
                                       Administrator for
Jacqueline Bode Schrock    Kathy       Technology for the
                                       Arthur F. Thurnau
Gordon A        Soloway    Elliot      Professor, University of
Terry J         Pogue      David       columinist for the New
                                       Educator, consultant,
Terry J         Warlick    David       author, operates The
                                       Director of Instructional
Becky S         Henderson Jim          Technology, Granite
                                       Director, Discovery
Clark W         Davidson   Hall        Educator Network,
                                       Founder Blue Mountain
Clark W         Schutz     Stephen     Arts publishing company
                                       Educational Technology
Becky S         Gaisford   Rick        Specialist and Services
                                       CEO of Sprint Nextel
Hyrum O         Hesse      Dan         Corporation, "Most
                                       Associate Professor at
Hyrum O         Khan       Samia       the University of British
                                       Dr. Peter H. Diamandis,
Ron F           Diamandis Peter        Chairman and CEO of
                   Sergey Brin &
Ron F                Larry Page        Co-founders of Google
Why this person is a "mover and shaker" in the field of educational technology.
Please be brief - limit to 6 lines.
Created a microchip out of plastic and now the cost of compters can be a few cents instead of
hundreds of dollars. She is now designing a hybrid car made of plastic that runs on lost homework.
His main professional focus is on the design, implementation and evaluaton of computer-based
learning environments that focus on "real-world" problems and possible solutions. His most
The central theme of his work has been translating research and theory into practical programs and
tools for teachers and adminstrators. He is the author of more than 20 books, 150 articles and
Alan is considered to be the first major educator to embrace Web 2.0 in the schools; one of initial
five national Christa McAuliffe Educators; named one of nation’s fifteen most influential thinkers; one
Dr. Hunter, Director of UEN, has earned national recognition for her work with bringing UEN into the
Digital-Age. Laura wrote a CPB grant to provide datacasting to all of the Youth in Custody sites in
Seventeen years ago, it was Al Gore who spear-headed the "information superhighway". Gore was a
leader in the process of getting every US classroom connected to the Internet. Gore has played a
I ran across Karl Fisch’s blog called the Fischbowl when I first began the Lesley program. He has
been involved with making such eye-opening presentations as Did You Know/Shift Happens, What
Dr. De Miranda presented some of his ideas to a group of teachers at a summer training course I
took with Paxton Patterson in Michigan this summer. He is a expertise in engineering and
Founder of the Shoah Visual History Foundation with the goal of recording interviews with surviving
victims of the Holocaust. Spielberg's father was a computer scientist and he has been a leader in

One of the foundation's many goals is to expand educational opportunities and access to information
technology. They fund computer labs in inner-city libraries, computer labs in low income schools and
Discovery School's: Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators website is outstanding. She provides an
incredibly comprehensive guide for teacher resources, There are resources for Subject Access,
Mr. Soloway is an internationally known speaker on the uses of technology in the classroom. During
the 2008 NECC Conference he gave a seminar on "A Disruption is Absolutely Coming: Computers
David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. Each week, he
contributes a print column, an online column and an online video. His daily blog, “Pogue’s Posts,” is
David Warlick, a 30 year educator, has been a classroom teacher, district administrator, and staff
consultant with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction. For the past ten years, Mr.
Jim is not only an excellent director of the IT dept for my school district but he is my boss. He has
brought about a great deal of change in our district in regards to technology and education. He
I stumbled on to Hall a few years back by being referred to a handout on Copyright information. It
was simple enough to understand, yet covered the subject well. In wanting to use it, I e-mailed him
I admire this individual simply because he created not to make money, but to help
children to learn to read. He didn't do so well at reading when he was young and this was his way to
For those of us that teach in Utah, we all know that the state office of education makes the policies
that we abide by. The good part is that some people try very hard to reach towards the future and
I chose Dan because of his commercials. After reading his speech from the CTIA conference I
knew that I had chosen wisely. He with Sprint is making everything Now. They want your wireless
Samia researches the use of technology in the science and chemistry classroom. She began as a
science teacher in urban schools so she knows where we are working and the challenges that we
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, is considered a key figure in the development of the personal spaceflight
industry, having created many space-related businesses or organizations. He is the Founder and
Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented Google: the technology, the company, the verb. How did their
search business, relatively late to the game, come to rule the Web? I chose these two individuals
Negropante didn't make our list, Stephen Jobs, Stephen Hawking, nor the two presidential
candidates. Yet I was surprised to see some local people, makes one feel better that there are

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