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					                                CONSORTIUM OF UNIVERSITIES FOR GLOBAL HEALTH (CUGH)

                                                 POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Board of Directors is seeking a senior manager and
academic leader with a commitment to global health to head the organization as it establishes a Washington D.C.
base of operations. CUGH, a recently formed tax-exempt non-profit organization, aims to assume a leadership
position as the collective voice for university-based global health research, education, and service programs. Its
mission is to …

           Build collaborations and exchange of knowledge and experience among interdisciplinary university global
           health programs working across education, research and service. It is dedicated to creating equity and
           reducing health disparities, everywhere. The Consortium also promotes mutually beneficial, long-term
           partnerships among universities in resource-rich and resource-poor countries, developing human capital
           and strengthening institutions.

The Executive Director will serve as the organization’s programmatic and administrative leader, facilitating
achievement of the Board of Directors’ vision and mission for the organization through his/her active role
representing and advocating for the interests of CUGH and its member organizations. The incumbent will lead
staff and volunteers in carrying out CUGH’s annual goals as approved by the Board of Directors. S/he will receive
guidance and direction from the Board Chairperson and from the Board and its Executive Committee.


1. Working closely with the Chairperson and Board of Directors in setting and accomplishing the annual work
   plan goals and objectives, which include but are not limited to membership services, advocacy and
   communications strategies, and conduct of CUGH programs.

2. Responsibility for the financial integrity and sustainability of the organization, including the preparation and
   implementation of the annual budget and the cultivation of a broad base of public and private grants,
   contracts, and donations that supplement the revenue from annual membership dues.

3. Providing leadership for staff in the development and implementation of short and long range plans,
   programs and policies and other activities consistent with furthering the mission and goals of the
   organization. Includes overall responsibility for the planning, organization, and implementation of activities
   such as :
           o Annual scientific and business meeting of the membership;
           o Development and management of extramurally funded North American global health small
               grants, fellowships and internship programs;
           o Teaching and learning support resources and web portal for global health education and training;
           o A full program of membership services, including support for interest groups and planning and
               marketing of shared operational support services (e.g., evacuation insurance, shared in-country
               housing, etc.)

4. Representing CUGH and its members as the spokesperson and advocate for CUGH’s vision and goals for
   university-based global health to potential funders including government, foundations, individual
   philanthropists, and potentially the private sector as well. Has overall responsibility and provides the
   leadership for the planning, organization, and implementation of activities such as:
        Informational briefings to North American legislative leaders
        Interacting with major “think tank” organizations involved in global health such as the Center for
           Strategic and International Studies and the Center for Global Development
        Regional policy briefings
Revised: October 10, 2011; November 11, 2011
                Global Health Advocacy Days
                Advocacy planning workshops for members
                Planning advice for new academic global health programs and the steps to CUGH membership
                Annual meeting workshops and sessions with key policy leaders
                Programs for hosting of policy and media visits (domestic and international) to member and
                 international partner institutions
                Policy and advocacy relationships

5. Responsibility for liaising with federal and international agencies, and other organizations and pursuing
   collaborative programs, activities, and initiatives in support of global health, in general, and specifically to
   promote CUGH goals.

Leadership: Recognized global health leader with the requisite leadership skills and abilities to sustain an active
and involved Board of Directors and create and support an active and engaged committee and work group
structure; commands respect for his/her character and accomplishment; is familiar with the way academic
institutions are organized and function, and is recognized as a knowledgeable and competent global health
Vision: Committed to, can articulate, and is capable of acting on a clear vision of both the role of academic global
health programs and the potential role that CUGH can perform in supporting the academic global health
Management Skills: Possesses a proven track record managing staff, finances, and a complex organization in a
manner that is innovative and collaborative; is capable of managing development and implementation of new
programs; and brings to the position demonstrated experience at building and growing an organization from its
infancy. Experience is required in managing programs with high public visibility and necessitating frequent
interactions with congressional staff, legislative representatives, and government officials
Fundraising: Skilled as a fundraiser and capable and comfortable in the role of lead fundraiser for the
Communication Skills: Demonstrates superior verbal and written communication skills and is capable of serving as
the primary spokesperson for the organization while directing and inspiring Board leaders, program directors, and
volunteers to effectively represent and contribute to the organization in their areas of expertise; demonstrates a
proven track record of interacting with sophisticated and knowledgeable global health thought leaders, university
presidents, senior officers in peer organizations, federal agency leaders, and elected representatives and their
Organizational Skills: Has a proven ability to plan, direct, and coordinate activities that are highly collaborative
across the membership and with related organizations and agencies; is creative and imaginative; has a proven
ability to attract outstanding and diverse talent; is resilient, decisive, and has the ability to stick to a plan and lead
it through to completion; and is skilled in appropriately assigning responsibility and authority.
Knowledge/Understanding: Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding and ability to work with academic
institutions. Exhibits both knowledge of and skills to apply the principles and techniques of grant administration,
contract administration and negotiation; fiscal, organizational and human resources management; and the
principles and practices of public relations. Is familiar with the federal budget and legislative process; and has a
sophisticated understanding of the complex determinants and interventions that shape global health, including
environmental, political, social, technological, and educational issues confronting contemporary society

                     This position will initially be appointed as a University of California San Francisco Contract Employee 
                                                   Salary is based on background and experience
                         Excellent health and welfare benefits vary subject to classification and terms of appointment 

                          Applicants should submit inquiries and Curriculum Vitae to:
Revised: October 10, 2011; November 11, 2011

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