Why spin clockwise direction is known

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                                   Why spin clockwise direction is known?

This may sound very stupid question, because it is natural and logical and familiar all over the world. But what we mean here

is the reason clockwise from left to right in the top half and vice versa in the lower half hours. We know very well that there is

nothing automatic nature exists, and that means that someone identified the nature of the rotation of the clock that we have
mentioned previously. But why this situation continues even now in spite of the continuing evolution in the world of watches?

Very reasonable to assume the following, that the first hours of digital appeared in the northern half it was natural that by the
                      time point (cursor) to the point of disappearance of the sun itself. While the sun

Rises in the southern hemisphere from the east, and also occurs in the northern hemisphere as well, under the sun moves in
                       the opposite direction, or reverse the direction of rotation of the previous time.

  Accident history and is involved deeply in the nature of the mechanism and our achievements, for example, to read any

   information of a specific numerical quantity, such as counters, increase the quantity indicators are going in a clockwise

  direction. And perhaps help us digital indicators where there is no clock to get rid of the control of the northern half of the
                                                     globe and not in kind.

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