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					Michael Jordan
A Team Player



  Follows the life of high-scoring Chicago Bulls player
 who could not get on his high school basketball team
     because he was too short. Includes advice on
              setting and reaching goals.
                 --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Retell what this story is about.
(Answer) Any logical answer.
(Follow Up) What is your favorite part of the story?

(2) If you were Michael Jordan would you have chosen basketball
or baseball?
(Answer) Any logical answer.
(Follow Up) Tell me the reason for your chose.

(3) Pretend you are a famous person, what would you do to help
(Answer) Any logical answer.
(Follow Up) What famous person would you like to be?

(4) Imagine how you think Michael felt about being told he was too
short for basketball.
(Answer) Any logical answer.
(Follow Up) How would you feel?

(5) Define "promote" as it is used in this story.
(Answer) To show off.
(Follow Up) Tell me some other things that he promotes?

(6) Tell me how Michael became a great basketball player.
(Answer) He set goals for himself and worked hard.
(Follow Up) Tell me some other things he did to meet his goals.

(7) Basketball wasn't the only sport that he played tell me what
other sports he played.
(Answer) Little league baseball, football, and ran track.
(Follow Up) What happened to Michael to change his mind about playing

(8) Name the subject Michael studied in college.
(Answer) Geography
(Follow Up) What will you study in college?

(9) Tell me the name of the pro team that Michael played for.
(Answer) Chicago Bulls.
(Follow Up) Do you have a favorite basketball team?

(10) Name something that Michael always does when he goes up
for a shot.
(Answer) He sticks his tongue out.
(Follow Up) What is Michael Jordan’s nickname?

             1.   Draw a picture of Michael Jordan playing basketball. Draw the
                  scoreboard with scores.

             2.   Write the word goals at the top of the page in your opus. List three
                  goals you have include short term and long term goals.

             3.   List some things that make Michael a good person.

             4.   Write a fan letter to Michael Jordan telling him what you like about
                  this book.


             1. Show a picture of Michael Jordan. Ask student who it is, and what
                they know about him? Today we are going to read about Michael
                Jordan reaching his goals.

             2. Have the word "GOALS" on a note card. Ask the student what the
                word means. Let’s read about Michael Jordan and how he reached
                his goals.

             3. Have a basketball for the student to hold. Ask student who their
                favorite player is? Today we will read about Michael Jordan, a
                famous basketball player.

Book Title: Michael Jordan—A Team Player
Author: Rita Petrucelli                    Illustrator: Luciano Lazzarino
ISBN: 0-86592-428-7                        # of Text Pages: 18 AR: n/a     LEX: n/a
                               Building Oral Vocabulary
 6       happy-go-lucky      13           Olympics          17          promote
                                  Prediction Questions
 6  How did Michael become a star basketball player?
 8  Do you think he should forget about playing basketball?
13 Do you think Michael help change that?

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