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              Title (maximum              Management and coordination
Component 1   150 characters)

              Strategic focus                   To establish clear strategic and functional management arrangements for the
              (maximum 350 characters)           network, including coordination and finance.
                                             To establish transnational Network Steering Group
                                             To develop work programme.
              Responsible partner Lead partner (Bristol City Council) responsible for establishing coordination and finance
              (maximum 350 characters) functions, and ensuring clear partnership arrangements. The Steering Group will give
                                       lead partner strategic guidance.

              Involved partners          All partners will be involved in establishing the transnational Network Steering Group,
              (maximum 350 characters) representing project partners.     The network will also encourage exchange of staff to
                                         occur outside the running of the network via a website and networking.

              Planned results            The establishment and effective management of the network, including the setting up of
              (maximum 350 characters) the Steering Group. Functional support in organising events, establishing a detailed
                                         work programme. Proper management of finance function. Production of six-monthly
                                         progress reports and claims. Ensuring deadlines met. Production of publicity materials
                                         and setting up of a new website.

              Title (maximum             Identification of current national/regional/sub-regional context, and Structural
Component 2   150 characters)            Funds/regeneration programmes delivery practice

              Strategic focus                To identify the regional context, priorities, and existing structures.
              (maximum 350 characters)       To exchange experience on the different programme delivery models, and
                                              management arrangements, of Structural Funds and other regeneration
                                             To examine the decision-making processes and structures in place
                                             To identify the key stakeholders involved
                                             To identify individual project appraisal and selection processes

              Responsible partner Lead partner with the support of Network Steering Group. The project coordinator,
              (maximum 350 characters) together with the workshop host partner will arrange workshops. Coordinator will draw
                                       together the findings of component 2 into a coherent report that will be put on the
                                       website and provide support and guidance to the network.
              Involved partners          Each partner will be responsible for producing a case study of their regional context,
              (maximum 350 characters) and programme model(s). Four     of the partners (to be selected in component 1) will host
                                         workshops. Each partner will present at least one workshop.

              Planned results             To increase understanding of the range of programme models operating in Europe at
              (maximum 350 characters) sub-regional    level (<NUTS2). This will facilitate the identification the key issues of good
                                         practice that will be examined in component 3.
              Title (maximum         Identify good practice approaches to the management of Structural Funds and
Component 3   150 characters)        other regeneration programmes
              Strategic focus        To evaluate and identify successful and good practice elements of programme
              (maximum 350 characters) management  and delivery in accordance with regional and sub-regional priorities to
                                     optimise effectiveness, environmental and social benefit (including equalities), and
                                     economic competitiveness.
              Responsible partner Lead partner with support from the Network Steering Group. The network coordinator
              (maximum 350 characters) will facilitate workshops, coordinate commissioning and presentation of evaluations, and
                                       draw together the findings of component 3 into a report that will be posted on the
                                       website and provide support and guidance to the network.
              Involved partners        Each partner will be responsible for identifying their own good practice elements and
              (maximum 350 characters) sharing  these, together with existing evaluation material, with the network through
                                       workshop presentations. Each partner will present at one workshop. Three network
                                       partners will host workshops. SOME ADDITIONAL EVALUATION WORK MAY BE
                                       COMMISSIONED BY PARTNERS
              Planned results           To develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work through the
              (maximum 350 characters) production of a ‘good practice’ report.

              Title (maximum
Component 4   150 characters)
                                     Identify lessons learnt/transferable knowledge

              Strategic focus         To identify successful existing and new approaches for the management and delivery
              (maximum 350 characters) of Structural Funds within regions, which effectively support regional policy and local
                                     priorities. Particularly identify transferable instruments to benefit effective Structural
                                     Funds and other regeneration programme delivery.
              Responsible partner Lead partner with the support of the Network Steering Group, in collaboration with the
              (maximum 350       project coordinator will draw together the findings

              Involved partners       Two partners will host workshops. Each partner will attend workshops. All partners will
              (maximum 350 characters) be responsible for commenting to  the Network Steering Group and the network
                                     coordinator on the identification of transferable lessons and content of a ‘good practice
              Planned results          The awareness of good practice and successful approaches to the management and
              (maximum 350 characters) delivery of Structural Funds, in order to improve and influence the future performance
                                     Structural Funds and regeneration programmes, will be raised. A good practice ‘toolkit’’
                                     will be produced.

              Title (maximum           Dissemination and communication strategy
Component 5   150 characters)

              Strategic focus         To disseminate the network’s findings and report the findings of the project to a wide
              (maximum 350 characters) range of stakeholders (including EU policy makers, Member States, Managing
                                     Authorities, regional and sub-regional organisations and networks,). Also to highlight
                                     partner’s good practice and achievements.
Responsible partner A partner (yet to be selected) will host a final conference. Lead partner will ensure
(maximum 350 characters) website updated and maintained.

Involved partners      Each partner will be responsible for disseminating the conclusions of the network within
(maximum 350 characters) their region and national government. The final conference will allow them to invite
                       representatives to learn about the findings of the network.

Planned results        Convening of a pan-European conference to disseminate network findings and good
(maximum 350 characters) practice recommendations reached. Targeted at regions, sub-regions, Member States
                       and the European Commission, with the aim of influencing policy, practice and make
                       the delivery of Structural Funds and other regeneration initiatives more effective.
                       Updating of web-site with the network’s findings and good practice ‘toolkit’.

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