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									Mario Presentation

By: Derek Lee
        Mario Overview

• Mario is a plumber with only one
  objective; saving Princess Peach
• Mario has been made into many different
  games ranging from an adventure
  against a giant turtle to a race with all his
• The original Super Mario Brothers have
  sold 40.23 million dollars.
      Mario Overview

 Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto
 Mario has many games like its famous
  Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart
 Mario has a whole gang consisting of
  humans, dinosaurs, shy guys and
  mushroom heads.
      History of Games

 The ‘first’ video game was a ‘tennis’ like
  game created in 1958 by Willy
  Higginbotham. It was very simple, just
  one ball, a line for the net and two
 Graphics in the mid 20th century
  consisted of many pixel (tiny squares that
  made up pictures). That’s why many
  graphics were bad.
  The creation of Mario

 That was the same problem in creating
  Mario. The creator, Shigeru simply gave
  him a moustache, a body and a hat.
 Mario was originally called Jumpman.
 The creators of Mario was struggling to
  find a name for their character.
  The creation of Mario.

 It just so happened that the warehouse
  owner which they were working in
  stopped by to collect the rent.
 The owner of the warehouse was called
  Mario Segale.
 This unintentional meeting was the start
  of one of the most influential characters
  in the world of video games.
     The story of Mario

 The first appearance of Mario is in the
  game “ Donkey Kong”.
 The begins with a plumber named Mario.
 He has a pet ape named Donkey Kong.
 Mario mistreats the ape so he kidnaps
  Mario's girlfriend Lady ( who is later
  named Pauline.
     The story of Mario

 Later on, Mario gets a new villain and a
 The princess is named Peach and the
  antagonist is King Koopa (aka Bowser)
 Since then, Mario games are generally all
  the same.
     The Story of Mario

 So each Super Mario Bros game,
  Princess Peach somehow gets
  kidnapped by Bowser
 Bowser kidnaps her to gain control of
  Mario so eventually Bowser could take
  over the Mushroom Kingdom
 Mario has to defeat 8 worlds to
  eventually get to the Bowser castle and
  save Princess Peach.
Original Super Mario Bros
     sold copies sold
Mario games          Copies sold (million)

Super Mario Bros     40.32

Super Mario Bros 2   18

Super Mario Bros 3   10
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