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					                                                                                            August 2010

 Bringing Learning to Life!
                                 Newsbeat                                          This Employment Ontario program is funded
                                                                                   in part by the
                                                                                   Ontario Government

Our Purpose is to help adults in our community improve their basic reading, writing and math skills; to use
these skills in everyday living; to help them reach their goals; and to help them improve their self-esteem.

 Keys to Success
                                on how Moodle can support                                      Inside this issue:
Laubach Conference:
June 25-27, 2010                on-line learning for our
                                                                                                Staff Information         2
                                students. Marilyn Davies
“Keys to Success” was the
                                and I led a workshop on the
theme of this year’s
                                design of tutor training                                        From the Board            3
conference at Wilfrid
                                workshops, and with a group
Laurier University, held the
                                of trainers, there was never
weekend of June 25-27th
                                a dull moment. Joanne Prior                                     Student Stories           4
in Waterloo. We had ten
                                led a workshop on learning
students and six
                                challenges and I know it was                                                              5
practitioners attend. It was                                                                    Challenges
                                very well attended by
a great opportunity to
                                students and practitioners.
meet with old friends and                                                                       Technically Speaking 6
                                And, Gary Porter, a former
to attend some learning
                                student with our Council,
workshops. I personally
                                was also very involved with                                     Coming Events             7
got a lot of useful
                                Board activities and with
information from the two
                                student groups. All in all, it
workshops I attended—                                                                           Road to Reading &         8
                                was a very busy and fun-filled
one on the new HST and
how that will benefit our       weekend for our members.       Connie & Mike page 5             & Spelling Bee
organization and the other       Connie

 Hard work recognized
Annual General Meeting May 17, 2010
This year’s annual general meeting and awards dinner was
held at the Sheba Shrine. Because of the additional
Ministry funding, we were able to provide the dinner free
for all of our volunteers as a small token of our
appreciation. We presented nineteen volunteers with cer-
tificates for hours of tutoring service and nine other
volunteers for five or ten years of service. A huge thank
you to our many volunteers for all their efforts. We could
not do what we do without you!
It is hard to believe that it was the 31st anniversary of our
beginnings. Staff had put together a PowerPoint
presentation of the year in review and this was followed by a delicious roast beef buffet. After a short annual meeting, we
reached the highlight of the evening—the student and volunteer awards. Four students received certificates of recognition
for their volunteer efforts with the council, and eleven students received certificates of achievement. It was very moving to
hear the students tell their stories and how far they had come. Many of us had a tear or two in our eyes, but we are so
proud of them all! Connie
         Page 2                                                     Staff Information
Office Hours
Monday        9am to 9pm            Welcome Leigh, Good Luck Stephanie!
Tuesday           9am to 9pm
Wednesday 9am to 9pm
Thursday      9am to 9pm            We would like to welcome        Council life and is currently become an elementary
                                    Leigh Wallace who has           tutoring as well as becoming school teacher.
Friday            9am– 4pm          joined our staff as an Out-     a tutor trainer.              Stephanie’s reflec-
Office Staff                        reach Co-ordinator. Leigh
                                    has been tutoring students                                    tions on page 6.
Connie Morgan                                                       We are sorry to say good-
                                    at Camphill and with the
Marlene Clement                     SOS program. She will be        bye to Stephanie whom we
                                    taking over Stephanie’s         have come to love. We will
Karena Holgate
                                    Ontario Works program           miss all of her stories and
Marilyn Davies                      and independent student         her quirky sense of humour,
                                    hours starting in the fall as   and hope that she will
Judy DesRoches
                                    well as continuing her          maintain close contact with
Leigh Wallace                       outreach activities. Leigh is   the Council. We wish her
Contact Information                 enthusiastic about getting      the best in her university
                                    involved in all aspects of      course as she studies to
Phone: 705 728-7323
Web:              Dreamweaver                    Ministry Visit                 Renovations
Email: barrie_literacy@
                                    Karena has been learning        Staff is preparing for a       During the summer we are                         how to use Dream                Ministry monitoring visit in   happy to say that we have
Fax: 705 728-7155                   Weaver and has designed         October. Please check your     completed the carpeting
                                    a new Web page for the          learning plans and make sure   and flooring. A big thank-
                                    spelling bees. We are           they are up-to-date. If not,   you to Gary Porter and
Suite #244                          happy to be able to make        talk to Judy or Connie and     those students who helped
80 Bradford Street                  changes from the office         we will make up a new one      us move all the furniture
                                    as needed now.                  for you. We will be looking    out of the rooms and back
Barrie, Ontario                                                     for student-tutor pairs to     in again. I hope that you
L4N 6S7                                                             talk to Sophie and Sandra.     like the fresh new look.
                                                                    We appreciate everyone’s
Editor: Walter Froese                                               co-operation.

                                                          Internal Communications: Ausma Ozolins
Board of Directors
                                                          Tutor Training:                     Joanne Prior
Chair:               Susan Lee
                                                          Planning and Evaluation:            Barbara McCahery
Vice-Chair: Jane Hobson
                                                          Student Liaison:                    Ken Faulkner
Secretary:           Vivian Stone
                                                          Social:                             Jane Hobson
Treasurer:           Barb Slobodian
                                                          Fundraising:                        Joan Rothon
Past Chair: Gary Porter
                                                          Member-at-Large:                    Jennifer Armenise
Committee Chairs                                          Volunteer Management:               Alanda Theriault
Finance:                 Gord Slemin
                                                          Technology:                         Luci Furtado
Public Relations: Rob Shepard
       Page 3                                        Messages from the Board
From the Chair
Welcome back to everyone after a            office at 728-7323 for information       See the article inside about other
glorious summer. It is hard to believe      or visit our website at :                fundraising events for later this
September is almost upon us once          year – lots of volunteers needed!
again.                                      Registration is $120.00 per team,
September 7th will see the office           with a grand prize of $1,000.00!
                                            Lots of fun was had by all during last   Our very best wishes to Stephanie
return to the regular hours, Monday                                                  Duprey! As you may know,
to Thursday 9:00AM to 9:00PM and            years’ event.
                                                                                     Stephanie has gone on to become
Friday 9:00AM to 4PM. Everyone is           Road to Reading is another annual        a student herself with enrollment
looking forward to a busy new               event we have been associated with
                                            for many years. This year, it will be    in a degree program in education.
learning year!
                                            held on September 26th at Sunnidale      A warm welcome to
During September, The Barrie                                                         Leigh Wallace. I know you will
Literacy Council is gearing up for fall     Park. We are looking for anyone
                                            who can volunteer to help out.           find staff, volunteers and students
annual events. Registration for the 2nd
annual 50+ Spelling Bee is available        Road to Reading is an important          friendly, helpful and eager.
now until September 15th. If you            event to raise awareness of literacy     A reminder to the Board that our
know of a group or individual who           and to ensure our youth get going        first meeting is September 20th.
may want to put a group together for        on the right road to learning.
                                                                                     Susan Lee
the Bee, please have them call the
Fundraising– Lots of Excitement, Fun and Camaraderie!
In addition to the Spelling Bees, we have two fundraising projects which will call for participation from everyone.
 Number One is going to be our Second Annual Craft Show on Friday, November 5th-9:30 am to 2:30pm. This was
quite successful last year, especially the BAKING TABLE, which of course we will have again this year. Preserves,
Jams, Honey and Chutneys all sold out, so I am looking forward to getting plenty of these items. We are really
hoping for more Craft Items this year. The dishcloths went very well but do remember they have to be sold for
$1.00 or $1.50 each, and please don’t use red because the dye runs! Knitting is another good seller. We would like
items and goodies delivered on Thursday the 4th of November.
Closer to the date I will put a sign up sheet out for Volunteers to help on the 4th and 5th. If you have any ques-
tions or suggestions please call me - Joan @ 436-2157
 Number Two is a new project for us. We have been asked to host the Luncheon at the Midhurst Home
Tour. We will be working out of the Midhurst United Church on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 28th. For this project I
will need a commitment from people that they will provide a loaf of wrapped uncut sandwiches, or squares - sweet
breads i.e. Banana bread, date loaf, date squares, butter tarts etc.
 We will have a sign up sheet at Marlene’s desk, probably after school starts back, or again you can call me at
436-2157 if you are not in the office very much. It is very important that this goes off smoothly since it is our first
time - if all goes well we would like to be invited back.
Because this event is on a Sunday, we will open the office on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27th 9:30 to 11:30 am to
receive contributions. Again, I will need volunteers to take a shift on Saturday to sell some tickets and Sunday to
serve and work in the kitchen. Joan

Lets’ Speak Out!                      work that you are doing!                       activity very rewarding. Whatever
Are you a student, tutor or volunteer In order to promote our Council and            it is, we want to hear from you.
with the Council? Are you willing to get more tutors and students involved,          Please submit your name and
be interviewed about how the Coun- we want to tell your story to the                 contact information to the office
cil has changed your life? We don't   community. You may be a student                for the Public Relations Chair,
have to give out your name- we just who has used your new skills to get a            Rob Shepard.
want to tell everyone about the great job. You may be a tutor who finds the          Thanks for helping out!
                                                                                                       Page 4
                     Student Stories

The Tree That Talks              by Erica A.
It was a sunny summer        about my dog. After
day, when my dog went        going around in circles        out I took my dog to
charging after a squirrel.   for about 10 minutes, I        the vet and told him
I ran after them and         decided as scared as I         what had happened in
found myself deep in the     was, I had to back and         the forest. He told me I
forest. That’s when I        talk to the tree. When I       needed to see my
realized I was lost. Sud-    got there I said “hello”       doctor. I took his
denly, I heard a voice       and asked “Have you            advice and went to my
asking “Are you lost?” I     seen my dog and can you        doctor and explained to
looked around and saw a      tell me how I can get out      him what happened in
short tree with not a lot    of the forest?” He told        the forest. After
of branches talking to       me where my dog was            hearing me out he
me. I ran off so fast all    and how to get out of          booked me into a
you could see was dust                                      mental hospital, where I
                             the forest. When I got
behind me. I forgot all                                     was put on medication.

My Trip to the Kitchener-Waterloo Conference by Tina A.
On June 25, I attended a conference in Kitchener-Waterloo. This was my first time. We left Barrie around 9:30
am and arrived there around 12:30 pm. I then got my keys to the room, then went to my first class called “True
Colours”. It was a lot of fun.
I went to another class called “Go For It”. Afterward, it was time for supper. When supper was finished Elly and I
went for a walk to see the animals, but it was too dark to see them. I came back and talked to other people who
were there, then I went to bed at around 1:00 am. The bed was hard and I couldn’t sleep well.
I woke up at about 7:00 am and had a shower. Then I went for breakfast and to another class. I had a lot of fun
and the people were really nice. They want me to come back again next year and I said “I will try”.
When I got home I had a shower and went to bed. Boy, I was tired! I slept until Monday at 10:30 am. I hope I can
go again next year!
                                                     Things you do in the Summer by Joanne H .
Kitchener-Waterloo Conference
                                                         Ants crawl in the sum-        People eat different types
by Elly L.                                               mertime. People have          of meat on the barbeque.
                                                         barbecues in the back-         People like to play differ-
I had fun at the conference in Kitchener, Water-         yard or parks. Children
loo. I went for a walk and saw some animals in a                                       ent net sports. When I
                                                         play longer outside in the    hiked I heard an owl in
park. I saw a pig and a peacock and donkeys and          summer. Dogs and cats
deer. On Saturday night for the banquet the                                            the forest. When we get
                                                         breathe differently in the    to the park we hear
centerpieces were pretty. After dinner, awards           summer. People make
were given out to Mike and Connie. We were                                             animal sounds. I like to
                                                         cool ice drinks in the
happy for them. I met some new people and                                              hear the geese in the sky.
                                                         summer and take long
everyone was nice to all the students. The work          holidays. If you have a
shops were good for me - the workshop helped             good windy day you’ll see
me with A.D.D. I want to go again. I did karaoke
                                                         kites in the air.
and it was fun. It was good to go away from Barrie
                                                         People get very lazy.
for the weekend.
                                  Challenges                                                          Page 5

Math Challenge
This is your chance to get $5.00 to spend at Lindy’s Café by solving the math problem described below.

  The Situation:                       • Check the menu for prices              Lindy’s Menu
  You want to buy a friend a           • Decide on the things you can           Coffee: S-$1.00 M-$1.20
  drink and a treat at Lindy’s.          buy                                    L-$1.30
  You want to get something            • You may spend less than
  for yourself as well. You                                                     Bottle of water—$1.00
                                         $5.00 but not more
  have $5.00 to spend. Your                                                     Can of pop—$1.25
  friend decides on a can of           • Write down the math
                                                                                Bottle of pop—$2.00
  pop and chips. What can                 calculations
  you order for yourself?                                                       Juice—$1.50
                                       • Hand in your completed prob-
  Instructions:                                                                 Chips—$1.25
                                         lem to Marlene
  You can discuss the math             • The first three persons with           Chocolate bars—$1.25
  problem with your tutor or             the correct answers will get           Muffin—$1.25
  teacher.                               $5.00 to spend at Lindy’s              Cookie—$1.00

Congratulations to Connie and Mike                                             Special Olympics
From page #1
There are two awards given each      made Connie an easy choice to
year at the conference by Laubach    receive this honour.
Literacy Ontario, and both were
won by members of The Barrie         The second award is The Arnie
Literacy Council!                    Stewart Award and is given to a
                                     student who has made significant
One award, The Lana Faessler         achievements while at their home
Award is given to a staff person     council, has overcome barriers, is a
who has demonstrated outstanding role model for other students to
dedication to the cause of literacy. follow and has given back to his/her
This was won by our own Executive council by helping to raise
Director, Connie Morgan. Some of awareness around literacy. The
the criteria for this award are that winner this year is Mike M. and is
the winner has to have shown a       well deserved. Mike is now enrolled
dedication to their agency and to    at The Orillia Learning Centre and is
advancing the cause of literacy in   continuing to make great progress.
their community, will have                                                          Barb A.
generated initiatives in their       Both recipients gave great                On July 12, 2010 I travelled to
community that raised awareness      acceptance speeches at the                London, ON for the Summer
and/or funds for their agency and    conference, and have inspired             Games. I was chosen to participate
will have also accrued volunteer     others to promote the cause for           in a bowling competition. It was a
hours over and above his/her work literacy and achieve their personal          fun and enjoyable experience for
schedule through tutoring, training, best.                                     me.
public awareness campaigns, fund                                               Our team won a bronze medal! It
raising events or committee work. We are so proud of you both!                 was exciting to be part of Team
As many of you are aware, this                                                 Ontario!!!!
                        Technically Speaking                                                                    Page 6

Computer Classes
Wow! What a busy              for tutors and staff. If you
spring and summer we          are interested in taking
have had! In April we         this course, please let us
went from having 11           know.
computers to 24. Come         Needless to say, we
September, that number        wouldn’t be able to offer
will increase to 26. That’s   such an essential service
just the hardware part of     without our volunteer
the story, though.            instructors: John Bicknell,
Beginning in May, we          Carl Persaud and Chris
started computer basics
training courses, and so      Ruel.
far, we are into our third    Thank you!
session for students and      Judy
have completed a session                                           Very first group: (L to R) Maj, Shirlene, Steven,
                                                                   Instructor John, and Bill
Website Changes
With some input from Sponsors, technical support from
‘computergeeksoncall’, and the learning of a website design
                                                                         Computers : Off or On?
program, Karena and I have updated the 50+ Spelling Bee                  Please leave the computers on when you
website. It is clean, and quick to find the information people           are finished.
will be looking for. The kid’s spelling bee site is next on the          Our security scans run at night.
list. Let us know what you think!

Stephanie is sad to leave from page 2
It is with such mixed feelings that I    people. Everyone that works here             be at the Council as a volunteer, and
say goodbye to my students and           really works here for the right              I will still pick up the water jugs for
co-workers here at the Literacy          reasons. We are all passionate               the front office, and buy supplies for
Council. I am ending my                  about literacy. I am starting a one          the student run snack attack.
employment at the Council as the         year program for teacher’s college           Many thanks for all of the friendship,
Independent Student Mentor.              at Lakehead University in Orillia.           encouragement, patience and love I
During my five plus years here I         I have had this goal for many                have been shown here. I have
have often wondered if I have            years, and have tried many times             honestly never had a better working
learned more from the students           to be accepted to teachers college
than they have learned from me.          unsuccessfully. Therefore, I must
I have never had a job where I           realize how fortunate I am to have           Stephanie
have learned so much about               this opportunity although leaving a
education and so much about              job I love is very difficult. I will still

From your editor: I hope you have noticed some changes in our newsletter and that you will take a few
moments to think about how it could be improved in the future. The changes in layout were made to organise
content into recurring themes in order to make information easier to find. I hope you took the “Math Challenge”
and that if you have suggestions for other literacy challenges you will let me know. I hope we can make your
newsletter more interactive. You can provide feedback using the contact information on page 2 and addressing it to
       Page 7                                         Coming Events

Children’s Books needed!!                                   Serendipity Boat Cruise
For our book sale at the Road to Reading Festival and       We have decided to take an evening boat cruise on the
our Christmas bazaar, we are in need of young               Serendipity Princess instead of a Council barbecue this
children’s books that are still in good condition. If you   year. We will subsidize the cost for students out of the
have any books appropriate for children (baby-5 years),     student fund; however, if students sign up and don’t show
please bring them into the office during the summer.        up, they will be charged the $12.50 cost.
We sell these books at our used book sales in
                                                            We will ask for $10.00 from volunteers.
September and November, and young children’s books
are the best sellers!!                                      Sign up at the office.
Thank you in advance.                                       Date: September15, 2010
                                                            Place: Meet at The Barrie Dock at the foot of Bayfield St.
                                                            Time: 6:30pm
Student Group Activities
                                                            Hope to see everyone there!
At the end of March the      and everyone had a great
student group went           time. We are hoping to
bowling at the Bayfield      plan a trip in the near
                                                            Tutor Training Workshops
Mall. This was followed      future— Surprise! look         Day Tutor Training Workshops
by pizza, pop and chips.     for the trip on this page.     Session 1: will be offered Thursdays from 9:30am. to
And then in April, we         A student meeting was         12:30, September 16, 23, and 30th; and October 7, 14,
went to the Putting Edge     held on April 19th to          concluding on the 21st.
to play Glow in the Dark     further discuss student
mini-golfing. Bill had the                                  Session 2: will be offered Thursdays from 9:30am. to
lowest score. We had         group activities.
                                                            12:30, October 28; November 4, 11, 18, 25; finishing
pizza and pop afterwards,    Ken Faulkner
                                                            December 2.

Second Annual Craft Show                                    Evening Tutor Training Workshops will run
If any of you will be making jams or preserves this         Tuesdays 7 p.m. to 9:30 pm October 19, 26; and
summer, please put aside a jar or two for our               November 2 and 9. Full day training session: Saturday,
Christmas sale. When making fruit pies, please              October 16, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
remember us. And if you are at all crafty, please
consider knitting or making something for our               Please note: For the Tutor Training Workshops a
craft table over the summer. We are hoping that,            volunteer application needs to be completed and
with your help, we can make the sale even more              a $15.00 fee to hold the spot.
successful than last year.
                                                            IF YOU TOOK A TUTOR TRAINING WORKSHOP IN
Joan Rothon                                                 WINTER/SPRING 2001, there will be Follow-up Workshop
                                                            Sessions on either Friday, September 10, 2010 from 9:30
                                                            a.m. to 11:00 a.m. OR Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from
                                                            7 p.m.– 8:30 p.m.

                                                            LUNCH and LEARN: Friday, October 15, Noon to 1p.m.
                                                            TOPIC: Money Management
                                                            Evening Supplementary Workshop , Thursday, November
                                                            18, 2010 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
                                                            TOPIC: New Resources.

                                                            Please call the Council Office at (705) 728 – 7323
                                                            to reserve your spot.
           Page 8

                                        Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010
                                        Place: Sunnidale Park, Barrie
                                        Time: 10am to 2pm
                                        Volunteers Needed:
                                           Children’s Activities
                                           Registration Table
                                           Food Service
                                           Set-up and Clean-up

50+ Team Spelling Bee
 Don’t let a chance to win awesome cash prizes
 while having a ton of fun pass you by!

 If you missed it last year, the 50+ Team Spelling
 Bee turned out to be a hive full of fun (see the
 November 2009 newsletter). Just make a team
 of 3 or 4 people – or, register as a single, and
 we will match you with a team. In fact, the teams made up of singles last
 year were quite successful, winning second and third places.
 This year, we have increased the number of pardons to 4, meaning four
 chances to misspell but still stay in the game!

 Go to for all the registration and event infor-
 Register by September 15; Event date October 16.

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