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									                  HFL Contract Hire Proposal Form
                      Personal Contract Hire
Tel 01484 308008 Fax 01484 362145 email:contracthire@ntlworld.com
Full Name & Address               Bank Name

Time at Address     Yrs    Mths
Tel No                                Sort Code:
email                                 Account No:
Date of Birth                         Employers Name & Address

Married / Single / LWP

Home Owner / Tenant

                                      Time at Employers Yrs Mths
Previous Address (if less than 3      Previous Employers Name &
years at current address)             Address (if less than 3 years with
                                      current employer)

Time at Address Yrs Mths               Time at Employers Yrs Mths
HFL Contract Hire will assume that on receipt of the completed proposal
form permission has been given to allow HFL to carry out credit reference
services on the individuals named in the proposal form

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