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_Document _09-20_


									                                                                               (Document #11-65)

                     LMxAC Office
                    October 27, 2011
Ingrid Bruck –Long Branch
Mary Faith Chmiel – Red Bank
Joe Da Rold – Plainfield
Chuck Dolan – Middlesex Community College
Irene Goldberg - Monroe
May Lein Ho – Middlesex Public

Chris Carbone – South Brunswick
Sara Hansen – Old Bridge

Eileen M. Palmer
Elisa Bash
The meeting was called to order at 9:42 am by President Mary Faith Chmiel.
APPROVAL THE AGENDA: (Document#11-56)
There was no modification to the agenda. Joe Da Rold moved to approve the October agenda.
Irene Goldberg seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.

May Lein Ho moved to approve minutes of the September 22, 2011 meeting. Irene Goldberg
seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: (Document#11-58)
Irene Goldberg presented the Budget Report for September 2011. In the aged receivable report,
Eileen noted that most of the over 90 receivables had been paid. She expressed that we are in
good shape. The Treasurer’s Report was filed for audit.

Eileen Palmer reviewed the bill list for October, 2011 (Document#11-59). The check to
ChiliFresh Enterprises is for annual renewal of the ChiliFresh subscription. The check to
Cooperative Computer Services, a consortia located in Chicago is for reimbursement of catering
and miscellaneous supplies for the SirsiDynix Special Interest Group meeting. The check to
Oracle is for maintenance on the iBistro server. It will be the last payment since we no longer use
it. Joe Da Rold moved to approve the October 2011 bill list. Chuck Dolan seconded the motion.
All members were in favor. The motion carried. The check to SirsiDynix in the amount of
$85,000 under the Development fund is for the one-time payment of SaaS migration fees. Irene
Goldberg moved to approve the payment to SirsiDynix out of the Development fund account.
May Lein Ho seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.
                        LMxAC Executive Board Meeting – October 27, 2011                   2
DIRECTOR’S REPORT: (Document#11-60) Eileen Palmer presented a written director’s
report to the board. Eileen mentioned that Data and Circ policy updates will be discussed later
during the meeting. She mentioned that several thousand missing items from inventories were
cleaned up before the migration to SaaS. However, during the process we mistakenly removed
records from one of the libraries. We were able to restore those records from a quarterly back up
tape on the old production server. Eileen mentioned that Ed Miller, part-time Tech service
assistant relocated to Rhode Island. It was decided to combine the Computer Operators position
with the Tech Services Assistant at a rate of $12.50/hr. We will be adding hours to our current
operator, Patrick Murphy‘s schedule. Patrick will be starting library school and this new position
will provide good experience for him. Eileen spoke about her attendance at this year’s Consortia
SIG meeting held in Chicago during October 12-14. She found the information obtained during
the meetings to be very valuable. She reported on a planned Facebook application and a
discovery layer product called, “Enterprise.” She noted that staff were working on a timeline for
the upgrade to Symphony 3.4. We experienced compressor failure from our computer room air
conditioning unit. The compressor usually has a 5 year warranty and we already passed the 5
year mark. Airdex had quoted approximately $5,000 for an upgrade and mentioned that duct
work would need to be modified if we replaced the unit. We are coming upon winter months and
have already shut off our Sun Server; there is no great urgency to replace the cooling system.
Eileen wanted to check to see if the new UPS installation would affect the heat in the room. She
would like to investigate other options as well. She announced the new UPS will be installed
next Monday and all equipment will be off between 7:30am-10:00am. Michael Bagileo will
begin upgrading the SAM server to SAM 9.0 software later in the week as well as begin moving
libraries over to the new version starting with the Plainfield library. Eileen worked with
Spotswood Library Board to help find and hire a new Director. Spotswood hired Mary Ellen
Piel. Eileen expressed that she was delighted to work with the Spotswood board during this

   a. Circulation Policies Revisions (Document#11-61): The original policy was reviewed at
      the General membership meeting. It has been tweaked to reflect existing practices. The
      area underlined throughout the document will be removed from the policy. In the User
      Registration Data Entry section, User names should be entered in all caps will be deleted
      as well. Irene Goldberg moved to approve and submit the Standardized Policies and
      Practices for Circulation document. Chuck Dolan seconded the motion. All members
      were in favor. The motion carried.

   b. Database Maintenance Polices Revisions (Document#11-62): This document was
      reviewed at the General Membership meeting. It has been revised to reflect existing
      practices. The items underlined reflect what will be added to the policy that includes:
      Claims Lost items and Lost and Paid items. Joe Da Rold moved to approve the Database
      Maintenance Guidelines document. May Lein Ho seconded the motion. All members
      were in favor. The motion carried.

   a. Executive Director Evaluation – Irene Goldberg moved to go into executive session. May
      Lein Ho seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried. The
      meeting went into Executive session at 10:15am. The Board moved out of Executive
      Session at 10:30am. The Board made a motion to give Eileen a 2.5% increase effective
      retro July 1, 2011. The Board indicated that it was concerned that the salary level of the
      Executive Director had fallen below similar positions in New Jersey and that a salary
      adjustment should be made. Eileen indicated her concern that there were other LMxAC
                          LMxAC Executive Board Meeting – October 27, 2011               3
       positions that also required salary adjustments to remain competitive. The Board agreed
       to delay the salary adjustment for the Executive Director position until January 2012 and
       to review other positions in 2012. The Board moved to approve the Executive Director
       2.5% increase as well as $5,000 salary base increase effective January 1, 2012. All
       members were in favor. The motion carried.

   b. Patron Data Retention Policy (Document#11-63) Eileen reviewed the policy with the
      Board. She expressed that it is helpful to keep a retention policy for all Circulation,
      System and SAM patron records. Eileen spoke about retaining two years of the
      Transaction history log that would be helpful with troubleshooting problems. The SAM
      daily patron logs will be retained for a month. The member libraries had no concerns with
      this policy. She expressed that it is good to have it in writing. Chuck Dolan moved to
      approve the LMxAC Patron Data Retention Policy. May Lein Ho seconded the motion.
      All members were in favor. The motion carried.

   c. Investment Update: The Finance committee met to discuss the direction to proceed with
      investments as well as listen to a presentation presented by a representative of Smith
      Barney. The representative discussed safe ways to invest, levels of monitoring
      investments and the nature of Smith Barney reports. The Committee members will look
      into other investment firms as well. They will move forward with devising an investment
      policy including goals and yearly reviews. Members of the committee included Irene,
      Joe, Mary Faith, Sara and Eileen. Eileen noted that Robert White of BCCLS utilizes NJ
      Cash Management as its current investment firm. She will look into other public entities
      like other consortia and foundations for more samples and investment information.


Irene Goldberg moved to adjourn the October meeting. Joe Da Rold seconded the motion. All
members were in favor. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:00am.
The next meeting will be held directly after the General Membership meeting at the Monroe
Township Library on December 16, 2011.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ingrid Bruck, Secretary

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