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					                                 CITY     OF IJOOKOI]IT MOI'NrAIN,                  GEORGTA

                                        oRDrNAr{cE .
                                                No                    lt 4
                                                    AI{ ORDINANCE

            To amend ordinance                No. 25 prescribing                    a zoning         plan     for     the
 t,erritory         within        the     corporate         l-imits      of    the     city     of    Lookout
 Mrcuntain and to                add thereto         a single           Family/church_Related
 D:istrict,         to delineate             the boundaries              of    said     district,           Lo s€t
 forth       the    uses permitted             in    said        district,          and for      other

            BE rr    ORDATNEDby the                 council        of    the    city     of     r_,ookout
 Mountain,          Georgia,           and fT IS HEREBy ORDAfNED:

            Section       l-.    Article      III,      Section          tO-2,       on page 7 of
 Or:dinance No. 25 is                   amended by deleting                   the    first      seven 1ines           of
 seiid sectj-on           (excluding         the heading            of    the       section)         and
 substituting             in    lieu     thereof      the     following:

                   For_ the- purposes enumerated in this chapter,    the
            city   is hereby divided into five districts.       The use,
            height,   area, etc.,    regulat,ions are uniform within  each
            district,    and such districts     shaLl be known as:

                    Single       Family      Dist.rict

                    Tourist       Oriented          CommerciaL District

                    Community Convenience                   CommerciaL District

                    Multiple        Family     Dwel1ing            District.

                    Single       Family/Church-Re1ated                   Dist.rict,
         section          2.     section      l-o-2 of ordinance                    No. 25 is        further
amended by the                 addition      thereto        of     a new paragraph               (E),       setting
forth       the boundaries              of   the     single        Family/church-Related
District,           ds follows:

                    (E)        Sinqle     Family/Church-Related.                    nistrict.
                (i)   A11 those tractrs or parcels of land lying and
         being in original     t-,and Lot, Nos. 18 and t-9 in th6 tenth
         District    and Fourth section of war-ker county, Georgia,
         and being l-,ot Nos. 2L, 22, 23, and,24, in the T. G.
         McFarland Estate subdivision        on r-,ookout Mountain,  as
         shgwn by plat of record in Deed Book 11, page 564,
         office    of the cl-erk of superior    court of watker county,
         Georgla, being the property        of Our Lady of the Mount
         Catholic    Church.   According to a survey drawing
         prepared by Hopkins Surveying,        Inc.,  dated lfuIy te,
         1-998, for the catholic      Diocese of Atlanta,    said Lots
         are further    described by metes and bounds as follows:

         BEGTNNTNG    at an iron pin at the eastern corner of the
         intersection    between two roads now known as scenic
         Highway and McFarl-and Road; thence running North 33

             d e g r e e s 5 0 m i - n u t e s r - 1 -s e c o n d s E a s t
                                                                            a10'g the eastern
             right       of way rine of scenic ii-gh*"y,                       a distance     of
             754.12 feet t9." point; thence-Ieaiing
            right        of way rine of scenic lrighr"y,                       south 55 degrees
            34 minutes oo seconds East, - di"tance
                                                                                 of s67.42 feet
            to a point;         thence south 58 degrees 36 minutes
            seconds west,, a dist.ance of z+'o.zg feet                                      58
            thence south_4g degrees 25 minutes 29
                                                                                seconds west, a
            distance of 2L0.59 feet to a poini;                              thence south 23
           degrees 09 minutes r-B seconds'w."i,                              a distance of 98.13
            feet to a point;                thence North 55 degrees gt--*irr,rt."
           seconds west, a distance of r-oo feet to a point;                                      oo
           South 28 degrees OO minute                                                          thence
           of 294.3G feet to a point
           line of McFarland nolai th,
           of way lj-ne of McFarland Rr
           minutes 34 seconds West, a
           point;         thence continuing- along the eastern right                           of way
           line of McFarland Road, North 27 degrees or-
                                                                                       minutes 49
           seconds west, a di-stance of r42.gr ieet to the porNT

                  (ii)   A1l that tract or parcel of rand lying and
           being in walker county, ceorgia,    being p"ri  oi-originar
           Land Lot No. 1, 9th Districtl    +th seciibn,  being the
           property    of the Lookout Mountain united uethodist
           Church, described as follows:

            BEGTNNTNG  at an iron pin on the southern line of
           McFarland Avenue at the northeast     corner of the T. F.
           McFarLand l-ands; thence south 7G degrees og minutes
           East a chord distance of 245 feet t5 an iron pir;
           thence North GO degrees 10 minutes East a chord
           distance of 1t-5 feet to an iron pin in the wesiern
           of the l-.,uLaLake Road; thence soirttr og degrees 57
           minutes west along the Lula Lake Road 207 feet to a
           point;  thence continuing  along the Lula r_,ake Road south
           1-1 degrees 06 minutes west tzg feet, more or Iess,
           an iron pin in the northern    1ine of a land; tfr""".
           south 88 degrees 37 minutes west along the northern
           line of said l-and 103 feet, more or l6ss, to an iron
           pin; thence south gg degrees 37 minutes west 1G3
           to an iron pin; thence North or- degree 2g minutes west
           along a fence l_ine 348.5 feet to tfie point of

           section      3.     section    L0-2 of ordinance             No. 2s is       further
amr:nded by deleting               from paragraph            (A) thereof      the properE,y
derscribed        in    new paragraph         (E) above.

           section      4.     Article    rv of ordinance           No . 25 is      amended by
ad<ling thereto              a new section      1,0-s.2,      setting      forth    the uses
permj-tted       in     the    Single    family,/Church-Related             District,       Ers

             section            1o-5. 2--sinqle        Familv/churc,h-Related

                  (A)        Uses permitted:
                  (1)        AIi- uses permitted        in    the single       Famiry District.
                    Churches and church-related                     uses, including   chr1rch
       Iolglip    facilities,    c h u r c h pra rs sd e n c e sl,s ,
                                             - e i i h hal              church educatiorr
       buildings,     pastoral / crergy                               church parking lot,s,

220927 I
                 church gardens, church memorial gardens
                 ashes on1y, and uses customarily"incident                                             for the interment     of
                                                                                                          to-trre foregoing.
                 section         5'        The single           Family/church-Rel-ated                               District         and
     al-L strucLures                  contained           therein           and uses made thereof                             shaLl        be
     subject        to     the        same Height           and Area Regulations                                as those           provided
    f,cr the        Single            Family        District          (set        forth         in    Section              1-O_7 f
    o:rdinance           No . 25, as amended) , 4S amended or
                                                                                                      supplemented                  by
    Section         l_0-10.1 of Ordinance No. 25.

                 section        5.         severabir-ity.              rf    any of         the sections,
    subsections,                sentences,               cl-auses or phrases                    of     this          ordinance             are
   for          any reason           held     to be unconstitutionar_                           or     invalid,              t,he
   verlidity         of        the    remaining           portions           of     this        ordinance                  shaLl     n.t       be
   af:fected,            since        it     is    the express              intent         of        the    council           of     ttre
   city         to pass each section,                      phrase,           paragraph                and word separately.
                Section         7.                                                              .      It       is    the     inten.tion
  of      the     council            and it        is    hereby       ordained            that         the provisions                    of
  this          ordinance            shalr- become and be made a part                                      of    the       code of
  ordinances              of     the       city     of    Lookout Mountain,                         Georgia,           and the
  sections          of     this        ordinance           may be renumbered to                             accomplish              such

                Section        8.      Repeal_er.           AI1 ordinances                      or parts              of    ordinances
  in     confl-ict         herewith               are hereby          repealed.
                Section        9.      Effective           Date.        This        Ordinance                   shall_ be
 eflEective          ten         (10) days after                its     adoption            by at               l_east three             (3)
 mernbers of             the        Council        of     the   City        after      two           (2) readings               at
 leerst one           (f-) week apart.

                       ON             ON                                      T^LY                   23              , 1998.

22092',tlv. I
                                                       ON                 . 1998.

                                            Member of   City   Councff-

         I                             4

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