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 Connections                                                  Lewis and Clark
114 W. Broad Street • Richmond, VA 23220
         Toll free (800) 235 - 8687                                         by Kathryn Schultz Miller

               Virginia SOLs
 Lewis and Clark is presented in                                         “Ocean in View! Oh! The Joy!
 support of the following Virginia                                    We behold with astonishment the high
 Standards of Learning in English:
 2.3, 2.8, 3.1, 3.6, 4.4, 4.5, 5.5, 5.6,
                                                                       waves dashing against the rocks and
 6.4, 6.5, 7.5, 7.6, 8.6; and in Social                                       this immense ocean.”
 Studies: 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8, 3.6, USI.1,                                                  - William Clark
 USI.2, USI.8, USII.1, USII.2.

 Activities in this guide support curriculum in grades 2-8.

             Think About it...
                                                              Meriwether Lewis                         William Clark
                                                              was born in Albemarle County,            the red-haired co-captain of the
 Lewis and Clark were not alone                               Virginia, on August 18, 1774.            Corps of Discovery, was born
                                                              Lewis joined the U.S. Army in            on August 1, 1770. During
 on their journey across the new                              1794, and rose to the rank of            Clark’s tenure with the U.S.
 territory. Learn about the mem-                              Captain by 1800. In early                Army, he “learned how to build
                                                              1801, President Jefferson                forts, draw maps, lead pack
 bers of the Corps of Discovery
                                                              appointed Lewis his personal             trains through enemy country,
 by logging on to                                             secretary. Lewis planned the             and fight the Indians on their
 www.pbs.org/lewisand                                         expedition to explore the West,          ground.” Physically, Clark was
                                                              which was approved by                    prepared for the trek. He was
 clark/inside/index.html.                                     Congress in early 1803. He               over six feet tall and had a
                                                              was in superb physical condi-            strong and muscular frame.
                                                              tion, and given his military             Additionally, he was able to
             Ask Yourself...
                                                              experience, he was flexible,             elicit valuable information from
                                                              loyal, and disciplined. He was a         native tribes during the expedi-
 Who do you think played the                                  talented writer with a knack for         tion, which he recorded in his
 most important role in the                                   writing detailed accounts of his         journal.
                                                              keen observations.
 success of the journey?
   The Louisiana Territo
                                                                              “Let the land rejoice, for
The Louisiana Purchase                                                                       - General Horatio Ga

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson feared that
France might interfere with trade in the
port of New Orleans. So, he sent James
Monroe and Robert Livingston to France
to discuss the possibility of purchasing
the port of New Orleans. Much to the
Americans’ surprise, French leader
Napolean Bonaparte offered the entire
Louisiana Territory to the United States.
The envoy lacked Constitutional authority
to purchase the entire territory, but as they
could not very well return to the U.S. to
discuss the matter, the American representa-
tives agreed. The expansive territory
extended from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico
and from the Mississippi River to the Rocky
Mountains. The lot was sold for a total of
nearly fifteen million dollars, which was what
                                                   The Goals
Monroe and Livingston were prepared to pay
                                                   1. Map the rivers,
for the port of New Orleans! It was an
                                                   2. Befriend the natives,
extraordinary bargain at four cents an acre.
                                                   3. Open the West to trade, and
                                                   4. Look for a Northwest Passage (to the sea)
The Expedition
President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and
Clark, as well as the rest of the Corps of               Research this...
Discovery, West to explore the territory bought
from France under the Louisiana Purchase.         What present-day states were part of the
                                                  Louisiana Purchase?
ry: A Bargain                                                                         Questions

                                                                             Use the map and other Social
                                                                             Studies resources to answer the
 you have bought Louisiana for a song.”                                      following questions.
ates to President Thomas Jefferson, July 18th, 1803

                                                                             1. What types of landforms did
                                                                             the Lewis and Clark Expedition
                                                                             likely encounter?

                                                                             2. Find St. Louis. In 1804, it
                                                                             was a frontier outpost. How
                                                                             would you describe the area

                                                                             3. What mountain range(s) lie
                                                                             between St. Louis and the
                                                                             Pacific Ocean?

                                                                             4. Name the states that border
                                                                             the Pacific Ocean.

                                                                             5. What were some dangers
                                                                             that the Corps of Discovery
                                                                             encountered along the journey

                                                                                     Take it one
                                                                                     Step Further
                   Challenge Activity                                        Go to www.nationalgeo-
                                                                             graphic.com/west/ and
                Use the map to locate the states that were formed from the   “Go West Across America with
                Louisiana Purchase. Then, use a dictionary to define the
                                                                             Lewis and Clark.” Trace the
                following terms:
                                                                             route they traveled on a map of
                boundary                     territory      expedition       the United States.
                coastline                    frontier       continent
           Branch Out!

If you liked the play Lewis and
Clark, you may want to check out
the following books at your local
                                                  Fun Facts
                                                  We can fly the distance Lewis and Clark cove
library:                                                                                       red in
                                                  a few hours, but it took them 18 months to
                                                                                             cross by foot,
                                                  canoe, boat, and barge.
Bold Journey West with Lewis and
Clark by Charles H Bohner                 •       Plentiful buffalo meant food and furs for the
                                                  expedition. One favorite Plains Indian hunti
                                                                                                ng technique
Dog of Discovery: A                               involved chasing them off the top of a cliff and
Newfoundland's Adventures With                    their carcasses at the bottom.
Lewis and Clark
                                          •      York, a black servant who was a member of
by Laurence Pringle                                                                             the Corps of
                                                 Discovery, performed feats of strength for the
                                                                                                 Indians in
                                                 exchange for food.
Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the
American West                             •       Chief Twisted Hair of the Nez Percé tribe map
                                                                                                  ped the
by Steven Kroll                                  rivers to the Pacific on an elk skin for Lewis
                                                                                                and Clark.

The Story of Sacajawea, Guide to         •       The Louisiana Purchase more than doubled
                                                                                          the area
                                                 of the United States.
Lewis and Clark by Della Rowland

                                         •       Many believed in an idea that came to be know
                                                                                                    n as
                                                  Manifest Destiny: that it was our nation’s desti
           Log On!                               to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocea
                                                                                               n. The
                                                 Louisiana Purchase, in part, made this a reali

The Lewis and Clark Center, locat-
ed in St. Louis: www.lewisand

Did you know we just celebrated
the bicentennial of the Lewis and    Journal Activity
Clark Expedition? Find out more at
www.lewisandclark200.org             What would have happened if we had not purchased the
                                     Louisiana Territory from France? How would our country be
                                     different today geographically, culturally, and economically?
 +–        Math Challenge
                                     Extend the Experience
 The Louisiana Purchase price was
                                     Did you know that there is a gold one dollar coin with
 $15,000,000. That was $.04 an
                                     Sacagawea on it? Do an online puzzle and take a look
 acre. How many acres was the ter-
                                     at www.usmint .gov/kids/index.cfm?
                                     Filecontents=/kids/games/index.cfm. Click on
                                     Golden Dollar Puzzle.

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