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					Lewis & Clark County
Property name            Address          City              Listing date   Smithsonian   NR reference   Property type   Associated Multiple
                                                                           number        number                         Properties Document

Algeria Shrine Temple    Neill and Park Helena                   4/14/1988 24LC0878      88000434       Building
Alice Creek Trail        Alice Creek     Lincoln vicinity            6/6/07 24LC1211     06000531       District
Historic District        Road (Forest
                         Road 293),
                         Helena National

Appleton House No 13    2200 Cannon       Helena                10/25/1982 24LC0794      82000593       Building
Appleton House No 9     1999 Euclid       Helena                 11/7/1995 24LC1255      95001264       Building
Armitage, Joshua and 1117 East            Helena                 5/10/2005 24LC1976      05000408       Building
Martha, House           Broadway
Benton Avenue           1800 N Benton     Helena                 7/24/2003 24LC1921      03000689       Site
Cemetery                Ave
Broadwater, Charles A., 1104 Williams     Helena                 8/27/2008 24LC1810      08000825       Building
House                   Street
Cathedral of Saint      530 N Ewing St    Helena                 4/30/1980 24LC0788      88000434       Building
Childs Carriage House 318 E Sixth Ave     Helena                 11/7/1995 24LC1256      95001263       Building

Crum, William C.,        535 5th Ave      Helena                 5/30/1997 24LC1316      97000502       Building
                    602 N Ewing
Cuthbert, D. H., House             Helena                         5/4/1995 24LC1247      95000536       Building
Dearborn River High 15 mi SW of    Augusta                      12/18/2003 24LC0130      03001298       Site
Bridge              Augusta on
                    Bean Lake Rd
Donovan-Mayer House 46 S Howie St. Helena                       12/28/2005 24LC2014      05001471       Building

Eagle's Site             Address          Helena                 10/7/1993 24LC1080      93000995       Disrtict        Archaeological
                         Restricted                                                                                     Resources of the
                                                                                                                        Upper Missouri River
                                                                                                                        Corridor MPS
Evans Christmas Gift     404 N Benton     Helena    4/16/1980 24LC0793   80004271   Building
House                    Ave
Fisk, Robert and         319 N. Rodney    Helena    1/17/2007 24LC2054   06001248   Building
Elizabeth, Residence     St.
Forestvale Cemetery      490 Forestvale   Helena    2/21/1990 24LC0132   90000145   Site
Former Montana           6th Ave. and     Helena    4/28/1970 24LC0710   70000357   Building
Executive Mansion        Ewing St.
Gilman State Bank        Main St          Gilman    12/1/1983 24LC0882   83003993   Building
Gilpatrick Root House 604 Dearborn        Helena    8/10/2005 24LC1991   05000883   Building
Hauser Mansion           720 Madison      Helena    2/12/1979 24LC0696   79001404   Building
Helena Historic District Irregular        Helena     6/2/1972 24LC0883   72000737   Disrtict
                         pattern from
                         Hauser Blvd to
                         Acropolis, and
                         Garfield, and
                         Rodney Sts
Helena Historic District Bounded by E.    Helena    10/7/1993 24LC0883   93001001   Disrtict
(Boundary Increase II) Sixth, N. Davis,
                         Broadway and
                         N. Rodney Sts.

Helena Railroad Depot   Roughly          Helena    12/15/2004 24LC1971   03001330   Disrtict
Historic District       bounded by
                        a Aves, Gallatin
                        St., N. Sanders
                        St., and N.
                        Harris St.
Helena South-Central       Roughly         Helena                7/28/1986 24LC0850   86002274   Disrtict
Historic District          bounded by
                           Broadway, S.
                           Davis St., city
                           limits, and S.
                           Warren St.
Helena West Main           500-600 blocks Helena                 2/22/1996 24LC1270   96000119   Disrtict
Street Historic District   of W Main St

Joe and Carrie Hilger20 miles North           Helena Vicinity    1/30/2001 24LC1699   01000922   Disrtict
Ranch                of Helena
Home of Peace        Alexander St             Helena             5/24/2006 24LC2040   06000425   Building
                     between Brady
                     St and Custer
House of the Good    surrounding              Helena            12/23/1993 24LC1162   93001448   Disrtict
Shepherd Historic    Junction of 9th
District Area        Ave. and N.
                     Hoback St.
Kemna, Herman, House 635 First St             Helena             8/18/1992 24LC1101   92001056   Building

Kleinschmidt, T. H.,       1823 Highland Helena                   8/6/1980 24LC0792   92001056   Building
House                      Ave
Kluge House                540 W Main St Helena                  4/28/1970 24LC0657   70000358   Building

Lewis & Clark County Cooney Drive             Helena             12/4/2002 24LC0407   02001101   Disrtict
Hospital Historic
District (Cooney Home)

Lincoln Community          MT 200             Lincoln            1/22/1987 24LC0835   86003674   Building
Lincoln Lodge              Stemple Pass       Lincoln           10/23/1986 24LC0849   86002931   Building
Mann Gulch Wildfire        Mann Gulch         Helena Vicinity    5/19/1999 24LC1160   99000596   Disrtict
Historic District          tributary of the
                           Missouri River
Methodist-Episcopal       3rd St.       Marysville          1/5/1984 24LC0796    84002489   Building
Church of Marysville
Missouri River Bridge     Milepost 11 on Wolf Creek         1/4/2010 24LC0131    09001181   Site       Montana's Historic
(Wolf Creek Bridge)       Old US 91       vicinity                                                     Steel Truss Bridges
Mount Helena Historic     Promontory      Helena            1/9/1997 24LC1293    96001568   Disrtict
District                  roughly
                          bounded by
                          Canon Blvd.,
                          Last Chance
                          and Grizzly
                          Gulches, and
                          Helena National

Montana State Arsenal 1100 N Main       Helena             2/14/2002 24LC0785    02000048   Building
Armory and Drill Hall

Montana State Capitol      Sixth Avenue Helena             2/17/1981 24LC0786    81000660   Building
Building                  and Roberts St
                          and Montana

Montana State         98 W. Custer      Helena            12/20/2006 24LC1973    06001136   Disrtict
Fairgrounds Racetrack Ave.

Montana Veterans and      225 North     Helena            12/15/2004 24LC1970    04001357   Building
Pioneers Memorial         Roberts
Murphy, John T.,          418 N Benton  Helena              8/1/1984 24LC0791    84002495   Building
House                     Ave
Olsen House               516 N Park    Helena        03/22/199       24LC0501   91000333   Building
Pope, Francis and         327 N. Rodney Helena                6/27/07 24LC2126   07000591   Building
Hannah, House
Porter Flats Apartments   335 N Ewing St Helena            1/14/1993 24LC0549    92001761   Building
Power, C. B., Bungalow 1.2 mi N of I -     Wolf Creek          4/7/1995 24LC1245   95000380   Building
                       15 and 1 mi W
                       of US 287
Regan, Thomas P.,      McDonald Pass       Helena vicinity     1/8/2003 24LC1607   02001686   Building
Sheep Creek Bridge     Milepost 5 on       Wolf Creek         4/28/2011 24LC1157   11000225   Structure   Reinforced Concrete
                       Recreation Rd       vicinity                                                       Bridges in Montana,
                                                                                                          1900-1958 MPS
Silver Creek School     N of Helena on     Helena             8/11/1980 24LC0787   80004273   Building
                        Sierra Rd
Silver King Ranch       Roughly 15 mi      Lincoln            3/10/1992 24LC1084   92000114   Building
                        NE of Lincoln in
                        Helena NF
Silverman, Morris,      412 N. Rodney      Helena             6/14/1982 24LC0795   82004636   Building
House                   St.
Spalding-Gunn           433 Clarke         Helena            12/27/2006 24LC2055   06001187   Building
Residence               Street
Stearns Hall            2 mi N of Jct of   Wolf Creek          4/7/1995 24LC1244   95000382   Building
                        MT 200 and
                        Hwy 434
Stedman Foundry and     2650 Euclid        Helena              4/4/1996 24LC1273   96000370   Building
Machine Company         Ave

Summit Lodge            30 mi NW of     Helena                5/17/1990 24LC0910   90000723   Building
                        Helena in
                        Helena National

Temple Emanu El         515 N Ewing    Helena                 7/11/2002 24LC1922   02000724   Building
Wassweiler Hotel and    W of Helena on Helena                  8/1/1978 24LC0842   78001688   Building
Bath Houses             US 12
Western Clay            2915 Country Helena                    5/9/1995 24LC0789   86001052   Building
Manufacturing           Club Rd
Wick-Seiler Residence   729 11th           Helena             8/20/2000 24LC1645   00000873   Building
Williams Street Bridge   Williams St.   Helena       11/29/2006 24LC0128   06001094   Site
                         crossing Ten
                         Mile Creek, N
                         of jct. of
                         Williams St.
                         and Broadwater

Wolf Creek Hotel         Jct of Main St Wolf Creek    11/7/1997 24LC1326   97001381   Building
                         and Bissonnett
Young Women's            501 N Park St Helena        12/27/1984 24LC0790   84000569   Building
Christian Association

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