Apologetics Assignment Sheet_ Fall 2005 Due Date Assignment 11 by lanyuehua


									            Apologetics Assignment Sheet, Fall 2005

Due Date:               Assignment:

11/10                   Read Pratt, Ch. 1-2 and Parable (pp. 133-46)
                        Write 1-2 page paper: “How I Present the Gospel
                        and the Biblical Basis for it.”

11/17                   Read Pratt, Ch.3-4; Gunn, Syllabus Appendix pp.
                        125-31; Paper, 1-2 pages: “What’s Wrong with
                        Debating the Existence of God in an Evangelistic

12/1                    Read Pratt, Ch. 5-7; Syllabus 132-147

12/8                    Read Pratt, Ch. 8-9; Zemek Ch. 1-2 (to be
                        provided); Paper, 1-2 pages, answering this
                        question: “Is All Reasoning Circular?”

12/15                   Read Pratt, Ch. 10; Syllabus 148-171

12/22                   Read Pratt Ch. 11-13; Paper, 1-2 pages: “How I
                        Will Use What I’ve Learned in this Class;” Final

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