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					                                                                            Jonathan Holley- Clark

                                                                                      May 13, 20ll

                                               I Am

         I am a strong intelligent young black man. I am confident in myself, and I know I’m

capable of doing positive things in the world. When I walk into a classroom, I am ready to work

as hard as I can to achieve my goals. I am a person who always tries to see the good in people. I

am always up for a challenge when it comes my way. I am a young man who never gives up.

Even if it’s tough sometimes, I give it my all. I am a young black man who believes that anyone

in the world, no matter who you are or where you came from; can be whoever or whatever you

want to be. I am a man who will never let anyone bring him down! All of the negativity and the

jealousy only makes me stronger. It makes me want to try even harder to prove to everyone who

didn’t believe in me was wrong. I will go to college and study criminology, and become a

forensic scientist, because whatever I put my mind to will become a reality. I have put my mind

into every career path that I have chosen so far, because being successful as an adult is very

important to me. I want to be able to take care of myself on my own instead of depending on

someone else to do it for me. I am an independent 13 year old young man who was taught, that I

have the potential to be anything I want to be because I am intelligent. I AM Jonathan Holley-


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