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                                                                           With almost 80% of his
body covered in skeleton tattoos, fashion model Rick Genest is best known by his stage persona
Zombie Boy, but the Canadian artist hit the headlines for a different reason in an incredible video for
Vichy's Dermablend foundations. Genest is currently starring in the brand's "Go Beyond the Cover”
campaign. The video opens with an unrecognizable tattoo-less Rick with a flawless complexion.
However, as he takes off his shirt and begins scrubbing with make-up remover, his extensive tattoos
gradually begin to appear.

There's no airbrushing, and the whole video was done in a single take. Dermablend says it took three
makeup artists and four tubes of Dermablend Leg and Body Cover, along with Leg and Body Tattoo
primer and setting powder, to take Genest from sexy zombie to cute, if not as remarkable, dude.

Behind the scenes:
(Link | Via)

                                                                             Paul ‘PJ' James, a high-
fashion model and personal trainer from Australia, gains an extra 40kg (88lbs) of fat, quits all forms
of exercise and documents his journey from 80kg (176lbs) up to 120kg (264lbs) and back again, as he
sets out to understand obesity and how difficult it really is to go from fit to fat and back!

He ploughed through the junk food - up to 30 slices of pizza in one binge sitting - and the money.
"It's just very expensive to be unhealthy (…) "I used to spend about $80 on food a week. I could easily
spend $300 now." (Link)
                                                                          A former white supremacist
gang leader has undergone months of painful laser treatment to erase hate-filled tattoos from his
face. Bryon Widner, for years an "enforcer" for some of America's most notorious racist groups,
shunned his beliefs after marrying but struggled to get a job due to his appearance. He was so
desperate to hide his tattoos he even contemplated using acid to disfigure himself but eventually
found a sponsor for expensive laser treatment.

The process, which cost $32,400 (£20,233), was so painful that he had to be put under general
anesthetic each time and it took 25 operations over 16 months before it was complete. Now his face
is completely clear and scar-free and his hair has grown back.

His arms and torso are still extensively tattooed but he is inking over the "political" designs such as
Nazi lightning bolts. (Link | Via)
                                                                    We all know that drugs are
bad for you, but how much damage do they really make? Here you have some mugshots of drug
addicts that use meth, it is part of the project “Faces of Meth” by Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.
You can see two mugshots of each person, and they show different time periods so you can see how
much drugs can change your appearance in just some years or even months.

All of these drug addicts use some drug called Methamphetamine or “meth” as everybody calls it.
This drug has high potential for abuse and addiction, so when you take it once there is no turning
back, you are just going to take more and more. The faces of these people show what chronic abuse
of this drug can do to you. (Link | Via)
cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food, the focus is often on the impact on health, but not necessarily how
it will affect appearance in the long term. Besides staining your teeth from red wine or smoke, or
putting on a few pounds from excess carbs, how bad can it possibly make us look?

Pretty bad, according to 42-year-old freelance journalist Anna Magee. She was guest-editing a
magazine called Expert Beauty when a surgeon named Charles Nduka commissioned a piece on
smoking. He put Magee in touch with Auriole Prince, a forensic artist who creates digital images of
what people will look like over time based on their lifestyles. While Magee herself has noticed small
signs of aging and has received cheek fillers and Botox injections, she wondered what she'd look like
10 years from now given different lifestyle factors.

Prince created three projected images of Magee showing her face one decade from now after
smoking a pack a day, drinking two glasses of wine a day, and indulging in sugar, cakes, junk food
and refined carbs. (Link)

                                                                          A mum whose face and
hands were ripped off by a crazed pet chimp had a revolutionary face transplant op. Charla Nash, 55,
was trying to catch her boss's escaped monkey, Travis, in February 2009 when he lashed out. In a
frenzied attack, the 200lb ape blinded Charla while severing her nose, ears, lips and both hands –
leaving the single mum close to death.
Travis, 14, was shot dead by police while Charla was rushed to hospital in her hometown of Stamford,
Connecticut. Seven hours of emergency surgery saved Charla's life – but left her hideously disfigured.
Two years later, she is finally on the mend after the pioneering face transplant operation. She was the
second person in the world to undergo this surgery. Her wounds were said to be so horrific that local
hospital staff received counselling after treating her. The painstaking op involved dozens of doctors
and took 20 hours.

The work on her face was deemed a success although an effort to reattach hands to her injured arms
proved unsuccessful – as her body rejected the new limbs. (Link)

                                                                            Roberta Close (born in Rio
de Janeiro on 7 December 1964) was the first pre-operative transsexual model to have posed for the
Brazilian edition of Playboy. She is probably Brazil's most famous transsexual woman. As an
adolescent, she began to adopt feminine attire and secretly began taking female hormone injections.
By the age of seventeen, Close's career as a model and actress was beginning to take off. For a
period of time, she was associated with the travestis, a Brazilian subculture of biologically male
transgendered prostitutes.

Close won the "Miss Gay Brazil" beauty pageant at the age of twenty. That same year, she made
headlines and was dubbed "The world's most beautiful model". She has played a cabaret singer on a
popular soap opera, starred in the 1986 movie Si tu vas a Rio... tu meurs, hosted a late night talk
show, and was the inspiration for a hit song by Roberto and Erasmo Carlos.

In 1989, Close underwent sex reassignment surgery at Charing Cross Clinic in London, England.
Afterwards, she appeared in an extensive photo spread in the Brazilian men's magazine Sexy, and
was subsequently voted the "Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil."

Roberta's Portuguese-language autobiography, Muito Prazer, Roberta Close ("Pleased to meet you,
I'm Roberta Close") was published in 1998. In it, she claims to have been involved with numerous
American celebrities including Eddie Murphy, George Clooney, and Robert De Niro. It has not been
published in the United States.
Close was involved in a lengthy legal judicial battle to challenge the Brazilian laws which prevented
her from declaring her sex as female on official documents. On March 4, 2005, Roberta Close
acquired legal status as a female in Brazil after Judge Leise Rodrigues de Lima Espiritu Santo of the
9th Family Court of Rio de Janeiro legally recognized Close as a woman. She was issued a new birth
certificate by the Office of Public Records of the 4th district of Rio de Janeiro, which states that on
December 7, 1964, a child of the female sex was born and was given the name of Roberta Gambine
Moreira. (Link)

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