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Organic FoodSource Of Healthy Living


Overview of Espresso and Espresso Machines What do you think of when you hear the word "espresso"? Perhaps, "Express - train; fast black, iron horse of rocket fuel!" Or, "Strong. Hyper-caffeinated. Bitter. What, me try it?" (is you a man or is you a mouse?) Also, maybe, "I like my coffee black, but not that black!" Wrong. Espresso, when correctly made, is none of these things. Espresso is a traditional coffee drink invented by the French, but perfected by the Italians. You can associate the word "espresso" with the English word "press", for that is the fundamental action pertaining to both the ground coffee - which is pressed into a compact disc - and the machine used to make it, which forces or "presses" hot water through the disc of coffee. The result is a demitasse (very small cup) of all of the best characteristics of the coffee bean with none of the less desirable ones. A well "pulled" shot of espresso is not bitter. The flavor is full, complex, and remains on the tongue for 10-15 minutes after drinking it. That flavor can be fairly accurately compared with the wonderful aroma present when the seal is first broken on a container of coffee. If your espresso is bitter blame the barista, not the drink. Afraid of the shakes? Don't be. Surprisingly, given the concentrated nature of the drink, a shot of espresso has only about half the caffeine of a normally brewed cup of joe. This is because the heated water is forced through the coffee too quickly (ideally in around 20 seconds) to liberate all of the caffeine present in the grind. All of this wonderfulness requires a special type of machine to make. As already mentioned, an espresso machine's express purpose is to press heated water (about 200 degrees) through a disc of pressed coffee. How is this accomplished? There are 3 basic designs: steam driven, piston driven, and pump driven. Mechanically, the simplest is the steam driven machine. It employs steam pressure to force water through the coffee. Si

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									Organic FoodSource Of Healthy Living

Good food is needed for a person to build a strong, healthy and good
looking body. Most health problems come from not getting enough good
food, or not eating right. Organic food is the ultimate source to eating
right. The high-value nutrition found in organic food, which has been
scientifically proven to be more superior to conventional-produced food,
is what we really need to build a better body. As with any construction,
the finished product will only be as strong, as functional and as
aesthetic as the materials used to build it. A person who fails to eat
foods that the body really needs is said to be poorly nourished- or
malnourished. He suffers from malnutrition. Poor nutrition intake can
cause the following health problems: In childrenunable to grow or gain
weight normally slowness in walking, talking or thinking thin arms and
legs, big bellies common illness and infections will last longer, more
severe and more often cause death lack of energy does not play much and
always sad swelling of hands, feet and face, often with sore or marks on
the skin thinning, straightening or loss of hair, or loss of its color
and shine poor vision at night, dryness of eyes, blindnessIn
anyonetiredness and weakness loss of appetite anemia sores in the corners
of the mouth painful or sore tongue 'burning' or numbness of the
feetThere are also health problems that have other causes, but often made
worse by not eating right:diarrhea stomach discomfort frequent infections
dryness and skin cracking ringing and buzzing in the ears heavy pulsing
of the heart or of the 'pit' of the stomach (palpitations) anxiety
(nervous worry) and various nerve or mental problems cirrhosis (liver
disease)Poor nutrition during pregnancy causes weakness and anemia in the
mother and increases the risk of her dying during or after childbirth. It
is also a cause of miscarriage, or the baby being born dead, too small or
defective. Eating Right Helps The Body Resists Sickness.Not eating well
may be the direct cause of the health problems just listed. But most
important, poor nutrition weakens the body's ability to resist all kind
of diseases, especially infections:Poorly nourished children are much
more likely to get severe diarrhea, and to die from it, than are children
who are well nourished.Measles is especially dangerous where many
children are malnourished. Tuberculosis is more common, and gets worse
more rapidly, in those who are malnourished. Cirrhosis of the liver,
which comes in part from drinking too much alcohol, is more common and
worse in persons who are poorly nourished. Even minor problems like the
common cold are usually worse, last longer, or lead to pneumonia more
often in persons who are poorly nourished.The Importance Of Eating The
Right Food Not only does good food help prevent disease, it helps the
sick body fight disease and become well again. So when a person is sick,
eating enough nutritious food is especially important. This is why eating
organic food is the best solution to go for a better, stronger and
healthier body. Why don’t start right now, by trying these 3 mouth-
watering free organic recipes to kickstart your journey to healthy

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