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									                                Stevens-Henager College Review

Stevens Henager College was founded in 1891, in Ogden, Utah, by Professor J.A. Smith. It came
to be known by many other names until 1959, when the name was changed to Stevens Henager
College. With its main office in Ogden, Stevens Henager has campuses spread out over Idaho
and Utah. It has 7 campus locations, 3 satellite locations, 1 study café and 1 online division. Each
program offered by Stevens Henager is designed to impart technical and real world knowledge
amongst its students.

The college has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
(ACCSC) recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, which makes transfer of credits
earned at an institution accredited by an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of
Education to Stevens Henager College easy.

Stevens Henager offers associate, bachelor and master degree programs (online or on campus) in
a number of in demand fields such as information technology, business, healthcare and graphic
arts which you can complete in as little as a year, depending on the program you’ve enrolled in.
One of the biggest advantages of studying at Stevens Henager College is the year round
enrollments so you don’t have to wait for a semester to start to begin your program.

The college offers financial aid and a variety of tuition assistance programs to help make your
education affordable and feasible. According to Stevens Henager student review, each student is
also issued a free laptop at the start of the program to help them with their coursework and they
get to own it once they complete the program. Another Stevens Henager student review said they
received help along every step of the way through financial planners, student advisors, online
services and helpful, knowledgeable instructors.

To apply to the programs at Stevens-Henager’s undergraduate programs you should have
completed your high school education or at least have a GED equivalent. An interesting point to
note is the free GED tutoring the college offers to its students. The need to have a GED
credential in the current, competitive age is understood the college and students are not only
tutored but the GED exam is also paid for when they are ready to take it.

You can also be sure to receive individual attention at Stevens Henager as the class sizes remain
small. The maximum students scheduled for laboratory classes are 25 and lecture classes are 60.
And for those of you opt for the online programs, the maximum students scheduled are 34
students. Online students also have access to industry periodicals, the online library, student
services and academic advising online.

If that isn’t enough then students can also use Stevens-Henager’s Career Services, which offers
career guidance to help students make the right decisions about their futures!

People who are career oriented and driven will find Stevens-Henager college and its flexible
programs to be a perfect fit for their needs and future plans.

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