Irish_Immigration by lanyuehua


    In         this
presentation    we
will see what the
causes of Irish
emigration are and
what            its
consequences     in
the world are.
Causes of Irish Immigration
    Irish emigration began with the
religious persecutions in XVIth and XVIIth
centuries. Some people fled protestant
authorities from England and went to
European countries such as France or
Spain. But in the XVIIIth people left
Ireland for economic reasons : poor
people went to England to find a job
whereas one third of emigrants went to
During the
wars,     the
Army      had
many Irish

      But it was after the Napoleonic wars that
 we can speak about a “massive emigration”.
 Between 1815 and 1845 one million Irish people
 went to America. This phenomenon was made
 bigger by the Great Famine.
    In fact, between 1845 and 1854,
around two million three hundred thousand
Irish people emigrated to flee the famine
caused by a bad crop of potatoes. 80% of
these immigrants went to The United
States, others went to English colonies.

     People embarking in a boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
     This “massive emigration” went on for 40 years
 until the beginning of World War I. This event
 stopped the flux of emigration from Ireland with
 American immigration restrictions and the economic
 crisis of 1929.

W.W.I. reduced the Irish emigration.
   But Irish emigration began once more
with World War II. Irish Workers had to
help the English industries in the war
effort. So thousands of people emigrated
to England to build tanks, planes, and

          Irish people in an ammunition plant.
    The emigration
flux       continued
during the 1960s
and 1980s because
of the difficult
Irish       economic
  Consequences in the world
     Now, between fifteen and twenty millions
Americans are of Irish origin. But the most
surprising is that New York has more Irish
people than the Irish capitals, Dublin and

    New York is more populated with Irish people than

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