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   ATLANTA JUNE - 17, 18 &19 2011
    Festival And Sponsorship Information
                                     MUSIC FESTIVAL!
The Atlanta International Music Festival– A Window To The World– will be held
during the observance of the National Labor Day Holiday, the first weekend of
September. The three day event (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), takes place in
downtown Atlanta at the famous Woodruff Park Complex and will feature a
“Tribute To International Music Legends”. Between 30,000 and 50,000 people are
projected to attend this event.

This festival celebrates Atlanta’s unique role as the leading international city in the
Southeastern United States. This is primarily accomplished through the performance
and presentation of major multi-cultural creative artists which will include a variety of
                                                                                               A WINDOW
musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists and performers. The artists will represent a
global array of creative endeavors. There is an activity at the festival for every member
                                                                                             TO THE WORLD!
of the family with 3 Stages of Entertainment, The Children’s Fantastic Fun Zone, and a
Artist/Vendors Marketplace.

We are including all types of international music– African, Reggae, Calypso, Latin, Hip
Hop, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Asia and European. The Atlanta International Music
Festival is searching for international talent and organizations in the Atlanta area to be
a part of this event.

The Atlanta International Music Festival is a unique opportunity for the public to
interact directly with and be entertained by a broad range of Atlanta’s most active
international communities. Through the presence of official dignitaries and business
representatives, the distribution of a variety of international materials, commercial
products and services, this event will spotlight and promote Atlanta’s role on the global
Host of the 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta is certainly the new music capital of the
world and with Hartsfield-Jackson being the number one airport in the world, Atlanta
serves as a global gateway. Because of the many artists, recording studios, producers,
managers and other music executives based in the city - the Atlanta music scene is a lot
more visible on the “world stage”. Since the city’s music travels around the world - it is
fitting and long overdue that an “Atlanta International Music Festival” be held here.

Atlanta has become the “Music Mecca of the South” for all types of music. Artists
working within a vast and supremely talented creative infrastructure garner
international recognition on a regular basis. The Atlanta International Music Festival is
a major representation of this incredibly broad and talented community.

The attendees at the Atlanta International Music Festival will cover a wide cross-section
of residents and visitors, however, the festival is viewed mainly as a family event. Most
of the attendees live in the Metro Atlanta 17 County Area, although the Festival will
draw attendees from all over the country and world.

The Atlanta International Music Festival is produced by North Georgia Events
And Festivals, LLC.
           Woodruff Park
e Atlanta International Music Festival will be held in downtown Atlanta at
      Woodruff Park. Woodruff Park is a group of businesses that combine
      shopping and entertainment for locals and travelers alike. Located in the Five Points
      neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, Woodruff Park was first built in 1969 by a
      group of Atlanta businessman who hoped to attract tourism business and attention.
      The history of Woodruff Park is quite interesting and includes viaducts that
      accentuate the woodruff Park part of the district. Although the viaducts were built many
      years before the district was opened, the original building fronts remain in place.

     Woodruff Park events include musical concerts at a number of bars and
     venues. One of the most popular events is the New Year’s Eve celebration, which
     features a giant foam peach dropping from a small tower followed by fireworks and
     much celebration. Woodruff Park actually enjoys some rule exemptions. An
     open container provision allows patrons to carry their drinks from bar to bar, and
     Woodruff Park also has a later closing time than any other bars in the city.                      Excitement Hits
     In addition to the great bars and entertaining music, the 12-acre area also has
     oscillating searchlights, an outdoor staging area for performances and concerts, and an
                                                                                                    Woodruff Park
     enormous peach fountain. During the day, Woodruff Park is a hub for shoppers,
     with hundreds of retail outlets, street vendors, and restaurants catering to guests
                                                                                                  With Anticipation Of This
     throughout the day. Whether you plan a walking tour of Woodruff Park to
     appreciate the historical aspects of the city, or spend the evening partying until the wee    Fun Filled Family Event!
     hours, Woodruff Park is a great fascinating place to go.
                 STATE OF GEORGIA FACTS
                               Population                                   • Georgia has over 2,500 internationally owned facilities represent-
In 2008 Georgia’s total population was 9,685,744. Of that, 50.5 percent     ing 61 countries, employing more than 148,000 Georgians with an
is male and 49.5 percent is female.                                         estimated capital investment of $24.3 billion.
                                                                                                          Georgia Facts
                              Largest City                                  • The state is the world leader in the production of carpet, kaolin, chick-
With a population of 519,145 (2007) in the city limits and over 5.2 mil-    en and watermelon. Top industries include automotive, agriculture, food
lion people living in the metro area, Atlanta is Georgia’s largest city.    processing, tourism, life sciences, high technology, metal fabrication
                                                                            and plastics. Exports from Georgia industries totaled $27.5 billion in
           Racial Breakdown of Metro Atlanta Population                     2008, ranking Georgia as the 13th largest exporting state in the nation.
58.9 percent White; 29.9 percent Black or African-American; 7.5             • Georgia is home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Air-
percent Hispanic or Latino origin; 2.8 percent Asian; 0.4 percent other     port, the world’s busiest passenger airport, serving over 90 million
races; and 1 percent two or more races.                                     passengers in 2008. Hartsfield-Jackson offers more than 500 direct
                                                                            flights to cities throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin American, the
                              Education                                     Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.
78 percent of Georgians 25 years and older are high school graduates        • 80 percent of U.S. consumers can be reached in two
and over 24 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher.                     hours air travel or less from Georgia. Similarly, more
                                                                            than 80 percent of the U.S. industrial market is within
                              Georgia Facts                                 two days journey by truck from Georgia.
• Centrally located in the Southeastern United States, the fastest grow-    • The Port of Savannah is the second largest con-
ing region of the country, Georgia attracts more than 60 million visitors   tainer port in the U.S. Southeast and is the fastest
annually.                                                                   growing port in the United States.
• 76 governments from throughout the world have consular offices            • Georgia has 70 public colleges, universities, and
and/or trade representation in Atlanta and 39 bi-national chambers          technical colleges around the state in addition to over
of commerce call the city home.                                             45 private institutes of higher learning.
• Georgia has three general-purpose Foreign Trade Zones in Atlanta,         • Georgia’s geography is very diverse, offering many
Brunswick and Savannah, where firms can delay, reduce and, in certain       tourism opportunities. Its regions include the Mountains, Coast, His-
cases, eliminate U.S. customs duties on imported items.                     toric South, Southern Rivers and Metro Atlanta.
• The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the leader in protect-    • The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is one of 12 national
ing the nation’s health and a major employer is based in Atlanta,.          presidential libraries across the country and the only one in the
• There are 13 Fortune 500 companies and 26 Fortune 1000 companies          Southeastern United States. It includes archived materials from the
with headquarters in Georgia, including such names as CNN/Turner            period when Jimmy Carter served as President of the United States
Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Equifax, The Home Depot,          (1977 – 1981).
AFLAC, Internet Security Systems, Ciba Vision, Intercontinental Ho-         • In addition to President Jimmy Carter, some additional famous Geor-
tels and Resorts, Earthlink, and UPS .                                      gians include Ted Turner, Martin Luther King Jr., Ambassador Andrew
                                                                            Young, Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, Juliette Gordon Low, Ty
                                                                            Cobb, Ray Charles, Bill Elliot, Julia Roberts and Travis Tritt
                 Target Market and Demographics                                    as travel, entertainment and cultural enrichment. This includes
                                                                                   the following stations: WCLK 91.9, WRFG 89.3, V103FM, 95.5
Our target market consist primarily of Global thinkers and supporters              The Beat, Georgia Public Radio 90.1, WMLB 1690, The Voice Of
of World Music, industry professionals and artists of all nationalities,           The Arts, WAOK 1380 Talk Radio.
ethnicity, socioeconomic, educational and age backgrounds. Because the        •	   Press Releases and Press Conferences We will disseminate Press
Atlanta International Music Festival will be held in Atlanta, and given the        Releases regionally and nationally. We will host pre-event press
nature of this event, we project attendance at the festival for the entire         coferences, and other promotional activities to showcase artists,
weekend of between 50,000 and 100,000 people; and we project reaching              inform the community of changes, maintain momentum for the
2,000,000 people on the internet and through social networks over a 6              Festival and provide on-going exposure for the Festival Sponsors.
month period.                                                                 •	   Print We will utilize several print media to reach our prospective
                                                                                   patrons including placement of ads and articles in magazine and
The following represents the demographic profile of our tarket market              newspapers, in addition to flyer promotions at events leading up
and additional projections: Household Income- $55,000 plus annually;               to the Festival. This includes the following publications: Atlanta
Education- High School 60% • College 30% • Post Graduate 10%; Sex-                 Now, Creative Loafing, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The
Male 48% • Female 52%; Age- 18 and under,10% • 19 -30, 20% • 31                    Sunday Paper, The Performer Magazine, Crossroads, Caribbean
- 45, 30% • 46 - 55, 20% • 55 + 20%; Ethnicity- African-American 60%               News, the Atlanta Voice, and Rolling Out.
• Latin 15% • Caucasian 20% • Asian 5%; Geography- Atlanta Metro,             •	   Travel Promotions Through select travel agencies, we will offer
70% • Georgia, 15% • Region, 10% • National, 5%.                                   promotional giveaways and discounted travel packages. The
                                                                                   primary goal is to promote cultural exchange and cross cultural
We also believe our attendees are highly brand conscious consumers that            education.
are willing and financially able to purchase those products and services      •	   Web-site Promotions To promote our event in our expanding
that best fits their lifestyles. To reach our target, we have developed            e-commerce market, we will establish links with major web-sites
specific advertising and promotional programs for the Festival.                    and seek placement of our event on all major calendar of events
                                                                                   for Atlanta related activities. Surfing prospects will be able too
                       Promotional Approach                                        view our web-site from around the world providing additional
                                                                                   exposure to the Festival and it’s Sponsors. These websites will
To reach our prospective attendees and supporters, we will                         include Woodruff Park, the Atlanta Convention and
use a variety of media tailored to the specific demographics                                 Visitors Bureau and the following:,
and purchase opportunity for each target market. The                                  , www.
primary media sources shall include:                                                   ,, http://www.
    •	 Television Our television promotions will                                        
        include paid commercials promoting the                                                     •	 Social Networks We will use major social
        Festival and other exposure through                                                        networks to promote the Festival by posting invites
        participation in talk shows and interviews on                                             to pre events as well as announcing the addition of
        programs addressing issues such as travel,                                               artists to the lineup as well as new sponsors. This
        entertainment and cultural enrichment.                                                  includeds Face Book, Myspace, Tweeter, Linkend and
        This includes the following stations: Comcast                                            others.
        TV, WPBA, Turner Broadcasting, CW, CBS,
        MyfoxAtlanta, NBC, and People TV.                                                        This highly targeted marketing strategy identifies
    •	 Radio Our radio promotions will include paid                                              buying preferences and constraints of each market
        commercials and other exposure through public                                            and provides information and a purchase
        service announcements on community based                                                 opportunity to each prospective attendee, while
        stations. We also plan to participate in talk shows                                      providing broad exposure the Festival and it’s
        and interviews on programs addressing issues such                                        Sponsors.
       BECOME A
 SPONSOR!                                                                                       A TRIBUTE
                                                                                                To International Music Legends
Atlanta is a hot consumer market, leading many cities in spending on new cars, consumer
electronics, personal care products, entertainment, real estate, home improvement, tele-
communications services, apparel, diapers, home office products, non-alcoholic beverages,
perishables foods and dozens of other products and services. Atlanta is also a major media
and technology center that boasts one of the largest concentrations of college and university
students in the world. Atlanta regularly hosts a multitude of major events and offers an
unparallel level of major event management expertise.
                                                                                                    Celia Cruz     Bob Maley
Sponsors will be able to have an opportunity to use this festival as a vehicle to grow their
business, and will be able to reach thousands of consumers face to face to Market, Promote
or Distribute company products and/or services. This festival is an excellent opportunity to
increase net revenue by exposing products or services to New Customers, developing New
Sales Leads and Networking with other business people.
                                                                                                   Gilberto Gil   Tito Puente
The festival offers an extraordinary opportunity for companies to reach a growing, affluent
market while building goodwill with the Atlanta Community, a diverse region of people who
are internationally and culturally active, aware and engaged. This opportunity has never
been greater.

The following pages list a range of Event Sponsorship Packages that you will find to be
a valuable marketing tool.
                                                                                                    Miles Davis     Fela Kuti
                                  The following is a schedule of fees associated with a variety of promotional options related to having an
                                  interactive physical presence at the AIMF. The ability to reach and to touch an multi-cultural audience of
                                  this nature during this type of event is a unique and valuable opportunity!

           Title Sponsor • $25,000                                Gold • $10,000                                    Bronze • $5,000

        Name will appear in Event Title               Recognition as an Atlanta International            Recognition as an Atlanta International
    Logo and link on all event website pages               Music Festival Gold Sponsor                       Music Festival Bronze Sponsor
           Logo on all Event Banners                         Logo on all Event Banners                          Logo on all Event Banners
      Sponsor Banners Throughout Venue               Right to Place Banners Throughout Venue                 Half Page Web Ad on Event Site
        Full Page Web Ad on Event Site                    Full Page Web Ad on Event Site               Half Page Print Ad In Festival Journal/Book
  Full Page Print Ad In Festival Journal/Book       Full Page Print Ad In Festival Journal/Book     Name/Logo Placed in select Print Media Advertising
Name/Logo Placed in all Print Media Advertising   Name/Logo Placed in all Print Media Advertising     Logo on Event Website / Link to Sponsor Site
 Super Vending Space to Sell or Sample Product     Logo on Event Website / Link to Sponsor Site        1 Vending Space to Sell or Sample Product
           (equal to 6 vending spaces)              3 Vending Spaces to Sell or Sample Product              6 tickets to VIP Media Reception
       40 tickets to VIP Media Reception                 20 tickets to VIP Media Reception

             Platinum • $12,000                                   Silver • $7,500

    Recognition as an Atlanta International           Recognition as an Atlanta International
       Music Festival Platinum Sponsor                     Music Festival Silver Sponsor
           Logo on all Event Banners                         Logo on all Event Banners
   Right to Place Banners Throughout Venue                Half Page Web Ad on Event Site
        Full Page Web Ad on Event Site              Half Page Print Ad In Festival Journal/Book
  Full Page Print Ad In Festival Journal/Book     Name/Logo Placed in all Print Media Advertising
Name/Logo Placed in all Print Media Advertising    Logo on Event Website / Link to Sponsor Site
 Logo on Event Website / Link to Sponsor Site       2 Vending Spaces to Sell or Sample Product
  4 Vending Spaces to Sell or Sample Product             10 tickets to VIP Media Reception
       30 tickets to VIP Media Reception
This includes highly visible signage, program exposure, multiple
audio announcements and enhanced media access and visibility.

                   Main Stage - $10,000
  Large marquee banners overhead, side stage and stage skirt

          International Artist Marketplace - $5,000
Large entrance banner(s), multiple banners throughout market

                   Young Artist - $3,500
Large entrance banner(s) multiple banners throughout market

                Fantastic Fun Zone - $5,500
Large entrance banner(s) multiple banners throughout market

                 Hospitality Suite - $3,500
Large entrance banner(s) multiple banners throughout market

               VIP/Media Reception - $2,500
Large entrance banner(s) multiple banners throughout market

               Smell The Roses Awards - $5,000
            Types And Costs Of Vending Space                                   Vending Rules And Guidelines
             3 Days • September 4, 5, 6 • 2011
                                                                 As a Vendor in the event, I/We agree to adhere to the
            Food • $850, Plus $50 Cleaning Fee                   following:
Space is 10' x 15', additional space is $100 per foot.
All Food vendors must provide a ground cover. No ground          1. There will be NO MUSIC PLAYED in any form from
cover, no set-up. All grease must be properly disposed of in     any booth, without special written permission from event
barrels provided or vendor will be immediately ejected from      management.
event. Vendors must supply own electricty.                       2. There will be no sale of guns, ammunition, survival
                                                                 weapons, pepper gas, tear gas, etc.
            Cart • $500, Plus $50 Cleaning Fee                   3. No counterfeit merchandise such as knockoff versions of
Space is 10' x 10', additional space $100 per foot i.e. Bever-   tapes, clothing or other items will be permitted.
ages, Ice Cream etc. Beer and Wine sales prohibited.             4. Atlanta International Music Fest is not responsible for
                                                                 any items that are missing or lost from your vending area.
                     Merchandise • $500                          5. All Vendors must be set up and ready for business 30
Space is 10' x 10,' additional space is $100 per foot.           minutes prior to the start time of the event.

                     Corporate • $2,500                          Event management reserves the right to close exhibits for
Space is 10' x 20', additional space is $100 per foot.           failure to comply with event rules.

                      Non-Profit • $400                          All vending space Purchases are final, non-transferable and
Space is 10’ x 20’, additional space is $100 per foot.           non- refundable. Full payment is required to reserve
                                                                 a vending space.
                        Artist • $400
Must be approved by organizer. Artist is defined as showing      Vendors must supply their complete set-up- i.e. tables,
original work by exhibiting artist. Space is 10' x 10', addi-    chairs, tent and electric. Payment Method: Money
tional space $100 per foot.                                      Order, Certified Check Only, or Credit/Debit.

Ads will run for 6 months and may be updated every 30 days.

The AIMF website will be the primary information gateway for thousands of
AIMF attendees and others that are musically or culturally engaged. This is a
prime opportunity to leverage your current investment in brand awareness
at a truly reasonable cost.

In addition, your home page link with the Woodruff Park's heavily visited web
site and the Atlanta Convention and Visitor's Bureau website guarantee
enhanced exposure.

Ads will run from time of engagement through December 31, 2011
A 20% discount is being offered to those who book before June 1, 2011

                         Website Banner Ad Rates

468x60- $500 • 234x60- $200 • 120x60- $125 • 60x21- $50 • Text Ad- $25
               MUSIC FESTIVAL!
       Magazine And Program Guide
The Atlanta International Music Festival is extending an invitation to your business or non profit
organization to place an ad in our festival Magazine and Program guide. Thousands of copies of the        This magazine and program
Atlanta International Music Festival Magazine will be printed and distributed through the Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce, the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Woodruff Park and to                      guide will also be online,
hundreds of hotels, restaurants, churches, grocery stores, bookstores, beauty shops, barbershops,
art galleries, clubs and Marta Stations... one month prior to the event. During this exciting Labor
                                                                                                            reaching thousands of
Day festival weekend, we will distribute an additional 25,000 copies to festival attendees.                   additional readers.
The Atlanta International Music Festival Magazine will include features and profiles on music, art,
dance and culture from around the world. With beautiful, colorful photographs and articles, we will
also take you to tourist attractions and natural wonders...from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the
waterfalls and flowers of Costa Rico, the coral reefs and rainforests of Belize, ancient Aztec ruins in
Mexico, and the Temples and monuments throughout Aisia ... to South Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro
and Victoria Falls in East Africa, the rainforests of West Africa, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
You will also experience the rich, diverse, energetic multicultural nations of Panama, Brazil and
Trinidad....and their coloful art, music and carnivals.

We will also highlight the rich music and culture of the African American, Latino American and Eu-
ropean American communities, and profile many of the entertainers and artists participating in the
Atlanta International Music Festival. In addition to the festival schedule and program guide, there
will be a special section of this Magazine on the great international city of Atlanta, GA with features
and profiles on regional arts institutions, corporations, small businesses and non-profit organiza-

Advertisers have an opportunity to use the Atlanta International Music Festival Magazine as a
vehicle to grow their business and will be able to reach thousands of consumers. This is an extraor-
dinary opportunity for companies to reach a growing, affluent market while building goodwill with
the Atlanta Community, a diverse region of people who are internationally and culturally active,
aware and engaged. This opportunity has never been greater.

                  For information on advertising or editorial submissions, contact:
                                                                                                              A WINDOW TO
                 Intercomm Publishing And Communications, LLC • 404.549.6610                                   THE WORLD!
                   MUSIC FESTIVAL!
                             CORPORATE AND BUSINESS RATES

AD SIZE                                       PRICE                          AD DIMENSIONS

BACK COVER                                    $3,500.                        W 8.25” x H 10.75”
INSIDE FRONT COVER                            $2,500.                        W 8.25” x H 10.75”
FULL PAGE                                     $1,500.                        W 8.25” x H 10.75”
HALF PAGE (Horizontal)                        $850.                          W 8.25” x H 5.25”
HALF PAGE (Vertical)                          $850.                          W 4” x H 8.25”
QUARTER PAGE                                  $650.                          W 4” x H 5.25”

                                        NON PROFIT RATES

AD SIZE                                       PRICE                             AD DIMENSIONS

FULL PAGE                                     $950.                          W 8.25” x H 10.75”
HALF PAGE (Horizontal)                        $650.                          W 8.25” x H 5.25”
HALF PAGE (Vertical)                          $850.                          W 4” x H 8.25”
QUARTER PAGE                                  $450.                          W 4” x H 5.25”

• Advertising deadline: July 1, 2011.
• All ads will have no bleeds and will be in full color.
• Please submit your 300 dpi ad in PDF, TIFF or JPEG formats in CMYK color.
• Festival Management reserves the right to correct or reject any advertising material submitted.
• Ad placement inside of the Magazine is at the discretion of festival management.
• Our staff can design and prepare your advertisement for a standard additional fee.

         Please send your ad copy to:
                          For additional advertising information, contact:
                  Intercomm Publishing And Communications, LLC • 404.549.6610
                                        MUSIC FESTIVAL!
                                     Produced By North Georgia Events And Festivals, LLC
                                         Tom Davis and Gregory Kamishlian, Co-Chairs

Tom Davis is a veteran of the radio industry having engineered,             Gregory Kamishlian is a broadcast and marketing veteran with
managed, programmed and trained radio personalities and                     over 25 years of experience in media advertising, retail and event
administrative persons at several FM radio stations around the              marketing.
nation. Some of the stations he has engineered in the start-up
phase include KKFI (Kansas City), KABF (Little Rock), KNON                  While working in the Atlanta market for CBS Radio as the Non-
(Dallas) and more. One of the achievements he is most pleased with          Traditional Revenue Director for the Atlanta market, he was
is spearheading a campaign to raise funds to increase the power of          involved in the marketing and selling of events such as the annual
community radio station WRFG-FM (Atlanta) to 100,000 watts.                 Chili Cook-Off at Stone Mountain, various neighborhood festivals,
While also at WRFG, Mr. Davis created a program called ‘World               Auburn Ave Historic Festivals and the New Year’s Eve Peach Drop
Party’ featuring music from around the world.                               at Woodruff Park.

An exciting feature of the WRFG-FM’s World Party program involved           These events drew anywhere from tens of thousands of persons to
Mr. Davis conducting live remote broadcasts around the world from           over 100,000 plus attendance with all of them profitable. As a
                    such places as Ireland, Europe, Central America,        General Manger of radio clusters in smaller
                    South America, The Caribbean, Africa and other          markets, he organized events from scratch
                    locations.                                              rodeos, firework displays, relief efforts to
                                                                            concerts and other public events, always
                    Following a decade at the helm of WRFG, Tom             profitable and well attended.
                    Davis went on to pioneer in the internet radio
                    realm by establishing Love Internet Radio – www.        He also spent time in the retail business,
          – one of the first internet radio stations   running multiple locations that were
                    in the Southeast region. In addition to internet        very profitable and well respected in the
                    casting radio formats covering hip hop, R&B,            community. Through expert marketing
Gospel, Blues, Jazz and other genres, Love Radio also coordinates           and training in sales, these experiences have been applied to radio
talent, sound and marketing for some of the largest outdoor festival        management and event marketing.
events in the region. These events include Sweet Auburn Spring Fest,
Reynoldstown Festival, Cascade Festival, the Great Atlanta Blues &
Music Fest and The Union City Fall Festival. Tom Davis brings with
him an incredible amount of wisdom, knowledge and experience
gained from world travel and interaction with the various cultures.
                        For Sponsorship, Vending, Artists, And Performing, Contact Us At:
                    678-613-7681 • •

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