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									                                                            ENGL 255 – Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking

                                    Peer Editing and Revising

  Paper Owner (turns this in attached to the back of their own paper):_______________________________

  Editor:_________________________                Date:________________________________
  Complete the following where possible. If the paper does not have/require it, write N/A.

  1. Peer Editor: Slowly read the paper aloud to the author. Pause and return the paper for the
     author to make changes as necessary.

  2. Peer Editor: Highlight the thesis statement. Comment here: does it make logical sense?
     Does it give the topic? Does it explain the author’s perspective
             a. Thesis statement: __________________________________________________


  3. Peer Editor: Based on the paper, create an outline and attach it to this sheet. Outline the
     thesis, each topic sentence and evidence to support that point. Do the points make sense in
     the order they are in?

  4. Peer Editor: On the paper, highlight all of the topic sentence for each paragraph in the same
     color. Does each topic sentence have 3 details to support it? __________________________
     Details MUST be narratives, statistics, anecdotes, facts, etc.

  5. Peer Editor: Logical organization: Are Paragraphs arranged in a logical manor? YES / NO
     Is there an easy flow of ideas from one point to the next? YES / NO
     IF not, how could this author improve? Write 2 suggestions on his/her paper.

  6. Peer Editor: What are three questions to ask the author to help make each point stronger?
             a. __________________________________________________________________
             b. __________________________________________________________________
             c. __________________________________________________________________
  7. Peer Editor: Circle at least three words to be replaced by a more proper/eloquent synonym.
     For example: Stuff, things, “now-a-days” etc are words that should be replaced.
      List replaceable words: _______________         ________________           ____________

  8. Peer Editor: Are there any spelling, punctuation, or grammar problems? YES / NO

  9. Peer Editor: Conclusion: Summary/point of emphasis relating back to the thesis
     statement? No new arguments presented in the conclusion?

10. Peer Editor: What is the title of the paper_________________________________________

     Is it appropriate? If not, suggest improvements:____________________________________
          Over                                                                        Pg ~ 1 ~ of ~6~
 11. Peer Editor: Is the paper in proper MLA Format –

                                                                        Check off the following
                                                                        _________12 point font
                                                                        _________Times New Roman
                                                                        _________Double spaced
                                                                        _________1 inch margin
                                                                        _________ Last name/Page in upper
                                                                        _________Heading line 1 = Name
                                                                        _________Heading line 2 = teacher
                                                                        _________ Heading line 3 = Class
                                                                        _________ Heading line 4 = Date
                                                                        _________ Heading line 5 = Title
                                                                        _________ 1st line of Paragraph is
                                                                                    indented 0.5

                                                                        There is a sample format on

12.   Author/Editor: Consider the source’s credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support.

         Article title:______________________________________________________________________

         Article web address: ________________________________________________________________

         Circle the website’s ending .com .org         .net      .edu       .gov   Other: _________

         What does that website indicate:

      Analyze another source:

         Article title:______________________________________________________________________

         Article web address: ________________________________________________________________

         Circle the website’s ending .com .org         .net      .edu       .gov   Other: _________

         What does that website indicate:

              Over                                                                      Pg ~ 2 ~ of ~6~
  Credibility                Accuracy                   Reasonableness           Support
  Who is the author &        Is it up-to-date and is    Does the source seem     Where does the
  What are his/her           that important for this    fair?                    information come from?
  credentials?               subject?

  Is there quality control   Is it comprehensive?       Does the source seem     Is the information
  for this website? If so,                              objective?               corroborated?
  by whom?

  Is there any posted        For whom is the source     Does the source seem     Is the source externally
  summary or evaluation      written and for what       moderate?                consistent?
  of the source?             purpose?

  Is this source credible?   Is this source accurate?   Is this source           Does this source have
  Why or why not?            Why or why not?            reasonable? Why or why   appropriate support?
                                                        not?                     How do you know?

13. Peer Editor: Are the sources cited appropriately?
                                                    In-text Example:
         Direct quote, introduced properly          Wordsworth stated that Romantic poetry was
                                                      marked by a "spontaneous overflow of
                                                      powerful feelings" (263).
         Direct quote introduced properly, when Romantic poetry is characterized by the
         other sources are used as well.              "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"
                                                      (Wordsworth 263).
         Paraphrase, no introduction needed.        Wordsworth extensively explored the role of
                                                      emotion in the creative process (263).
14. Is each quote less than 4 lines? YES/NO
             a. If more than 4 lines, is the quote indented? YES/NO

           Over                                                                    Pg ~ 3 ~ of ~6~
15. Is each quote explained thoroughly? Remember that this paper should be 80% your words,
          20% quotes from others.

16. Peer Editor: Go back through the paper, one more time. In the margins of the paper, suggest
         places where the points could be explained more thoroughly.

   Original Author/Peer Editor Works Cited Editing

                                                                                    Check off the following:
                                                                                    _________12 point font
                                                                                    _________Times New Roman
                                                                                    _________Double spaced
                                                                                    _________1 inch margin
                                                                                    _________ Last name/Page in upper
                                                                                    _________Heading line = Works Cited
                                                                                    _________Heading line = centered
                                                                                    _________ Citation line 1 = 1”
                                                                                    _________ 2nd line of citations indent
                                                                                    _________ sorted alphabetically
                                                                                    _________ Author’s last name or title
                                                                                                of piece (if author
                                                                                                unknown) is first.

                                                                                    There is a sample format on
   Here is a sample of a basic format for listing a Website source in Works Cited

            Author of Web article. “Title of article.” Title of Website. Name of publisher or sponsor of the

                     site (if not available, use N.p.), date (day, month, year) of publication (if none, use n.d.). Web.

                     Date of access.

   You may want to use http://www.easybib.com/ to help you create an MLA Works Cited reference.

17. Were all sources listed in the Works Cited used (cited) in the text? YES/NO
     For the Works Cited list at the end of your research paper, all entries in the Works Cited list must correspond to
     sources you cited in your main text. Note the rules from “MLA Works Cited Page” (owl.english.purdue.edu)

18. Is the Works Cited list on a separate page at the end of your research paper? Yes / No
    Does it have the same one-inch margins and last name, page number header as the rest of
    your paper? Yes / No

             Over                                                                                Pg ~ 4 ~ of ~6~
19. Is the title “Works Cited” Centered at top of page, type the words Works Cited (no bold,
    italics, or quotation marks)? Yes / No

20. Is the Works cited Double space and alphabetize all citations, but do not skip spaces between
    entries? Yes / No

21. Is the second line (and all subsequent lines of each citation) indented to create a hanging

22. For every entry, did the writer note the Medium of Publication? Yes / No
    (Most entries will likely be listed as Print or Web sources, but other possibilities may include
    Film, CD-ROM, or DVD)

23. Did the writer use italics (instead of underlining) for titles of books and magazines? Yes / No

24. Did the writer use quotation marks for “titles of articles.”? Yes / No

25. Did the writer capitalize each word in the titles of articles, books, etc?
    Do not capitalize articles (the, an), short prepositions, or conjunctions unless it’s the first word of the title or subtitle: “The
    Art of Writing: A New Twist of Nonfiction” or Gone with the Wind.

26. Are URLs provided? Yes / No
    Writers are no longer required to provide URLs for Web entries. However, if your instructor insists on them, include them in
    angle brackets after the entry and end with a period. For long URLs, break lines (to shorten) only at slashes. Teri Tosspon
    prefers URLs added.

27. Did the author cite an article/publication that was originally issued in print? Yes / No
    If you're citing an article or a publication that was originally issued in print form but that you retrieved from an online
    database, you should type the online database name in italics.

28. Did the author list page numbers of sources efficiently, when needed? Yes / No
    If, for example, you refer to a journal article that appeared on pages 225 through 250, list the page numbers on your Works
    Cited page as 225-50.

29. Make any comments or suggestions to improve the works cited here:

30. Original author, now go back through. Was your peer editor able to see your thesis? YES/NO
          Your topic sentences? YES/NO
          Did you say what you thought you said? YES/NO
          What needs to change to make your essay better?
          Is the file saved as Lastname_Essay1? YES/NO

31. Original author, comment on this process. Was it helpful? Did your paper improve? What
    would you like to do differently in this editing process?

             Over                                                                                              Pg ~ 5 ~ of ~6~
    32. Original author, assess yourself below based on the rough draft.

                           E = Excellent (10 points); S = Satisfactory (7 points);
                        N = Needs Improvement (4 points); O = Omitted (0 points)

            Area                                Criteria                            Evaluation         Points
Content (30 points)         Point of the essay is clear.                        E     S    N   O
                            Details and specifics are included in writing.      E     S    N   O
                            Content is appropriate.                             E     S    N   O
Comments about Content:                                                                                xxxxx

Organization                Introduction gains attention and goodwill, sets     E     S    N   O
(30 points)                 the tone, builds credibility.

                            Transitions lead smoothly from one detail to        E     S    N   O
                            Ending (conclusion) ties the essay together.        E     S    N   O
Comments about Organization:                                                                           xxxxx

Grammar and Word Use        Grammar use is correct. Word use is formal and      E     S    N   O
(10 points)                 appropriate to topic.
                            Comments (what do you need to work on):

Capitalization and          Capitalization and punctuation are correctly        E     S    N   O
Punctuation                 used.

(10 points)                 Comments (what do you need to work on):

Citations                   Appropriate in-text citations using MLA style are   E     S    N   O
(20 points)                 used.
                            Comments (what do you need to work on):

                            Works Cited page (MLA style) is included            E     S    N   O
                                                                                Total Points       /100 points

                Over                                                                     Pg ~ 6 ~ of ~6~

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