International Marketing Strategy Sheet by lanyuehua


									                                        Strategy Sheet
1) Contract description (product information, features, introduction)
2) Situation analysis
   a) External analysis
       i) Global analysis in regards to country
            (1) What is going on around the world that could impact this product or
       ii) Opportunities and threats
            (1) Does a particular region have a large amount of competitors?
            (2) Are there economic opportunities in a particular region or country?
       iii) Industry conditions and trends
            (1) What is occurring in our industry?
   b) Internal analysis
       i) PESTEL
            (1) Infrastructure (transportation, communication, commercial, natural resources)
            (2) GDP, % growth, CCI, CPI, PPI
            (3) Green Movements?
            (4) Government Influence, Control?
            (5) All other factors deemed significant…
       ii) SWOT (company conditions and trends)
            (1) What are our company strengths? (Logistics, price, quality, etc.)
            (2) What are our weaknesses? (whatever isn’t a strength)
            (3) What are the opportunities and threats present globally, competitively, and
                internally? (this should be anything that could impact out corporation internally
                you deem significant)
       iii) MAGAPOM
            (1) What are our corporate goals, missions, and objectives?
            (2) How will those work with another country? Will we need to alter our
                MAGAPOM or will the country fit in with our current MAGAPOM?
3) Marketing strategy
   a) Product analysis
       i) Branding
       ii) Product life cycle
       iii) Stage of development with country
       iv) Additional methods of analysis
       v) Penetration into Market
   b) Customer analysis
       i) Psychographic
       ii) Segments
       iii) Needs and preferences
      iv) Demographics
   c) Competitive analysis (look at a competitor)
      i) Price (Whose price is lower? Do we need to look at our pricing?)
      ii) Costs (What are our costs in comparison to theirs)
      iii) Benefits (Quality, Price, Discounts, etc.)
      iv) Could do SWOT on competitor if out of time
   d) Strategic objectives
      i) Mode of entry
           (1) Supply Chain
           (2) Distribution, Manufacturers, Infrastructure, etc.
      ii) 4 P’s (promotion and advertising, etc.)
           (1) Lay out a plan you feel would ne successful
      iii) Distribution and logistics
           (1) Logistics (How are we getting it there? How are we getting our product to
      iv) Implementation and requirements
           (1) Rules & Regulations
           (2) Benchmarks
           (3) Goals & Ideas
4) Forecasting & Audit
   a) Monitoring results and benchmarks
      i) Adjustment mechanism (How will we fix any problems that may occur?)
   b) Scenarios/Plan of action (Plan a success plan and a failure plan)
      i) Contingencies (what if’s)
      ii) Audit
           (1) All else fails…
5) Last 5 minutes
   a) Summary of what you would’ve covered if had more time

~Everyone will need to edit this to meet your personal needs and goals for this test. If time runs
out, you will have to wrap everything up wherever you are in the strategy sheet thus we
suggested a summary at the end.

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