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					Home Health Aide Career Training Programs
Accredited vocational career training programs are available for students who wish to enter into
careers as home health aides. Students can expect to study a variety of subjects in order to gain the
skills and knowledge they need to pursue their desired career. Educational training is available at
various levels including certificates, and associate degrees. By enrolling in an accredited vocational
education program students can begin the training needed for a successful career in this field.
Home health aides are trained to carry out a number of tasks based on their place of employment and
skill level. Students can train to:
• prepare meals
• make beds
• check vital signs
• assist with exercises
• dress and bathe clients
• administer medications
...and assist with other daily living tasks. Students can choose to train for these skills at a variety of
levels including certificate and associate degrees. The level of education will decide the length of
• Certificates in home health care typically require students to complete six months to one year of
  training and coursework. Once a certificate is earned students can pursue an associate level degree
  in the field.
• Associate degree programs can require that two years of study and training be completed in order to
  enter into the workforce.
By gaining an accredited certificate or degree students will be prepared to start their desired career in
the health care field. Training will require students to learn a number of subjects.
Specific coursework will vary by vocational school and level of study. Students can expect to gain a
number of skills and knowledge in the medical and health care fields. Coursework may consist of
subjects such as:
• medical terminology
• safety
• vital signs
• infection control
• care skills
• medical ethics
• disabilities
• math
...and many other relevant subjects. By receiving training in areas such as these, students will have
the means to pursue their desired career as home health aides. Career options for students can
include working with:
• elderly
• physically disabled
• terminally ill
• mentally ill
• Alzheimer's
...and a variety of other patients. Careers in home health can allow students to further their education
and become nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. Training will provide the education
needed to succeed.
By gaining an accredited certificate or degree in this field students will have the chance to work in a
number of peoples homes while providing a variety of care. Accredited vocational schools and college
are available to give students the opportunity to obtain the necessary education for their desired
career. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education
Schools Educational training programs receive accreditation by meeting
certain standards that prove they will provide a quality education to students. By researching various
programs and requesting more information, students can choose the program that best fits their
individual needs and goals. Enroll today to start training in this exciting field.
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