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									Communicating with Speakers: Speaker Invitation Letter, 2005 BWF-HHMI
Course in Scientific Management

Dear Dr. [Last Name]:

Due to the success and interest in the 2002 BWF-HHMI Laboratory Management short
course, HHMI and BWF are planning a second course for June 2005. The course will
take place next summer, from the evening of Monday, June 6 through the morning of
Friday, June 10 at HHMI headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

I was impressed with a presentation you gave last year at the [Meeting Name] and I
would like to invite you to participate on the "Time Management" Panel during the Lab
Management course in June.

I plan to invite three speakers to give brief presentations (approximately 25 minutes long)
on the challenges and strategies for time management. The presentations will be followed
by a 45-minute question and answer period. The session will begin with [NAME]’s
presentation on how to manage an academic career and family, set priorities based on
goals, and strategies to maximize your time. I would like you to follow this talk with a
discussion on issues that use a good portion of a junior faculty member's time and how
you manage your different responsibilities. If you are able to participate, I will provide
you with more information about the third speaker once their participation is confirmed.

In addition, there is some time scheduled on Friday for a roundtable session on Problems
and Solutions, which I would like to invite you to participate in as well. In this session,
we will be breaking up into 10 groups of 10 to work through real life scientific problems
and solutions. We would like to have one speaker at each group to help them work
through the problems. For additional information on the entire course, please see the
attached agenda.

Finally, I would like to inform you that BWF and HHMI will pay for all travel and hotel
expenses related to the course. We will also provide an honorarium of [$X] in recognition
of your contribution.

Thank you for considering our request and please confirm your participation by [Date]. If
I can provide you with additional information, please contact me by phone at [Phone] or
by email at [Email].


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Communicating with Speakers: Boilerplate Letter to Speaker Confirming
Participation, 2005 BWF-HHMI Course in Scientific Management

Dear [NAME]

On behalf of Dr. Thomas Cech, president of Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI),
Dr. Enriqueta Bond, president of Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) and Dr. Peter Bruns,
HHMI’s vice president for grants and special programs, we would like to thank you for
agreeing to participate in the BWF-HHMI Laboratory Management Course to be held
from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10, 2005 at HHMI Headquarters in Chevy Chase,
Maryland. Attached please find the course agenda, which lists all the sessions.

Your session “[TITLE OF SESSION” is scheduled for [DATE AND DAY OF
SESSION] from [TIME] to [TIME]. The session is a [TYPE--i.e., TALK, PANEL
DISCUSSION] with [TIME] minutes for questions and discussion. We have enclosed a
tentative outline of points to be covered during your session and the suggested format.
We look forward to working with you and the other speakers for this session, [NAMES
AND AFFILIATIONS OF OTHER SPEAKERS], to further develop the outline and
format details.

To this end, the session organizer, [NAME OF ORGANIZER], will be contacting you
within the next few weeks to schedule a conference call with the other session speakers.
The purpose of the call will be to discuss the following points: topics to be covered by
each speaker; general format of session; how to handle the question-and-answer period;
how to maximize audience participation; anticipated audiovisual requirements; and
important dates in the course-development timeline (including deadlines for printed
materials and handouts).

In February 2005 you will receive a package containing information about travel
arrangements and accommodation options. Although you are only required to attend your
own session [OR SESSIONS], you are encouraged to stay for the entire course. Your
presence will enhance the quality of the course by providing participants with informal
opportunities to develop networks with senior scientists and policy makers such as
yourself. HHMI and BWF will pay for all travel, accommodation, and meals. You will
receive an honorarium of [AMOUNT] for your participation.

In addition to speaking at your session, you will be asked to contribute to a detailed
summary of the session, handouts and a one-paragraph biography, which will be
distributed to course participants. The deadline for receiving final copies of all written
materials is April 14, 2005. We would also like to receive electronic versions of you
slide presentations by May 6, 2005. The session organizer may choose to schedule
additional conference calls between January and March, 2005 to review the session,
discuss the development of these materials and audiovisual requirements. (We have
attached a list of important dates on the course-development timeline for your reference.)

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Please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinator, Laura Bonetta, at [E-MAIL
ADDRESS] or your session organizer should you have questions or concerns. Thank you
again for taking part in this valuable program.


Maryrose Franko, Ph.D.                   Martin Ionescu-Pioggia, Ph.D.
Course Co-Director, and                  Course Co-Director, and
Senior Program Officer                   Senior Officer
[PHONE]                                  [PHONE]
[E-MAIL]                                 [E-MAIL]

Course Agenda
Session Summary
List of Important Dates

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