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                                    What Is A Blood Diamond Or Conflict Diamond?
                                                            By Kevin Chang

    Also known as conflict diamonds, A blood diamond is a diamond that was mined in a war zone that
is sold most of the time to benefit war-torn areas especially in Central and Western Africa. United
Nations defines a blood diamond as "...diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or
factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund
military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security

Blood diamonds are mined on war sites, where many men where killed by disease and plagues. Many
people are trying to stop the sale of blood diamonds all across the world. Blood Diamond sales
became big in the 1990's with the conflict of Sierra Leone. During this time frame in the 1990's the
blood diamond sales made up an estimated 4% of all diamond sales around the world. Today due to
sales being banned in some areas, and the Kimberley Process, these diamonds take up around an
estimated 1% of the worlds diamond sales. This majority of this small percentage is made up of sales
in the Republic of Congo who was suspended from the Kimberley Process, and Liberia and the Ivory
coast who are under the United Nations Security Council Resolutions in hopes to stop the extraction
and trading of these diamonds.

During July of 2000, the global diamond industry made their disposition of blood diamonds blatantly
known all over the world. Highly concerned with abolishing the problem, they began to work very
closely with the United Nations and other organizations in efforts stop the extraction and trading of
blood diamonds. In 2003 in order to get closer to stopping sales and extraction of the diamonds, the
Kimberley Process Certification was created. This system protects against blood diamonds entering
the sanctioned diamond supply chain.

To learn more about Blood Diamonds, visit http://www.thediamondblog.org

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                                         How to Recognize a Non Conflict Diamond
                                                              By Allison Ryan

Many people are absolutely devastated when they learn about conflict diamonds. They think about
their engagement ring, their glittery jewelry, and all of the diamonds that they have admired over the
years. The brilliance of these pieces is diminished greatly by their bloody history. Diamonds that come
from countries in a state of insurrection or rebellion are often obtained by violent and inhumane means.

 Tyrant groups take over mines and the villages nearby, forcing villagers into slavery and intimidating
their families with murder, rape, and amputation. They sell these diamonds to industrial country and
use the money to buy weapons and fund illicit activities. However, there are many places around the
world and some parts of Africa that mine clean diamonds through peaceful means. A large part of the
money helps support the economy and some reconstruction. It is possible to get a jewelry piece made
from a non conflict diamond from most major diamond retailers, if you know what to ask for.

 However, there is no way to know for sure if a diamond is non conflict. Once the rock has been cut
and polished, it is impossible to tell where it was mined. Thus, for a diamond to be "non conflict"
certified, its mining, cutting, polishing, and shipping must be extensively recorded, regulated, and
double checked. The jeweler that you go to should have a license and official paperwork in order to
prove that the diamond did not come from a conflict area.

 There are four questions you should ask the salesperson whenever you buy diamond jewelry. The
salesperson should be able to answer these questions, as blood diamonds are a huge issue in the
diamond industry, so everyone involved is fairly familiar with them in the same way that they are
familiar with diamond quality issues, such as IGI appraisals or GIA appraisals. If the salesperson
cannot or does not answer any of these questions, then you should politely take your business

 The first question is, "How can I know for sure that these are non conflict diamonds?" A guarantee
from the store is not enough, if a diamond is non conflict then it will have gone through the Kimberly
Process, and the salesperson should have some nice papers for you, with embellishments and special
textures to prevent forgeries as best as possible. There also might be a certificate or something along
those lines that indicate that they only sell non conflict diamonds. Several Canadian diamond retailers
or retailers that sell Canadian diamonds will have this.

 The second question is, "Do you know where the diamonds you sell come from?" Many countries in
South Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and The Democratic Republic of the Congo are known
conflict areas, so diamonds from them are most likely to be blood diamonds. If you are extremely
knowledgeable about blood diamonds, then you know that some areas of Africa actually have clean
diamonds that are good for the local economy. However, if you aren't heavily researched, it might be
best to stay clear away from the region.

 It also helps to have your diamond certifications straightened out; for instance, GIA diamond rings are
not necessarily non conflict diamonds. The third question you should ask is the retailer's policy in
buying and selling blood diamonds. If you are dedicated to this cause, then you might want to only
support jewelers who refuse any association with blood diamonds. The fourth request is to see a
guarantee from their diamond suppliers that the rocks they sell are clean.

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Allison Ryan is a licensed gemologist from San Diego, CA. She specializes in GIA diamond rings that
have passed all IGI appraisals for non conflict diamond jewelry. For design-your-own diamond jewelry,
check out http://www.diamondwave.com/.

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