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                             Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas Most People Don’t Think Of
                                                            By Mark Anthony

   Ever got stuck trying to come up with the “ultimate” wedding gift? Well, you are not alone. Each day
thousands of people rack their brains trying to come up with unique wedding gift ideas, only to throw
their hands up in frustration and buy any of the common wedding gifts being sold out there.

Below are some wonderful wedding gift ideas most people don’t think of that you can use:

1. Gold-Plated Picture Frames - the perfect way to display favorite photos of their special day. Have
them engraved with the couple's names and the wedding date for a treasured memory.

2. Etched Wine Glass - Have their wedding invitation, or other special verse engraved on a glass
sculpture. This will be treasured for years to come, and definitely unique. Or, for a little variation, get
the actual invitation, and mount it on a glass plate and finish it with matching colored paint.

3. Honeymoon Photo Album - this could be made out of wood, with something like “A Honeymoon to
Remember” engraved on the cover a perfect place to capture those wonderful honeymoon memories.

4. Gift Certificates to a spa for the bride and groom are great before or after the wedding. The wedding
day is often stressful, so you could offer a day at the spa to prepare them for the wedding day. Or, they
could use it just after their honeymoon, as they prepare to resume their regular activities.

5. Keepsake Box - As time goes by, memories begin to fade, and what better and more unique gift
than a special box where they can safely store all those precious mementos that become more
cherished as the years go by This box is perfect for things like marriage license, special photos, place
cards, vows, and all those other special keepsakes that often get lost as time passes.

6. Couples’ Home Spa Kit - As an alternative for the day at the spa, you could give them a spa in a
basket, including monogrammed robes, towels, and a few other relaxing items, like candles, bath and
body lotions, some romantic music, and even engraved wine glasses accompanied by a bottle of wine
for a special evening at home.

Now, who says coming up with the perfect wedding gift idea is hard? The next time you go to a
wedding, try picking up any of the above wonderful wedding gift ideas and you would be surprised at

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Mark Anthony is a wine gift enthusiast. He owns many wine-related sites, including , and .
For more wine & gifts information and resources, please visit his sites.

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                                           Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift Online
                                                            By Derek Rogers

If you are attending any weddings or you have been invited to a wedding but can't attend, more than
likely you will want to give a nice wedding gift. It's definitely not widely acceptable to show up to a
wedding without a gift, even for those who are unable to make it to the event itself; it's definitely a nice
gesture to send a nice gift to the new couple. Of course this leads to the quandary of what to purchase
the couple for their wedding. Well, it's definitely a great idea to purchase online these days, so here are
a few guidelines to buying the perfect wedding gift online.

Look at Online Registries

 First of all, if you are going to purchase a wedding gift online, first take a look at any online registries
that the couple may have. Today many stores provide registries online that you can easily go take a
look at. You can even purchase items that are on the registry online. If the couple does have an online
registry, this makes it very easy on you. All you have to do is find a gift on their registry that someone
else hasn't purchased and make the purchase on the web. That's all there is to it, and you have a gift
that you know they will enjoy and appreciate.

Great Ideas for Gifts

 Of course not every bride and groom has a registry, which can make your search for the perfect
wedding gift online a bit more difficult for you. Even if you don't have any registry to guide you, there
are still some gifts that are almost always a hit for couples. Purchasing a gift card to an online store or
even to a nice restaurant may be a great idea. It's easy to purchase gift certificates to online stores,
and then it allows them to use the certificate to get something that they really want.

 Going with a specialty Christmas ornament is also a wonderful idea. Couples often enjoy having
something whimsical for their first Christmas, and this can be a wonderful gift idea for a new couple.
Other great gift ideas for new couples that are easy to purchase online include small kitchen
appliances, bedding, plush Egyptian cotton towels, or even his and hers terry bathrobes.

Sending the Gift

 If you are not going to be able to attend the wedding and you need to ship your gift, you need to make
sure it is shipped at least 2 weeks before their wedding. This is especially important if they are going to
be away from home for some time after the wedding. The great thing is that when you purchase a gift
online for newlyweds, it is easy to have it shipped straight to them. Just make sure that you have a
note sent with the gift to let them know it is from you.

Purchasing from Quality Websites

 When you decide to purchase wedding gifts online, it is so important that you only purchase from
quality websites. You can definitely find wonderful gifts on the web but you don't want to waste your
money at a website that is not reliable. Check into the website and their security and reputation before
making an order. This way you can confidently order a wedding gift from their site, knowing that it will
be of high quality and your personal information will be safe too.

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Vincent Norman is a freelance writer living in the UK. He regularly contributes articles for The Online
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