The Joy of Piano Improvisation

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    Learning piano is an enjoyable and fun experience. Most piano players are always looking to better understand
    concepts in rhythm. Learning piano chords is a very important part of the process, but it does require a certain
                                                 degree of patience.
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                                             A Fine Piano Music Box Is A Work Of Art
                                                                By Michelle Bery

    Music boxes have always come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to fit in your hand,
while others are designed to hold jewelry, and still others are large enough to stand alone like a piece
of furniture. Wood, metal, glass, and stone; jewelry boxes are familiar to all of us. Equally familiar is the
musical jewelry box. In fact, it is almost rare to see one without the other. A piano music box is another
variation on that theme, and what a unique and intriguing variation it is!

A piano music box is exactly that; a music box shaped like a piano. But its appeal extends well beyond
its familiar shape and the songs it plays. Some piano music boxes are simple enough; the least
expensive models are often just a standard music box inside a case that resembles a piano. And like
many other music boxes, they often have room to hold trinkets and jewelry. But it is the expensive,
hand crafted models that are so unique and interesting, they have to be seen to be believed.

  Often imported from Europe, a hand crafted piano music box is a work of art. Hand carved,
hand-painted, and inlaid with rare stones, piano music boxes can often cost hundreds of dollars or
more. The lids of these miniature grand pianos lift and reveal the musical movement, which is the heart
of the musical instrument, just like a real baby grand. The musical movement on a piano music box is
just as impressive as the case in which it sits.

A high quality piano music box can be custom ordered with a musical movement that fits your needs. A
basic musical movement might be capable of playing eighteen notes, and that would allow a piano
music box that is outfitted with that movement to play simple songs that are short in duration. As you
progress in price in sophistication, the musical possibilities become greater and greater. The most
expensive musical movements are capable of up to one-hundred and forty-four notes. This allows a
piano music box to play intricate songs that last much longer than the more basic movements allow.
Naturally, the list of available songs becomes quite long when your piano music box is outfitted with the
finest musical movements.

A piano music box is something that is sure to bring joy to its owner, and it is equally likely to be
passed down as a family heirloom. Its ultimate appeal lies in the fact that it is so much like its full sized
counterpart. Its beautiful woodwork and beautiful sound make a piano music box more than just a
music box; it is a work of art.

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                                                 The Joy Of Piano Improvisation
                                                             By Yoke Wong

 If you have never experienced the fun and joy of improvising on the piano, then you are missing out on
a great experience. Imagine an artist who does not know how to draw or paint without tracing or
copying another’s work.

That is unheard of. Yet, many piano players lack the ability to improvise on the piano! This is caused
by years of rigid piano lesson/structure and a lack of proper guidance.

Many piano players rely on sheet music to be able to play, which would be like an artist only copying
another’s art work and never creating something unique. Improvisation is a fun process. It enables the
pianist to bring out the latent potential of creativity and expression inside them.

One thing that will help any piano player to improve on the art of improvisation is to allow unstructured
creative time during one's piano practice hours.

Time to just sit down and make up music on the piano is crucial. No agenda, no structure, no goals to
accomplish. This process is extremely important in the world of piano playing.

In order to allow the inner expression to come out, one needs to let it reveal itself. A good example of
this is in how young children play piano. If you can observe a child learning the piano do so. Very often,
young children are able to reach a creative and fun play "scheme" without any guidance at all.
Similarly, any piano player should allow 15-30 minutes of "free play" without worrying about hitting the
wrong notes.

Traditional piano lessons emphasize the ability to read notes. Reading ability is no doubt one of the
most important skills any piano player can possess. This emphasis, however, has created some
"lopsided" players who can only play piano by reading. Eventually this type of player will lose their
interest and passion for music.

Many young children drop out of piano lessons as a result of struggling with music reading. Children
who are younger than 5 or 6 are discouraged from traditional piano lessons due to the fact that they
cannot yet read musical notes properly.

Music is commonly referred to as a "language." There are many ways of learning language. Young
children master the language skill by frequently talking and interacting with their peers and care-takers
as well as imitating other people. The ability to read comes a little later in their life. A similar approach
needs to be taken to foster the love of piano music among young children. Sometimes by just allowing
young children to make up music on the piano without placing emphasis on playing the correct notes
can be just as important.

Yoke Wong is the founder of She has authored many courses related to
piano improvisation over the past few years. She is currently serving thousands of piano players in
more than 50 countries in the area of piano playing.

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