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         Toys are fun and are an important part of any child's development. Toys for infants often make use of
     distinctive sounds, bright colors, and unique textures. Toys for infants often make use of distinctive sounds,
                                           bright colors, and unique textures.
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                                                     Smart Children And Smart Toys
                                                                 By Jessica Davis

    Play would always be attached with the term “toys”. Toys are the source of fun for children kids and
even adults too. If used well, they could be aids in achieving learning and fun both at the same time.
What could smart toys do? How could smart parents use these toys for the development of their

There are very helpful points that could help out in making your child even smarter:

* Each child has his or her own preference of toys. Let your child express him by deciding on what toys
is fun for him or her. With this, it will be easy for the child to think creatively and use the toys.

* Childhood is a time to build bonds of friendship among peers. Interaction toys would be of great help
as children get along with their peers. Toys like sport game toys would allow them to meet and
socialize with children of the same age.

* Toys could boost the self-confidence of a child. There are these toys which when used could promote
the reliance to one’s self by a child or children. These come through construction toys. When a child
builds it, he also builds the faith in his skill that this building may not be destroyed.

* Thinking independently is thinking smart for children. As they play using toys that will enhance their
thinking and logic skills such as puzzles and mazes would be of great help in polishing one’s head.

* A bit similar with interaction toys are relationship toys- these help the communication skills of
children. We know how important communication is, therefore, these set of toys would realty be smart.
These are really aid a child to meet people talk and listen and in the end, build links.

Toys are made not merely to be played with without purpose but we must see to it they learn and bring
out the smart young people from them through smart choices of toys. Toys are here not to be used as
early symbols of violence.

Jessica Davis is a freelance writer for the Baby Times. She writes a regular column which is published
every Thursday. Her latest 'favorite pick' is

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                                                  7 Ways to Raise a Smart Child
                                                            By Rachel Nunez

Parents are totally dedicated to their children especially on the stage where they begin to learn things
around them. As a child continue to accomplish the milestones of growing, parents become more
inspired to teach them. Every parent wants to have a child who seems to have advance knowledge.
Simply, we want children who are smart and happy, to be themselves.

 The big question is - how can we raise a smart child? Around the world, most parents use educational
toys as an effective tool of learning while having a lot of fun. Since these kinds of toys vary from
different styles, colors and shapes of learning, children tend to enjoy playing the toys constantly.
Learning starts from playing, so parents should be pickier in choosing the right toys for their child.

You want a smart child? Here are the bright ways to raise one:

 1. Explain the value of learning in a more simple and smooth way. Your explanation should not be too
complex; simply, it needs to be what they call "cool". Emphasize the reasons why they should learn,
what they can get from learning and what are the good causes.

 2. Provide nutritious food to your child. Instead of feeding them with unhealthy snacks like junk food;
cook a healthy meal they would love. Pick vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins that would boost their
memory and sharp minds. Children need to be smart in mind and body.

 3. Choose the right toys for them; toys that are best and advisable when it comes to learning. For
instance, pick educational toys that would help emphasize education in many ways. Pop-up books,
building blocks, washable books and large puzzle mat are some of the toys that would fill knowledge in
their young minds.

 4. Encourage your child to engage in recreational activities like outings. Parents should not be too
serious in raising a smart child. They should be patient, playful and understanding. Let your child play
with other kids, let them enjoy their childhood. They could also learn a lot outside. Just let them have

 5. Give them vitamins prescribed by physician. Ask your physician about it. Not only vitamins help in
providing energy, it would also help in feeding their minds.

 6. Encourage your child every now and then, for every accomplishment made. Though be sure not to
drown them with praises or else they would be too dependent on them. Let them feel that their hard
works are appreciative.

 7. Be a creative parent by creating games for your children. Our mom used to make name tags and
post it all over the items in the house. That's how we learned to spell the words correctly, mom doesn't
care whether the hours look to clutter because of the learning materials - mom wants us to learn, and
we did!

 Learning starts at home; parents are the child's first teachers. As parents we are responsible for our
child developments, so we should provide them the best educational toys we can find. In this way, they

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could play while they learn or they could learn while they play. Raising a smart child is not that easy,
but it could be fun when you know how to apply creativity in your own smart ways.

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